A brief word from our spleen

I will go on later to praise many things about the recent patch, but for now, I’d like to take a moment to get down on paper how irritating some of the bugs are.

First, a brief moment of silence for the many, many folks whose servers have been screwed since the Patch, and who have been unable to play at all. Our thoughts are with you all. That bites.

Second, a heartfelt /mourn for all of the Hunters who are trying to play with their pets and enjoy the new Talent trees, but who are being affected by the Pet auto-cast Cower/Prowl CRAP.

I can tell you from personal experience, that having a pet that you count on to provide Threat and all-up-in-your-face damage decide that, no matter what you do, it’s gonna auto-cast Cower every time the cooldown is up, regardless of what is activated or turned off, and regardless of whether the skill is left in the Spellbook or placed on the Pet Bar with the ability right-clicked off, SUCKS. And the Prowl turning itself on auto-cast every time you pull your pet out? Including every time you dismount or take a flight? You’re killing me here.

And please, don’t bother saying “l2p just do xxx it goes away, you sux”, just because it worked for you. Or linking to Blue posts. Seen ’em all, tried ’em all, and they don’t reliably work because it is a bug unassociated with Addons or corrupted files. It is a bug. A problem in the core programming. Deleting WTF folders, removing all Addons, pulling abilities onto the Pet Bar, running the in-game reset UI, they do not work for everyone. If it worked for you, great. Really, great. I mean that.

But until there is a proven solution that works for everyone, giving advice is fine, but don’t presume that because you are not experiencing the bug, that it does not exist. My Hunter is fortunate, Moonclaw’s Prowl is not bugged, only Cower is. Cassie’s Hunter pet has both bugs. Many other players I talked to don’t have either problem, or had it on a pet and then it went away. And some did have the problem with Cower… they just didn’t know it, because Cower was only on their Pet Spellbook, not on the Pet Bar where they could keep an eye on it.

Seriously, the last thing someone struggling with a problem wants to hear is how someone else isn’t experiencing the problem, so it must either be our imagination, or we just don’t understand such byzantine concepts as moving abilities to the Pet Bar and right clicking them to turn auto-cast off. (Why am I getting that point down? Just go read the Hunter forums. You’ll see why soon enough.)

It’s not a game breaking problem while soloing, but in raids, when everyone is rejoicing in their newfound power, it is irritating. I want my kitty big, red, and behind the bad guys’ back doing massive damage, thank you very much. And we gots good tanks in these here parts, mister. Don’t be needing your dang ol’ Cower.

Oh, and on the subject of pet bugs… Heart of the Phoenix? Yeah, I spent a Talent point on that. Hey Blizzard, could you please take a look at this Talent that is supposed to let my pet auto-rez once in an hour, and get it to actually, like… auto-cast?

Here’s the deal… Heart of the Phoenix, for me at least, is not auto-casting when my pet dies. Okay, no problem, I hear you say. Just add it to the Pet Bar, and when pet dies, cast it manually.

Well, that would work great, except the Pet Bar disappears when your pet dies, so you can’t clickie the little phoenix head button to cast it.

So you need to either open your spellbook to click the spell, or you need to create a macro/keybind to cast it manually on your UI.

Which, hello… is not quite the same as having an auto-cast pet rez, like we thought we were buying. I’ll take an instant cast pet-rez any day of the week, make a macro, taht’s cool and all. Totally not whining, please don’t steal it away… just asking, can ya fix it up the rest of the way, when you get a chance? No problem if it’s low on the priority list. That’s cool. Just let me know how it’s going, okay? 

Last thing… yes, there have been lots of other bugs… instance servers down, server instability, lag, global D/C… even server resets taht kick off the AQ war event all over again.

Blizzard, I love you dearly. You folks really nailed the fun factor releasing this massive activity and new toy patch a month before the expansion. It’s awesome.

Just… please keep us informed in how the debugging is going. We really, really want to know.


Even a “we know there is an issue, it’s on the list” would give us a great deal of /sigh, /relief. We don’t have that for our pets yet, and it makes us /sad!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled gushing over WoW awesomeness, already in progress.

16 thoughts on “A brief word from our spleen

  1. Why was nobody, including two different GMs able to mention to me that THUNDERSTOMP WILL NOT FIRE unless there’s more than 1 mob in range?

    I wasted a whole day reading and kvetching and tugging the shirt sleeves of every L70 hunter on my realm who would hear my sorrowful tale.

    And then i learned the simple restriction of the ‘stomp. Why would they do that to me and my pretty gorilla? Meh.


  2. and RE Capn John – the short answer is no. you can reallocate points from the new skill tree by respec on pet, but many of the basic skills (growl, cower, random skill dump) are automatically learned and thus not unlearned on respec.


  3. I’m having a similar bug that keeps my Thunderstomp FROM auto-casting.

    I tamed a gorilla just for the stomp of it, and he’s a no-stompy stomper. It fires ok if I click it directly, but no matter what status that button or any of the other buttons are in (all off, all on, one off, etc) stomp won’t auto-fire.



  4. @ Capn John – Nope! ALL pets now know Cower, and ALL cats now know Prowl, you can’t choose to have your pet forget it. Pets now have talent points and their own talent trees to spend them in, thats what the pet trainers reset. Otherwise you’re right, that would be one way to fix it, so long as you didn’t want to keep Cower/Prowl for raiding or PvP.


  5. I too have been having a HUGE issue with these bug problems, Most importantly with my cat and my new chimeara. I thinks it’s something with the older pets, it’s ridiculous. Absolutely out of control. I did however find an accidental fix to it. least for the Chimeara… the cat is still a little buggy. I tried all the usual stuff but found this out totally by accident. I had JUST turned off all the stuff in the spellbook, was respeccing myself to change my talents for a kara raid in the next 20 mins. Well my chimeara was still out when I did this. So I respecced, chimeara went away. I put all the talents in and summoned the chimeara again. ALL the spells were off that were supposed to be off. I was shocked. My chimeara no longer has the stupid issue of having to turn things on and off whenever it’s summoned or not. I tried it with the corehound But that still seems to be a little wonky on one of the spells. However it is a small temporary fix. my ghost saber though? absolutely borked. She can’t do anything right, none of her stuff works, always turns itself on and off. it’s annoying. I’m starting to wonder if it’s just some of the older pets thats the issue. Because at least two of the “new” pets work fine after doing the respecc summon thing. Also someone told me that deleting the “cache” folder in the wow directory can sometimes help with this problem. haven’t tried it myself. But worth a shot? Note: Chimeara’s are lots of fun, but their stupid “stop-go” dance routine… is seriously not worth it. If you specced it for Dive. Take it out… just makes the stupid thing worse. Hope this helps the fellow hunters out there with this huge pain. ❤ to TripleB


  6. Not playing any more (at the moment 😉 but as a mostly-soloing Hunter who needed my Pet to Tank for me, I just went to the Trainer and paid the gold to respec him, meaning my Pet forgot the Cower spell.

    Is this not a viable solution? Does a Pet Trainer reset no longer unlearn all your Pet’s skills?


  7. @ Camelstoe: Fixed for you and your pet, maybe… *sigh* put my core hound in the stable and pulled out my cat to go kill the Headless Horseman (core hound is still several levels lower than me) and oh dear, kitty was tip-toeing around all stealthed and cower-y. *grumble*

    It does seem like it only affects some pets, though – it’s weird, my core hound never turns Cower back on. So it’s not an issue with my account, it’s an issue with my cat…


  8. I have a kitty that thankfully only has prowl, and yes…it is bugged. I’ve been able to get around it quite handily though (at least in a BG) and hopefully it will help some others having the same issue.

    Works best when mounted. Ride into the thick of the battle (or on top of that lone “target”) Dismount in melee range of the “enemy” and run to ranged.

    I sure hope this can help someone. It’s not all that useful in PvE, but PvP it does help alot to put a wiggle in that pokey prowled kitty tank!

    As for the new way Defensive works, personally all I can say is /cheer. About time a “trained” pet figured out…”Wait, Momma’s trying to kill that mob. I love Momma. Must kill that mob too.

    I do feel a bit of the pain as I went through Magister’s Terrace last night and “Muffins” brought over a couple of adds. /tsk. But for PvE, I loves it.


  9. One way around the Cower/Prowl issue is to put both spells into your pet’s bar. Yea, you’re using up 2 slots, but at least you’re not wasting focus, or having your pet lose agro.


  10. I had this issue on my Hunter following the patch, but fired the game up last night and to my surprise cower and prowl was fixed. When i turned them off they stayed off. So i guess its either been fixed or has fixed itself??


  11. I have read the hunter forums and it’s quite a bit of “LOL L2P YOU SUX”. So much so it makes my head hurt just thinking of it. I have also been having the same Prowl/Cower/Heart of the Phoenix issues. And I’ve done all that great stuff–deleted WTF folder (after backing it up, of course), removing all addons, reloading UI, etc. Nothing works.

    @Joonces/Grimmtooth: I do sort of like the new feature of your pet going in on Defensive. However, I’m used to keeping my pet on defensive in raid, for the sake of if the trap breaks before my CD is up (and my Readiness is on CD), it can grab it until the MT/OT can grab it (of course this has been done with express permissions from both). However, I now, sadly, have to keep him on Passive, as almost learned the hard way this past Kara run. One of the spectral stallions before attumen cast that group debuff and my pet went RUNNING to the target that had just been shackled. >.< Luckily, we have an awesome tank. Suffice to say, the new Defensive is wonderful for soloing (especially on a pvp server), but it has it’s downsides as well. Guess I drag out that /pet attack macro again. /sigh


  12. Thanks! Nice to know I’m not nuts!

    I have multiple hunters and am having the Prowl/Cower bug on at least 2 of them (2 don’t have cats). I’ve done it all. With mods, without mods. Reset UI. Put on pet bar. Take off pet bar. Dismiss pet. Stable pet.

    IT ALWAYS COMES BACK. So what happens? I’m not questing with my cat. Not much of a solution. However, I DID open a ticket and got a response from Blizzard this morning saying it is a known problem and they are working on it, so fingers crossed.

    Also @Grimmtooth: Not sure if you know this, but they changed the way “defensive” works. Your pet will now run in on it’s own once you start attacking any mob. It will not wait for you to send it in. You’re kind of forced to keep the pet on “passive”, but truthfully, when I’m AOE grinding with a gorilla, not much of a solution since if he’s on passive he won’t kill everything — just the first thing you set him on. I’ll probably get used to it, but right now I’m not seeing the reason for this change.


  13. Always, always ALWAYS check what’s autocasting BEFORE you go into battle. I do wish there was more room on the petbar tho. You cant put the pet skills in your action bar. You have to write macros to the effect of :
    /petcast intervene [target=self]
    …and put those on your bars.


  14. Careful what you wish for regarding Heart of the Phoenix auto-cast. Personally I’d never have it on auto-cast, in case whatever killed my pet was still occurring or it just generally wasn’t safe to rez my pet yet. Also, at least in my experience, the pet bar generally doesn’t go away until you start casting revive pet. Or, as you said, you can just put it on your own action bar (at least I think you can).

    But yes, the Cower bug is annoying, mostly when soloing and suddenly your pet can’t hold aggro anymore. In instances, I leave Cower on, since it costs no focus. Not that my pet is in any danger of pulling aggro, but better to be safe.


  15. Interesting, I haven’t seen that Cower bug, though I *have* seen auto-attack behavior that won’t go away unless I put his butt on passive. It’s sorta handy in raids, but also kinda scary since a tabbed target might not be in the bunch we’re attacking, ya know?

    I wasn’t aware of the Phoenix bug, but now I know it’s not just me 🙂


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