Patch Day Blues… and Purples

Well, not really. I’m going to be lovin’ it.

Here’s the deal.

You look at a massive patch like this, everything is changing, talent trees are warped beyond belief, what stats we need are changed, gear is all transformed from what we not only had, but what we thought we were buying, change-change-change.

And heck, for most of us, advanced leveling 101 has meant that, if you’ve been playing the game for a while (and stayed on one server) you have at least two level 70s. Or you’re a hardcore raider with leet loot.

Or both.

Heaven help those of you with a 70 of every class.

Keeping track of changes for one class, and how you will apply those changes, is pretty simple. Having to respec and relearn and in some cases regear a whole bunch of characters?

Scary, right?

Just relax. It’s going to be okay.

It’ll be a lot of work, but you should look at it as a bit of fun, too. How often do you get whole new cookies in the cookie jar of a max level toon?

Don’t panic, take your time and enjoy looking at each new or changed Talent or Spell. Look it up on Wowhead, read what Beta and PTR testers have had to say about it.

Read your class forums in the Beta area, and see what folks have had to say about the changes, and how to apply them, and what people’s overall impressions are.

Play around with different options in Wowheads’ Talent Calculator before you spend your new points.

We’ve been through all this before just before BC. It was scary then. It was the unknown, after all. For people that memorize everything about the game to be able to spout forumal and Talents and build specs, the sweeping nature of the changes will probably suck the most. But those people need to get a life, anyway. Everything changes. Chaos is an integral part of life. Deal.

Don’t look to the official WoW Release Patch Notes for information. They are very, very out of date and inaccurate. Hell, a lot of what they say is flat out wrong. In Wowhead we trust (when they update). All others pay cash.

But just… just relax a bit.

Addons will be reborn. Many already are.

And if you were here back in the day, cast your thoughts back to the big patch before BC.

Panic, right? Angst over all the massive changes, right?

Feral Druids glorying in our newfound might? Oh yeah.. yeah, baby.

Ahh… sorry about that. Reliving the euphoria. Oh, those were heady days of wonder and OPness. *wipes away tear*.

Anyway… those changes, dreaded as many of them were… are now second nature, and changed the game for the better in so many ways.

This will as well.

Inscription… Pets and Mounts moved out of our bags… Achievements for those that want them (I still don’t get it, but giving me in-game titles I can actually seek out that might be different from Bob the Hand of A’dal #4445067 is awesome), new Hairstyles gone live, new places to visit in the actual game like Stormwind harbor and the gaping hole that used to be Dalaran…

No more Onyxia attunement requirements, meaning no more excuses for anyone in my guild to NOT go for the half hour it takes to beat her tired dragon butt…

C’mon. It’s gonna be smokin’.

Just looking at the Shaman changes, for example… the fact that Agility, which used to give Crit and Dodge, and Strength, which gave 2 Attack Power… meant that my leveling Enhancement Shaman was stacking Strength high and low. And I was bitching that, as a Leatherworker, all my mail gear was Agility/Stamina, Agility/Stamina.. and Agility/Intellect. No damn Strength.

Well, now Shamans get 1 Attack Power, Crit and Dodge from Agility, and only 1 Attack Power from Strength.

Oh, what’s that? My existing gear is probably no lnoger all that optimized?

Strength? SCREW Strength, give me Agi! WOOT! And hey, wait… does that mean I can now make gear with my Leatherworker that I might actually want to use?

That’s… that’s never happened to me before… I’m so… I think I might cry.

And hey… all the damn Beastmaster Hunters are gonna vanish from the populated areas as they seek out Exotic Pets. Ungoro, prepare to be boarded!

And omigod, all you raiding guilds… seriously, you want to make some cash?

Go clear Molton Core tonight, and then advertise in Trade chat that you’ve got a Warlock standing by ready to summon Beastmaster Hunters directly into Molton Core to tame an Orange Core Hound, with YOUR healers on hand to help them out and YOUR badass boys around to keep away distractions, and a Mage ready to portal them back to Shatt. And charge all the traffic will bear.

Oh, what a money maker THAT would be!

So… I wish you all, a very, very chilled the hell out patch day.

Oh heck, one update… Mania updated Petopia in anticipation of the Patch. All you hunters, go browse and enjoy… it’s so much fun to check out all the awesome changes to the site! 

It’s gonna be all right.


16 thoughts on “Patch Day Blues… and Purples

  1. Great post, I totally agree. It’s a lot to digest, but it should be fun too.

    The orange core hound is HIGH on my list of To-Dos for my 70 Hunter. I hope I can make that happen soon.


  2. I now have visions of the corehound assembly line stuck in my head. Selling off taming slots as fast as they could respawn.

    Thanks for that one =)

    Can’t wait for the servers to come back up today, it’s a brave new world and I look forward to grabbing a slice.


  3. Sitting here in school…dreaming about the patch already. God damn. Only three more blocks left till I can go home and jump in the World….of Warcraft.

    I got my big band of psycho WoW geeks talking about how we are going to WTF pwn with our specs, how we are going to search and aquire the achievements and what we think is going to end up destroying our faces with a tad bitta nerfing.

    My friend, who plays a warlock, laughs with almightyness because of his metamorphasis….And I cry cause that stuff is FRIGGEN EPIC!

    Though, on my paladin, I can’t wait to try out the live ret spec in my holy gear. =P It’ll be epic. I love patch days. *Drools and dies*

    Let us advance into the clouds of night, WoW players. Let us charge at this patch with swords drawn and hearts beating loudly within our ears. This is…World of Waaaaarcraaaaaft!!!!


  4. So many new toys to play with. Just waiting as patiently as one can. Do like the MC round-up idea. Look forward to some interesting trade chat maybe the trools will be blocked out by actual trade. Its a hope a faint hope but one can always hope. Well back to scouring all the info sites to make sure the gangs ready.


  5. Sooo…I could just be out of the loop for the last few days. Did they change protector of the pack and I didnt notice it? If I remember correctly, it was the amount of damage reduction that was dependent on how many people were in your party, not the increased attack power. However, the patch notes posted on wowinsider has the new talent listed as follows:
    New Talent- Protector of the Pack (Feral): Increases the bonus attack power for Bear Form and Dire Bear Form by an additional 20/40/60% for each friendly player in your party, damage taken is reduced while in Bear Form and Dire Bear Form by 1/2/3%.


  6. I would say I hate you, but… well.. I really don’t. But you made me go read some stuff on the Official WotLK Pally Forums.

    My eyes are now bleeding. You now need Protection from my Holy Retribution for such an affont!



  7. Gah…everyone keeps talking about Patch Tuesday – which means I get to read all the First Respons tomorrow which happens to be BEFORE I even have a chance to download the Patch!! Over here in my little country (Sweden, you know, home of the blondes) we have Wednesday as Patch Day….:(


  8. Yeah, I have 7 level 70’s. And my other two are 60 and 66. And they’re all different.

    The tenth slot is saved for the DK.

    When the game gets up, I have a LOT of work to do! Should be fun though. 🙂


  9. Someone throw me a towel, because my head is swimmin’. I’ve been so excited about all the warrior goodies I have completely neglected the warlock, mage, paladin and hunter changes. I’m going to have no idea what is what. *hyperventilates* – I’ve got a lot of reading to do! Probably a good thing I’ve got another 3.5 hours to go before I can swoon over my new protection warrior goodies. ^^


  10. I have 7 toons myself.. And not enough information to spec properly on all of them. So it is a lot of experimentation and gold.. ARRRGGGGG.. Some great posts, but not for all classes.

    Druid, spec DPS or Tank. Gimp one or the other. That is my biggest grump… I was so happy that I could DPS and Tank with the same build. Now, it is one or the other.

    At least my RET Pally got some deep heavy lovin.. YAY.


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