Da pain! Da pain!

Sorry folks, head hurts a lot today. Gots a cold, or sinus explosion, or something. Back of my head and base of my skull have a sharp flaring pain, so it’s a little hard to think.

Slept in, and am now going to get off computer for awhile, try to relax while I wait for da Advil to kick in. And the Dayquil.

Don’t do anything I would do!


9 thoughts on “Da pain! Da pain!

  1. Goody, you’ll have time to work on the pbem. 😀

    Seriously, feel better.

    And btw, what is it exactly that you would do? Just so I know what not to do…


  2. Boil some water and pour it in a shatterproof bowl. Stick that bowl on the table and sit at the table with a towel over your head and the bowl and breath in the steam. That will break up the gunk in your sinuses…also take some mucenix. If it’s really a sinus thing, you’ll want to get on top of it before it becomes an infection. Cause a sinus infection is a never ending problem…


  3. I hope you feel better, you should try some old fashioned mexican hoo doo.

    First.. take an egg..(a raw egg, in shell…any other way would be messy)

    Then rub said egg all over you. (It doesn’t have to be aaaall over you)

    Next, proceed to crack drop the egg innards in a glass of water, and watch the egg yolk burst over time.

    This whole process is to ward off “Ojo”, sort of like the evil eye. (ojo = spanish for eye)
    The way someone can get “Ojo” is if another person takes a liking to you or a particular feature of you, or sees something on you that they think is cute or what have you. The responsible thing to do if you are the Ojo-er is to touch the potential Ojo-ee, a handshake or something of the like is suitable, and this will prevent the “OJO CURSE”
    from affecting you.

    I have included an aid to assist you or anyone else in understanding the mystery of the “OJO”.

    You may find it here —–> http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h30/fosterspix/ojocurse.jpg

    Fare thee well BBB
    – A concerned citizen.


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