Secret Hunters of the World, Unite!

You know you’re out there. Aren’t you?

Damn skippy!

You have your main, and when people ask you, “What character do YOU play?”, what do you reply?

For most of you, it’s anything but “Hunter.”

It’s somehow not COOL to play a Hunter as your main.

Oh, heck no… Hunters have that reputation… for the longest time, one of the stupider memes on the official WoW forums was that “Shut up, random Night Elf Huntard #349780634057896”.

Even with all the awesome Hunter blogs out there, working hard to make sure everyone knows that Hunters require skill, cunning, sneakiness and wit, the Huntard prejudice continues.

But saying your MAIN is a Hunter… oh noes!

A Hunter? Oh no, I’m one of the cool kids! I have a hybrid! Or a tank! Or a ranged, squishy caster that PvPs!

See, I can master all sorts of stuffs! I’m no simple Huntard easymode noob!

Well, it’s time to move past all that BS.

Whatever your main may be, you at least have a Hunter alt.

You KNOW you do.

It may be your deepest, darkest secret, but you’ve got one. You know you HAD to make one.

And you found, to your horror, that they are just too damn fun to give up entirely.

Maybe you’ve been afraid to admit it. You’ve given in to peer pressure, and don’t talk about that alt. “Oh, I don’t play that, it’s just for farming.”

Sure. Sure she is.

Well, now is the time to cast off your chains, and join the ranks of those brave souls that have strode forth to proudly proclaim;

*”I have a Hunter, and I LIKED it!”

To those of you that have proclaimed the Hunter as your mainproud and strong, I salute you!

And for those of you that have made another class your own, but have the courage to come forth to proclaim your love for your Hunter alt, let me hear a round of applause.

C’mon folks… you know you all want to come out of the closet on this.

*Sung to the tune of “I kissed a girl”


46 thoughts on “Secret Hunters of the World, Unite!

  1. This was never the way I planned
    Not my intention
    I got so brave, bow in hand
    Lost my discretion
    It’s not what, I’m used to
    Just wanna try it on
    I’m curious for you
    Caught my attention

    I tamed a wolf and I liked it
    The way he growls it sounds fantastic
    I tamed a cat just to try it
    I hope my druid don’t mind it
    It felt so wrong
    It felt so right
    Does it mean I’m in a raid tonight
    I tamed a crab and I liked it
    I liked it

    No, I don’t even know your main
    It doesn’t matter,
    You’re my experimental toon
    Just draenei nature,
    It’s not what,
    Good warlocks do
    Not how they should behave
    My head gets so confused
    Multi-shot? OKAY!

    I rolled a hunter and I liked it
    The sound of gunshots make me spastic
    I rolled a draenei just to try it
    I hope my gnome don’t mind it
    It felt so wrong
    It felt so right
    Don’t mean I’m in Bloodmyst tonight
    I rolled a goat and I liked it
    I liked it,

    Nelf girls, they are so magical
    white skin, tatoos, so /dance-able
    Hard to resist so /flirt-able
    Too good to deny it
    Ain’t no big deal, it’s innocent

    I rolled a dwarf and I liked it
    The braid spinning is so hypnotic
    I tamed a bear just to try it
    I hope Mr. Butt don’t mind it
    It felt so wrong
    It felt so right
    Don’t mean I’m in a cave tonight
    I rolled a hunter and I liked it
    I liked it


  2. My first main was a hunter, and I raided with her through BWL and a Grand Marshal’s weapon and a Rhok’delar.

    And then nobody needed hunters. Nobody had room for hunters. But everyone wanted a shaman. Or a priest. Or a paladin. And now a druid too. And so, I became a professional healer. I’d planned for Lich King to be the healers first – the hunter last, much like Burning Crusade.

    Until last week. And now? Angie is back on the table, leveling from the start, with her bear and her bow, her messed up shoulder and grumpy cynical humor. I’m proud to say I’m writing about my hunter again. I’m excited about being a hunter again.



  3. First of all, Doodle, your post made me laugh way too loudly for my surroundings … wai2go 😛

    And second, I have a level 61 hunter alt, and I like it!


  4. OMG That song is fucking awesome, bro. LOL

    And great post, OP. I’ve been watching you from afar. Now I come out of the shadows (or closet?). Hunter main right here. Always has been (first char I ever chose was an orc hunter), always will be (BE hunter). Even one of those R-tarded hunter bloggers now. I’ve been rambling on about skill and math for ages and no one ever listens, but I know the truth about good hunters. Rare as they may be, they do exist, and hunter is their main.

    ❤ Nass


  5. Well my main has and will probably always be a shaman, rolled during the era of big 2hand windfury crits. But I have always enjoyed the hunter that I have, and with the recent pet changes, the gorilladin and I daily decimate the bloodelf population at the mana forges in Netherstorm.


  6. I would surely admit to it, but…I don’t. Sure, I created one. Horde side, when I mainly play alliance, so that was strike one. Strike two was that I died. A lot. Even after getting a pet. Strike three was, well, dying again. (Like I said, it was a lot, worthy enough of two strikes all by itself.) So I quit. That was early in my noob days, but…I just couldn’t get the hang of it (and I played a Pally mostly!) So I tried again, recently. Again, horde-side, and on a different server because by this time, my main server is full of multiple 70s and bank alts and a name held for a DK. Still no go. I just…don’t like it, can’t get into it. The only other class that’s like that for me is the warrior.


  7. Yep. I have 3 hunters 🙂 My first toon was a hunter. Bricklethumb was my first to 60, then first to 70, then got deleted and restored. Now has no gear. 😦

    I love hunters, but I love my druid as well, and my tankadin. But I am SO excited about Marks again with WotLK. I’m rush leveling a new hunter. She will be my raiding hunter 🙂

    /raises hand holding a candle

    “My name is Paravel and I have a hunter”


  8. I wonder if I can get Breana or Pike to sing that, Doodle.

    Gonna have to look into that. That is awesome…

    And it effectively short-circuited my efforts to write one, which was nowhere near as good. Not even close. You rock.


  9. Well I have had several char to 70. some alts that I haven’t even gotten past 20. However my druid is my main and yes my Hunter I have recently made on the same sever and got him past 17 (yes my first hunter is 17) My second hunter name Vargothas is almost 40. He is very fun to play and very very good at pvp. My main Druid is my tank so my Hunter is my pvp alt/inscripter/Fisher/cook as well. Busy Busy little alt.

    So yes I have a Huntalt


  10. Nice post B3, but I have to admit Doodle stole the show with that song. I doubt it will help but I second the motion to have Breana or Pike (or both) sing that one.

    While I write about all my toons and I may have a Priest that I raid with, Hunters will always be my first love.

    *My name is Dechion and my main is a Hunter*

    So is my farmer.

    Oh, and my retired raiding main Horde side.


  11. What I like about BBB is that not only does he have great posts, but holy crap his comments are always full of win.

    I’ll admit that I have a hunter alt. On 3 or 4 seperate occasions, I’ve rolled a Hunter all the way up to the mid 20’s, only to delete him or her right after. I still remember their names and their pets.

    Biggles, 30 Draenei Hunter, DELETED
    Nitehawk, 20 Night Elf Hunter, DELETED
    Keyona, 26 Night Elf Huntress, DELETED
    Kotaku, 18 Dwarf Hunter, Still Alive!

    But I fear that once Kotaku and Joystiq (Kotaku’s pet, lol!) reach level 20, they’ll be deleted as well.


  12. /Hugs

    Bear you do the Hunter community proud! Thanks! Hunters for life! *Scratches behind Pookie’s head spike*

    @Doodles, that songs totally rocks!

    Now Bear, about the song…you really don’t want me to sing if you value your eardrums and the thought of Pike singing holds such charming appeal! However, if Pike doesn’t want to sing, I do know of a singer who will be willing to dub for me :P. Just let me know.


  13. LOL…yeah. Feral Druid here. Just started a hunter and, gol-durn it, it IS fun. Also, I found that while its easy to play, its much more difficult to master than I had thought – and I thought I’d figured out a complicated class with the Druid!


  14. My hunter is a lot of fun to play. So far I still prefer tanking while grouping but it’s hard to beat a hunter for straight-up stress-free fun.


  15. Oh, I don’t play that, it’s just for farming….really….I promise……

    Draenai Hunter was my 2nd 70. He’s still got his cat. He solos 90% of the time and I haven’t decided on a new pet yet.


  16. I proudly admit to all my alts! Kiya the hunter was my first class, my first 60, the first to get a land epic.

    And I wuv Bumper the Cat and Sibuna (Olm) the Owl.


  17. I’ve been a prot warrior for awhile and now my main is a holy priest. I’ve seen my fair share of hun-tard’s in pug’s and never had a great opinion of the class….until I saw what they could damage wise in the 25-man raids. ZOMG they rock.

    So, with the xpac looming, I decided to roll a hunter to see what the class was about and now I’m addicted. They are so much fun to play!

    “I have a hunter and I like it!”


  18. My name is Graimerin and I have a hunter. At first i always answered I have and engineer just happens to be a hunter. Now I will loudly decree that my HUNTER is my engineer. He is loved but he cant be first but out of humor he did name his gorilla primalgrai. Yes I’m a pally sometimes tank/sometimes holy that plays a hunter to have fun.

    Doodle your work is amazing as always.


  19. Like Anna my first main was a hunter, but I got tired of not getting into groups (and I was a fairly good hunter), so I quit Wow for 6 months. I returned as a Druid and hated it (hunters are so OP while leveling it is not even funny) until I was lvl 61 (Mangle + OoC). From that point on, I never wanted to play my hunter again. And once you get Epic Flight Form, I’m not sure how anyone could play _any_ other class again. The thought of waiting 3s for my mount makes me cry. Dismount to gather herbs??? WTF?

    I dread the next 7 levels in which I have to use my stupid slow land mount. I have honestly thought about taking a week off work and blowing my wrists out to get to lvl 77 fast so I can get my Epic flight form back.

    About 4 months ago, I did try to revive (pun intended) my hunter. I ran an instance with him and it was an epic fail. But I’m sure that was due to me no playing him for 8+ months. He is now my banking alt (aspect of the cheetah, big bags, lots of bank slots). I haven’t even bothered to spec him since the 3.0 was released. He just runs between the bank, AH and mailbox in TB.

    Maybe some day, but I doubt it….


  20. Wait… me, sing? Baaaad idea. I have the squeaky voice of a 15-year-old tomboy. Which is basically what I am (well, plus 10 years, but meh.)

    Isisxotic – YOU CAN DO IT! I believe in you! /thumbs up

    Bear – this post makes me giggle merrily, I might have to respec my tree to bear someday in your honor. =P In all seriousness, piling the mobs on me going nuts with the Swipe IS pretty fun, I must admit. “I tanked a mob and I liked it.”


  21. Hunter’s the only other class I’ve taken to 70 so far.


    And I’ve come up with another hunter song, but I think I’ll let BRK get in on this.


  22. My first main was a hunter. He’s 70, has shinies, pvp titles, and can almost never get into groups – but it’s ok, because I’ll solo 4-5 creatures at a time without breaking a sweat. I love my hunter, I just wish more groups did!

    My feral druid tank is my “new” main – he’s up to 67 and ridiculous amounts of fun, but my gun-slinging, trap-wielding, pet-tanking, kick-ass-and-take-names dwarf hunter is a lot of fun, too!


  23. I have a 70 blood elf hunter who was my main until I discovered the joys of playing a priest. But I still love playing my hunter occasionally, and bring her out to farm ore and motes for my other toons as she’s also a 375 engineer. I’m finding that I enjoyed levelling her more than I enjoy playing her at 70 though.

    So now I’m levelling a draenei hunter on another server. Level 14 and rising! 🙂


  24. Doodle…*Hands over cookies and souls*. You made me laugh too hard for where I was. Also, you made me actually try to sing it. ❤

    And a newly 70 (as of four days) Troll Hunter, with bow in hand. 😀 I loves her, my precious.


  25. I am a hunter. Always have been, always will be. And proud. I will help any hunter with any aspect of the class if they ask for it (and sometimes even if they don’t) to abolish that awful reputation we have garnered (ask Bre… she’ll tell you. Oh, and don’t ask her to sing 🙂

    Please note the name of my wolf!

    Damn skippy, indeed!
    Best regards,


  26. I’m terribly split. I play either a Hunter or a Druid, depending on the day. I’ve tried most classes, and those two are “home” to me. It just depends on whether I want to be the bear, or the dwarf with the gun behind the bear.


  27. My main is a hunter *standproud*. I started with a Rouge, for the record, but the appeal of a pet to help me in my awful playing (ancient laptop, pen tablet as my mouse) was too great to give up. And she rocks!

    But I do play other classes. Mage at 45, restarted a Rouge on the Horse side…

    But I love my Hunter!


  28. Ooh an invitation to talk about my hunter!

    Although I have four active level seventies, I have been leveling my hunter on the side. She just dinged seventy this week and I can say with conviction that I have never enjoyed the leveling process more than I did this time around.

    I am a BM hunter and have a ghost saber who has been at my side since level twenty-one. I miss her whenever I am playing one of my other classes, and I haven’t even been able to make myself stable her long enough to try any of the new exotic pets.

    This week I took my hunter into her first heroic and her first Kara. Holy macaroni, I would never have believed the damage output this class is capable of if I hadn’t seen it for myself. 1100+ sustained dps without a single epic. I think it’s time I come out of the closet and announce my new main for Wrath!

    I love your posts about your hunter alt. Please keep them up – and thank you for giving us a chance to come out of the closet and express our hunter pride.


  29. Alright. Awesome post. Awesome song.

    My first character was a druid, which I leveled to 12. He sat at twelve for over a year as I leveled my hunter to 60 and fooled around with her. Now, heading into Wrath, my druid will become my main character. (Hey, after almost 4 years I think I’m allowed to switch. 😉 )

    But my hunter was unabashedly my main for a long time and she (and her big blue crab!) remain near and dear to me.


  30. I honestly thought that my nelf hunter would be my first 70 toon. But then I fell into the habit of levelling him only when pairing with my partner’s rogue. All well and good, but now my partner has been seduced by WAR, hasn’t even installed 3.0.2, and my hunter is waiting, languishing at 67. So my druid was my first (and so far only) 70 after all!


  31. My very first character was a hunter, but didn’t make it past 40. I eventually took a Belf hunter to 67, but it stalled out…


  32. Yep, my main’s a hunter. It’ll always be my main too. Just too much fun. I love the challenge of pet management. (Ok, not always a challenge, but sometimes it is.) I love being able to shoot away at my target with my gun (though I’m using a crossbow right now… I miss having a gun), while my pet holds aggro. I love dropping a snake trap in a chaotic PVP battle in the battlegrounds. I love having my pet always by my side, loyal and protective. I love being able to feign death to save myself a repair bill and ghost run in an emergency.

    I love playing my hunter, no matter how many people think it’s easy.


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