Shifting Perspectives: Dude, where’s my armor?

You can check out BBB’s newest WowInsider article on feral druid armor here.   This article looks at the changes to tanking and bear armor in general, and how those changes may change the way feral druids view their class.

And if you like what you read, post a comment on WI to conteract the crankiness BBB will be feeling after the trolls get done being nasty.  Your comments will reduce the rants I will hear later about posters on WI 🙂



6 thoughts on “Shifting Perspectives: Dude, where’s my armor?

  1. I have a 70 Druid that I leveled this summer to keep a friend company while she leveled her first toon – a Priest. Am now torn between going back to my hunter or staying with the druid, but my tanking skills are sadly lacking, and the hunter is in all purple (not great purple, but purple nonetheless).

    I have the mats in the bank to have the Heavy Clefthoof Vest and Leggings made (have the boots already), and am wondering if it’s worth doing so this close to WotLK.

    I figure I’ll end up leveling the hunter first, but switching off to the druid to skill up alchemy/herbalism if nothing else.

    Now if you just offered classes on how to tank… I apparently lack the manual dexterity to do so effectively.


  2. Hahaha! You two are so funnny!
    Yes, Cassie, by all means, please have a toon u can just plain hide on for awhile! Don’t blame u!!! In fact, I totally understand 🙂
    I have them too, only thing is they’re off realm & hordies!


  3. Well, my Paladin made it to level 64 and is part-way through questing in Zangermarsh. I really don’t like that zone and once I dinged 64, the xp bar to 65 looked SOOOO long that I’ve been letting her rest a bit (ok, she’s like 800% rested now), lol. I did bring her out last Friday after a guild Kara run and thanks to a super group in the guild took her in to do the brewfest boss. Got the DPS and tanking trinkets (can’t use them for 6 more levels of course, but now I’ll have them when I hit 70).

    I got a bit discouraged since I was leveling ret with a plan of going to healing at 70. While I was enjoying ret, now it’s so close to the expansion and the addition of 10 more levels before I can really go holy, and that just seems like a really long time plus all the upcoming changes with paladin mechanics. So that’s another reason she’s kind of parked right now until I see how everything comes out and what makes the most sense to play. But I did get my engineering to 375 and my mining is like 362 or so. So I know she’ll come out during Wrath to make all the fun toys and at some point, I’ll probably level her to 80.

    In the meantime, I brought out an alt that I created close to a year ago when I was taking a break from leveling my rogue main. The alt had hit level 5 and got abandoned (along with several other level 5-8 alts like the pally) when I refocused on my main. I dusted this alt off last Wednesday and she’s now up to level 24! I’m having a good time with it, but for now, it’s my secret alt (*looks around for guildies*) 🙂 So I’m not saying what it is just yet, but eventually I’ll bring her out of hiding and will talk more about it. For now, it’s something that I’m having some low stress fun with during the reduced times that I’m playing (thanks to the homework and the numerous projects of a kindergartener).

    Thanks for asking about me!



  4. See Cassie, as you were making your bid to cut off my crankiness, I was writing my own idea for fun!

    Although I gotta say, lots of good questions popping up, not so much on the trolling yet.

    I’ve had one counter troll though! That was funny.


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