A sincere follow up to the Simple Test

Since I’m in a very good mood tonight, and more on why tomorrow, I am going to share a fun video clip that was sent in to me by Nate, who is also known as ForSquirrels.

This video was brought to mind by a friend of ForSquirrels, after he shared that simple little test from earlier in the week.

Oh, and I got a lot of emails from folks about that one, including, believe it or not, several folks that seemed to take it as a serious tactical decision on the Marine’s part, rather than a joke about mental attitude. I guess I shouldn’t have gone to the trouble of using an accurate count on the magazine size of a Glock 23. That seemed to throw folks off. It’s cool, I liked it. I hope you did too.

This video clip… well, this clip made me laugh out loud in real life. And I enjoyed it enough to actually type all that out just now, so you knew I meant it.

If I thought Shatner had written this bit, I’d give him a huge /hug. As it is, his acting was… very, very convincing. He is my new hero.



12 thoughts on “A sincere follow up to the Simple Test

  1. Amusingly enough, the evening you posted the “simple test”, Mr. Mosshoof was watching a different clip from that show. I interrupted him, told him the joke, and when he came back to the clip, the Danny Crane character (Shatner), proudly announces he’s an former marine, and starts looking for his gun to try to take control of a hostage situation. It cracked me up, the timing was so good.

    (I’m afraid, however, I didn’t get the bullet count right in my retelling.)


  2. Holy mother of christ. As soon as it was over…I yelled Oh my god!! Shatner is climbing the awesome list. Thank god no one was around to hear that exclamation of surprise >_> <_<


  3. Sorry, but if you’ve got to use lethal force, you aim for a kill. None of this kneecapping crap if he’s got a gun.


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