Some help with your journey

As I entered the Fjord… ah, the Fjord…

It occured to me that there might be one little thing I could do to help some of you in your new explorations.

I’m sure quite a lot of you use quest help addons, but the two I use are pretty fun, helful, and more importantly, have been updated for Wrath.

Lightheaded is an addon that builds into each quest an easily accessible accumulation of the posts of the comments on WoW Head, and also shows what XP or rep you will get, and has links to the NPC names.

Doublewide is an addon that doesn’t add any info… but it does modify your quest log itself so everything fits on screen quite a bit nicer.

Having started in the Fjord, I can tell you that yes, quests in the Fjord are already in the updated Lightheaded, and it can be quite helpful. And make sure you bookmark Lightheaded, and check back frequently for updates. I imagine we might see a few over the next month or so.

And now, back to Druiding against giant barbarians….


As an update… thanks to your recommendations, Cassie and I have installed QuestHelper, and yes, we agree with you… it is like unto a god for leveling. And it works great in conjunction with Lightheaded, too.

We don’t really know how to configure it yet, the arrow always being up is driving me crazy, but it’s amazing.

Oh… and my Mining is at 440, and my Engineering is at 398 on my Hunter. I am loving it!

I went to the Fjord, trained mining, then Trinket hearthed to Blades Edge Mountains and flew to Netherstorm when the expansion went live, and spent that time doing nothing but mining while everyone else started leveling. I hit 420 the easy way on Adamantite and Rich Adamantite and Khorium before I ever spied a Northrend Cobalt Node.

Oh, and do yourself a favor… if you’re not using the updated Gatherer… please try it out. It’s very lovely.

What’s that? What about the Druid?

Oh, I’m PLAYING my Druid… with Cassie. Almost to 71. And when we aren’t leveling, my Hunter is running around mining. It’s very relaxing.


19 thoughts on “Some help with your journey

  1. Tried QuestHelper, hated it. Feels too much like being led by the hand, or maybe by the nose ring, the whole way.
    Sure, use it if powerlevelling efficiency is what matters to you – it excels at that. I am enjoying exploring, and you know what? I suspect that I won’t get bored with Wrath as soon as QuestHelper users will.


  2. I’ll just add to Agerath’s reply that you can also drag the arrow to a different location on-screen and it will remember it’s location between sessions. So I mostly keep the arrow at one of the screen corners and only drag it out when I really want it.


  3. I would have to say that I am a questhelper JUNKIE… I absolutely love it. But sometimes you really need to read the quests… as my boyfriend has quite often chastised me for it. But anyway… yeah ❤ QH!


  4. Hi bear, to disable the QH arrow, /qh cartwp (or /qhtomtom, if you’re using that) should work. 🙂
    Hope you’re having fun out there! I just finished the Angrathar, the Wrath Gate quest line and am suitable dumbstruck.


  5. Cool cool, glad you are having fun.

    I have been in between leveling my Proff with my new DK as well as trying to get to 71 with my Druid. Keeping my Hunter lowbie for now.

    I use carbonite by the way instead of quest helper


  6. I tried Carbonite, as well as most of the other quest info. addons. So far nothing works better then questhelper teaming with cartographer. I prefer cartographer over cartographer 3 because I have literally no more room on my screen for a second minimap, and if I put it on the stock minimap I can’t see if I have mail =-) . The great thing about questhelper is the ability to submit information with /qh submit. I did this after getting lost at the DK quest where you sneak onto the ship. QH didn’t have a placement for where the mine cart is, which resulted in me sitting in a decorative mine cart for about 10 minutes lol.


  7. I an forever a fan of “Carbonite Quest.” It points you in the proper direction, tells you what mobs drop what quest items and it tracks your quest progress in a neat little quest list, which is fully customizable.

    I suggest everyone get it.


  8. I have been using QuestHelper with cartographer and it is working great. Both are updated for the Lich King expansion. Questhelper will automatically mark the map for you with your quests, where they are and also gives you an arrow showing you where to go. Lighthead is great as well. I used to use it but questhelper is a little less memory usage I believe. Can’t go wrong with either.

    Now if I can only find an addon to show me how the heck to get out of Warsong Hold Castle. 🙂


  9. A while ago, I decided to try Carbonite. Now I don’t think I could play without it. Got rid of Atlas, Cartographer, TomTom, Questhelper, DoubleWide and Lightheaded.

    It helps to have 2 monitors, though, as I can have wowhead up on the second one.

    I was a bit dubious about paying for an addon, but the guys there are great and why not reward good work? So many addons are naff – not because of laziness in coding, I’m sure, but purely because a lot of addons are written by people with no real programming experience. That’s not to say that all, or even most are bad, by any means.


  10. If you use the cartographer map addon, one of its bits is called cartographer_questinfo … that does the same thing as doublewide and more and works very well with Lightheaded. Haven’t checked it out much in Northrend yet, but it adds info into your quest log that, when you click it, shows you where the target is (ie, when the quest is “kills X numbers of Y”, it will show you on your maps where those chaps you need to kill, are …). Sorry for the ramblings … been DK for a long time today, then started exploring Northrend .. brain hurts!


  11. Check out Jame’s levelling guide, if you want to speed up hitting all the quests..

    He’s already done guides based on the beta’s. We’ll see how that works out.


  12. Oh, thanks for mentioning Doublewide. I’d been wondering about writing something like that myself as an add-on project but now I can study his (and make use of it at the same time).


  13. heya BBB,

    Doublewide is great, but as it been updated? The latest version I have found WOW still states it is outdated. And though I still run, i am starting to have wierd little glitches, so I had to stop running it.

    Also have you found anything that will stop the spammed Duels and guild charter sinage sheets out of one’s face? There use to be an addon I ran called “autodecline”, but it has not be kept up and doesn’t work anymore. Have you seen anything like that? Thank you in advance.


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