How about these Zombies, huh?

Let’s state the bloody obvious for a moment, shall we?

The Zombie event was a good idea. An exciting, neat, fun concept.

The key word in that sentence there is concept.

It is in the execution of that concept that it became a pain in the ass, rather than exciting entertainment.

I can see the thought behind the idea. “Hey, the Lich King is coming fast, Halloween is right around the corner, we have this big undead thing going on and everyone loves Zombies. Let’s have ourselves some awesome fun by letting the players turn into Zombies with special abilities and tear around Azeroth for a while!”

“And to make things even better, we’re going to ratchet up the tension to the breaking point! At the beginning, it’ll be isolated incidents, easily fought. No fear, just a little idle worry. But as time goes on, we’ll crank up the tension and fear by shortening the time from Infection to Zombie, and remove the Argent Healers! The plague will sweep Azeroth, and the players will fear it and feel that ramping terror, until we give them a plot chain to pursue, seeking a cure. It’ll be awesome! They’ll have to work together to save Azeroth!”

At the same time, of course, we have just one or two other things that might be going on to occupy our attention.

Like, oh… the invasions of World Zones, hunting down and fighting the Lich King’s forces in remote areas of Azeroth. If you haven’t taken part yet, it’s a ton of fun, and you can get some great Undead Slayer epics and neat items and Argent Dawn reputation. If you equip your Argent Dawn Commission trinket, you can even loot Invader Scourgestones for more Argent Dawn rep.

Or wait, what about the new boss, Prince Mirkblood in Karazhan? He’s up in there to fight, and a blue post says he is only there for a limited time, less than 10 days until he disappears again forever.

Or wait, how about… the whole Trick or Treat stuff? Or the Headless Horseman? Or leveling your alts and having fun playing the game?

Oh heck, do people still do that?

I mean, surely no one could possibly be trying to level to 70 prior to Lich King at this point, right?

No, no, let’s just unleash the Zombie hordes.

It was a great idea, and I love having so much to do. I think having all this to choose from is pretty kick ass, so long as you’re not faantically trying to do everything. If you just want to have a taste of different fun things here or there, then it’s pretty cool.

If you tried to do EVERYTHING, you’d be playing all the hours of the day, every day, all weekend.

Some of us are allowed to have fun, and still have a life, right? Just checking.

We had a week to play with specs, beat up the Headless Horseman, do a few raids, and explore Azeroth and Trick or Treat. Then, Zombie Attack!

I really only have one problem with the entire thing.

Blizzard, you gave the power to inititiate PvP and kill players and camp them, to the asshats. The Asshats! That is epic fail on your part.

I do not play on a PvP server. That is a conscious choice I made, because I have no tolerance for asshats. When I am playing the game, I have zero, I say again my last, ZERO interest in being a walking target for any room temperature IQ that gets off on ruining the fun of others.

As soon as I saw Phase two start, and saw that they were dropping the incubation period of the infection, I saw it coming.

And Blizzard should have seen it too. You DO read your own forums right?

Oh boy, do you mean to tell me that players will have the power to become a Zombie, infect an area with a cloud of gas, and anyone touching it or getting hit will become a Zombie, and then die?

Oh boy! Sign me up for victimhood!

And even better, they will get flagged PvP, and stay flagged even when they rez as a normal non-Zombie again?

YAHOO!!! Asshat paradise!

Geez, let’s see, where do YOU think the asshats were going to go to try their best to ruin the fun of others against their will on PvE servers?

How about, oh I dunno… every Flight Master, every chamber that people Teleport to, every Inn where people Hearth to, the Auction House, and the Bank.

You think?


Two things, just two things would have made this whole thing a non-issue, and left it as a totally fun, awesome event…

  • When you die from being a Zombie, you SHOULD NOT resurrect still flagged….
  • There should have been swarms of Guards and Argent Healers at those few key points I mentioned above, so you don’t log in blind or land, already infected by asshats, and if they do get you, you can choose to clear the infection fast.

Just from a Lore point of view, are you seriously telling me the plague and Zombie invasion is that hardcore that the cities aer overrun, and none of these guards will have their posts changed to protect the vital areas? Or maybe have reinforcements?

Seriously. I am all for the event. I think becoming a Zombie and chasing folks is a neat idea… so long as it is PARTICIPATORY.

You give the power of control to asshats, and the first thing they DO is go looking to see how many people they can hurt, you morons! That’s what they do! It’s all they know how to do!

Our Trade channel was quiet this weekend, except for people upset at getting ganked every time they set foot in those places listed above. Or Shattrath.

Why was it so quiet?

Because every time I entered one of those key areas, there were Zombies attacking them, Zombies with names made famous as being lame little hateful asshats in Trade, each of them frantically busy trying to hurt people. Finally, they had the kind of game they wanted. They no longer had to resort to using their limited, four-letter-word vocabularies to try and inflict pain, and could now just go after the players directly. Innocent victims that couldn’t fight back in any meaningful way to hurt them in return. Joy!

Yeah, as a problem, it ain’t that big a deal. But the idea is for people to have FUN. That is why we play the game. So when an event like this ruins the fun for a lot of people, because of a few small oversights, over an entire weekend, it’s worth talking about.

It’s fair to say I’m personally enjoying the game. There is a lot to do, and I’m having a lot of fun getting in there and killing the Scourge.

We went into Karazhan and beat up Prince Mirkblood, and that was neat to figure out on the fly, and of course nobody new what he’d drop at the time, so everyone getting to loot their very own Vampiric Batling was awesome!

But the fun I had was in spite of the Zombie invasion and the asshats, not because of it. And that makes me kind of sad.  

It was a great idea, but any time you give the power to asshats, they will abuse it.

C’mon Blizz, you KNOW that was poorly imlpemented.

Fortunately, I’m sure that it will all be over soon.

After all, I bet the complaining about being killed by asshats against your will on PvE servers has to have reached a fever pitch as this progressed, and somehow I don’t think Blizzard is laughing and rejoicing at the knowledge that they have actively pissed off their player base just to please a handful of ganking trolls.

Oh hey… on the plus side, my cat has spontaneously learned how not to Prowl! Just magically stopped auto-Prowling. Go figure.

59 thoughts on “How about these Zombies, huh?

  1. I hated this event. I did participate; I have a 70 druid, a 62 shaman, both Alliance. My druid was used to clear the Northshire Abbey of the lvl 45+ players that felt it was “fun” to infect all the NPCs there, making it impossible for new human toons to do a thing. My shaman performed several clearings of Auberdine… on 3 occasions, single-handedly… to give the lvl 11-15 NE toons a chance to do some quests. Both toons also saw action in the defense of Darnassus and Stormwind. I got zombified and killed several times (I lost count), and incurred well over 100G in equipment repairs. On day 5, I pulled both toons back to remote outposts, and parked them. I was not happy about all this, and I am angry that I was forced to pvp against my will. And this after I spent $100 to move 4 toons from Aegwynn (PVP) to Azuremyst (PVE) earlier this year.

    BBB, I agree with you that the concept was excellent. Brilliant even. But the utter stupidity of permitting players to control zombies and “raise armies” with which to terrorize members of their own faction is almost too incredible for words. My deepest contempt is for the players I was forced to fight against who not only feel that this was all “fun”, but attack me for my not loving the event. The most ludicrous argument offered by the more rational of them is that this “inconvenience” was a good thing, as it brought a jolt of real tension to the game… a game they are apparently bored with, so I’m at a loss as to why *they* stay. The argument is flawed, however, because their actions make no sense in the context of the event they love so much.

    Consider: why would a healthy and able-bodied individual actively seek to become infected with a disease that will turn them into a zombie? He wouldn’t, unless he knew there was a benefit to him. That benefit… the *only* benefit… that these players were seeking was the ability to grief other players in the game, those belonging to a faction that would be otherwise off-limits: their own.

    No, Blizzard should have implemented this idea exactly as they did, with one exception: no player-controlled zombies. If you get infected, and die, a mob is spawned that is the same level as the area’s guards. The player would be then forced to run back to his body to rez. That would remove the incentive to seek to become Scourge, and would encourage fighting against them instead.


  2. I’ve got to be honest, once this thing started getting out of hand and the trolls started laying waste to the cities, myself and a very dedicated team of hunters started patrolling IF.

    People coming in the front gate, portal room, and FP were greeted by 5-man groups of hunters with the following statement:

    “WARNING: Ironforge is a CLEAN ZONE. Teams of Hunters are using Track Undead & are treating all zombies & infected as KOS. If you are infected, get to the Argent Healer in the Throne Room or by the Flight Master, or YOU WILL BE KILLED WITHOUT MERCY.”

    Infected incoming were escorted, or terminated immediately on turning. The front gate was bum rushed several times, but there’s only so much that a group of zombies can do once a chain of frost traps go off and keep them crawling for 200yds. When 5 hunters and thier pets choose to lay into you from that distance, zombie or not, you’re going to die.

    We caught a lot of howling from the griefers, but for just a little while, maybe 6 hours or so, Ironforge on Bladefist (US) was a class A clean zone.

    Like B^3, I like, and would have enjoyed, the concept of the scourge invasion, had Blizz not done the equivalent of handing the car keys to the belligerent drunk with an inferiority complex.


  3. PvP is for players whose preferred form of enjoyment comes at the expense of other players. WoW is for them a zero-sum game. I do not degrade other players enjoyment of the game. I don’t PvP. I have no desire to be either victor or victim. I don’t like being forced to play those roles. While I suffered relatively little inconvenience during the zombie plague, I have great sympathy for those who were mercilessly harassed by asshats motivated by malice or boredom. Most were utterly defenseless.


  4. I honestly can’t decide which is scarier, that Blizz knows that somewhere around one third (to be kind) of their playerbase are asshats whose first impulse is always to try and find some way to make other people’s lives as miserable as they can manage so Blizz gave them the power to just for kicks, or that Blizz is completely ignorant of that fact and had no clue they were creating a griefer’s paradise.

    I have to believe it’s the former, but either way it seems clear (forced PvP zones on PvE servers, anyone?) that this is rapidly becoming a Griefer… er… PvP game.


  5. I’m sorry that some people did not have fun with this event. Personally, I had a blast, even though I couldn’t do “constructive” things during the Plague.

    But I remember the first “Invasion”. The undead hordes basically had a picnic outside the main cities and did nothing at all to affect the world. The build up and payoff for this very, very brief event was fantastic. I remember logging on the first day and seeing these healers in the main cities speaking cryptically about the Lich King. Then a few zombies appeared and the citadels were sited outside the gates. Mysterious boxes appeared at BB and diseased rats and roaches started streaming into the capitals. Then it got worse…

    It was an epic event that allowed the players to ‘play’ along. You could raise up your army of very slowly walking minions (with a new skill set) or you could play Bruce Campbell and cut down the hordes of walking dead. It made the game feel alive, at least for a few days. I don’t even role play or do much PvP, but when I was a shambling zombie, I played the part. When I was defending lowbies from other revenants, I felt like I was doing something special. We had groups stationed at Xroads and TM among other places defending against the Scourge. And when we got infected and zombiefied, we turned against our teammates…because that’s what mindless zombies do.

    There was no way to make this event memorable and worthwhile without inconveniencing some players. I feel bad that everyone wasn’t able to get into the spirit of this one time event for a few days. I hope the next phase is even better. Think about the storyline and the lore for once instead of your dailies and the AH. You’ll have the grind, the instances and the Achievements to do for the next 2 years until the next expansion.


  6. I recently started WoW.

    Suffice it to say, no only is it annoying to be unable to participate in this fully, but I’m level 46. I’m trying to get higher level, but every town I go to, someone thought it would be a good place to plague. I know that RP-wise I should fight the plague, but being only 46, I can’t even get the QUESTS.

    I won’t complain; The 70s played for longer, and I’ve mostly gotten over the fact that I’ve missed the chance for a lot of things (Spirit of Competition achievement? In my dreams), and the fact that the Hallow’s End event might be different this year, so I might not get the chance to fight the Headless Horseman.

    If people are having fun, great. I’ll try and let them. But GOD STRIKE ME DOWN if it doesn’t annoy the hell out of me.


  7. I find killing zombies to be quite challenging and tends to be fun… espcally when it’s my level 70 shaman, a level 70 warrior, and 60 warlock trying to litterally survive an invasion on southshore. The intensity was quite real, and while it was frustrating to get killed many times in a row, when we survived the onslaught and cleansed the town it did have a real survival horror feeling.

    Now my biggest complaint about this event is the timing. Yes Hallow’s End is a celebration spurned by the forsaken’s break from the lich king… and what better time then now to spurn an attack. However to overlap the two was just a massive overload. They could have launched the attack at then end of this week at the height of the festival after had our chance to beat up the horseman, and get all the achivements and so forth… the slap us with feelings of dread and doom.


  8. Well at first BBB I was upset at your view point of the zombie invasion so much so that I couldn’t read the whole post without getting upset and closing the page. I finally was able to get trough it and in the end we’ll just have to agree to disagree. In the end I have to respect your view point as your opinion and I have no right to expect you to always see things my way.

    I found this whole event to be great fun, I found I was excited with the game again. I hope blizzard plans more events like this in the future because these unexpected events are what really make this game a RPG to me. Lets just hope next time Blizzard takes the time to pick up it’s Nerf bat and start swinging it hard for the PvE folks out there. After all it would be a shame for you all to have to go get new keyboards cause the old ones are friend from all the QQ tears as your blog about the injustice of forced PvP. ;-D


  9. I too was leveling an alt, and happened to be stationed in BB, which was total Chaos. Logged in, zombied, guards killed me immediately. Rinse and repeat and repeat. Finally got out by jumping into the ocean.

    Southshore, if anything, was in worse shape. And, naturally, a hordy ?? was waiting to gank you as you got zombied.

    Luckily, Most of my play time was “off tour”, so less ganking than it could have been. Unluckily, most of my guildies weren’t online. 😦

    Basically put big brakes on my leveling/questing when I had limited time to play as it was. As a result, it was not an experience I’ll remember fondly. But I’m cool with people who enjoyed being zombied, I just didn’t have that same fun as perhaps I could have if not strapped for time.

    As in the multitude of options to play, i don’t like PVP, but great for those that get big kicks out of it. Different strokes, different folks.


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