Where YOU are the star!

Well, I’m a Bear of my word.

I said that I’d showcase the photos of your BlizzCon adventures and Halloween costumes if you sent them in, and by gosh here we go!

I also said that I would try and give a prize to the best Halloween costume I got.

There could have been a reader poll for costumes, but as I had only one Halloween costume entry, I think picking a winner ain’t gonna be that hard.

That being said, I have a few reader pictures to share with you from BlizzCon first, and then a Halloween photo full of win!

First, let’s have a few really neat photos from BlizzCon.

Our first photos come to us from Ted Kniazewycz, who says that he went to BlizzCon, and took part in the Costume Contest as a Feral Druid in Bear form… I’m assuming as Alliance, since there is a conspicuous lack of horns. Ted, you just don’t look very horny in these photos, dude.

He says that not only did he go as a Bear, but he even did the Bear dance on stage… and Mike Morhaim took his picture for his personal album… okay, that last bit kind of scares me.

You’re a very brave Bear, Ted!


ted3dance.jpg ted5.jpg


Everyone, give Ted a big round of applause!

Next, we have a wonderful round of photos from Phaedra and her husband (who apparently shall remain nameless, and whose role in these photos was designated camera holder. Poor guy.) 

Phaedra says that she leveled Druid with a bizarro spec, and raided as a healer, but after switching to Feral, she has developed a love for tanking with her face. Ah, words I love to hear.

The two of them obviously had a great deal of fun at BlizzCon, and that Murloc was a constant friend and buddy, that went everywhere they did. Ah, the stories that little guy could tell!

Well, he could if we could understand Murloc, anyway. Perhaps we need a few of the more famous Murlocs to be Ambassadors for the cause, help us develop a Murloc to English dictionary. I nominate Phaedra as the human representative.

No, Phaedra is not in costume… but she does wear an “I tank with my face” shirt, and she tanks her Murloc with her face, so it’s all good.

phaedra1.jpg phaedra5.jpg


I have to say, it gives me goosebumps to think that someone was proudly representing the Feral Druid Facetanks at BlizzCon! Way to go Phaedra!

And finally, our one and only Halloween Costume entry…

From Joe, aka Lazaros of Llana, we have this!

Heya, Bear! I saw your Halloween picture call and I’d like to at least toss one your way. It’s not a druid form, but it should be semi-familiar to the Hordies out there.

May I present, my daughter, Nicole, the Barrens Giraffe!


Congratulations, Joe, that’s adorable!

As the winning Halloween Costume entry, Nicole wins a t-shirt of her choice! Just go to the store and make your pick, and email me the link (and your address, of course!).

Very fun, everyone. And thank you all very much for sending in your pictures, I really enjoyed seeing them!


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  1. I’d have gone as my feral bear self, but that’d require me taking off my shirt. That, and I’m more “ewok” than bear.


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