And a Boomkin shall lead them….

Ah, one last blast from the past.

We scheduled a Karazhan last night, a mid-week run since Friday is another Zul’Aman clear, and then it’s expansion time.

To my surprise, the Karazhan run filled up on the calander fairly quick.

Perhaps it was due to our stated intention to, oh, I dunno… have a Moonkin for main tank.

That’s right, as discussed on the WoW Insider radio show last weekend (at least I think we discussed it on the show, I’m pretty sure we did) I asked Nasirah if she felt like trying something new, main tanking as a Moonkin.

She had made a forum post a while back saying she wanted to give Moonkin tanking a try, so what better time than now?

Well, last night we enjoyed the frantic fun of a Moonkin main tanking abnd solo pulling whenever possible.

We did the trash to Attumen, Attumen himself, the trash to Moroes, Moroes himself (with a Feral Druid off-tank), and Prince whatsisface the Blood Elf fashion plate with Nasirah Main Tanking.

It was a lot of fun, and a lot of craziness.

I’ll be honest, we had quite a few deaths along the way, but I have to say; I think our deaths were more due to people leaving their comfort zone and having to react to familiar situations in unfamiliar ways than anything else.

I think I’ve got some support on that, from the fact that after Mirkblood, who was still available to be pounded on last night, we changed over to two Feral Druids as tanks, Elysse and Coralin, and they tanked the rest of the night, and we were still acting goofy and pulling early and sending pets off into the unknown like we had never seen the inside of a Raid before.

It wasn’t until we got to Maiden that folks calmed down.

Oh yeah, and we did do a full clear of Karazhan. Nightbane, Netherspite, Prince, seasonal boss, the whole shebang.

I was sad to do it, because we were having fun, but after the seasonal boss went down I looked at the clock, and decided that if we were going to see Prince before midnight, we needed to change up tankage to a chain pull situation. So I asked Nasirah to let Elysse take over as Main Tank.

She was doing so well, too. Our only obstacle was time.

We didn’t have a single Priest on the run, in fact we didn’t change our lineup all night so there wasn’t a Shackle thrown down at all. It didn’t matter. And from the sounds of things, people enjoyed having there be a big element of risk to the reward.

Okay, we did have three Hunters. It wasn’t like we were lacking for Misdirects or firepower last night.

It wasn’t as badas it could have been, having someone else tank instead of Nas. If we had one of our more experienced Karazhan tanks, it would have been a harder decision, but instead Elysse got her first chance to main tank Nightbane, to once again be the first main tank leading the way on Netherspite, and enjoyed her first shot (and a successful one!) as main tank on Prince.

And may I say that both Nasirah and Elysse did a wonderful job.

It was definitely fun to shake things up. Nasirah put out some awesome threat doing straight DPS, and on Moroes she just kicked butt.

On Moroes, I kept a close eye on the threat meter, and it was clear that she was having no trouble whatsoever establishing and holding threat on Moroes with a Feral Tank as off tank on him.

If there were any real issues, it would have to be my assumption that folks would, at this point in the raid game, just automagically know that, unlike a Paladin tank, you actually have to let the person tanking get in some shots before you just open up and unload your big crits.

We had quite a few single person deaths along the way from prematurely pulling aggro… but at the same time, we had a lot of ‘Hey, we lived’ moments when aggro was pulled, and people just hunkered down and tanked harder, shot faster, and healed more frenetically.

So, many congratulations to Nasirah for successfully main tanking the seasonal boss… not too many tanks can claim that honor before he’s gone.

I’m very sure Nas gained a new perspective on the joys of tanking last night.

Who knows, maybe she’ll respec Feral and start competing with the others to lead the raids?

Yeah… yeah, I didn’t think so either.

Oh, and the award for best “Famous Last Words” moment has to go to Squirrelz on his Hunter… who, minutes after stating in Ventrilo “At least I never pulled an Elite group”… pulled an Elite group.

I had to hold my sides, I was laughing so hard.

Grats folks! A heck of a fun time. Next time, I’d say we give Nasirah more time and tank a lot more… but at this point, there might not be a ‘next time’, so we’ll see, won’t we?


6 thoughts on “And a Boomkin shall lead them….

  1. Lawl.


    I’ve always wanted to moonkin tank but I hardly hit 10K+ HP without sacrificing a few hundred spell power and therefore a good bit of damage.

    Nice work though 🙂



  2. I honestly love Karazhan. I refuse to do Gruul, Tempest, And all the others. I’m constantly asked to heal for those other ones when I’m ret spec….people apparently found out that I pwnfaced on healing with my epic gear, so I decided “HEY! GAIZ! Look Whut I did! I sold all my epic healer things! I deleted the healing items that could not be sold! I’m ret, quit asking me to heal!”

    My most recent karazhan, I was in ret gear and we lost a tank. I just happened to have the horseman’s sword and a spellpower shield that I thought looked cool for rp and such so I took over the entire raid as main tank…with not a piece of defense gear. So I tanked all the way up to Curator, where people were pulling Curator because they had no idea about the aggro range(I warned them lots of times but nope, lets not listen to the experienced ret paladin!) And then I got really bored and decided to call it there. =O

    I often play classic rock music in my Karazhan ventrilos, rocking out and jamming along with everyone else while we kick the hell out of Aran. “Rockin’ like a hurr- FLAME WREAAAAATH Don’t mooooove. -icane!”

    I’m a kind of guy who isn’t the “serious” type of person…if you expect me to be completely silent while we clear trash and such, no, that does not work. I’ll drop group so damn quick, doesn’t matter where we are at! I’m a fun guy. I play music, joke around with people, and will not raid with asshats who don’t know how to have a good time. ^^ Cause thats what it is all about for me! Having fun, jammin out with people, downing sme raid bosses!


  3. Sounds like a lot of fun, glad you guys were able to get in and do something fun, even if it is the same old content. My guild started doing something fun over the last few weeks in Kara, what we call the tard jar. Anytime somebody makes a bonehead move, they owe the guild bank 5g. If the bonehead move causes a wipe, its 10g. In two weeks we’ve managed to get our next bank tab and then some, err, not that we’re trying or anything. But its good fun nonetheless.



  4. Yeah…hunters are fun and very useful for the misdirect, but I wouldn’t want to play one as my main for raiding. Too easy to lose control of the pet and screw everyone over. Is it strange that I never had that problem on my warlock?

    Anyway, absolutely a blast last night. It was nice to make sure and get one last good full clear in.
    /target Sidhe Devils


  5. My guild leader, a dyed-in-the-feather boomkin, used to boomtank all the time. In fact, she once confided in me that her all-time wet dream was to boomtank with a pack of nine shadow priests to back her up.

    She also did some wailing at me over the new state of the forums. Where would a panzerkin go to post? Tanking? DPS? They kind of do both!


  6. Panzerkin’s are fun stuff… you can drive the concept pretty far and I actually look forward giving it another whirl come wrath. In fact I am quite happy to say that each former offspec that people regarded as significantly inferior has certain merits now.
    Maybe wrath will be the age of the hybrids… which makes me just a little sad for classes like warlocks who can’t do much else other than DPS.


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