Facepalm moments in the Wrath rush

I wanted to take a moment to share a story, and ask for stories, just because we had a new expansion, and a huge push to level and do crazy new stuff.

Things are now starting to settle down, but for a few days there, when everything was shiny and new, a LOT of people’s true personalities rose to the top. The hidden face was revealed.

For both good and bad.

Now, I could mention a lot of glowing, shining moments of happiness. Really, I can.

Like, Sunday, when I was mining on Windstar in Howling Fjord, doing my personally-developed route that has served me very well, and saw a node. Right on the edge. Right in front of me. Nobody around.

I moved forward to get it, still mounted… and as I stopped, my fingers fumbled, and my mount moved just a few feet farther forward… off the edge.

To drop about 3 feet onto a lower landing.

And as I stood there, still mounted, and turned to run back up… another Hunter rode up to it and instantly started mining it, right in front of me.

Happens all the time, right? At least, having others try to gank nodes that you are on top of seems to be a long standing tradition.

In this case, I was frustrated with myself for losing the node by my own clumsiness, and I whispered him… just a frustrated “Oh, come on… “. No swearing or anything lame like that, just a recognition that, yes, thanks buddy. Appreciate it. Glad the ore is worth it.

But the Hunter stopped, paused, and then came close to me, where I was at the lower level within touching distance already, and I swear to you, he opened trade and tried to give me the ore he just mined.

No, I’m not kidding!

Well, I refused of course, apologised for whining since maybe he didn’t see me (okay, I was standing 1 foot away from the node, facing it and him… just 3 feet lower. How did he not see me? Nevermind, not important.), thanked him for his generosity but told him that he mined it, he earned it, but thank you very much for making my day by being so nice. Someone going to hadn over ore to someone else? Are you serious? That’s like… that’s like something I’ve done before, but I’ve never seen anyone else do that, ever.

Nice story, right? Heartwarming?

Of course, the story doesn’t end there. Oh, how I wish it did.

See, he then, for some reason, decided to descend to the ledge I was on… just as I realized this particular ledge had no way back up. I could have reached the ore to mine, but I couldn’t run up there. I had to do the fall/drop down to the beach, and run around to a lift.

And now, so did he.

No good deed goes unpunished, right?


Anyway… I encountered lots of nice people in the two days immediately after Wrath hit.

But I also got the ones that were such incredible idiots, I had to just blink in astonishment.

I would like to share one such  story with you.

It was the very first afternoon after Wrath was released, and Cassie and I were leveling together in Howling Fjord.

We had done the starter stuff, and had then taken the explorer plane across the water to where some brave soul wanted us to train a hunting hawk to feed… by sending it after Turkeys.

So there we were… Cassie and I. Brave, bold, badass level 70s. With Hawks to feed, and rock grubs scavenged from under stones to get them in the mood. Oh yes, we are leet.

And we stroll on over to the West, where the Turkeys are supposed to be… to find a hundred blown apart Turkey carcases… and a single Mage named Msfrost standing in the middle of the area. As soon as a Turkey spawned, this Mage blew it up. Anywhere.

Now, you might think that Cassie and I were a bit irritated at having some moron blowing up the quest items. First day in the starter zone, and this is what you are doing with your free time?

But, well, it’s not like there aren’t more Turkeys somewhere else.

Cassie and I ran around, and worked the zone, and of course we found enough Turkeys after a bit. It was a pain, that Mage was mounting up and running around trying to scarf them up, but we got ’em, and went on to do the next step of the chain.

So we got the next one, going after the Falcons on the rocks, and that was pretty fun. Finding birds on rocks, timing our swoops so we would each grab one bird… hunting them in the air itself for mid-flight snatches… it was pretty fun.

But finding the twin bird spawns did take a while, what with the natural competition. Not Mage competition, just others doing the quest.

Still, with the time involved, it was over 30 minutes later before we were running back to turn in the falcon quest.

And Msfrost is STILL blowing up Turkeys.

Really! I can’t make this crap up!

So I whisper her, and ask, “Why are you blowing up all the Turkey quest items in the area?”

And I get a response…

Oh, this is priceless…

“I’m killing them for a quest, stupid… DURRRRRR………….”

Just made me stop dead.

Is there a follow up quest we don’t have yet? I thought we did the complete chain.

Well, come to find out much later… no, there is no quest to icebolt Turkeys. You unleash a Hawk on them. You certainly don’t have a quest requiring you to shoot them yourself. And not for over 30 minutes.

I mean… okay, so Msfrost is… disadvantaged.

Either they are too stupid to comprehend the quest instructions, and honestly thought it was just the worst drop rate on the planet grinding Turkeys for 30 minutes, plus however long they were at it before or since we were there… 

OR, and this was Cassie’s thought.. maybe they were trying for the “Kill 15 Turkeys” Achievement…

Now, Msfrost said they she was killing them for a quest. An Achievement is not a quest. But, okay, I’ll give you that one. If you’re not that bright, quest, achievement, I guess they could be considered the same thing. Minus the drops and XP, of course.

But come on. If you’ve been trying to get the Achievement for over 30 minutes in a heavy Turkey area (and that area is considered one of the absolute best for Turkey camping for the Achievement), and you’re a Mage, then I’m sorry. You need to learn to play. I don’t care how heavily camped the area is by quest people (those damn people with their quests, interfering with my girnding an achievement! arrghh!). 

You’ve got 3 minutes to kill 15 Turkeys for the Achievement. There are a LOT of Turkeys in the area. Rhey respawn, even then, damn fast.

Of course, we won’t go into how polite it is of you to camp the Turkey spawn area during prime playing time when everyone else is trying to do the quest on day one. 

But if you’re not trying for the Achievement… if you’re just committing massive fail on understanding a simple quest to feed your Hawk? For over half an hour?

I don’t care, either way, no matter how you slice it… everything about the situation was a normal day questing in WoW, except for one thing… answering a simple question on why they are blowing up the quest items (as opposed to nabbing them with a hawk) with a nice big fat “DURRRRRR” all in caps.

I can’t remember the last time, outside of high school in the mid ’80s, that I heard someone say “Durrrrr”. And here somebody TYPED it to me? In all caps?

OMigod, I had to share that with Cassie. That right there… that was priceless.

Bloggers, here is my challenge to you!

Share with us on your blog your favorite moment of asshatery commited against you in these first few days of the expansion. It must have some funny twist that raises it out of the norm.


Share with us your “WoW, people can be awesome out of nowhere” moment.

I’d invite my readers to comment and do the same, but… eh, I was told by the folks at the meet and greet that trying to force a community response is lame.


60 thoughts on “Facepalm moments in the Wrath rush

  1. I realize that a month since the last reply might qualify this as a necropost, but I too have a true tale of asshattery to lay upon you all.

    So I decide to take a break from the rat race of getting my tankadin to L80 and decide to roll a death knight (not a death kn00b, keep in mind as having OT’d Kara I do appreciate the tank’s role properly). Gnome, of course, recognizing the bent appeal of having 30 feet of anger in a 3-foot tall package, pigtails bobbing as she annihilates some poor schlub of a mob Yoda-style with a two-hander…

    So I finish the quest chain and run the Stormwind gauntlet of fruit flinging, even with one player, a clothie (I think it might have been a mage but it’s been so long I’ve forgotten; I do remember it was a female toon), doing the /spit at me. I take it in stride, thinking it was just adding to the versimilitude of the Hated Death Knight Having Found Redemption And Now Asking For Forgiveness segment of the story. But, you say, if it’s getting mentioned here, there’s more, isn’t there?

    This trick takes it too far. She -actually followed me almost to the gates of Stormwind Keep,- /spitting all the way. And that’s when I get the whisper: “Learn to play a real class.” Before I can reply by quoting one of the gnome female /silly’s (“I’d like to apologize profusely for any hard feelings my murderous rampage may have caused”), the B!0t$# puts me on /ignore!



  2. I’ve been loving the druid comradere (sic) on my (normal) server, especially amongst moonkins. I have an ally druid and it seems, when ever an ally moonkin and a horde moonkin meet, at least 15 sec of moonkin dancing together will occur. I’ve had horde druids help me with quests more than a few times and, of course, I’ll wait for the respawn and help them in return. It helps make up for all the /headdesk moments my own faction graces me with. However, all the love turns to equal hate in the battlegrounds. A moonkin will always go after another moonkin (at least on my server), even ignoring other enemy players to duel it out. It’s quite funny.


  3. Doing a quest in the Fjord, collecting tablets. I started zapping down one of the mobs, and some feral Dr00d runs in and starts looting the tablet.

    /head desk

    So I hit Shadowmeld and let him have aggro before getting my tablet.


  4. Upset over a randomly generated number? Feel cheated out of an item that was a 50/50 chance of being yours anyway? Do you wet the bed at night?

    If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions (tee hee) then you were last night’s healer in Utguard.

    Nothing against his/her healing abilities, or their sense of humour… it was when they logged right after they didn’t win the blue drop off a boss – i don’t even remember what the item was, but it did have 15 mp5 so i guess it was the Holy Grail of drops for him/her…… the roll went down between 2 players… both ligitimate candidates for said item…. and when healer was outrolled we all gz’d the guy who did win it and then suddenly we were a healer short!

    I mean COME ON! You want it all huh!? you want everyone to just hand over the item?? Is that it?

    Ah well, 3 minutes later we had a new healer, one who was older than 2, and we then proceeded to clear the instance with no further tantrums.

    I wish i remembered her/him name to shame in public….

    Ah well 🙂 eyes peeled!


  5. My favourite /facepalm moment was actually early in BC, with the quest to kill the named Rock Wyrm in the cave in The Great Fissure. I was in a 5-man group with 4 Guildies to do this, and we were waiting for the Wyrm to respawn when a lowbie Hordie walked in (we’re Alliance) followed by a 70 Hordie, both in the same Guild.

    We were just all hanging out, chatting over Vent, questing, etc. just having a good time. We were a very social, very close knit Guild.

    So there we are, getting ready to try to tag the Named Wyrm as soon as we saw it spawn but before that happened…the 70 Hordie flagged himself.

    My fellow Guildies were incredulous, but it took about 2 seconds of discussion over Vent before someone yelled “GET HIM!!!” (It might have been me 😉

    Yes, we were only low 60s, but there was five of us and just one of him.

    The truly hilarious moment was the 60 trying to help his Guildmate just before he died. Yep, flagging himself as well. He didn’t live long either 😉


  6. “See, he then, for some reason, decided to descend to the ledge I was on… just as I realized this particular ledge had no way back up. I could have reached the ore to mine, but I couldn’t run up there. I had to do the fall/drop down to the beach, and run around to a lift.

    And now, so did he.

    No good deed goes unpunished, right?”

    I had this happen to me in Eastern plaguelands once. I came out of the tunnel that runs down on the western side and I see this druid jumping frantically behidn this house structure that backs up to a hill. So I jump over to where they are and I ask “what are you doing?” She replies “I’ve been stuck here for the past few minutes, I can’t find a way out.” Next thing you know there are two druids jumping around trying to find a way out. We did finally inch our way up the hill and out, your story just reminded me of how misery often finds company.


  7. Positive moment:

    On Scalawag Point, I came up to the end of the questline requiring a named mob kill on one of the ships. While waiting for my turn to tag him, a Tauren hunter offers me a group. Of course my first message is “Good idea”, to which he responds “I do have a lot of those you know “. I come back with “Well it’s not like you just found the cure to cancer :)”. Well that got the ball rolling.

    What followed was one of the funniest impromptu RP conversations I have had in a long while (on a PvE server no less), all in pretentious pseudo-medical jargon as we searched for the cure to cancer drop. We finished the questline (which required a group by chance) and went our seperate ways. But times like this renew my faith in the Multiplayer portion of MMO.

    Negative moment:

    Nothing specific. Just an avid dislike of AoE grinders.


  8. I’ve been having great luck having people group with me to complete common goals, like killing named NPCs for quests. So, of course, when I came across a hunter waiting for the same respawn I was, I invited him to a group.

    His response? “lol i can kill him solo”


    Seriously, way to miss the entire point of the invite. And, I’m sorry to say, this sort of thing increases my distrust of the random hunters I run into. Yes, I know, there are a lot of nice hunters, I know several and I’m sure the hunters that care enough to read WoW-related blogs are effective in their class as well (knowledge is power! :D)…but there seem to be a metric f-ton of idjit hunters like this guy. :/

    Something that made ME look like an ass… I’d sort of idled by a questgiver as I was doing other things, my attention only partially on the game. A fellow ran up with a mob chasing him and had to fight the mob before dealing with the questgiver. After a moment it vaguely dawned on my that it was taking him an awfully long time to kill just one guy. I took a closer look and realized it was a prot pally. Before I could jump in and speed the death process he finally offed the mob. I felt terrible…especially having leveled a protection-specced paladin through several levels in the past and knowing how annoyingly slow a single mob can be to kill. :/


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