Am I a Prophet or what?

Am I really that good?

Or has it really been so long since pre-BC, and even before that with full server loads and waiting Queues, and every Tuesday being down all day long for maintenance, that folks really forgot that this is some seriously tricky code we’re dealing with?

I think on a previous post I said I’d be surprised, considering the scope of the changes, if the servers were even up by 8 PM.

I know some folks got in and out a little bit, but as far as I know servers are down and the authentication server be busted, and it’s about 9 PM Central time in the good ol’ USA.

Now, I feel very sorry for those of you that were really, really excited to get in there tonight.

And I’m also very sorry for those of you that got in for just long enough to change a hairstyle, or play with choosing a spec.

If everything had rolled out insanely smooth, like a pint of Guinness while watching Brotherhood of the Wolf, well, we’d probably be taking it for granted.

as it is….

There were a LOT of people in the comments, both in the official WoW Community Forums and in the comments on WoW Insider today, before 2PM Pacific Time (The time Blizzard told us the servers would go live), that literally were ‘counting down the minutes until 2 PM’.

They said that! They were just counting down the minutes til 2!

Reality Check!

I would have enjoyed seeing it go live, I was going to go spec my Druid and womp on some things, go into Stratholme Undead and enter the gate area where dozens of rats spawn maybe, and take screenshots of me Swiping them silly in good old fashioned fun.

But as it is, I read the graphic novel Wanted by Mark Miller (kept seeing the main villain as an evil Eminem and giggling, is that wrong?), I occasionally tried to log in, I checked out a humor website and watched some Youtube videos… watched Junkyard Wars (the episode where they make bridging vehicles, not bad) and basically relaxed.

I hope the servers come up for you tonight, if you are still waiting online.

But you might ask yourself… “What if I go to bed early… maybe if I wake up an hour early in the morning, they’ll be up and I can play!”

Just kidding!

Time for me to tuck Alex in for the night, and go to sleep.

Sweet dreams, folks! Best wishes!

“Counting the minutes til 2…”


6 thoughts on “Am I a Prophet or what?

  1. Interesting people had so much trouble. I installed the patch without issue. My server Nagrand (Oceanic) came up about Tuesday 9pm GMT and I logged in and played a little then and again about 12 hours later. Better than normal latency to boot.

    No idea why my experience was different, perhaps I was just lucky.


  2. Oooh, Wanted. Good call.

    Personally I spent from about 4pm EST to around 2am installing the patch, having it error out on me, reinstalling several times, then giving up and reinstalling WoW. I’m currently STILL downloading patches. /cry.

    However, I am playing Suikoden III again, after about a year or two of being totally lost in it, so I think that’s productive… (in a gamer sort of way).


  3. Brotherhood of the Wolf…frickin awesome film!!! 🙂

    Currently at work, cant wait to leg it home and see whats what on the EU servers…if they are working, and if i dont have to download anything else lol.


  4. Arrrrggggh! It’s gonna take me a day just to get back to where I was. None of my add-ons work, including map mods.
    I did a complete re-install on my Vista machine, sometimes I hate Vista. XP laptop seems to be working fine, but without my beloved mods. I think if I get Outfitter and map co-ordinates back I will survive.


  5. See, the benefits of being a Canadian WoW player, is that we can keep our eyes both on the election results as well as our own realm statuses.

    With another Conservative government, it looks like I’ve been disappointed on both fronts =(


  6. I played Spore and made a wierd insect bird thing that was a carnivore – thus hit Civilization as ‘Aggressive’, and then proceeded to nuke my planet to bits to conquer the world and got the achievement for beating the civilization part of the game in less than an hour. 🙂

    True, while I was doing this, the other computer was on the Realm List so I could see when Alleria came online.

    And now that it’s bouncing, I’m trying to get in, while I do other things on the net, such as Ponystars!


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