A little love for Pike

I was reading Pike’s latest post, giving us the lowdown on her level 50 Resto Druid (she can B Tree!), and I just wanted to say….

First, how dare you talk about non-Hunter stuffs!

Second, wait, you mean you walk around Stormwind in Tree form? All the time? Did they remove the speed debuff on that? I mean, geez, I love Tree form (have you tried /cower in Tree form yet? OMIGODLOLZ) but intentionally walking in slow-mo back and forth forth from AH to Mailbox to Bank to AH… GAH! It would drive me batty.

Third. The big one.

Grats for coining the greatest phrase in the history of Hunters….

“Massive Quantities of Sustained Ranged Fo’Shizzle”

As others have said in the past…

You owe me a new keyboard, this one has coffee blasted over the keys.


10 thoughts on “A little love for Pike

  1. Chuckle.

    On our Wednesday night’s Kara run after the patch, I nearly tree-pulled the banquet hall as I sped in – being so used to the trundle of little roots, I just blazed past the tank before I stopped JUST in time.

    I LOOOOOOVE losing slo-mo! Even if I did nearly give my tank a heart-attack. (Sorry Hal)



  2. Tree form is imbah, even before they removed the speed debuff i spent 90% of my time in tree while in major cities, the other 10% is flight form :p


  3. rofl

    Most cower emotes are pretty funny. It’s especially funny, imo, to see a giant beast of destruction orc or tauren cower in fear of a gnome . . . which I run up to and punt ^_^


  4. BigBearButt I just had to finally comment on your of your posts:) I love your blog! I was actually reading some of your old posts yesterday cause I was bored at work and they’re so interesting! I love that they moved the 30% snare on the tree form although I still don’t walk around in it all the time:P

    Bigbear…offtopic…do you ever pvp?


  5. “Did they remove the speed debuff on that?”

    Yessir, they did! And I walk around Orgrimmar all the time in Tree form because I *can* (and yes, the /cower for tree is ROFLCOPTER).

    Though, I pose a question for you, sir. What is it with hunters rolling druid alts and druids rolling hunter alts (I myself a main Resto Drood having rolled a MM/Surv hunter alt…)?


  6. so i play warlocks, i have a 30 druid that i love, but haven’t palyed much because i hate melee combat. anywho, we warlocks recently got a nice little demon form, ‘course it only lasts 30 secs, but still awesome. my biggest problem with it is that it has no emotes, none at all, no dance, not even wave. you can’t even sit in a chair with the bloody thing turned on! after i soloed brd i tried to take a picture with him sitting on the throne, but he just stands in the throne, sunk a little into the chair. you folks are lucky with all your dances and emotes in different forms. cmon blizzard give my demon a dance, please?


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