“I played a Hunter” by Frances!

Breana‘s cousin is simply flat out amazing!

Frances is apparently getting married in a few weeks, and understandably she is under quite a bit of stress.

But she was still willing to find the time to sing this, and Breana sent it to me to share.

I understand that Chocolate Mousse may have had some influence on this happening.

Hey, who can hold someone to blame for anything they do while under the influence of chocolate?

Now, this is awesome. Incredibly awesome. What a beautiful singing voice.

However, understand that this is acapella. There ain’t no background music. So no crankiness! Just listen to that incredibly lovely voice!

We do have background music, but they didn’t have it available when she recorded this. Breana will ask her if she’ll do it again… which would kind of make this the unplugged version. 🙂

Anyway, you can download the song itself, this version, from FileFront from this link.

I Play A Hunter by Francis.mp3

And below is the player so you can hear it streaming right now!

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23 thoughts on ““I played a Hunter” by Frances!

  1. Well, the thing about this particular track is that it’s an independently published song (made popular by youtube), so it’s very difficult to find instrumentals that aren’t remixes of the song…



  2. Can’t help it. Chocolate is almost a cure all for me. I want to hear feralicious and for a chocolate with chocolate covered straweberries you got yourself a designated wow singer



  3. Frances and Bre, when I’ve recorded in the past using a background track, I’ve used Audacity as well. I’ve opened up the background track, and hit record, and listened in the headphones and sung along with the music. It added a second track, rather than overwriting the first.

    And when I messed up, I simply stopped the recording, deleted my audio track without touching the background track, and tried again.

    Considering how incredible Frances did without music to keep the beat to, I’d think it would be a snap.

    And she might want to consider charging for her services in singing the wacky songs we bloggers come up with. I still want a sung version of “Feralicious”. 🙂

    Of course, I can think of worse things than the motto “Will sing for chocolate.”

    Oh, and Krizzlybear, there are lots of places that sell mp3s of background tracks. the place I happened to find and buy this one to send to Brea was http://www.karaoke-version.com/


  4. Wavemancali, there’s a new song with the same title by Katy Perry which is what this version is based off. I have to say that it was awesome (lyrics and voice), actually for some reason made me think of christmas songs. Great job!


  5. Not the tune I was expecting to hear, for some reason I was expecting the Jill Solbule “I Kissed a Girl” sort of music and beat. That said though incredible applause and gushing praise for the singer. A Capella is so difficult and this is very well done.


  6. Woot! I am glad you like it! She really does have the most amazing voice and it even more impressive when you hear it live.

    We talked and she is willing to record with the music. Might need you help with that Bear. Used audacity for the first audio. Would I be able to use it for the background track and her at the same time…can you tell I am not the one who does the mixing for the podcast 😛


  7. While we’re in the topic of WoW-themed song parodies, I already have some lyrics set aside for Chocolate Rain. If anybody can find the instrumental background version, PLEASE let me know! Thanks!

    Oh, and just to prove that I’m not lying, here’s a few lines:

    Icy Veins
    My DPS is just so damn insane
    Icy Veins
    I OOM too much because I spec arcane

    Icy Veins
    Living bomb will blast you into space
    Icy Veins
    I P.O.M’ed a Pyro to your face

    etc. etc. So yeah, please let me know if you find one!


  8. She’s got a bluesy thing going that just reeks of coolness! I liked i-it. My first toon was a hunter (still hovering mid 20s, just not getting the hang of traps). I found that I would rather play the tamed animal than the hunter himself, and once I met a druid with all sorts of forms, I just had to go get me one, so I went feral druid(currently 68, 70 in a few more days, even “slow flight form” is awesome). I still find myself going back to the hunter now and then though, cuz I liked i-it. There’s just something about shooting things as they run toward you that gives me an adrenaline rush. Yes, I’m a bad hunter, they’re not supposed to be running toward me, I know.


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