Okay… I am loving it!

I know I said I was going to bed… but I tried one last time, and got in.

And respecced and chatted.

Then I went into Zul’Farrak, to the area with all the Scarabs, to taste-test Swipe.

Can you see the shit-eating grin on that Bear?

I think you can!


And just for a little Bear’s eye view of a single Swipe in action…


27 thoughts on “Okay… I am loving it!

  1. Dude, do yourself a favor and go to hyjal. I was there last night and i swear i never had more fun tanking ever. Watching swipe hit a billion targets at once and berserking 3 targets at once with mangle is amazing. I was wearing my dps gear also with a couple pvp items thrown in for extra armor and i hardly got hurt. So if this is any indication as to the performance of feral tanking in rouge gear i say full speed ahead.


  2. Just did the “pull all of deadmines and swipe” because I noticed I was missing the “Kill Van Cleef” achievement šŸ™‚ It’s awesome. Cat charge is also wonderful – the animation of a single graceful leap is beautiful.


  3. As a Paladin Tank I say welcome to AoE tanks! That type of rain of damage has been our joy for a long time, good to see some other folks getting in on the action.

    Wait till you pull all of Deadmines in one pull and AoE it dead. Too funny.


  4. This is what pallytanks has been staring at for a loooong time. Grats to you guys, and welcome to the fun of single pulling BM trash šŸ™‚


  5. Just my 2 cents on the changes; I felt like my dps, or at least my tps, was lower than usual tanking in BT tonight than it usually is – but I suspect that it wasn’t actually lower. The melee DPS were totallly rocking! Plus I think I need to adjust my spec, maybe I went overboard on mitigation over damage. I didn’t have time to get a working meter going to check/record all I had was Omen.
    Beserk was awesome, SI put me over 30k hp, got the Glyph for Frenzied Regen and it really seems to actually make a difference. I also used the Maul glyph; I feared for the sheep but did it anyway. I didn’t seem to notice the challenging roar glyph, at least not in there. The CD has been reduced so much anyway, it was always up when I tried to use it.
    My guild did a full BT clear in one night! We were aoe pulling 2 packs at a time o.0 Even with 2 wipes – lag to RoS and a tank DC in Council.
    Best part: I got to tank Illidan. My Bear face vs. Illi. Not a fire elemental… ILLIDAN. OK so it went super fast it was like Kara Temple, but still!! Almost as exciting as the first time we had a hunter tank his shadow phase. How can everybody complain so much at Blizz when they did that?


  6. Haha I know you allready have said it, swipe rocks. I went to Onyxia with some friends and when she died, I decieded to try swipe for real. I pulled like 20-30 dragon welphs and hell, I havnt had so much fun for a long time.


  7. BBB,

    Now that our “green” armor was nerfed. Do you think Druid tanks should get PvP gear w/ their hi armor rating even though resiliance means nada? Seeing that we are uncrittable now w/ SotF, the focus is still on survivability meaning armor>stam>agility(AP)


  8. That’s an awesome pic, BBB. I didn’t even think to go to ZF to test out Swipe – I just ran around the newbie areas, pulled mobs with our new ranged taunt (!!) and would swipe 5-6 and laugh. My wife thought I was nuts.

    I read all the people worrying about bears in 3.0, but I have to say, after the change, I’m really liking my bear – even more than before, and it was hands down my favorite character to play.

    I can’t wait to run some real instances without CC (it’s 50/50 if we have any CC or just face-tank it) and Swipe the bejesus out of the mobs.


  9. Stealthed into SM Cathedral kitty style, feral charged the boss and then went swipe happy when it agro’d the entire room at the same time.

    I know my framerate dropped slightly from the numerous (and lovely) dmg numbers popping up. I’d tell you by how much but I was laughing too hard.

    Proceeded into the armory after, shut-off thorns and made a beeline for the end (making sure to agro everything on the way). Had to pop beserk and “last stand” and frenzied regeneration to stay alive, but much swiping fun was had. In DPS gear no less. I’m not ashamed to say I was giggling a little bit.


  10. Doodle, I already did Gnomeregan last week! I think it was Thursday. And another run for the stragglers Friday. That’s right, you wanted to go, didn’t you? Ah well. You must have made other plans.

    I did, in fact, decide to take Berserk. See my comment above.

    How do I like it?

    Well, I haven’t had a chance to use it in a real fight yet, but I agree that it seems like I am doing less damage with Mangle – Bear than before, just as Nocturneous suggests.

    And you need to time it right. I threw down with it a few times, and just like in Beta, if you hit your Mangle in normal mode, and it is still in cooldown, if you pop Berserk you still have to wait for that original cooldown to expire before you can start nailing Mangle under Berserk rules.

    I had expected they would allow Berserk to do a hard reset of the Mangle cooldown as soon as it’s activated, but it has not happened yet.

    And really, I still don’t understand why it feels like Mangle is weaker than before. I need to test lots more.

    I will say, my 2050 Attack Power in bear form/gear looks impressive, but the true taste test is in group play. Right?


  11. Last night, I specced Cat and I was grossly disappointed. I just have to face the music and realize that Blizzard will never make us the DPS we want to be. Here is what I observed…

    1. Feral Charge (Cat) – This is not nearly as effective as a Rogue’s “Shadow Step”. Why? Becuase when we use it there is an animation of us leaping behind our opponent and it completely kills the element of surprise. Not to mention the fact that we lack anything as powerful as stun-locking.

    2. Primal Tenacity (3/3) – 30% reduction in fear effects in no way combats the ever-hated fear-spamming Warlock. Even in a duel last night, the fear from a Warlock feared me long enough that I was outside of the dueling area.

    3. Berserk – Only attainable at level 70 if you forego Omen of Clarity. /cry

    4. Omen of Clarity – Does not seem to proc nearly as much as it used to. It almost felt like a wasted talent point. So, now my number 3 doesn’t look so bad. LOL

    5. Feral Swiftness – Works indoors. Great for WSG flag nabbing.

    6. Even though I have more AP and more Crit, I swear my Mangle was averaging less damage. I used to be able to DPS my way thorugh a Lock’s “Drain Life”, but last night I could not do more damage than he could heal. Boooo Blizzard!

    And for all Druids…

    Revive – Having a normal rez rocks!

    Nature’s Grasp – No longer a talent and is available to all Druids via trainer. Frikkin awesome!!!!


  12. Hey BBB I took a peek at your armory and noticed that you’re 0/51/10 now, couldn’t look at the talents you choose specifically becasue the armory still isn’t updated with the new trees but I’m assuming that means you took berserk and left out Omen of Clarity, just wondering how that’s working out for you as I did the opposite and took Omen and left out Berserk.


  13. Very cool. For those of us old fashioned PnP players, WoW just added the equivalent of the D&D feat Great Cleave! Very Cool indeed


  14. For the record… Rage generation?

    Not an issue.

    NOT an issue.

    I am going to have to recheck some things in game, because things are looking BETTER live than they did in the Beta on the same darn toon with the same gear.

    Oh, and I ended up taking Berserk after all. I figured, “If I run out of Rage without OOC, THEN I’ll worry about it.”


  15. yes, omg, bear aoe tanking is sweet. At first I was frightened to see my 31k armor drop to about 20k. But then I went to strat. Did a solo baron easier than I ever had before the patch. Can druids still solo shit? Hell yes. The skeleton zerg right before the baron room was a sight to behold. One swipe hit 50 skeles. Most crit for some reason, that was about 40 hits of around 500 damage a piece. Also, I didn’t really notice the lack of OOC. We dodge so much, and when swipe crits, we have tons of rage.


  16. AHHHH SWEET PHOTO. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AOE TANKING REALLY DOES WORK!!!! I didnt dare believe it till I saw it with my own eyes.

    I went to the atamal terrace on top of BT tonight, there is a place with around 10 pairs of mobs fighting with mini warglaives. I pulled the whole lot of them and swiped them to death, with one round of beserk thrown in, barkskin whenever it was up, demo roar, one potion (in forms YEAH!!!), one survival instinct, one badge of tenacity dodge session. 10 mangles with a GCD hitting 3 targets, one after the other… it was truly FEARSOME. I only took 5 points in resto in the end (furor) because the feral tree is just too much fun šŸ™‚ I was soloing so armor/mitigation was way down, but it didnt seem to matter, finished the pull with 10% health. Some kind hordey warriors (who were doing the same thing) even helped me kill an elite that got caught up in the fight.

    other news: ZA is ridiculously easy. We took down bosses 5 & 6 in almost no time. Then we did a quick gruuls – gruul dead after 3 growths. Then we ran around the heroic daily – sethekk – aoe pulled each pack, and while we had a few deaths and one wipe, it was more to do with being giddy with joy…. Oh and we finished the instance in about half the time it normally takes.

    Very tired, very happy bear signing off for the night šŸ™‚


  17. Oh my word.

    It makes me want to get back on and try it.

    -drooling over the numbers-

    Er. -cleans up the drool- Tomorrow! Bed for me!

    Thanks for the first look!


  18. Is the fact that we can;t go from flight form to anything but caster form, or cast anything while in flight form in order to switch to caster, something we knew was going to happen or is it a bug?

    Can;t wait to test drive Swipe, though….


  19. Wished I had grabbed a screenshot, but myself and a mage just blew up a 70 elite and 12 level 68-70 adds. I held agro against the mage. Who was spec’d fire. And did 1800 DPS. BOOM! I love swipe.


  20. Oooh – I saw that announcement in your guild chat … is that part of the achievements thing, or is it an addon that announces?

    ….and yeyyyyy!! Looking forward to finishing work and getting to play!


  21. You know I just clicked through to that pic to check out guild chat to see what everyone is up to. But I am happy for you too, Wind.


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