Communications breakdown!

As I pine for the absence of Dammy and Wulfa and the Orclette, who are journeying cross country to their new home, I sat myself down with many, many plans for blogging.

Yes, sad to say that I never find myself at a loss for things to write about. No, I find myself at a loss for TIME!

Time, time… ask me for anything but time!

Anyway, today I had a simple plan.

I’d throw up an early morning post shining the spotlight on some really neat pictures a few readers sent me of their fun and happiness at Blizzcon. I meant to do it when I got them, and then, things kept getting posted. So today, I’d do it!

And then, once the fires of postage were satisfied, I could spend some leisure time writing the next PBeM post to put up today, kind of a late ‘last week’ thing, and get a start on this Friday.

So I went to my email, to go get those photos…

Did you know I get over a hundred emails a day?

And that I read every single one, delete the ones that are spam (which are damn few), and then, inevitably, say to myself, “I am short on time right now, but just as soon as I get some free time, I am totally going to answer those.”

Well, I realized that I had not actually replied to some of my emails. So I decided to go to the beginning of the emails in my Inbox, and start deleting anything that was obviously junk, leaving only serious stuff for my keepfile (like Photobucket registration confirmations and other stuff), and reader mail. Then I could go through it all and get caught up!

How long could it possibly take?


For those of you that were nice enough to email me, beginning last December, who never heard a reply, all the way through to now, I offer my most sincere apologies.

I have spent over an hour clearing email now… not reading it yet, just clearing away the weeds.

And it has become obvious to me that for the most part that I have not answered the majority of reader mail I have gotten since December.

I still have it all, it just got… pushed back. By the next days’ deluge.

A hundred a day. With spikes on WoW Insider days.

I have spent an hour… and I have several thousand more to clear, before I can even start reading them.


Just unbelieveable. I knew I was horrible, but that’s just stupid. How the hell can someone not answer email like that?

But you all have such great comments and questions, that I just never felt right about sending a stupid form “thanks for writing!” reply, I meant to sit down and answer each and every one of you in depth.

Ah, well.

Let the record show that my client, the Big Bear Butt, sucks, your honor. Fo’Shizzle!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to get to the photos from Blizzcon.

HEY! I know!

While I’m dealing with this, here is a reader challenge!

A two parter!

Blizzcon Photo request!

If you went to Blizzcon and took pics, send ’em to me (or a link to them in photobucket or wherever you stored them), and an accompanying story, and I’ll try to include them all tomorrow!

So the deadline on sending me pics for a Blizzcon reader roundup is 5 AM Central Time tomorrow.

Halloween Costume photo request!

With Friday being Halloween, if any of you are dressing up as a WoW-related character (or dare I say wish it, in Tree form or Cat form or Bear form), then take some pics and send those to me afterwards, and I’ll do a reader costume contest with Poll!

Deadline on that would be next Monday morning by 5 AM Central.

I can’t promise there will be prizes for the best costume per reader poll, but I think I should be able to swing a shirt for the winner.

Yeah, yeah, I know. “Dude, where’s my car?” Sorry, shirts are the best I can do.

Yeah, this is totally not my way of casting /Distracting Shot at all of you whose emails I blew off. Not at all.

So send those photos in from Blizzcon with a writeup, and also think about whether you want to send me pics of your Halloween costume.

And if you made a gaming-related or fantasy/sci-fi costume you think is uber neat that you’re going to wear, but it ain’t WoW related, send that in too. I’d prefer to do a post admiring your WoW awesomeness, but I love neat costumes, so don’t be shy. I figure WoW costumes should be the ones competing for the prize, though.

And now, to see if anybody actually sends me any pics at all, and to get back at that email.

Somebody hand me a machete, I gots some hacking to do!

8 thoughts on “Communications breakdown!

  1. Shamans have this useful spell called Purge, in Wrath it will read “removes 2 beneficial buffs, or deletes 2 spam emails”. You’re alliance so you’ll need to find one of those blue plasticine goats to do it for you.

    And I fully agree with what Barrhona says. Still, as long as you can read emails faster than you get them, you’ll eventually clear your Inbox. Eventually.

    Best of luck ^_^


  2. Jay?

    Wow, where you been?

    You deleted your blog, quit the guild, vanished from the forums, and no, you never sent me an email. We wondered what the heck happened to you.


  3. “I am deluged by thousands of emails, so I am going to distract everyone by…

    … asking everyone to send me MORE emails that I have to get through!”

    Um, B3… we need to talk! 🙂

    Or better yet… Cassie needs to /cast sap [Target = B3]


  4. Perhaps this is why you never got back to me and Dax quite a ways back? 🙂 It’s cool though. Glad things are still going well over there. Laters B!


  5. You know what id do?
    Apologise and say sorry i haven’t replied to your emails and ive got far too many to answer them all but i will try in the future. Then id delete em and start afresh!

    We all kno u care bbb but sometimes there just aren’t enough hrs in the day!


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