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Ah, yes.

Having grown up in Miami myself, I laughed loud and long at this one.

Indeed, just remembering the serpentarium brought back fond memories.

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9 thoughts on “From the blog of John Ringo..

  1. That is freakin hilarious.
    I (as BBB knows) am also from Miami. I used to love going to the Serpentarium as a kid. You know Bill Haast is still kicking at 97 years old! Who knew being bitten almost 200 hundred times by rattlesnakes, cobras, krates and other various poisonous reptiles could help you live that long. I always found it amazing that his blood is actually used as an anti-venom.


  2. ROFLMAO!!! Now I can understand being startled by a 4 ft Iguana, but come on…not getting near it because it’s wagging it’s tail? /sigh

    On a side note, I’ll have to make sure to visit a Serpentarium the next time I’m near one. Snakes are fascinating Closest thing I have here in Illinois is the reptile house at the zoo.


  3. I knew you’d appreciate that one Manny… I was thinking of you as I read it.

    And of the unique joys of camping in Florida…

    Hmm… that reminds me of a Storytime….


  4. Hey, a four-foot iguana can do a lot of damage with it’s tail. Although not nearly as much damage as, say, a six-foot black-throated monitor. A friend of mine once ‘gave’ me a ‘female’ black throat that size to go with my male. (Except I had to pay him back, and she was a he. My lizard Gabriel was not amused, and ‘Artemis’ was quickly relocated after he tried to mate with Gabe. Monitors … not too picky.) Anyway, I was vastly amused when the new lizard broke my friend’s wrist with a lazy tail-thwap.

    Don’t underestimate the power of tail.


  5. @Mania

    Yeah I’ll agree that some lizards like iguanas and your friend’s 6′ monitor (that’s a big boy) have thick muscular tails, but to be afraid to even get near it? Come on. Best part of the video was putting the recycling bin on top of the garbage. =D

    Ok, you sir have me soundly beat. I would not go rattler hunting with a forked stick and a machete unless I absolutely had to. Though I have heard that snake tastes a lot like chicken.


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