Facepalm moments in the Wrath rush

I wanted to take a moment to share a story, and ask for stories, just because we had a new expansion, and a huge push to level and do crazy new stuff.

Things are now starting to settle down, but for a few days there, when everything was shiny and new, a LOT of people’s true personalities rose to the top. The hidden face was revealed.

For both good and bad.

Now, I could mention a lot of glowing, shining moments of happiness. Really, I can.

Like, Sunday, when I was mining on Windstar in Howling Fjord, doing my personally-developed route that has served me very well, and saw a node. Right on the edge. Right in front of me. Nobody around.

I moved forward to get it, still mounted… and as I stopped, my fingers fumbled, and my mount moved just a few feet farther forward… off the edge.

To drop about 3 feet onto a lower landing.

And as I stood there, still mounted, and turned to run back up… another Hunter rode up to it and instantly started mining it, right in front of me.

Happens all the time, right? At least, having others try to gank nodes that you are on top of seems to be a long standing tradition.

In this case, I was frustrated with myself for losing the node by my own clumsiness, and I whispered him… just a frustrated “Oh, come on… “. No swearing or anything lame like that, just a recognition that, yes, thanks buddy. Appreciate it. Glad the ore is worth it.

But the Hunter stopped, paused, and then came close to me, where I was at the lower level within touching distance already, and I swear to you, he opened trade and tried to give me the ore he just mined.

No, I’m not kidding!

Well, I refused of course, apologised for whining since maybe he didn’t see me (okay, I was standing 1 foot away from the node, facing it and him… just 3 feet lower. How did he not see me? Nevermind, not important.), thanked him for his generosity but told him that he mined it, he earned it, but thank you very much for making my day by being so nice. Someone going to hadn over ore to someone else? Are you serious? That’s like… that’s like something I’ve done before, but I’ve never seen anyone else do that, ever.

Nice story, right? Heartwarming?

Of course, the story doesn’t end there. Oh, how I wish it did.

See, he then, for some reason, decided to descend to the ledge I was on… just as I realized this particular ledge had no way back up. I could have reached the ore to mine, but I couldn’t run up there. I had to do the fall/drop down to the beach, and run around to a lift.

And now, so did he.

No good deed goes unpunished, right?


Anyway… I encountered lots of nice people in the two days immediately after Wrath hit.

But I also got the ones that were such incredible idiots, I had to just blink in astonishment.

I would like to share one such  story with you.

It was the very first afternoon after Wrath was released, and Cassie and I were leveling together in Howling Fjord.

We had done the starter stuff, and had then taken the explorer plane across the water to where some brave soul wanted us to train a hunting hawk to feed… by sending it after Turkeys.

So there we were… Cassie and I. Brave, bold, badass level 70s. With Hawks to feed, and rock grubs scavenged from under stones to get them in the mood. Oh yes, we are leet.

And we stroll on over to the West, where the Turkeys are supposed to be… to find a hundred blown apart Turkey carcases… and a single Mage named Msfrost standing in the middle of the area. As soon as a Turkey spawned, this Mage blew it up. Anywhere.

Now, you might think that Cassie and I were a bit irritated at having some moron blowing up the quest items. First day in the starter zone, and this is what you are doing with your free time?

But, well, it’s not like there aren’t more Turkeys somewhere else.

Cassie and I ran around, and worked the zone, and of course we found enough Turkeys after a bit. It was a pain, that Mage was mounting up and running around trying to scarf them up, but we got ’em, and went on to do the next step of the chain.

So we got the next one, going after the Falcons on the rocks, and that was pretty fun. Finding birds on rocks, timing our swoops so we would each grab one bird… hunting them in the air itself for mid-flight snatches… it was pretty fun.

But finding the twin bird spawns did take a while, what with the natural competition. Not Mage competition, just others doing the quest.

Still, with the time involved, it was over 30 minutes later before we were running back to turn in the falcon quest.

And Msfrost is STILL blowing up Turkeys.

Really! I can’t make this crap up!

So I whisper her, and ask, “Why are you blowing up all the Turkey quest items in the area?”

And I get a response…

Oh, this is priceless…

“I’m killing them for a quest, stupid… DURRRRRR………….”

Just made me stop dead.

Is there a follow up quest we don’t have yet? I thought we did the complete chain.

Well, come to find out much later… no, there is no quest to icebolt Turkeys. You unleash a Hawk on them. You certainly don’t have a quest requiring you to shoot them yourself. And not for over 30 minutes.

I mean… okay, so Msfrost is… disadvantaged.

Either they are too stupid to comprehend the quest instructions, and honestly thought it was just the worst drop rate on the planet grinding Turkeys for 30 minutes, plus however long they were at it before or since we were there… 

OR, and this was Cassie’s thought.. maybe they were trying for the “Kill 15 Turkeys” Achievement…

Now, Msfrost said they she was killing them for a quest. An Achievement is not a quest. But, okay, I’ll give you that one. If you’re not that bright, quest, achievement, I guess they could be considered the same thing. Minus the drops and XP, of course.

But come on. If you’ve been trying to get the Achievement for over 30 minutes in a heavy Turkey area (and that area is considered one of the absolute best for Turkey camping for the Achievement), and you’re a Mage, then I’m sorry. You need to learn to play. I don’t care how heavily camped the area is by quest people (those damn people with their quests, interfering with my girnding an achievement! arrghh!). 

You’ve got 3 minutes to kill 15 Turkeys for the Achievement. There are a LOT of Turkeys in the area. Rhey respawn, even then, damn fast.

Of course, we won’t go into how polite it is of you to camp the Turkey spawn area during prime playing time when everyone else is trying to do the quest on day one. 

But if you’re not trying for the Achievement… if you’re just committing massive fail on understanding a simple quest to feed your Hawk? For over half an hour?

I don’t care, either way, no matter how you slice it… everything about the situation was a normal day questing in WoW, except for one thing… answering a simple question on why they are blowing up the quest items (as opposed to nabbing them with a hawk) with a nice big fat “DURRRRRR” all in caps.

I can’t remember the last time, outside of high school in the mid ’80s, that I heard someone say “Durrrrr”. And here somebody TYPED it to me? In all caps?

OMigod, I had to share that with Cassie. That right there… that was priceless.

Bloggers, here is my challenge to you!

Share with us on your blog your favorite moment of asshatery commited against you in these first few days of the expansion. It must have some funny twist that raises it out of the norm.


Share with us your “WoW, people can be awesome out of nowhere” moment.

I’d invite my readers to comment and do the same, but… eh, I was told by the folks at the meet and greet that trying to force a community response is lame.


60 thoughts on “Facepalm moments in the Wrath rush

  1. I had to kill a named mob for a quest. After staring at its corpse for a while and waiting, it re-spawned with two adds – the adds aggroed onto me, and a nearby rogue, clearly on the same quest, picked up the named mob.

    I had resigned myself to waiting for another spawn when, with the named mob around 10%, the rogue invited me to his party so we could share the kill and loot the quest item. It was really nice of him and I thanked him enthusiastically 🙂


  2. I rather put it here since people who read my blog likely wouldn’t even understand.

    Well it’s nice to know it’s likely just a phase. I was without WoW for several months (long story) so by the time I could get on again for some real questing, the new patch was well in place. I was at the moment just running around in Plaquelands to re-orient myself to the game and learn the nifty new spells I got (and learn to live without the ones I lost) so not an issue. Just had to learn to avoid new areas. Then Lich King came out and there were suddenly Death Knights pretty much taking over.

    I got to Outland and I did meet some “kill so no one else can have it!” Horde jerks. Being Horde makes them more annoying because you can’t talk to them and tell them what jerks they are. I assume they know they are and probably get jollies from seeing some gibberish from a flustered Alliance quester.

    I do usually give benefit of the doubt and assume they’re questing too. But if you kill the boss 20 times before I get the first hit, you’re being asses.

    Anyway. There’s one quest where the population of mobs is the worst I’ve seen in the game ever. It doesn’t help if more than one person is questing there. And at this time there were a bunch of Horde Death Knights pretty much taunting me. (I swear they were.) So I stood around and finally got the first hit on the big guy, but only got 2 lucky shots at the minions I needed before I gave up. Why I stayed for 30 minutes is my own fault.

    Later, I tried again and was flustered seeing others already there. But they were Alliance. We chatted a moment, complaining about the population. Then he had an AWESOME idea. So we grouped and everyone got the quest done SO much faster and decided to do the chain. Then I got confused where to go (thinking THEY got confused in my arrogant self) and ended up leaving to work on other stuff. So now I have to wait to do the Overlord Quest.

    Another thing I encountered had to do with running an instance. A guild member invited me and without realizing it, after he left, I was left with non-guildies. I don’t do instances much, and I had some rather cumbersome (but in my opinion helpful) ideas on how to run things. I finally conceded that they were in fact cumbersome and never mind.

    Now it is my fault being confused about the looting. Group Loot is much more fair than round robin after my husband explained it to me. Not to mention I refused to give up leadership.

    But what I refuse to feel bad about is receiving the loot off the boss. Almost everyone I’ve ever grouped with went with the “hit greed if you don’t need it but want to sell it, but hit need ONLY if you will use it.” Passing is your discretion.

    So I hit greed. I assumed if someone needed it, they’d hit need. They “scolded” me and asked if I bought my account.

    I explained I don’t play too seriously and I don’t do instances much but I got to this level fair and square… which is why it took over a year to get to 60.

    I looked over the log after whining to my guild and discovered none of those people were IN my guild (I expect my guild to be much nicer from experience) and that most people passed and I think 2 or 3 people also hit greed.

    I think THEY don’t know what they’re doing or follow some other rule where you pass on something unless you need it it. Then you hit greed. That doesn’t make sense though. What if no one needs it? It’s just left there and someone lost a chance to get a few extra gold?

    Which we need because we don’t cheat and buy gold or do that thing where you buy cheap items on AH only to sell them for more? While that action is legal, I don’t like it as it makes the item more expensive for the people who DO really need it.

    I do have my own weird way of doing things in WoW and if flustered enough, I will take a kill from another quester but sometimes will stick around to provide backup for the respawn if I have time.

    But overall, I try to be courteous. If I have to farm, I make sure there’s no questers and if there are, I ask what are they NOT going after and I’ll help clear the area as I farm.


  3. I only find that people are bad in doing the dailies, rushing here and there taking ore and killing things. I tend to slow way down, and watch folks. If it looks like they are going for the same item and there is only one, I back off and let them have it. There will be more later. Prime example is that Brashor’s (sic) landing for those power cores for the portal guy in Shatt. If I see someone who is also in phased, and I can’t see if they are taking the power cores or not, I will go off in a different direction to collect them. Same for anything else. I often just stop near some ore to get my bearings, not to collect it, though. That may cause some problems for other gatherers, but if they start to swing or ask, I will move out of the way. If I see dead animals and someone killing them, I always ask if they mind if I skin. The majority of the time it is ok. Now if it is the opposite faction, I will grab the skins that is furtherest away from them. I figured they aren’t skinning and it is ok.

    What I hate is when someone sees me killing mobs to get to a treasure chest or ore and grab it without so much as a thank you, those are the times, I wished there was a “grab them by the throat and shake them for 5 minutes” button. And I will not do that to someone else. My own rep to protect.


  4. I really haven’t had any moments like that with anyone, tbh.

    My favorite story is about a little paladin on a RP-PvP server. I was on a quest to kill a mob over in Coldarra and was racing towards him on my mount and realized right next to me was a belf paladin (I’m a nelf druid). It occurred to the both of us we were gunning for the same mob. There are a couple of ways to do this on a PvP server: First, you can just get in a race to the mob, see who tags it first, and then either wait if you lost the race or /cheer yourself for beating out the other guy. Second, you can fight the other guy for it. Well, this guy wasn’t too smart. If he would have tagged the mob before me I would have totally let him have it . . . possibly even help him kill the mob. But no, he uses repentance on me. Great, here I am stunned as he goes and tags the mob. Oh woe is me, what should I do? Well, here on a PvP server you should ALWAYS have your trinket equipped, and if not shame on you. So I trinket and (being two levels higher than the silly pally) I destroy him, he bubbles, I destroy him a second time, I shadowmeld to reset the mob, and I win.

    Silly pally.


  5. lol, sorry BBB, I guess the above post isn’t funny or even about Wraith. Funny…. funnny… oh yeah, the other day, I was about to kill a quest mob and out of no where, he was grey to me, looking all over and it was a gnome hidden in the grass behind me. So, I helped him to finished it up and waited and again about to sic BRM on it and again, it is grey again, after the monkey got there and a dwarf had hit it. So I sat down and waited for it to come again. I take it hunter’s mark means nothing in WotLK. But I was thinking of somehow slipping a thousand fleas into their arm pits. Is this better?


  6. I’ve been lucky, the only rude moments I had so far were a draenei paladin snatching a named mob from me when it respawned though I clearly came there first, and the other was someone from my own faction mining a Runed Stone Giant I had just finished looting and was going to mine. Other than that, it’s been a breeze so far. But then I play Horde, the kinder, gentler side. 😉


  7. I’ve had my fair share of rogue ambushes and chain fears, but I try to remember that behind every player, Alliance or Horde, is a person. Even if that person is a jerk. God knows I sometimes lose control and forget that a level 32 lock is not the level 70 lock who camped my corpse for 30 minutes, but I do try.

    Prowling around in Terrokar I came across a Tauren Druid doing the escort quest from Firewing Point. The quest is level 64 and suggests two players; this poor sap was 64, but clearly couldn’t find any help. After seeing him struggle past a couple mobs, I decided to be his second. Between the two of us, it was cake; after we finished he volunteered, through various emotes, to help me through the same quest.

    A similar situation occurred when I was trying to collect my raiding blues for tanking heroics; one was a quest reward which required killing off a powerful elite NPC. The quest suggested a group of five, but there were no volunteers … for three consecutive nights. I got tired of it, so I tried to two-man the target with a Hunter friend, but we couldn’t get him past 40%. A Horde group stopped by, watched us die, then started on the mob themselves. I ran to my corpse and rezzed in time to give them a hand. They were kind enough to wait for the respawn and repay the favor.

    Amazing how appreciative people can be if you just take a moment to help them out, even cross-faction on a PVP server.

    As to asshatery? I have awful timing. My Mage alt just hit 60. Hellfire is filled with Death Knights of both factions running around ganking each other, backed up by their 70 full-Brutal friends/mains. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been destroyed, robbed of quest mobs, or left to die. Although I did get saved by that Rogue once. Kudos to him. At least none of them have mining 300 yet, so I don’t get my mineral nodes stolen.


  8. /target
    /cast Moonfire

    I’ve done this like 40 times since the xpac came out. Everyone wants the mob for themselves, no one wants to share, Boomkin for the win.


  9. As a lvl 69 deathknight, I had over 150 pvp fights over a 4 day period. Most of them one on one. However there were plenty of 70 mains/friends, or bored lvl 70 without the xpack ganking new dks etc.

    However, there is one story I have to relate.

    On Saturday morning I hit lvl 65, and decided to hit the ring of blood event immediately for the 2 H weapon. I gathered my lvl 70 priest (on another account), and my DK and sent out messages far and wide looking for assistance. I was lucky enough to get another 65 DK, aand 70 ret pally. We arrived in Nagrand at the event site, and were waiting for the 70 paladin. A 72 Belf pally shows up with a 67 hord DK. Shortly thereafter a 70 horde fury warrior shows up in brutal gear and they start the event.

    We decide to be gracious, and assist them with the whole event, start to finish. Did we take advantage and attack them? no. We helped them.

    As soon as the Ring event was complete, the 3 of them turned on us and tried to kill us. At first I thought it was a joke. I had my son playing my priest, and he said “dad, the warrior is trying to kill me”, I couldnt believe it, so i ran over to look, and sure enough he was attacking my priest. Long story short, we killed the 3 of them in about 20 seconds. Due to their misbehavior, we killed the warrior 2 more times on principle.

    I could relate lots of stories of being camped by lvl 74 horde, or teams of lvl 73s etc….with my lowly 68-69 DK, but everyone has probably experienced some of that.


  10. OK that should have read:

    /target *Dead mob that everyone is waiting around for, not accepting group invites, not sending any*
    /cast Moonfire

    Nobody owns a mob until they tag it, and if people wanna stand around thinking that since they were there first, they deserve the kill, then they deserve to wait another spawn cycle. Then they can go bakc to 3rd grade and learn about sharing.


  11. Ok, i’m a whimp.. i play on a normal (non rp, non pvp) server and generally only pvp in the battlegrounds. I’m generally careful to not flag or even buff a flagged person. Then again, I don’t have to worry about getting ganked when trying to quest, and other than getting too near a capital city, almost never have to worry about getting ganked period.. (still haven’t attempted to sneak into orgrimmar and fish or run rfc, waiting till my druid is tougher than the guards, and might even respec just for that attempt to feral for better stealth)

    but I digress..

    my facepalm moment was swimming out to get that chest peice quest item from the haunted ship, there’s a bomber that will take you there.. I swam the whole way… but.. as a druid.. it didn’t take as long as if i had been on my hunter.


  12. Heh.

    I don’t so much have a story of “asshattery” as personal idiocy. In Howling Fjord there is a daily quest to bomb some pirate ships. Because of the high volume of characters, usually you have to go around twice to get it done. Anyway, some of us group up to get the quest done and as we go around the second time, one of the others got too close to the edge and falls off, missing the last couple kills, so now not only does he have to swim back to the shore, he’s gotta do the quest again too.

    I laugh at the guy, but I feel bad for him too and and the zeppelin pulls up to the dock, I jump off to turn the quest in…and fall onto the ledge below. Takes me about five minutes to navigate my way back to town, and being in a hurry I run along the edge of the dock to turn the quest in…and fall through another hole, onto the ledge below. Meanwhile my fiancee (whom I play the game with) is laughing hysterically in the background. Man did I feel dumb.


  13. Being a Horde on a PVP server mainly populated by Alliance, it can be a pain in the ass. But when an alliance four boxes his way to 80 and then goes around ganking people just because he can? I understand it’s a PVP server, and that the whole point is to gank people, but when your *guildmates* aren’t even ganking people, and you are, because you can, and are 80? FFS, get a life. (And he wasn’t very good, mind. Two of us caught him off guard before he could get us and he got pwnt…by two lvl 72s!!!)

    As for nice moments…also being on a PVP server…named mob quests are NOT fun! The quest “Do Unto Others” has you go to Hearthglen to kill the general lady there. It’s a group quest–three to five people (she hits hard). The allies in there before my group wipe. So we pick her up because we can, besides the fact we aggro’d her by being in the vicinity after they wiped. They come back in as we’re fighting and we’re all thinking “Oh, shit, they’re going to gank us and grab the mob.” To our surprise, they helped us kill the mob and left us be. So, we decided to do the same for them. Isn’t it nice when you can see allies and hordies helping each other out on a PVP server? 😀


  14. The quests to kill named mobs are toughest, but I have started inviting any others I see to a group while I wait for a respawn. So far this has worked as far as getting quests done with minimal frustration. My one /facepalm moment was in Coldarra, waiting to kill a named mob for a quest item, it was me (NE boomkin), a draenei shammy which i invited & she accepted, & a BE pally, who was flagged AFK. (O.o) The pally was standing on the spawn point spamming consecrate, so when the mob popped naturally she got it. However, she did not grab her quest item & run off like all the others I had seen so far have done. She just went back to standing there, spamming consecrate again. Still flagged as AFK. The shammy & I were a little quicker this time & got the mob, & after we killed it & looted our items, the pally ran off finally. Guess she figured the fun was over since she didn’t succeed in ruining our questing. /QQ off


  15. Standing on a box I need to get for a quest .. but I’m fighting the mob guarding it. Someone strolls up and grabs the box from under my feet literally…… and that was one dozens of ninja instances I moaned about in my blog.



  16. So I am off questing in the Borean Tundra near the beginning where you go into the mine. There are a couple of mobs, the quest item (a dead or dying guy), and a lovely shiny node of cobalt all bunched together. It would be my first node, very excited. So I’m fighting the mobs right next to the node and a hunter comes up and mines it right from under me! Same faction too. I felt compelled to comment. “Did you not think I might have needed that node?” “Oh I just thought you were doing the quest. And anyway you hardly ever see a rogue miner” Aarrgghh! Not an excuse for being a total asshat.

    More of a /facepalm followed a by a /sigh moment has being trying quest as a rogue when there are DKs around. I go into stealth so I can pickpocket, get my opening move and do max damage. So there I am behind the mob I have pumped my ‘Hunger for Blood’ 3 times to increase the damage. Time to feel the pain mob. A flash of pink light, the mob has gone, sucked over to a nearby DK. Annoyed for a fraction of second and then laughing at how stupid my rogue would have looked. I mean what can I do? I am stealthed. Of course the DK doesn’t know I ‘m there.

    But like some other posters I had a nice moment too where someone has invited me to a group to kill a named mob after they have already started the fight. Very cool.


  17. You know, that comment about learning to share is so true.

    Cassie and I like to do the boat ride Daily Quest at Westgarde Keep every day now.

    And we do the same thing.

    We go to the prow of the ship… grouped of course… and say, “Anyone want to join our group for this?”

    If we get no response, and there are others nudging on the prow… we do our utmost damnedest to screw them on the bombing run.

    For the sheer principle of the thing.

    The trips where we add people to the group are the good trips… but I’ll admit, the ones like that one run, where the one 74 Gnome Rogue that is doing /spit when I asked if he’d like to join us, that failed to get any mobs on run two because cassie and I are a well-oiled bombing machine.. who is getting all up in our grill on the prow, and then… THEN… plummmeted OFF the prow of the ship as it headed back to the dock, falling far, far below into the water? Very far from shore?



  18. Hmm. have read all these interesting accounts and I have my own to share.

    I play a NE Druid and was exploring and questing the the Howling Fjord area, and picked up a quest to plant a flag in town square and defend it against incoming vikings.

    I thought, easy as pie and went in kitty prowling, planted the flag and waited for the first add to arrive. It did, except that not long after the second and third also decided to rock up.

    Yup, went to Bear form to hold them down and decided, to slowly work my way through the small gang of vikings pounding on my face. Might take a while, but yea, I can do it.

    Then, I saw a tauren druid come towards me in kitty form, and started DPSing one of my mob. So I thanked him (macro) and stacked lacerate on the mob he was killing. And repeated that for the next 2 or 3. While we couldn’t communicate per say. The /wave and /hi were enough to know that he’s not a jerk.

    So I returned the favour when he planted his flag by dropping his mobs too.

    And then it was a /wave /bye /salute before we went our separate ways.

    It’s just this, druids usually help druids. (cept for that time I got chased to moonglade by another cow intent on killing me when I got flagged, too bad that when we zoned in there were some Ally druids there to help the little kitty out.)



  19. It is a hard time. I try to be nice and group with people who are obviously after the same mob. However when you have 20 people half alliance half horde all sitting on one respawn point it gets tough.

    As a hunter sometimes you just need to drop an explosive trap and spam volley. Don’t like to do it but occasionally there is no choice.

    I’m sure it will settle down soon enough.




  20. Not really a facepalm moment, but:
    My ele shaman friend and I were paying a visit to Alex at Wyrmrest, when we cottoned onto the idea of using TB for a little bit of mischief.
    The first horde who flew far, far over the edge caused some giggling.
    The second was funnier still.
    The three-man guild group who came to put a stop to our shenanigans was hilarious.

    But then the fun really started:
    They brought two ele shammies, a priest and a paladin.

    We, by principle, brought a mage, a priest and boomkin.

    It was brilliant. God knows what people trying to turn in quests must have thought, with paladins flying off into the air, their bubbles being snatched at the last moment by well-positioned priests (lucky I have my engineering cape!), treants zooming past them and boomkins falling through the sky to land with a whump beside the bodies of dragons littered around the temple.

    We eventually called it a day once the clock started ticking on toward midnight, but not without exchanging thanks & well-meant warnings on our opposing-faction alts!


  21. Another Mage story here,
    Was running about Zul’Drak on a quest to kill spiders and bats for items they dropped. Now like many hunters out there I have my trusty Ape companion out and about to grab a large group so I can AOE then down. I had been doing this for a while when all of a sudden I get a whisper “idiot”.
    “I’m sorry?” I write back trying to get clarity on the situation. But nothing.
    Turns out the person was a mage in the same area who was trying to gather mobs so that he could AOE them down for a quest. I must have tagged one he was going for without realising it. I don’t think that I deserved the whisper though.

    On the plus side have been having great times with people inviting me in to groups to get quest mobs with long waiting queues.


  22. I had my good share of the mentioned ganking/herb-stealing in the last week but – on the other hand – wittnessed some niceties, too.
    One bad thing that I want to share was about two guys who were enjoying themselves in some nazi-talk in /1. As I told the one that I would not have something like that and write a ticket they and some other mentally challenged individuals really began mocking me and called me left-faschoist. Well in the end the list of names and quotes in the ticket got longer. One of the guys /w me and asked me mockingly if I really would send out a ticket so he could prepare. You bet, mate. No tolerance to the intolerant.
    Thanks to the GM I haven’t had the “pleasure” to see them online again since then.



  23. Asshat moment –
    I’m more weeny than everyone else… while the vast amount of Alliance folks on my realm seem to be 73-78 at the moment (they play too much ;P) I’m still not quite past 71. Anyway… while the Mrs was busy last night, I decided to go ore-farming. Being productive without going through content without her seemed like a good idea.
    So… lots of exploring, grabbed lots of cobalt, then charging around the higher level areas, risking my neck for bits of rock. Nothing ventured nothing gained after all! And I needed Saronite ;P
    I found a particularly profitable route through a level with lots of 76-78 mobs in it, and stuck to that for a while. Occasionally getting into fights with the natives… which become rather long affairs for a level 71 Prot warrior against a level 77 or 78 mob ;P BUT… they’re doable, just slow.
    Anyway, long story short. – “Rich Saronite Node! Great!” *rides over, tries to mine, some level 78 somethingorother attacks* “Bugger… fine…” so starts a long fight…
    While I’m fighting this thing, literally standing RIGHT by the node, where I had been mining, some arse of a Tauren on his swishy flying mount (he was level 78) lands, and mines it, right there next to me. There’s little me, earning this node through blood and sweat, and he just takes it..

    I hate people 😦

    Good people –
    Like many others here, the main good experiences have been people grouping up to get quests done that involve specific mobs, or the bombing quest. And in general most people have been really quick to invite to make everyone’s life easier and not just screw people over.

    To those people, thanks!

    To that Tauren?… I’ll kill you one day! *shakes fist*


  24. In the death knight starter area, you get a quest where you have to hide away and ambush someone. You are given an item to use to hide with, and when you hide the mob you need to ambush appears for you. So I create the hidey, the mob is summoned and the total nubcake hanging around looking confused death grips my mob, tags it and proceeds to kill it.

    I mean if they are on the quest, then they have the item to hide behind which will summon their own bleeding mob specifically for them to kill. No competition, no need to nick other people’s mobs. If they were trying to be malicious, they failed, because the hiding item only has a 30 second cooldown, so I just mocked their foolishness, waited and summoned another mob. Which another asshat in the area ran towards, but this time I was ready with my deathgrip.

    Read the bleeding quest text people! Honestly.


  25. I don’t know if I’d call this A–hattery or not, but you beckoned we share:

    La night my wife nad I finally upgraded to Wrath. We’d been putting it off, but I couldn’t resist the itch anymore. So we’re doing an early quest, the one for the cultist communique, and we’re just waiting for respawns, since everyone must have come through and murdered everything. After a few minutes waiting, some dude comes up and starts camping the same spawn we’re waiting for, and it dawns on me, maybe he can’t see us (I’m a rogue, she’s a druid, we’re stealthed).

    Oops, that’s my fault. So I unstealth for a moment, wave, restealth. Wait for a moment…yeah, he’s not going anywhere. My wife says screw it, runs over to another spawn point. I follow and we get the communique on the first kill after trying to get it for 15-20 minutes. We could have competed with the guy for that spawn, but I guess it’s not worth it to be stubborn. :p


  26. I’m considering building a character wide macro which spams “/s Ninja Filth”

    Had people from guilds. People from no guilds. I’m killing three mobs for quest items and they will come up and take both of those quest items. Given that currently levelling druid, i stealth, follow them around, and ninja quest items from them until they get annoyed. Thats fun.

    I’m not that bothered by herbs or ore. I got the points to 420 from Netherwing ledge and even got some xp from the dailies there…


  27. When I get on my epic flying mount with the riding crop equipped and the cartographer mob remembering the node locations, I can fly up on a node and right click it before the player mining it appears on my screen.
    So that was probably me, sorry about that.
    On the other hand, I hardly ever let a mob kill another player out of spite, even horde. I’m sure it’s probably happened once, but I try to make friends with the other players as opposed to compete with them.
    Waiting for the named mob to spawn, see another player approaching? Invite them, and whisper “need Big Roy?” and once you guys kill it, say thanks and univite them. Why bother competing? You lose both ways. Either you don’t tag it first or the other player hates you.
    See someone fighting a mob next to a mining node? Help them kill the mob and whisper “mining?”. 3 pieces of ore aren’t worth it. Besides if they start mining it, time to mount and beat them to the next node 🙂
    You don’t even have to be doing this out of the goodness of your heart, do it to be selfish, perhaps that other player will see you in trouble later and help out.
    If you can buff: buff everyone. Waiting for the boat with others is the best time to give those 30 minute buffs. (I have to admit I usually skip the 10 minute buffs)
    And if you see a little kindness thrown your way, add them to your friends list, and note down where/when. You’d be surprised how often you run back into the same people weeks later.

    Examples of bad playing: Howling Fjord, the pirates to the south are hostile until you do a quest to talk to them, so please, stop killing them.
    And to that Tauren Warrior who flagged himself by killing the Alliance quest giver. Yes I’m that “kilo” that killed you when you were at half health after the fight, and I’ll do it again if I catch you doing it again.


  28. SHOUTING: When I got my n52 keypad, I left its default key bindings. For the main 14 keys they are:

    Q W E R
    A S D F
    Z X C

    I then bound that middle row to the first five items on my buttonbar (the ones I use the most). I was hitting caps lock all the time, and tended to SHOUT a lot in chat, or notice the shouting in mid chat and up with messages like

    FARM 3 INC
    LOCK WAr druid


  29. I think we’ve all experienced the sudden increase in asshatery around the World… of Warcraft. However, in thinking up stories to try and share on my blog, as challenged, I came across a central theme: Don’t get mad, get even! Steal your fun back!

    I’m not saying you should gank back, but try to twist it into a postive experience.

    For example: follow them around for 10 minutes and /cheer at every mob they kill like you’re their own personal groupie. When they get annoyed enough to ask what you’re doing, shrug and answer “It’s part of the game”. That’s what they woulda told you if you’d asked why they stole your mob anyways, right? Besides, if you’re like me, you’ve just had fun acting silly for the last 10 minutes and that’s the whole point of games… to have fun.


  30. On my post above, to the left of Q is TAB, to the left of A is CAPS, and to the left of Z is SHIFT.

    I wrote them with angle brackets, and they just disappeared.


  31. To be honest, I have seen more acts of kindness than ass-hattery since the expansion went live. With limited resources, I have seen most players group up to get maximum benefit wherever possible. Almost every time I have gone to kill a named mob I have been group invited. When I am not group invited, I invite others and every single time the people I have invited have been tickled to have that kind of courtesy extended to them.

    One specific act of kindness our group did was the other night when a couple of friends and I grouped up to do the one quest in Borean Tundra at the top of the ziggurat. There was a group ahead of us and we vowed to help them get their kill so we could get to our turn quicker. Our tank charged in and accidentally tagged the mob before they did and we got credit for the kill. We ended up staying until that group got credit a second time.

    The bottom line is this. If everyone committed to doing one act of kindness every single day while playing WoW, it would be a much better game for everyone, especially when everything is so contested as it is now.


  32. My least favorite moment of asshattery:

    This one is simple, before Wrath came out Cho’gall had a 1.5:1 Alliance Horde Ratio. That was nice, we outnumbered them enough to be able to deal with their what seems like 40 man raids on Westfall and Elwynn, plus their daily assault on every Alliance city at the same time. Within two days after Wrath dropped, most of the Horde were 80. They got the first character to 80, all first classes to 80, all of the first to do this or that Northrend instance. In TWO DAYS. They also got the 450 skill achievements too.

    But my beef is with the Alliance. As soon as free transfers off Cho’gall started, all of our tanks and healers left to the new PvP server. Now all we have is a bunch of Mages, Locks, Rogues, and dps specced other classes. Whats more the classes with a potential to heal refuse to respec, even if they have a set of alternative spec gear. I was offering to pay for their spec changes and for them reverting to dps when we get a new influx of tanks and mages transfering in. No dice. All of our Alliance that left were replaced with more level 80 Horde, changing the ratio from 1.5:1 to 1:4.6 (may not be fully accurate, the website I use to check server ratios said there are not enough Alliance to determine a proper ratio).

    So all of the Horde had downed all our city bosses. We see level 10 Horde hanging out in Elwynn wandering around because they have nothing to fear other then mobs. All the Horde ride on the achievement bear mount. I saw a group of Horde DK playing keep away with an Alliance level 50 with Deathgrip. That was actually really funny.

    Anyways there was some crazy rare act of goodness from a Horde who was a guild leader and apparently an Alliance sympathiser. There were a ton of Horde from the same guild chaseing me and I was pulling out all my stops to escape. Vanish, Sprint, Evasion, what have you. They had killed me a couple times and were intent on camping me until I logged. Then the Horde guild leader flew and landed in front of me. He /bow’ed me and turned to the other Horde. They said some stuff back and forth for a minute then a few of them lost the name of the guild under their name so I knew he kicked them. The rest shuffled off and he turned to me and /apologize’d. He then flew off. I never got a chance to thank him, although I did see him in Dalaran so I /wave’d and /thank’ed him. Always nice to see a Horde who isn’t a power level and/or gold buying, camp the few Alliance that are left, and camp quest mobs douchebag.


  33. /rantyMcRantRant
    My first tale of asshattery comes from the pre WotLK buildup. For almost a year, I was raiding with a well organized, rather serious alliance raiding guild(names will not be mentioned as I am not wanting to smear them). I was there for the guild’s first Vash and Kael kills(pre 3.0), and after everyone got their hyjal rings/attunement titles the decision was made to focus purely on T6. We were on Archimonde and halfway thorough BT before the 3.0 patch dropped and raiding became easymode. I felt I was a valued member of the guild, despite having been with the guild for less than half the time of the old hands and founding members. We were on one of the high pop servers that got free server transfers, and the guild voted to move. Myself and the three RL friends that were on the server were torn. Three of us had done the server dance before and it ended poorly, and thus were worried. In the end myself and one other moved and the other two didn’t. About two days after I moved, I was informed that while I was welcome to stay in the guild, they “only wanted two hunters for their raiding team for WotLK and i wasn’t one of them because some people have issues with me.”
    I was stunned, because noone had said a thing to me. I was told this by one of the two guildmasters, who along with the hunter that is ranged class lead, are two of the nicest people I know. Both apologized profusely and said that I was supposed to have been told before I moved. I had initially said I wasn’t moving, and I believe them when they say it was a mistake. I also believe the rest of the guild leadership wanted me gone and gave a BS excuse rather than tell me directly.
    What grinds my gears is that they claim there were issues with something about my actions that I was never talked about. The one thing I suspect caused part of the problem is that I spent more time grinding on my wintersaber mount than grinding mats for my shadow resist set(for mother sharaz in BT). The guild officers set a deadline on getting your SR set, and the weekend before I knocked the whole thing out. I had my gear in order on time. But I still got some sass from the fact I seemed to be playing the game for other reasons than our raid progression.
    I fully admit I may have done something that pissed people off without realizing it. I’m not a jerk, but I can be very blunt with my opinions when I get going on a topic I care about. I don’t recall any heated conversations with guildies… guild policy was to keep politics and religion out of guild chat, which I did.
    Yet I was ousted for “issues” I was never told about. Never. At one point leading up to this I was told I was “acting like a loot whore,” but it was never explained why I was worse than anyone else that was drooling over the potential for T6 loot. I have to wonder how many of the dozen that didn’t move were told not to move and didn’t say anything.
    I don’t resent being tossed out of the guild, I resent how it wad done and that these “issues” were never discussed with me. I’m now convinced what I used to believe: Hardcore raiding eventually turns you into an asshole.
    I left my hordies on Zangermarsh to roll a new alliance toon and raid with this guild. I’m now back with a guild on Zanger with people I like, and that know when to step back and take a break from the game. I now have a partially T6/partially badge geared alliance Hunter on a low pop server with noone I care to play with that’s not in this guild that tossed me out. I’m back to my horde toons now, probably forever.
    Moral of the story: Never put raiding or loot over the simple fun of playing with friends. Don’t worry about not getting to see that top end content if it means making the game more work and less fun. I did both, and have a year’s worth of work on characters I’ll never use again.
    I feel better after this rant. I should say that the guild I’m talking about is, for the most part, great people. I lost friends in this. I wish them all the best… except for the ones that couldn’t talk to me about their problems and had to make the nice guys deliver my bad news. I only hope that others can avoid making my mistakes in the future, and will remember that raid progression isn’t worth becoming assholes.

    Turning this around, I had the most inspiring experience in a pug I’ve ever seen recently. I’m out in borean tundra, reviewing what quests I want to do when. I still had all my nexus quests, and two mages in my guild had never run nexus, so a pug was born. Not a single guild tank of proper level was on, but there was a 69 warrior about to ding 70. So we waited. he dings 70, and off we go into LFG to find us a healer. We snag a priest, and into the nexus we go. Our warrior was in mostly greens, but at the time none of us thought it a problem. everyone else was wearing outland epics, so I assumed we’d have the DPS and heals to compensate for the tank’s gear. Off we go, hanging a right into the hall of infinitely respawning shrub things. The mages have ice block, and I can feign death, but a priest’s fade is not a permanent agro reduction. When a shrub respawned, it’d head straight for him. My pet was offtanking them wonderfully, but he was always taking a hit or two before it picked them up. Further on we agro a pat, 8 mobs plus seedlings on the tank, we wipe. These things happen, we run back and keep going. Most of the way to the boss, we pull right as shrublings respawn on our rear, and another wipe. Stress levels are growing, but everyone’s comitted to it. The tank especially was stressed as he was fighting his gear deficit. We wipe on the Ormorok, mostly due to the shrublings joining in to nibble on our asses during the fight. The warrior lets out “gee, nice heals,” the priest snaps back, and I can see the pug about to fall apart.
    But it didn’t. Myself and one of the other mages beg them to calm down… and they did. Both the warrior and the priest start apologizing and we suddenly are all talking like friends. The priest explained that she had a family member in the hospital and was letting that stress spill over. (If you’re reading this my friend, I hope everything is working out well.) We get Ormorok down cleanly. The tank snagged a 72 pally and graciously stepped out and the run finished well. The priest got a nice wand from Telestra, which to me felt like a karmic reward for the high pressure we had on her at the start of the run.
    I can’t tell you how many pugs I’ve seen fall apart after a few wipes, or after one person looses their temper and snaps off a harsh comment. We were at that point and somehow avoided it. It wasn’t this amazing hallmark moment… but for some reason, seeing this group turn that around and pull it back together was very inspiring to me.

    Ralowae and BlackTooth, Zangermarsh


  34. I have a far more involved story to share on my blog… but here’s one that was… unexpected.

    Hubby and I are running around in Howling Fjord questing… and I occasionally run off to grab the occasional cobolt mine. After a while it was time to head off to a new quest zone, and I was busy conversing with some fellow guildies. So I let hubby on his usually-holy-but-shadow-for-leveling priest lead the way with me on follow. Now hubby knows my paladin can’t fly… and hubby knows that I wasn’t paying attention to where we were going. So hubby decided it would be really really funny to send my epic-plate-wearing-11g-per-death paladin ass flying off a cliff… while he floated down unharmed. He had to stand, point and laugh at me too, before giving me a rez. The fall was so bad, that even after I died, my body continued to bounce down the side of the cliff…. coming to a rest at the bottom. I was so infuriated… but I guess thats what I get for letting a man lead the way XD


  35. Sorry nothing much worth mentioning. I do my best to invite ppl to groups when standing there waiting for a respawn. And ppl have invited me too – or if I ask them to, they often will. I think a lot of players are just consumed by the whole experience of the game, and levelling, and forget there’s other human beings around them. But with a small reminder, most people I’ve found have been pretty receptive. This is how I’ve been operating and what the experience of playing is like, so I’m assuming its the same for a lot of others.

    (btw, I hate that daily bombing quest. Took long enough the first time with nothing going wrong. . I aint going back for a long long time. However, the dragon fighting daily next to wyrmwrst temple??? That is a total blast)


  36. I had my first experience with total jerks in Wrath on the second day of playing. I was with a friend doing the quest in HF from Fort Wildervar where you have to go down to Giant’s Run and kill the elite Runed giants. If you’ve done these, you’ll know that the runed ones can be hard to find, especially if other people are there. It also took us a couple stupid deaths to figure out that the giants hit hard enough to justify me switching to tanking gear. So after spending what felt like forever getting the first few down, we needed one more. We finally found it and pulled. Unfortunately, we also pulled a couple of non-elites nearby. After an epic battle, I died right as my friend finished off the mobs. Then, while he was rez’ing me, a belf paladin and a hunter ran by and USED UP OUR DEAD GIANT FOR HIS OWN QUEST! Naturally, the giant became an invalid target for us to use. He just /laugh’d and ran off.

    How evil can a person be?


  37. I have had both good and bad experiences last week, something I haven’t seen happen before. First the bad. I was at Warsong hold, where you get a bunch of quest to do right outside the camp. No ganks cause the place is full of horde and horde guards and lots of quick spawn. Anyhow, I have this rogue called Flexie or something practically following me around. The 3 quests involves killing spiders, setting prisoners they webbed free and getting arms from boxes behind them. this rogue would just follow me around and when I would start killing spiders to get to box and prisoners, he would immediately get it for himself. Not helping me to kill, not teaming me. While I am on mob, he simply picks up the arms and prisoners. He does this a couple of times and I moved to another area. He followed me right there and started repeating same stuff. This time I messaged him “I am killing the mobs to get to the box and prisoners and you’re ninja’ing them”. He sends me a message “nice. good for me” and continues doing it. I just left the area for another quest and came back later.

    On other hand, I seen people help me a lot. Most of the group quests can be solo’ed if you managed to grab epics at 70. So usually when I get a quest involving killing some big boss that suggests a group of 2-3, I try to solo it and only get a team or help if I can’t. Last night, I got a quest to kill a bird boss south of the wyrm temple in dragonblight. I spawn it, and start wacking away when I notice it hits me for like 3-4k per hit and my hp is dropping fast. I start spam heals, but soon I am at 20% hp with not enough mana to land a holy heal and plea is on CD. I bubble, heal some flash, get ready to die when I suddenly get a team invite out of nowhere. I accept and then wham, the bird aggro’es someone else. Some tauren DK knight was passing by and noticed me about to die and stopped to help. He holds aggro while I grab some mana and alternate between healing and dps and manage to down the bird. The best part was, he didn’t even need the boss. He just stopped to help me.

    I usually invite people if I am waiting for a boss spawn. Once team is full, most other people will back off when they see 5 people camping a mob and wait their turn. Nobody wants to be marked an asshat when you’re leveling and will need a team sooner or later.


  38. As a priest, I’ve learned to ‘take one for the team’, so to speak. Doing the spires quests in Borean Tundra I found a group of very nice people, and most of our mobs and spire minibosses were ninjad by a t6 hunter with one shot as soon as the mob spawned every single time.

    Clearly, this means war.

    By the time we get to the third spire we’re all waiting around, even Mr Hunter.

    So I flagged.

    I flagged and jumped around on him and as soon as the mob spawned he did the inevitable and clicked on me. I hit Psychic Scream and watched him flail around why my group tagged the mob, and /loled at him while he killed me.

    And then I got the hell out of dodge, but I was pretty satisfied knowing he was either going to have to res and risk the next group of alliance going by or wait the whoooole five minutes at his corpse, twiddling his thumbs.

    But on the positive side, we did the Arena of Anguish last night after waiting patiently for several groups to finish. A Horde group had actually come in to wait after we’d gotten there as well and they let us go first without arguement, and helped us kill everything and even cheered us on! I was very appreciative.


  39. I had TWO horde groups waiting to do the ring of blood quest in nagrand when i got there to help out a friend. so, i already chalk it up as a loss and do my JESUS BEAR (bearform..barkskin…dance). astonishingly, none of the hordies attacked (our server is dominated by horde and i am used to the occasional gank). so it is just my 66 friend and i and we start the quests….can we do all of them? no, but we can do the first two no prob. hordies stick around and see if two of us can do this group quest. we do well but struggle on the last guy of course. that is when miracles happened. BOTH groups attacked the guy and downed him super quick. it was awesome. then, after the guy was downed, they ALL started dancing with ME….ppl like our jesus bear dance man….on the real. i was shocked for a day or so on the help i got from those hordies.


  40. I had a druid/druid moment too last night. I was trying to finish the DEHTA last quest, requires two people to kill some guy. Anyway i get there, and sure enough there is a Tauren bear all by himself, with two adds plus the quest guy. Needless to say he was getting slaughtered. I’m restokin, so I proceed to tear the mobs a new one (he tagged them all of course), and we proceeded to just destroy them, and he gets his quest done. Great. So now my turn comes, and i’m just a squishy boomkin, i tag the quest guy, and the tauren PROCEEDS TO TANK HIM! And we nuke him down, mount up, and run and get our shiney new toys. It was a completely awesome day to be a druid (i really wish i had a SS)


  41. As an asshat DK, I’ve had a lot of facepalm moments already. I suppose its my own fault, I was confused.

    I thought that only people who had leveled at least 1 toon to lvl 55 could roll a DK. Now I knew a lot of really bad/stupid people would roll 1 as well. I was ok with it. So I hopped in. Cool intro, cool quests, a good system for learning the class.

    But to read general chat and you would swear you were in any number of starting zones. It was overridden with people asking any sort of question, that, if they had taken a moment to look, they would have found the answer *in the game*.

    The best, however, was “I’ve completed ‘x’ quest, what do I do now?” To be fair, the person who said it last had many preceding them, asking the excat same or similar questions, but I lashed out a bit. My response, in General chat, was “You’ve beaten the game! Time to go play something else! Grats!” Some “lol” followed.

    General chat fell silent for a few minutes. Just a very precious few.

    To make things worse, HFP is the new Barrens chat. “Your mom” and “Chuck Norris” make regular appearances. We won’t even get into how terribad people are at understanding what a “tank” is, or why using your *only* taunt to pull with *everytime* is a bad idea, no matter how nifty and cool it looks to use.


  42. The Ring of Blood brings out the crazy in people. I was helping a friend get the quest done when we realized we kept killing mobs and she wasn’t getting credit. Turns out this rogue was starting it, tagging it, and vanishing. We just hadn’t noticed. We’d asked before starting if anyone wanted to party up and she hadn’t said anything.

    Mostly it’s Outlands where you find the terribles. People seem nice and willing to group up for one quest mob or help you if you’re solo. But then I play on an RP server.


  43. I had another one happen last night. My boomkin is an alch/herb for fun and profit.. but, I had not gone back to the outlands to level herbing quickly off easy to find stuff like many had done. thus I was reduced to only picking the one plant I could find scattered across Howling Fjord as I was questing.

    I was at 395 skill and had just moved into dragonblight and was getting frustrated running across all those lovely frozen herbs that require 400.. I was halfway back to HF to go pick 5 more flowers when i remembered the herbalist gloves (+5 enchant) that had been sitting in my bank for ages gathering erm…. moss?

    one moonglade teleport and ride to darnassus bank and hearth back to dragonblight later and i was happily picking all those nice little frozen herbs.


  44. This isn’t Wrath-specific, but falls into the ‘people can be awesome’ category, sorta.

    I was in Netherstorm working on some anti-Legion quest (don’t remember the name, but the one where you have to possess certain demons to destroy the teleporters) and I ran into some trouble on the one near Silroth. Enter an undead warrior, who after /mourn’ing over my FD’d nelf pseudo-corpse proceeded to help with keeping adds at bay enough for me to get back on my feet and help. Through various emotes (/point and other things) we both managed to figure out we were aiming for the same goal, and took turns helping each other complete the quest objective.

    Cross-faction pseudo-grouping FTW.

    In ass-hattery (or asshat-recovery) – I was an unintentional asshat last week in BEM on the Planting the Banner quest – I flew to the tower in question, planted my banner, and started killing the ogres that came up, including the named boss. Not realizing that there was another hunter who had already started the sequence, and I tagged his mob 😦 As soon as I realized waht I’d done I apologized profusely, and helped him get another banner and kill the mobs again (this time, we grouped for the big baddie). I felt so bad about tagging the guy’s mob, especially on the second try when I realized that I’d caught the sequence in the middle, but I think things were cool between us by the time all the ogres were dead. I hope so, anyway.


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