The Scout Report is back with a vengeance!

And the vengeance is really racking up fast.

File this under “News I meant to share, every day now, for the last week.”


Anyway, “The Scout Report“, the greatest source of entertainment since the invention of the outdoor bug zapper, is back on the air and coming fast and furious.

Perhaps, if I am fortunate, someday I will get a chance to interview the infamous Scout of Sacred Samophlange, and find out what adventures the future may have in store.

Or at least, how he’s been doing, and whether he (or she!) intends to keep the awesomeness on the air for a while.

Damn, I missed mah Scout!

In the meantime…

Rejoice, my friends, for the Scout has returned!

4 thoughts on “The Scout Report is back with a vengeance!

  1. Thank you, Bear! I’ve missed Scout’s work. I’ve always lived by Scout’s explanation of kiting: “Kiting is where a hunter takes something big and angry to someplace soft and unsuspecting.” Good times.


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