Child’s Play 2008 Raffle Rules!

The Child’s Play Charity drive is now live, and I am urging each of you who can, to please donate.

You can make donations either directly to a Child’s Play PayPal fund, or by choosing a specific Children’s Hospital on their website, and being directed to a Child’s Play ‘Wish List’ set up on for that specific Hospital, and pick what items you want to buy for the Hospital yourself, which will be delivered directly to them.

Personally, the way Cassie and I prefer to do it is to pick the items ourselves. It feels more… personal. And it’s fun!

But hey, I said I was going to hold a little Raffle to try and nudge you towards giving, right?

Well, yes, yes I am. And a few generous souls have already stepped forward to offer additional prizes to the Raffle, so it’s not just me with a couple of lame T-Shirts. 

We are holding a Raffle. And you do NOT pay me a dime to enter and participate.

What we are doing, is having you email proof in the form of your Receipt for your donation, of whatever amount or whatever items you choose, and in return you will have one entry into the Raffle. 

Whether you donate via PayPal or via, as long as you go through the official Child’s Play Charity Website, you will receive a receipt in your email. Forward that receipt on to us at tigerlordgm AT yahoo DOT com, title Bear Blog Raffle, and we will enter you into the Raffle.

It’s that simple.

So, if you jumped the gun and donated already this year, congratulations! It still counts!

Yes, as you can see… it is one Raffle entry per person who donates. The size of your donation is not the point.

Everyone from young teens in school to 50 year old business owners and professional baseball and football players play WoW, so I’m not asking you to compete with each other on who can drop the biggest wad of cash. I’m just hoping that you will donate what you can.

I have no goal in mind. I am not keeping score of how generous people are, or are capable of being, or whatever. I already know you folks are awesome.

I know some of you are competitive and love those Achievements… but the only Achievement here is bringing a smile to a young child’s face.

It’s a pretty nice Achievement to get, though.

This is all about hoping that, if you are able to, you will find it in your heart to donate what you can this year. And if the chance to win a neat WoW related prize or BBB shirt helps encourage you a teeny bit, then I think it’s awesome.

Again, the email for you to forward your Child’s Play Donation Receipt to is tigerlordgm [at] yahoo [dot] com. Title: Bear Blog Raffle. Only receipts from this years’ donation will count.

The last day for Raffle entries to be accepted will be November 28th.

Okay, so you know how to donate, where to donate, and how to enter the Raffle. You know how long it’s running. And you know it’s one entry per donation receipt, no matter what the monetary value of the donation.

So… what’s the loot? Oh come on, it can’t be a WoW thing without Epic Loot, right?

So, here are the Prizes we have so far. One prize will be awarded per winning entry, so there will be multiple winners. Isn’t that nice? This list may grow if we get more wonderful, generous donations from sponsors!

Prize List

  • A Petopia 2009 Calendar from Mania at Petopia!
  • A handcrafted lap size Quilt with the WoW class icon of the winners’ choice on it, created by Galadria of Galadria’s Corner! The quilt will be about 36″ x 48″, with the icon taking up most of the center of the quilt.  As it is a custom, handcrafted item, there will be some time and communication involved between the winner and Galadria to work out the specifics of what is wanted, and to allow for the actual making of the quilt. Galadria has said she could also personalize it with a character’s name and server, if desired. Frankly, I think this is insanely awesome.
  • “The Footsteps of Illidan” Trading Card Game code for the Path of Illidan item, from Bellwether of 4 Haelz!
  • Two T-shirts, each of the winner’s choice from The Big Bear Butt Store! Yeah, I know, compared to the other prizes, a shirt is kind of lame. I do what I can. I’ll try to come up with something else to add, dangit.

As I said, I am also happy to accept donations of items to provide as prizes for the Raffle. If you are interested in donating an item or service, please contact me at tigerlordgm [at] yahoo [dot] com, Title: Bear Blog Donations.

Get out there and donate!

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