My obscure pets finally see the light of Azeroth!


Now that our pets are permanently part of our characters, we can take them everywhere we go.

But some of us have lots of pets, and limited bar space for putting them at easy button press to call them out.

What can we do?

I know that on my characters, each has no more than one or two favorite pets that get the button bar treatment for easy access, and the rest?

The rest languish, all alone, in my pet tab.

Well, that’s silly, isn’t it?

The great and powerful Tekkub has graciously provided us with a means for those pets to see the light of day once more!

Tekkub has updated his Kennel addon, so that whenever you zone or mount or in any way do something that normally puts your pet away, it automatically pulls a different random pet back out when appropriate.

I’ve been playing with Kennel, since I have quite a few pets (49 as of right now… I’ll be getting number 50 with the advent of Darkmoon Faire in Shatt on Monday), and I can tell you, it’s a lot of fun.

It is an ‘install and forget’ addon. There are no commands or configurable settings. It simply tries to pull out a pet at random when possible, and changes the pet each time.

The only error I have had with it is when it tries to pull out a Snowman or Red Helper Box, and fails because I have no Snowballs in my inventory.

I could easily fix this by putting some of my many Snowball stacks in my bags. I’ve had Snowballs in the bank untouched since last Christmas, isn’t about time I used some?

I really enjoy this addon

…but you know I’m going to quibble, right?

I would love to have the ability to check or uncheck which pets it will be allowed to choose from.

For Christmas, I could choose to limit myself to only the winter pets.

For a Hunter with a flying combat pet, I could select only Owls and other avian pets.

For a cat person, I could set it for only the many, many kitty pets in the game. Shit, I could make an alt called “Scarycatlady”, and make a female human Mage with the scowly face and have lots and lots of cat pets to come out at random.

I suppose I could do that by making a new alt and choosing to never learn any pet other than a cat.

It would just be fun, that’s all, and give us a little more control over the random selection.

Or, for the cheap among us, we could just lock out pets that require Snowballs for activation.

Regardless of what additions I mght like someone else to do the work of coding, I want to thank Tekkub for creating this addon, and giving my pets the chance to see the light of day…

And for causing someone like Nasirah to say, “What kind of frog is THAT?”, in response to my cute little Jubling.


So far, I’ve had suggestions for two mroe awesome pet summoning addons, Nugminipet and Livestock. I’m trying them all.

If you have more suggestions on pet (or mount!) addons, feel free to mention them in the comments, and I’ll check them all out and then revise the post.


14 thoughts on “My obscure pets finally see the light of Azeroth!

  1. I’ve had some pretty good succsess with “Mountiful” (on wowmatrix if you use that program)

    it allows you a check box to include or leave out any mounts you like… as well as an option for pets.

    It’s still a little crude, I had to make a simple macro… and there is a bug that exists in the “ground” and “flying” menus. However there are 2 “other” menus which work great. I selected all my swift mounts (flying and ground in two seperate menus)

    For Epic Swift Grounds (I used the “other” channel)
    /mount other

    For Flying Swift (using the other2 channel)
    /mount other 2

    and for pets
    /mount pet

    Apperently a guildie of mine has figured out the mounts with 1 macro button. Gotta try and snatch it from him.


  2. I use Coconuts ( for my mounts (just got my Albino Drake Sunday!) and I’ve been loving it. It randomly picks from the most appropriate/fastest mounts (but includes options for “downgrading”) you have based on your current zone and combat situation (cheetah ftw!). It also lets you set the frequency that it’ll choose certain mounts. For instance, I’ve set my Cenarion Hippogryph, Albino Drake, Nether Drake and Sabers (of all varieties) to be picked about 2.5 times as often as my other mounts. My Nether Rays do not get selected, ever.

    As an aside, I’ve been reading your blog ever since your Bear Tanking Strategies column on WoWInsider almost a year ago. I was just starting raiding at the time and had a hard time finding a guild that would take me on because, frankly, I sucked. I’ve since guild hopped a few times, but became my current guilds’ main tank back in June. We had just started heading into T5 when 3.0 dropped the game on easy mode. In the last month I’ve gone 5/6 SSC, 3/5 Hyjal, and 6/9 BT. But I couldn’t have gotten started without your help.


  3. I use NugMiniPet which is nice, but has troubles when you add a new pet. For some reason, new pets get added into the middle of the existing pets, so all the pets after it are moved one to the right in the UI. It looks like NugMiniPet uses the absolute position of each pet box in the UI to record the selections, so when I add a new pet, all my pets move along one, but the pet selections stay in the same place.

    Result is I have to deselect and reselect a whole load of pets. I’ll give Livestock a go.


  4. Just a random macro (no options or settings), I think from Less QQ More PewPew.

    /run local c = GetNumCompanions(“CRITTER”); CallCompanion(“CRITTER”,random(1,c))


  5. Rawr!

    For what it’s worth, Kennel’s design is simply to keep a pet out at all times. If you want fancy options and such, get a more complicated addon, Kennel’s meant to be as simple as possible. To put things in perspective:
    Livestock – 2407 lines of code
    Minipet – 9874 LoC [2297 LoC (core) + 7577 LoC (libs)]
    NugMiniPet – 260 LoC
    Kennel: 71 LoC

    I think you can see why I aim for minimalism here…

    Oh and the holiday pets will throw an error, yes, but then a normal pet should be used instead.


  6. Another one to try out if you’re interested: Livestock

    It has the select favourite pets thing for both companion pets and mounts and a new option to assist with stealthing as well which I haven’t tried yet. I have a rogue who’d like this – the ability to have my pet disappear as soon as I stealth when I’m PvP flagged sounds pretty nice. Don’t mind this addon so far, although it took me awhile to realise there are options in the Blizzard addons menu for it as well as the /livestock command. Shouldn’t have just skimmed the instructions 🙂


  7. I would also recommend LiveStock ( It works not only for non-combat pets, but will also randomize both your ground and flying mounts. It will also let you select which pets to summon, you can pick a favorite among your pets that you’d like to have summoned more often, and you can also select options to dismiss your non-combat pet if you stealth either only while PvP flagged or whenever you stealth. Probably the best option is for it to automatically summon a pet whenever you move if one isn’t already summoned.

    I’ve been using it since 3.0.2 was released and I highly recommend it. It will create macros for you that you can then drag onto an action button or it includes buttons that you can use to summon the different items.

    Oh, and just for reference, I’m NOT the mod’s author, just a very satisfied customer. I have 58 non-combat pets on my druid (and counting!) and I enjoy seeing which one will get summoned next.


  8. Okay… I downloaded Nugminipet… it’s also pretty amazing.

    It lets you choose how often you want it to change up pets, and select exactly which pets it will or will not include in the summons roster.

    Both addons work great!


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