A little fried Bear, anyone?

Good morning to all of you wonderful people in a new Wrathful day!

This… this is not going to be a real blog post.


I have a massive recap of the group meeting last night I’m GOING to do, I’m just not feeling up to it right now. I was on the very last few moment of a cold last night, and guess what? Standing in the chill for an hour did not improve it. At all. So I’m now feeling like crud.


Thankfully, I did not feel like crud until Cassie graciously booted me out of bed to help her install the expansion.

In short form, which will be expanded on much later;

I was late getting to Buffalo Wild Wings by 8 minutes, because Sidhe Devils did one last pre-Wrath full Karazhan clear. Every boss except the Animal boss, in order, straight through, two andΒ a half hours. Since Wulfa from Two and a Half Orcs was there on her Shadow Priest, that was somehow appropriate.

I was planning on stepping out to get to BWW on time, but we were so close, I pushed on. Sorry!

I got enough Badges to get my 150 Badge Crossbow on my Hunter. Which I gloated about at the meet. Hehehe.

I met a lot, and I mean a LOT of great people at Buffalo Wild Wings. We sat and talked until 11:00, and had a great time. You all were awesome, and I want each of you to email me later just so I can keep in touch, maybe get together again some other time. It was just wonderful talking to you about the game, and meeting you. Seriously, what a blast.

Yeah, yeah, more detail later.

Ummm, stood in line. Check. Froze. Check. Complained about commentary tracks on DVDs, check. I mentioned I loved the commentaries on Resident Evil, and on Braveheart. Found out that I, alone among geeky people, do not still love The Simpsons, check. Talked my way out of being crucified by unruly fans. Check.

I got home, installed 100% easy, very smooth and easy process, and then… made a Death Knight. And got to 56.

Then, it was 2 AM and I crashed. And now, Cassie is literally leaning over my shoulder, logged into her expanded game on her Rogue, telling me sternly, “What are you doing writing? I have EXPLORING to do!”

So I will write a much larger post extolling the wonders and fun I had meeting folks last nght.

But for now, I’m off to help the ball and chain explore…. the Screaming Ford. Or the Whining Honda.Β Or whatever that place is that we are exploring first.

Fjord… what, like it’s hard enough to get people to spell Rogue without mentioning makeup, now we get to see kids attempt to spell Fjord for the next two years?

I hope those of you at work have a great morning… time to go!

Yes dear, stop poking me! Ow!


19 thoughts on “A little fried Bear, anyone?

  1. *Sigh* Those of us at work are terribly jealous and feel absolutely no pity for the sharpness of your wife’s elbow as she pokes you into helping her out.
    I hope you both have a lot of great adventures and I look forward to reading all about them in the near future.


  2. *chuckle*
    Glad to hear the gathering went well. Good luck with the exploration! Maybe if there were someone in-game who actually pronounced “fjord”, it’d work out… or we’d get “fyord” all over the place. *shrug*


  3. Awesome wish I could have been there πŸ™‚ Hubby and I are waiting a while (a week at the most ) for the expansion. so we can make more money for travels and professions. I had a blast last night on the tank πŸ™‚


  4. Picked up my CE on the way home from work and its installing – back to re-installing patch 3.0.2 atm !

    i wanna play !

    think i’ve decide on BT as my starting zone.

    gotta leave a DK for a bit cos limited time means spend it on my druid main to start.


  5. I had gone to Wal-mart to get my copy. Took me two minutes to go in, go to the register, ask for Wrath, buy and leave. Simple as quick. Although, me and my friend got sidetracked outside, talking to a guy who just bought Lich King himself…3 copies I might add.

    One for him, his wife, and his son! A WoW playing family. Epicsauce.

    It is amazing how the people of WoW can meet up and be such nice people. Plus we can get our little nerd rage on discussing whats better, human, gnome, tauren, or orc Death Knights.

    Currently my Death Knight is 59 and I will not be touching Northrend until said death knight is able to go there. I have two other 70’s I COULD go there on but nahhh!

    It is unfortunate that I could not make it over to BWW. But hey, maybe I could show up the next expansion eh? ^_^


  6. It was great to meet and talk to everybody. I got home about 1:15 or so and installed. Played until about 2 and decided I needed sleep. Fortunately I’m not on the tail end of a cold. πŸ™‚

    I too decided to start in the Fjord. Mostly because in the beta I went with the tundra. Have fun and enjoy the scenery.


  7. It was great fun meeting everyone!

    We managed to last through installing, patching, and doing the first quest in the Fjord. Then it was time for sleep.


  8. I had a lot of fun last night at the meet too! Though I didn’t last much longer. Installed, ran around spending gold on training and then crashed around 2:30AM myself.

    Good to see folks in person (and with quest rewards respec’d pally to ret… let the beatdown begin )



  9. Have a cold myself. Had to come to work today. 😦 And yeah, standing in the cold, with a cold…. not so good. >.< Oh well; it’s almost the weekend – at least my druid doesn’t have a cold! πŸ˜›


  10. Meh… Simpsons are overrated… they had a good run, but like the beloved family dog, it just needs to be put down after 19 years. I can see why fanbois wouldn’t want to loose their beloved family pet… I mean, the simpsons have been around for 2/3rds of my life. But me thinks that old dog has made it’s mark on the carpet too many times.

    Probally good I wasn’t around last night… I would have been stoned to death probally πŸ™‚

    Have fun storming the castle, BBB (heh… talking about references that wont die)


  11. You’re bitching about FJORD? Wait till you hit Gjalerbron (north end of Fjord). The questgiver even tells you how to pronounce it, but you think anyone reads the quests? nah…


  12. for what it’s worth, lots of people I speak to in the UK agree that the current Simpsons shows just aren;t as funny as the older ones. I can go through entire new episodes without laughing these days. Thankfully there are regular repeats of Futurama as well…


  13. You’re not alone!
    Early on the Simpsons was great.
    It developed, it got funnier.
    It hit a peak around the… 6th? 7th?… Season, I rememeber it well…
    Then it just got a bit… silly
    Still occasional gems, but lots of… silly.
    Homer stopped being dumb but well meaning, and turned into a total idiot (big difference :))
    It stopped being quite so insightful in places, and got rather formulaic…

    Ah well.

    Life goes on πŸ™‚

    Anyway… Fjord! Gjalerbron! We might as well TRY and teach the kids new words… you have to try, right?

    Our teenager already called it ‘Howling Forge’ several times before I realised what the hell he was talking about ;P


  14. Oh, and as a final thought… all you people NOT working today… I loathe you… with a passion! *cries at his work-desk*


  15. Hey John! I was there at the meet and greet. You are correct, it was great fun and maybe we can do it again. I would have replied sooner but I just hit 77 on my Druid and have been a bit busy :-).



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