Achievements and Raids and World Events, Oh Boy!

What a huge, honking massive change a Patch makes, huh?

Everyone was all like, “Ho Hum, yeah, here comes a Patch. When is the expansion coming out, WoW is boooringgggg….”

Holy pudu.

I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

I have three level 70s, and a Shaman I was feverishly leveling, that is at 44 right now.

As of yesterday, I had only even logged into two of my 70s. There is just TOO MUCH to do to be logging other characters in right now.

Awww…. so sad. Boo hoo. People bitch and whine about being bored for months, and now I’m gonna complain?

Well… no. Just sayin’, the expansion is gonna come out, right about the time I will start saying, “Didn’t I have a Priest once?”

The Priest, frankly, had the biggest changes, so that’s the one that is waiting in the wings for me to have some cooldown time. I specced her on my own yesterday, finally, but I don’t know how well I did, and I haven’t even looked at what stats her gear has now. I’m terrified to see what unified Spellpower has done to her Frozen Shadoweave set… and I’m also afeared as to what the Shadowpriest forums has to say about gear upgrades. Am I still good?

Well, I did log my Priest in long enough to make Wulfa a Shadowcloth cooldown. And on the ride to Shadowmoon Valley, I stopped to blow some stuffs up, and they went down too fast for me to try a rotation. I tried the normal rotation, and they just blew up like overfilled balloons in a needle factory halfway in. So, that’s good, isn’t it? Isn’t it?


Anyway… let’s talk about the big three. AchievementsWorld Events and Raids.


I was not enthused about Achievements at first. I liked the idea of having things you could pursue, that would lead to neat non-combat awards like mounts, pets and titles. I guess I just didn’t really have faith it would be implemented right.

Well, it was implemented very, very well. The interface gives you plenty of tools to see what you need to do to earn an Achievement, and also track your progress. It rocks.

My only complaint? My whole guild has gone off on an Achievement-hunting frenzy. I gots people soloing old world instances, I apparently have a bunch of hardcore explorers, I gots Loremasters doing quests like crazy… it goes on and on.

It does keep them out of trouble, though.

The best part?

Everybody is so keen on Achievement hunting, that I can herb and mine ore whenever I feel like it, and get a whopping amount. Considering peeps were so bored this time last week that no herbs or ore were ever to be found… WOOT! Score!

I am personally pursuing two Achievements.

I am going for 50 Pets to get my own cute little Skunk.

As of last night, when I logged out I had 40. I would have 50, except I got sidetracked doing something else…

The other Achievement? Well, it kinda goes hand in hand with the…

World Event!

Yes, Hallows End is here for the next two weeks. And it has, associated with it, an Achievement that grants the title “The Hallowed”.

When I first saw this Achievement, I discarded it out of hand. For one thing, it requires two rare drops in the Scarlet Monastery Graveyard fighting the Headless Horseman, the Hallowed Helm and the Sinister Squashling.

Last year, I took part, excited to try and get the Squashling. I never even heard of one dropping. So that seemed like a long shot. A very long shot. But hey, it could happen. Right?

Well, even worse, you had to collect one of every possible flimsy mask from Trick or Treating

Now, doing the event trying for a drop is one thing, but I am not going to sit, for two weeks, chained to my desk hour after hour, Trick or Treating when the cooldown was up in the hopes of getting that one flimsy mask I needed. Yeah, I don’t need the ulcer from the stress of waiting for the drop. Hell, no.

Two things changed my mind.

First, a Blue Post made it clear that they were removing the Flimsy Mask requirement from the Hallowed title. Okay, awesome. Bless you, Tigole. Bless you for telling us this, and doubly bless you for telling us EARLY enought that we could pursue the other Achievements before it was too late.

Second, hey… guess who got a Sinister Squashling?

If you guessed Windshadow… you’d be right. 🙂

Now, the way I have worked these events before, if one of my 70s gets a neat drop, then after that, no matter what toon I’m on, if it drops again I pass. So now I am no longer a threat to others as far as a Squashling is concerned. That should make Windshadow a popular tank in there. 🙂

Oh, and while on my Hunter? We did it with Moonclaw tanking Horseman, and also with Nasirah’s Hunter pet Crocolisk tanking him, and with Legatto’s blueberry. With awesome heals and DPS, there were no problems, except for a more difficult job of positioning because the pets have their own plans for where to tank ’em. Just wanted to mention that. If you have a couple Hunters and no tank, go for it anyway. It was fun!

So yes, I am working towards the Hallowed title. I spent quite some time this weekend, chasing down candy buckets around the world, and doing the Headless Horseman, etc etc.

As of last night….

I have accomplished 99.5% of the Achievement.

I have, exactly, one thing left to do to get the title.

I need to have a Ghost costume cast on me. Oh, and I need patch 3.0.3 to come out to remove the Flimsy Mask requirement.

That’s it.

I got the Hallowed Helm, the candy, the Toothpick, etc, etc. I did it all.

My favorite part?

G.N.E.R.D.S. Rage.

I went into Alterac Valley last night, just for fun, since I had heard that Warsong Gulch was the place to really do it.

But I LIKE Alterac Valley.

Well, my first AV I went, defended Tower Point, and then ran forward, and by the time it was over, I had 14 Honorable Kills. I’d used 2 GNERDS. I had 67, just in case.

Not bad, let’s do that again. That was fun.

The second one?

Oh. My. God.

The horror… the horror…..

Okay, not really. Seriously, it was teh aw3sum.

I captured a tower quick and defended it, loving kitty form with Survival Instincts. Horde really hate that.

But once the Tower went down? I ran forward… straight into Hell.

The Horde were holding a massive scrum in the wide open field just past Tower Point before their base gates, and we were all up in there. It really felt like it was 30+ vs 30+ in a massive anything-goes killfest.

It went down midfield between both of our graveyards, so we had a continuous balanced stream of reinforcements returning to the battle, and it was NUTS.

The PvP Achievements started flowing fast, I was in a killing frenzy the likes of which I’ve never seen before, it lasted about 15 minutes of pure crazy, and then the tide of battle literally began going in our favor, and we started pushing our way as a group closer and closer into the Horde base.

The battle had a distinct feel to it, as a stream of reinforcements kept coming into the battle, but the center of the battle inexorably pushed ever closer, slowly, towards the Horde.

God, it was exhilirating. It felt like re-enacting a Civil War line of battle, where you could physically push your way forward or get pushed back as a line.

50 Honorable Kills? Yeah, that took 2 minutes.

Umm… can I please kiss the guy (or gal) that gave me Feral Charge – Cat? Please? Or pots in forms, and Berserk, and Barkskin, and Survival Instincts?

Damn, that was fun.

Okay, Raids.

I’ll make this short.

Tempest Keep, Al’ar and Void Reaver as a Hunter in a PUG, and then the guild that pugged it invited me to main tank on my Druid for Zul’Aman yesterday, and we did a full clear, although we only did three of the four timed chests. I got a Boomkin Chest piece (which I didn’t even want, but no one else could use), and the Cloak of Fiends.

And that is all I’m going to say about raids right now, because this post has gotten silly long. 

The moral of this story, really, is simple… in this last month before the expansion, Blizzard has made a brilliant stroke, by adding a Patch that has so damn much to do, so very much to do, that I honestly wish the expansion would get delayed until January, damn it.

Time, time! I need more time!


9 thoughts on “Achievements and Raids and World Events, Oh Boy!

  1. I hate Achievements, they have destroyed my WoW! My guild has done nothing but achievement stuff since the patch. I can’t even get a 5-man together to test my new bear tanking skills. They have gone so far as to schedule (on the new calendar thing!! Woot!) several guild events to obtain zone achievements. So, for me it has been fix addons and dailies.

    We are not aloud to pug raids, so I can’t even get lucky on a quick kara run. Ugh!


  2. Yay patch!!! I took my hunter lvl 70 with gorilla (at lvl 67), a lvl 63 pally and a lvl 62 mage into Ramps and we trashed the place! No wipes and very little down time. LOVE what’s been happening with the new talents.
    Gratz on the cloak too!


  3. “We are not aloud to pug raids” Ouch. That’s not a guild I want to be in.

    But as for The Hallowed title is concerned: Including last years dozens of attempts at the Headless Horseman and a couple dozen already this weekend I have YET to see the Squashling drop. It’s so incredibly frustrating. I’ve seen a lot of Helms drop (about 4-5) but not one pet.



  4. @Mitch: It is to build guild unity or something like that. If others in the guild see me running Kara, then it shows I don’t have an interest in helping those in my guild I’d understand the rule if we were progressing, but at this stage in the game our raiding has more or less stopped. Maybe I’ll talk to the guild leadership about this tonight….


  5. I got both squashling and helm, hadn’t heard that they dropped the mask-req, YAY! only have three, and two are the same..

    Just need alot of wanding.. Gonna try trading for wandings..


  6. Hey Felkan, I understand the whole guild unity bit, but at some point there has to be flexibility. Not everyone can get into the guild’s raids all the time due to schedules and the fact that raids have a limit. So if someone told me that I couldn’t raid with another guild even if I can’t get into my own guild’s raid that week I would have to leave. Personal preference, I guess.


  7. Just a heads up, they are making the helm and the pet drops from trick or treating too. I have not seen the drop rate, but I expect it to be pretty horrid.

    I’ve seen the helm twice in about 15 tries, have not seen the pet once, I’ve seen a few folks with the horse, but I have not seen it drop in person. I do have two epic rings that I can’t use for three more levels though, and one epic ring that I don’t have much use for at all, but everyone else passed on it and it went to me.

    GNERD rage was great. I’m not a pvp kind of person but I want the title so I went into AV for the second time ever. Left with 150 HK’s and was killed 8 times. The match went much the same as yours, but we (the Horde) won the stalemate by about 300 reinforcements or so. I’ve never had that much luck as a lock getting lost in a crowd before, usualy I get FF’d as soon as they see me.


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