Are they smoking crack over there?

Okay, I’m gonna make this short. It doesn’t deserve more.

This just in, true believers….

Nethaera posted a thread called “Class Forum Change” in which it is revealed that the existing class forums at the official WoW Forums are going to be deleted….

                                      … and replaced with just three forums.

That’s right. And they’re already up and being posted in.

(Don’t panic, the old class forums are still available, at the time of this posting).

I’ll give you a second or two to mull that one over.

The listed reasons, which you can see in far more detail in Nethaeras’ post, are to establish a common ground for those who play common roles, celebrate diversity, and help the developers and communication managers see and respond to concerns.


You got that? Had a chance to think that one over?

I’m not even going to waste much of my time on this one.

This is such an incredibly stupid idea.

I’m not talking about the act of adding Tanking, Damage Dealing or Healing forums. No, I’m fine with that. I LIKE that idea.

No, I’m talking about the idea that you can delete the existing class forums entirely and replace them with this crap, and bingo! All requirements met!

Yeah, because when I’m looking to discuss some fun shapeshifting macros for my HYBRID CLASS that has shared mechanics across three specs, the place I’m going to discuss them is…. wait! Is it Tanking? Damage Dealing? Healing? Or maybe, all bloody three?!? Where do I put my post so my fellow members of the Druid community know where to find it? Do I cross post in all three now? If I do, how do I track all the different threads of conversation on my one topic?

Where do we go to talk about the Swift Flight Form quest chain, or the appearance of our forms, or neat links to class info and resources, or discussion about neat Druid events…

Wait, did I say Druid Community? Well, I guess maybe we aren’t supposed to be so narrow minded.

Or maybe we’re not supposed to care about the mechanics or specific fun of a class.

Maybe the only thing that matters is PvE progression and how to perform in our one chosen role in a raid, or maybe PvP. So give us forums for just those four topics to cover class discussion. Then we’re good. Yeah!

After all, I’ve only been talking about Druids for over a year now, and God knows I’ve never had a Druid topic stray from the three main categories of Tanking, Damage Dealing, or Healing.


Add the three new forums, sure. 

I would truly welcome a place to talk exclusively about tanking across class lines. I really would.

It’s an idea whose time has come… so long as we can somehow avoid the lessons of Fora past, where we learned that people love QQing in a forum about how overpowered or unfair someone else’s class is. Or how much they love gloating over another classes’ nerf.

Because that certainly wouldn’t happen MORE with shared class forums and a more limited venue for class discussion. Nahhhh.

But fine. Add them. By all means.

But you don’t get rid of a place to talk with other people who play your same class, you stupid $#!+s! That’s what helps foster a community! The whole point of the class forums was to share our discussion about our shared experiences with our shared class in the game we are all playing!

29 thoughts on “Are they smoking crack over there?

  1. From what I’ve read the official word is that they’re keeping the class forums but aside from moderating (locking/deleting threads and posts when necessary and moving threads to more appropriate forums) there will be no interaction from the CMs.

    However, the developer types will be regularly reading the role forums and occasionally adding their input, so any threads about class balance in PVP or PVE, and specific abilities and talents that seem to be under/overpowered or not working as they should will need to be discussed in the role forums where people of other classes will certainly chime in. Ghostcrawler apparently believes that having dozens of rogues whining about how cat druids can heal and battle rez is both useful and necessary in a thread about feral DPS.


  2. I never talk on the druid forums anyway. too much spam and other classes trolling. Set up a druid forum here and we can come along and hang out.


  3. It may reduce the number of forums, but not the number of posts. I’ve been a mod before, and it can get rough, but 99% of the time you just let things roll until someone reports a post/thread. I can’t even begin to imagine trying to find useful information amongst all of the trolls. It gets difficult in the class forum as it is.


  4. Wait wait wait…

    The official reason for only three forums was to reduce the number of forums to babysit.

    So they decide to keep up all of the forums including the three new ones?


  5. >> Now if you’ll excuse me, my perpetually angry butt will return to
    >> reading new graphic card documentation while petting the cat that is sitting on my desk.

    Dr. BigBearButt Blofield?

    “Do you expect me to FEINT?” “No, Mister Rogue, I expect you to DIE!”


  6. Somewhere at Blizzard there is a Vice President in charge of nothing important that decided he had a GREAT idea, and ordered it done.


    Talk about being out of touch with your clients. Nice to see they actually took the wake-up call on this, and are leaving the class forums.


  7. “Easier to monitor 3 forums instead fo 10…” Wow, I didn’t know it was SO difficult to assign X number of Blizz employees per forum. I guess that’s asking too much… But I digress.

    This is a monumentally stupid idea. I loved reading what my fellow hunters had to say and if this goes through, I guess I’ll have to dig past all the rogues, mages, warlocks, fury warriors, arms warriors, balance boomkins, feral non-tanking druids, ret paladins, dps deathknights, elemental shaman, enhancement shaman, and discipline/shadow priests in the damage dealing forum… Sweet…looking forward to it… 😦


  8. I think it would be neat if there was a WoW blog out there, and all the blog did was vent rage and anger at pretty much everything.

    The blogger would never reveal what class s/he played. What their interest was, or anything.

    Every month/week, s/he’d put up a poll with six randomly selected topics. The winner would receive a week’s worth of hatred.

    Well, I think it would be awesome.

    As to the forum thing, it’s a fantastic idea… at least, it would be if hybrid classes didn’t exist.

    Sadly, six of the ten classes are, technically, “hybrids”, so the idea itself is incredibly… I dunno, short sighted, I guess.

    It would be a lot easier for the developers to stay on top of issues facing certain aspects of the game, like tanking and healing, but it would lose all cohesion of class issues. What if, say, DK’s turned out to be awful tanks, but the tank forums were filled with warriors, paladins, and druids ranting about how awesome they are?

    I can see how they would want to centralize parts of the forum, but all this would really accomplish is swamping actual issues and good threads in waves of crap.


  9. There’s a certain amount of mr left-hand meet mr right-hand going on here — the EU forums announcement said “adding” rather than “replacing” (but was posted by Wryxian, although I can’t find it now to link it!), and GC has always been clear that what he wanted to see was new forums, not replacing the old ones.


  10. I am glad they reconsidered this after a few hours of folks making their feelings known about this proposal, both via the forums and the blogosphere. However, this about face, and what many have surmised, despite posts to the contrary, is their shortening of the zombie plague in the face of significant player discontent and play stoppage, is starting to make many folks wonder — don’t they do user groups on this stuff? Surely they must have a top secret NDA-bound user experience group to toss ideas at?


  11. Zombiee, I totally agree.

    I often go off on a rant when something tweaks my sense of the ludicrous or stupid or just plain “What the heck…”

    But that don’t mean I walk around all the time with fumes coming out of my ears.

    I mean, shoot, I started the blog, the very first post ever, with a rant. About Hunters, I think. I can’t remember.

    Lol, I love the cyclical nature of these things. It’s like talking to Cassie.

    Cassie: “Why are you so cranky/”

    BBB: “What? I’m not cranky, I just walked in the door.”

    Cassie: “Yes youa re, you’re cranky.”

    BBB: “I am NOT cranky.”

    Cassie: “Yes you are, you’re cranky all the time, why are you so cranky?”

    BBB: “No, seriously I’m not cranky, I’m just thinking.”

    Cassie: “You’re cranky.”

    BBB:…. “Good lord, are you trying to make me cranky by insisting I’m cranky? Or are you a member of the Illuminati and this is all just a cunning ruse?”

    Cassie: “Just stop being so cranky.”

    BBB: “ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!”


  12. This change of theirs is just weird.
    It could work out but since this game is hardly only for mature and grown up people, it’s just gonna be a flamefest.
    Good luck trying to voice any opinion without people missfiring their malcontent on you.

    Anyway, if this goes off Phael offers to make something out of it and I’m gonna help out a bit on making the design, but I sincerely hope this little experiment of theirs is gonna show its true colours and be cancelled.
    Honestly, there’s Elitist Jerks for that aspect of forums where people can actually be mature and discuss number crunching, the official forums are meant to be a big pile of people posting whatever they feel like about their class.
    I could live with the DPS, Healing and Tanking forums to come around but not at the cost of the class forums.


  13. Agreed, killing the old forums is a horrible idea and a step in the wrong direction. Not that the vast majority of what you find there now is particularly useful … but there is some.

    On a semi-related not, don’t you find that a good rant now and then about something .. anything .. is invigorating? I certainly enjoy them myself and reading a coherent, funny rant by someone literate is even better.


  14. Seems to me that classes will be too busy having flame / troll wars over whos OP / UP and be too busy to talk about their class! I totally agree with ur post tho BBB, where do the multi-talented classes post??


  15. It makes me wonder why even have classes, then. WoW seems pretty much designed around its classes, so lumping them into blobs seems… ill-advised even from a game design standpoint, much less a sociology standpoint.


  16. As Nas said, they’re backpedaling. Hopefully, it’ll all just move along, with three new forums.

    Make sure you follow Nasirah’s link to make your voice heard… whether or not you are in favor of keeping the class forums. If you want them gone, go tell them that too. Just take this opportunity to tell them how you feel.

    Oh, and if things do disappear, there might be plans going forward to save things… and who else would be leading that but Phaelia at Resto4Life??

    Hopefully, you’ll never need to know her plans to save you… and you’ll go pester her to tell you. 🙂


  17. Doesn’t look like there’s putting this in on the european forums at the moment. Though given the number of cross class flames and trolls that happen (I’m looking at you clothies in the rogue forum) putting this all in the one place means it will be even harder to find the decent information as you described.

    Hopefully the experiment will show what works and what doesn’t, but it will give everyone else the chance to spot where the @sshats really are. However a general tanking forum would be nice as given a lot of the tanking styles are shared across all the classes and what works for a warrior on one fight may well work (with a few adjustments for abilities) for a druid, paladin or DK.

    I guess the same would be true for healing, but it’s the dps one where the analogy falls down as I don’t believe there’s as much general overlap between the classes. What works for a rogue isn’t going to be a huge amount of use to a mage, though I could be wrong.

    Ideally we’d want everything, but with extra forums to maintain, it’s going to make the role of the CMs that little bit harder due to idiots being idiots wherever they post.


  18. I am so incredibly, galactically tired of hearing how angry I am, all of a sudden.

    I’m not angry.

    It’s called writing in a tone of voice.

    From the comments I see, you’d think people actually believed that the tone I write a single post in, that lasts 15 minutes of writing time, somehow represents my mood at all times of the day and night for 6 months.

    But clearly, all the fun and whacky stuff I post and the fun that I have, that stuff doesn’t exist. Nope. No songs, no “hey look at this neat thing!”, nope, none of that.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, my perpetually angry butt will return to reading new graphic card documentation while petting the cat that is sitting on my desk.


  19. I agree that this is stupid…..but……that’s what Wowhead class forums are for! While no Blues are there, at least the trolls are dealt with in a proper manner and you can always get help instead of flamed.


  20. Agree completely, BBB.

    *Adding* new forums based on role — tank, healer, dps — is ok (though I predict they’ll be QQ cesspools).

    *Removing” the old class forums is a terrible idea, *especially* for hybrid classes that don’t naturally fit into one role pigeonhole.

    Is this really what they need to be doing to prepare for WOTLK?


  21. Forum Update:

    “We definitely are not adverse to keeping the current class forums, and a major reason for the 1 week period is to allow for feedback and to have a buffer in case we decide to change plans.”

    Here’s hoping they come to their senses.


  22. GC mentioned something about it being easier to monitor 3 forums instead of 10. He also mentioned that they enjoy that the classes are facing each other instead of firing ICBM’s from their respective forums. Sounds good in concept. It is already falling apart in practice. The trolls are even worse.


  23. I’ve never been brave (or stupid??) enough into venture into the WoW forums more than once (that’s all it really takes), but I have to agree this is a really, really, bad idea.

    I wonder if this change is more a “job assignment” change for WoW support/dev staff? Maybe they just divided their teams into these three groups for “better synergy” and thought it would make sense to do the same publicly. If so, they were wrong.


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