Minipet searching? WarcraftPets is the place!

Since I’ve been actively seeking Minipets, aiming to nail 50 and get my cute little Stinky Wind skunk, I’ve been planning out which pets I have, which I can easily get, and which I plan on searching for the hard way.

I’m at 45 pets right now, and I think I might be able to get there without any serious grinding.

Regardless of what I’m doing, I bet I’m nowhere near alone in this. Bellwether said she had 48 pets, so I bet she’s gotta be getting frantic for number 50.

To help all of my fellow pet seekers out, and really just to make sure everyone has a chance to see this awesome website, I just wanted to mention the best place I’ve ever seen for all things non-combat pet related.


Please, go visit Breanni’s website, and enjoy the beautiful design, the ease of finding things, teh fun writing and pet enthusiasm, and most especially, the great macros and addons for having fun with our pets, updated for the 3.0 patch!

That is all.

12 thoughts on “Minipet searching? WarcraftPets is the place!

  1. If you fish….there is a chance for a pet drop. I was fishing on an alt that only has 33 skill points. He does the Org/Storm Baby Croc quest. Can be lvl 1 to do it.
    I now have a cute baby croc pet.


  2. I’m stuck at 47 with the only ones left being low-drop-rate farming ones. Why did I never get the stupid Spirit of Competition? Or the Midsummer pets?
    But yeah… my boyfriend and I spent three days farming the crimson whelps, which we now both proudly parade around, and we got our Squashlings yesterday…. It’s just a matter of deciding where to farm…


  3. It was challenging to get 50 pets before the patch hit. And heartbreaking to lose them, thank GOD Blizz got them all back for me. I was stuck at the high 40’s for a while, getting a guildie to loan a level 1 horde alt a few coins helped. I grabbed 2 snaakes from Ogrimmar, and the red, gold, and silver dragonhawks from (forget the name of the town) the third part of the Belf zone, before ghostlands.


  4. I know this comment does not relate to the topic of this post at all, but BBB, I need your help. Azeroth needs your help. I need to enlist the help of the druids in combatting the spreading plague of undeath. You can see my pleas to the paladin community on Maintankadin and the official forums.

    As you druids revere life, this plague of undeath threatens all that you hold dear. Help me rally the troops under the Argent Dawn’s banner! Show your solidarity with those of us who represent the Silver Hand! DESTROY ALL ZOMBIES!


  5. BBB, are you reading my mind? I started the day with intent to write a blog post on Hunters and their pets, and I was trying to remember how to get to this specific site, since it’s one of the best ones I’ve seen. (Up there with Mania and Petopia.) I just couldn’t remember the name of it. Thanks for the link! Now, to compose my article at lunchtime…


  6. I spent some time working on this before the patch hit. I was able to get to 50 the first time I logged on after the patch. It was fun watching the light show. 🙂

    I was able to get just barely to 50 pets as an alliance player with the engineering profession (on a PVE server) without grinding for any of the low drop rate pets. It would have been easier if I hadn’t sold my disgusting oozeling to make bag space long ago. About the only thing that took some time was getting the horde pets. I had made a BE rogue that went around grabbing the horde only pets, then had to work with guildies to buy them off the neutral AH. I also had to get a friend to help me farm the black tabby in silverpine forest, but that wasn’t bad a drop, just too high level for me to get easily at level 18.

    That being said, I did make a lot of use of the warcraftpets site. It’s awesome.


  7. I’m at 15 out of the liek…92 petszorz…yeah, small, I know, but hey! It’ll be easy to get 50. With all those exalted factions that I’m like…friendly or honored with. And farm those whelps for days and days, only to see a guy come there for 10 minutes and yell out “AZURE WHELP! WEWT TIEM 2 SELL EET!” Q_Q



  8. I got my 50 last night. It is so cool because once you hit 50 it is Breanni who sends you Stinker. My friend got it a few days ago and he sent me a copy of the letter and I was yellin on Vent, OMG its warcraftpets Bre!!!!


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