We are SO not a raiding guild

Good morning!

First off, congratulations to BRK and NASA for a successful shuttle launch. Nice going, guys.

I hope that the weekend has seen all of you enjoying the expansion, each in your own way. Whatever that may be.

The last two days, I’ve been watching a new feature of the Achievement system; the global /mock.

I discovered Blizzard implemented this new feature when the first global announcement came rolling through that we had our first level 80, our first level 80 Night Elf, and our first level 80 Druid on the server… all at once.

This announcement was then followed with the global /mock, as General and Trade channel opened fire. Much QQing about lives and the lack thereof was had.

This trend continued as the first Level 80 Troll was announced, the first 450 Blacksmith, the first 450 Engineer….

You get the idea.

I’ll admit, I spent a little time wondering why someone would rush through content so fast that they dinged 80 in a mere two days. No more than a moment or two though, since chances are good the person had already taken their time leveling in the Beta, and probably didn’t feel like they were missing anything by flying through the second time.

To be honest, if you think about it, blowing through as fast as you can to get access to your flying mount before everyone else makes brilliant financial sense… the money to be made by having a solid lock on the hard to reach Herbs and Ore is fantastic, and as more people level, it will not last. Those Mammoths aren’t going to buy themselves, you know.

For myself, thanks to the advice of a guildie, I used my Hunter’s Engineering to craft a bunch of Overcharged Capacitors and put them up on the AH for between 55g and 75g each. I sold enough to get about 500g for leveling funds, without competition, before others figured it out. I was leveling in Howling Fjord… I had no idea Overcharged Capacitors were a quest item.

Thanks Blizzard! 

Now, I was reading Matticus the other day, and a post by Sydera caught my eye.

In it, a reader asked how to break into raiding for Wrath. Syderas’ #1 Tip for the reader? Level Fast.

Now, I think I’ve talked about this before. Maybe not.

But Sydera is right… at this moment, the balance is reset. Everyone at 70 when the expansion was released had a level playing field.  Sure, some had much better gear than otehrs, but by 80 that will mostly even out.

So the criteria a lot of raiding guilds will have NOW is, “Who will be the first level 80s in our guild? I want to raid as soon as possible… to raid we need level 80s… so the first ones to be “dedicated” enough to get to 80 and have starter gear will be the first ones that we take in.

And those first level 80s will be the ones that experience the encounters first… that earn DKP… and learn how each fight goes, and what to do.

Valuable experience, certainly. And I think it’s clear to see the advantage someone may expect to have if they are at the front of the pack. Whether you were 70 for a year, or just a day before the expansion came out, who cares? Will the guild leader take someone that just dinged 80 over you, if you’ve been there and kicked ass for three weeks since the first guild Naxx run started?

And that is why one of the first things I did before the expansion came out, was to make a post on our Sidhe Devils guild forums letting folks know that, whether people level fast or not, we are not going to raid as a guild until a good number of folks are all at 80. If folks want to level one character, 2 characters at the same time, play a new Death Knight, focus on crafting, or hold Stormwind Dance Parties, it won’t affect raiding opportunities. We are NOT, as a guild, rushing to 80, first come first served, so dsad too bad you’re out.

Nope, not happening. Take your time, have fun. The raids will still be there… I promise.  

It’s all about what your guild is about, of course. From the outside, I’d imagine our guild would look like a chaotic mess. Most folks are still 70 or 71, we have a couple ‘hard charging’ players that are the lofty height of level 73 (Grats Paracelsus and Sinnas), we seem to have half our guild roster on Death Knights at any given time, and as I said, some folks don’t have the expansion yet, or are simply choosing not go out to Northrend until some of the crazy has died down.

And yet, I think the folks in our guild are having a lot of fun. I haven’t heard anyone mention any worries about raiding, or the future. We are all just enjoying the tons of things available to do NOW. 

Actually, we are looking at raiding soon. In fact, we are raiding tomorrow night.

We’ve got a Zul’Aman run on the calendar. 🙂

Rushing to level, to me, seems like a sensible move if the raiding experience is where your fun is at. And, of course, if that is the kind of guild you’re in. I’m certainly not going to denigrate it.

But if a raiding guild is working on getting as many members as possible to 80 to start raiding, then Sidhe Devils is not… SO not a raiding guild.


Okay, now, a completely different section of the post, just about having fun as a Bear tank…

I’ve been doing a LOT of different things, a bit at a time. 

I’m enjoying Engineering and Mining a ton on Windstar, no questing, just professions and running around zones mining. I am currently at 408 Engineering and 442 Mining.

I’ve only been playing Windshadow with Cassieann, questing together and enjoying experiencing the new zones together. We play for a bit, doing quest areas and leveling, and then place those characters at the inn for rested XP while we do alt stuff. We both dinged 71, and are about 30% towards 72. No, we’re not setting any world records on fire.

And I played a Death Knight to 58, and now that character is kind of done for a long time… and my poor Priest and Shaman are on the shelf for a bit too.

Things for me are kind of settling down. I’m getting into a routine, where Windshadow gets played with Cassie, and then Windstar gets played solo.

But you knew I had to mess around on my Druid. After I dinged 71 on Windshadow, I did something I’d never had call to do before, for any reason; I went into Hellfire Ramparts without a party.

A friend of mine has a lower level alt that had some Hellfire Peninsula instance quests, and wanted to get them cleared out.

They’re not a healing class, and they asked if we should get a group.

I said, “Folks are busy with the expansion, and I’m a badass tank… let me see if I can get you through it without a healer.”

Now, to be honest… I expected it to be fairly easy. Come on, I’m 71, it’s a level 58-60 instance.

I just didn’t expect it to be THAT easy.

I expected, for example, to have to pause after every 4 pull to eat or cast self-heals, at least.

Instead, with the power of Barkskin, Lifeblood, and Improved Leader of the Pack, I almost never cast a self heal, or had any downtime at all. Shoot, I never used Trinkets, I almost never popped Frenzied Regeneration… but I used Berserk a TON. Groups of three die FAST when all three are eating chained Mangles.

We just blew through the entire Hellfire Ramparts.

I was kind of shocked. Soloing an Outlands instance just never occured to me as something to do. Why? Well, I’ve got plenty of guildies, and usually if you’re going into an instance, someone somewhere has an alt that could use it. But, of course, that was before said guildies got busy having lots of fun doing other stuff, and I decided to get an instance done without bothering them.

So I figured, what the heck… Ramps was easymode, let’s do Blood Furnace and get that done too.

Same thing… except there are lots more trash. So I ended up casting a few self-heals along the way.

And when I came up against the Technicians and their damn proximity mines, I found out that those suckas still hurt. I mean, really hurt. Some pulls have three Technicians in them, and I actually got down to around 4000 health on a few of those pulls before they were all dead.

Hey, who said you could hurt the Bear! Oh, hell no.

So I kind of made it my mission to cause the Technicians a lot of pain. With prejudice. Dang it, those mines made me lose Rage to cast heals!

It kind of makes me wonder… what IS the limit of soloing an instance without a healer for a Bear tank?

I mean, sure, lots of folks two man instances… but shoot, there is usually a healer along. Bandages don’t quite cut it. You have to be able to live on one Potion and self-heal through any fight you encounter to solo it.

I’m level 71, and it was fun to take that stuff down. Honestly, in thinking about the Coilfang instances, I don’t really see them as being that much more difficult.

When Protector of the Pack gets the party restrictions removed, and we get some more levels, and get the Herbalism 450 rank Lifeblood… and even more Stamina and Dodge on our gear…

What can’t we do?

Well, what CAN’T we do?

I think it’ll be fun to find out.

14 thoughts on “We are SO not a raiding guild

  1. My girfriend did something different on her hunter: went off exploring Northrend at level 70. She gave up once mobs started reaching about level 78. You get quite a bit of XP for killing mobs 7 levels above you..

    Quick soloing question: there’s an entrance into BWL from UBRS. Recently we did UBRS for the achievement and are now attuned to the BWL orb. Is it possible to go back into UBRS from BWL after entering via the orb? I want to farm the Beast for the Ace of Beasts.


  2. Re: What *can’t* we do?
    Can’t solo a Frost Giant yet, although I might go back and try a Fel Reaver.
    I’ll be very pleased when kitty can solo any of the elites that like to pop into aggro range and chase him.


  3. I have but one Outland goal after my Bear hits 80…. The Reins of the Raven Lord will be mine! Assuming, of course, that an 80 bear can solo Heroic Sethekk


  4. BBB you’re absolutely right! I made it sound very simple and it wont be. We’ll make calls by some fixed standards of what good player mean (prepared, know boss strats, enchants & consumables etc) and also based upon existing raider level, which comes from pre-expansion raiding. If new or lapsed players want to join the fun, they’ll prove themselves exactly as if they’d just joined the guild. People were told all this many times before the expansion hit. Looks like most of our top category raiders are levelling at the same rate. I hope that makes it easier too.


  5. Ahh, but ARA…

    How do you judge who is, and is not, the ‘best’ player?

    Therin lies the seeds of many a wonderful drama-laden QQ.

    Do you go with who has been the most dependable over a period of time ni the guild? If so, how does that give a newer guild member a fair shot, if you close raids for an inner circle?

    Do you go with who has worked the hardest to level and prepare their character as soon as possible for guild raids? If so, how is that fair to players who have shown commitment to the guild, and proven themselves in the past?

    Do you go with who has displayed the greatest skill at playing their class? If so, who watches the watchmen? Who gets to judge the skill sets? And is that person above reproach for their decisions?

    Ahh… the QQ potential, no matter how careful, caring and patient you are. Someone gets in, someone doesn’t, it all goes from there.

    ARA, I totally do not envy you those decisions.


  6. Hehe have fun, I’m all about pushing the edge of what bears can do solo, its a total blast! Havent gone back to the old world yet; mainly I try to round up as many quest mobs at a time and burn them down with that oh-so-overpowered mangle spam you speak of.

    Thanks for your write up; we’ve been having a ton of fun too. Done the first 4 instances and they’re all utterly utterly breathtaking. We’ll try the next two tonight. My instance technique revolves around the cooldown on beserk too 🙂

    note on our raiding plans: we’ll be taking the best players to our raids, not the ones who hit 80 first. Its funny how many powerlevellers have come out of the woodwork who havent played for months. But they wont have a free passport to the front of the queue just because they like to level.


  7. I love tanking low levels through on my hunter. Especially once I got my 2 piece T5 bonus. That extra pet healing? *I* might need to stop and drink, but I rarely even need to cast mend pet now. Is lovely. Did Ramparts then Blood Furnace. Wondering if I can handle Slave Pens too….


  8. I wasn’t exactly the first mage on my server to get to 74, but close to it. Made approximately 500g from selling ports, because nobody else could. Business faded when other people hit 74 as well, and people started BG-porting. I still get offers though, since not a lot of people know about ghetto-porting on my server.


  9. On my Ret Pally (almost exclusively S2 gear), I have solo’d up to Slave Pens. While I was able to clear UB today with a 64 DK buddy, I have serious doubts about doing it solo. First there’s the pull before the first boss (the 2 Bog Lords)… I MIGHT be able to kill them if I used bubble, but since I had a buddy I didn’t use that unless absolutely necessary. However, even with bubble… without the DKs added DPS I’m not sure I could kill them both before they finished me off.

    How will a 60k armor bear do? Got me. Could be a balance point between DPS and survivability.


  10. Hey BBB,

    I thought your post on solo’ing Ramps and Blood Furnace amusing. I have done the same thing myself and came to the same conclusion that Coilfang instances were fair game too.

    I started on UnderBog and got as far as the 2nd boss, but failed to get further – just too much damage. I could of prowled round him and moved on, but that wouldn’t of been the instance complete!

    I was an epic lvl 70 Bear when I tried this, might have another go at lvl 75.

    Good luck with your attempts 🙂


  11. Hey Hey don’t go stealing my solo-ing bag 😛

    Just kidding of course. Solo-ing is a ton of fun especially as a druid or pally. My lock and hunter do fairly well too at that. Anything that has some form of health regen/return will do quite favorably so it’s a fun thing to do.


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