Undecided about Professions?

So am I.

Yeah, I know, sorry. You saw the title of the post, and thought maybe I could guide you in what to take for your Druid.

I honestly don’t know, anymore.

I personally think that the Professions don’t feel complete.

Some Professions feel like they have been looked at carefully, the Gathering Professions for example each have their main use, plus one neat bonus.

We can discuss which bonuses we think are more valuable, Crit from Skinning, a passive

Health bonus from Mining or a proactive HoT (Lifebloom) from Herbalism… but still, each Gathering Profession has some fun.

But the others… it just feels strange.

Okay, take Cooking. In Dalaran, there is a repeatable daily quest you can do that will give you a Dalaran Cooking Award. These Awards are currency, get entered into your Currency tab, and it costs 3 Awards to buy Cooking Recipes, available from the Dalaran vendor. Recipes like Tracker Snacks. These recipes are also drops, but if you are missing a particularly desired recipe, you have a way to get it.

Likewise, Enchanters have a vendor they can visit in Dalaran, Vanessa Sellers, who will sell new Recipes in exchange for Dream Shards. Not an item from a daily quest, Dream Shards are the new Large Prismatic Shards, obtained from Disenchanting higher end blues. Pretty nice enchants, too. So there are Trained recipes, and Enchanters can also D/E stuff and buy recipes.

And what about Inscription? Again, there is a method, other than the Trainer, that Inscription can use to get new recipes, such as Northrend Inscription Research.

Leatherworkers can make a lot of awesome stuff, such as the Durable Nerubhide Cape, Trollwoven Spaulders and the entire 8 piece Eviscerator set…

Do you know how you get a lot of those awesome recipes?

A vendor in Dalaran, Braeg Stoutbeard, sells them in exchange for Leatherworking items such as Arctic Fur and Heavy Borean Leather.

So you’ve got Trainer recipes, and then you have a selection of recipes you can acquire by Skinning. 

Oh, and did you see those items? Bind on Equip. The Bind on Pickup for LW seems to be Leg Armor like the Frosthide Leg Armor. Nice? Absolutely. No question. (Sorry, Riverwish pointed out the Leg Armor is sellable as well, it just makes your item soulbound… just like using a new scope does. Now Leatherworking confuses me more than ever.) So Druids, Hunters, Shamans and Rogues will all be able to fill out items by pestering a Leatherworker. Not bad, right?

Do you see a trend here? It seems pretty consistent, right? 

I mean, Alchemists get Northrend Alchemy Research… Jewelcrafters have a LOT of recipes they buy from Tiffany Cartier using Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Tokens from daily quests… they all seem pretty consistent to me.

You get some recipes up front from a Trainer, and then later on, as you USE your profession, you can pick and choose other recipes from a vendor to target your needs first, and fill in the gaps later.

It is a smart, multi-tiered approach. I like it. 

But then let’s look at Engineering…


In the new expansion, there are a selection of self-only enchants… quite a lot of gear that requires Engineering skill to use… the new Goggles of course… you can make Scopes and Ammo to share, and there are Epic Guns eventually you can sell, and boy those Overcharged Capacitors are in high demand…

But every single recipe is available directly from the Trainer, except for the Motorcycles (which are Rep based). 

What you get from the Trainer as you level, is what you get. 

The Motorcycle, the Tanking gun and the DPS gun, the Mana and Healing Injectors, the Scopes and new Ammo machines… these are all going to sell. No question.

But, in comparison, it seems very strange. Engineers are totally up front from the Trainer, and what you see when you browse his inventory is it. No questing or drops or seeking more stuff elsewhere.

It’s an awesome profession, especially for Hunters. The Mark “S” Boomstick is Bind on Pickup, equippable at level 73 and is a teensy bit better than the 150 Badge Crossbow… the Goggles are pretty awesome… you still get to farm Gas Clouds… it’s not a bad profession at ALL.

But it still seems damned strange.

And then there is Tailoring… again, neat, but what you see from the Trainer seems to be it. Very strange.

Blacksmiths can create Sockets in their own gear… adding a couple sockets is pretty amazing for customization, if you’re min/maxing your stats it might be considered the most flexible raiding choice at the moment. But again, everything they learn seems to come straight from the vendor, and most of the rest of it is BoE…  

It’s just so strange. Why do some professions seem to have been given more consideration than others?

Is it because some have more desirable BoP powers than others? Are the Blacksmith sockets, Engineer Goggles and Mote Extracting, and Tailoring Cloak embroidery considered that OP?

Ah well….

What to do? What to take?

I have no idea. The BoP leg armors of Leatherworking are a nice addition, certainly…  but so are the BoP Trinkets of Jewelcrafters, the BoP self-enchants of Enchanters, the Self-only Trinkets of Alchemists, the self-only Goggles of Engineers, the sockets of Blacksmiths.

For now, I just can’t analyze which might be the most fun, AND the most advantageous for my Feral Druid. Not yet. I need more time to see how things shake out.

So what am I doing?

Well, my Priest is still a Jewelcrafter/Tailor at the moment… BUT, with the expansion, my Jewelcrafter is now not necessarily important. After all, those recipes I have right now are all worthless compared to even the lowliest Northrend green. So I could drop it if I wanted something like Enchanting. Maybe I will, now that enchants can be shared with Inscription… and being able to D/E all the stuff you get questing from 70 – 80 would be sweet.

My Hunter? Engineering / Mining. Now and forever. The profession is awesome fun for the one that has it. The trinket teleports, the mote farming, the guns and scopes and ammo and goggles and motorcycle and self-enchants…

My Hunter is played for FUN first and foremost… and Engineering is fun.

But my Druid…

I was an Herbalist / Engineer. I took a long, hard look, and decided that while I love Lifeblood too much to abandon it… I could NOT decide what else I wanted. And I did not want to try and level two Engineers.

So I dumped Engineering Sunday evening… and spent the last two nights leveling Mining on Windshadow.

Last night, I dinged 300 Mining in Silithis, and logged out in Hellfire, ready to fly/farm my Mining the rest of the way.


No matter what direction I go, I’ll at least make some money leveling, and feed Cassie’s Herbalism and Windstar’s Engineering… and when the time comes at 80, I’ll figure out where to go then.

I am so sad… I love making stuff… I just have no idea what to take on Windshadow.

I’ll figure it out. I just hope I don’t decide at 80 that I should have taken Enchanting.

I know I’ll be asked…. how did I go to 300 mining in two nights?

Easy, really… Darkshore routes for Copper and Tin, smelting for the points, then in the middle of Tin moving to Barrens… then from there, getting Tin and Silver and smelting Bronze for skillups, move directly to Badlands for circuits of Iron and eventually Mithril. Once Mithril gets near 200, moving to Searing Gorge for more Mithril, and grind up to Dark Iron Ore. Get a ton of Dark Iron Ore, from farming BRD and the AH, and then go into BRD to learn Dark Iron smelting, and smelt it all. (I got 25 points that way, it stays Orange to 300). Once dinging 275 from Small Thorium and Dark Iron, I pop out to Silithis and farm the Hive Mounds for the Ooze-covered Thorium Ore.


I am grateful that most stuff is BoE now, so a Leatherworking set isn’t make or break.

But it does make choosing a profession that much harder, when you have multiple toons and are undecided.



24 thoughts on “Undecided about Professions?

  1. The real answer is leveling enough toons to cover all profession activities. I realize that this sounds like overkill for some, but trust me it is fantastic to get the synergy between professions, and it’s no where near as complicated as some might think.

    – My Druid is a Tauren Herbalist/Miner with Swiftflight form… I have a mouse button macros for switching between the two while flying around.
    – My Mage is a Bloodelf Enchanter/Inscriptionist… The focus here is not on glyphs, but on creating those awesome cards for decks – and they SELL!
    – My DK is an Orc Blacksmith/Jewelcrafter… Being able to make every piece of jewelry for every toon and great weapons really rocks.
    – My Priest is an Undead Tailor/Alchemist… Xmute spec and being able to make all my own pots is irreplaceable.
    – My Rogue is a Troll Skinner/Leatherworker… I just use him to grind beasts and skin ’em good – and make leg armors for sale

    I have a warlock I am leveling with mining/engineering, but engineering really isn’t useful from the standpoint of ‘supporting the team’ when it comes to my cast of characters. With the rest, I pretty much have all of my bases covered and can gather, make, sell anything I need to to make money. If there is something I can’t make because I don’t have the recipe, I can still farm all of my own mats and just have someone do the combine for me. It’s quite nice… Of course, the cost is the time taken to level up a total of 5 characters from 1 to 80 (and to 85 after Cataclysm comes out) in order to support this model. Is it worth it? Probably not, but it makes gear acquisition a hell of a lot easier 😉


  2. Blacksmithing actually does have one set of mid-70’s ish PVP armor where the recipes drop from certain mobs. But yeah, going by wowhead, every other recipe, including all of the high end stuff, can simply be bought from the blacksmithing trainer! I’m not complaining though, as I’m making a good chunk of cash churning out plate armor for people.

    Another interesting change is that mail armor seems to be craftable exclusively by leatherworkers now. Maybe Blizzard decided that with DKs around using plate they could move one class from Bsmiths to LWs.


  3. I’m debating this too. Right now I’m herb/alch. I want to keep herb on the druid because epic flight form is just pure win with it.

    I’m really thinking of dropping my alchemy. Originally I was thinking about dropping alch for inscription but I ended up doing that on an alt. I do love being able to take pots in forms now that does help, but the one per batte deal kind of sucks. Also the once a week discovery while better than the random discoveries of TBC still isn’t that great imo. It takes a lot of herbs, has a chance to fail and you might not even get something useful to you either. Why couldn’t we get some cool daily quests and the ability to purchase what we want/need like jewelcrafting, enchanting, etc? I’ve started leveling alch on a lvl 61 shammy I have been leveling to be resto. He probably would get better use out of the flask bonus than I would.

    I’m thinking of going JC. My wife’s warrior is a miner and her other prof is enchanting so I could finally use all that ore she’s mined thats been sitting in the bank. Plus the daily quests and ability to use the bop gems which I think I will get more use out of than crazy alchemy pots and bonuses to flasks (which I hardly use to begin with). Another thing is to me it seems like JC is something you really need on a main because of the rep requirements for a lot of recipes and now I’m seeing bop stuff you can only get by doing wintergrasp. The only alch rep stuff I ever saw were the stones and maybe something from sproregar if my memory serves me right.


  4. I’ve just read the comments and people seems to don’t know the epic leather armor kits yet.

    They are the same thing as the reinforcements, the difference is that LW’s can do it to they’re own gear a LOT cheaper. But everybody can use the new armor kits. For that “enchant and mail” issue there is this new text in every armor kit- “Can only attach to your own armor, and attaching causes the item to become soulbound.”

    Rare dps: Nerubian Leg Armor

    Rare tank: Jormungar Leg Armor

    Epic dps: Icescale Leg Armor

    Epic tank: Frosthide Leg Armor

    Elfkilla Gorefiend-US


  5. I find that my engineering has become invaluable to me as a tank. I made 2 goblin rocket launchers for that massive stam buff and well my goggles are great. I crafted two deathblows and gemmed them differently. One is for my kitty and the other for my tanking gear. Plus, I make great money with the extractor. I am eagerly awaiting the rocket launcher alternative in WOTLK. As soon as I hit the level to make it, I am making two. Give me a prayer of fortitude and I am good to go for anything 🙂 Thank tank I normally run Utgarde with has given over the reigns to me for the first and last boss because he doesn’t have enough armor or heath points!

    I am personally thrilled that I don’t have to wait for near impossible drops to get engie schematics or enchants on my alt. I really like what they did for enchanting and esp engineering!


  6. I have to say I’m somewhat conflicted as to whether to keep my current professions or pick up new ones.

    My hunter main is Herb/Alch (Transmute Master) and my shaman is mining/eng. I don’t plan to change my shaman simply because farming gas clouds is such a great thing to have. I am quite tempted to switch my hunter to skin/leather simply because it makes getting gear easier.

    However, since the Swiftarrow set is both BoE and PvP gear I don’t know that it’s really worth switching. Once I make my DK he’s going to be inscription/blacksmithing so I need to keep my herbalism and mining to provide him with mats. All told I’ll probably just keep my professions the way they are now.

    On a side note, I’m a little disappointed that SwiftArrow is primarily PvP gear. It’s nice since I won’t have to farm honor to get some decent PvP gear but it’d be nice to get some PvE gear since that’s my primary interest. I guess I’ll just have to run dungeons for gear.


  7. I know that I’m debating professions as well. I only have one 70+ character (though two are nearing 60, they will sit till my main is at 80). Currently my rogue main has mining and engineering. I keep thinking about dropping engineering for something else, maybe JC. But then, I realize that I like the goggles, mote extractors, repair bots, and cables too much to get rid of it. I’d love to take another crafting profession, but I don’t have a high enough level character to act as a gatherer for it.

    This is giving me a headache.


  8. I *totally* hear ya. Right now my resto (well, now she’s balance/resto hybrid for easier leveling) druid has herbalism and alchemy. I’m quite confused (as you are) about what would be best for me. The +crit from skinning is nice, because +crit now applies to spell crit (nice for heals) as well as physical damage (just like haste now applies to cast times as well… =D). I already have a ton of resto skillz, so the heal from Lifeblood really isn’t that significant. On the other hand, farming herbs = good money, simply because people will be eating them up on the AH for both alchemy AND inscription.

    I like my alchemy… I’m a potions master and can make a lot of potions (woot procs) for my guildies.

    But I think that it’s mainly my indecision that’s affecting me. I’m not sure what to do, so I just sit here, not changing my professions, because it’s the easiest thing to do atm.


  9. As a feral myself, I have also found Lifeblood to be simply amazing. I’m also inscription which is really fun, should be passable from a min/max perspective, and has the added bonus of letting you hearth 5/times per hour. HOWEVER: I really wish I’d leveled mining. I may go back and do so after all the post-80 wildness when I start to get bored again, but having dual-gathering with epic flight form is unreal. Just make a macro to switch between node/herb tracking and fly around gathering in form. I think the pure ease of making money this this easily outweighs the min/maxing bonus of BoP stuffs from other professions (but I’m also not a hardcore raider so…).

    Either way, enjoy! I’m so pleased that professions got the good lovin’ this x-pac.


  10. I tried inscription, but scrapped it when my inscriptions weren’t selling on my server. Also the fact that you can’t make general inscriptions such as +10% gold from enemies killed or 5% faster run speed was a huge disappointment. I went back to my normal professions, Herbalism and Enchanting. Its a shame I dropped enchanting in the first place, now I have to grind it back up from level 1. Oh well that means I get to run my favorite instance. VC ftw =-)


  11. I believe the reason the Leatherworking leg enchants are worded like that is to stop people from putting those enchants on twink armor pieces. Before if you were lvl 60+ you could buy a piece of lvl 19 BoE leg armor and buy a Nethercleft Leg Armor kit, +40stam, +12 agility, and attach it to the lvl 19 leg armor and then mail it to the twink. Now if you have one of these Northrend leg armors and attach it to a lvl 19 item it’s soulbound and you can’t mail it to your twink alt. The twink alt can’t attach the leg armor kit himself because it has a lvl requirement to use.

    On a side note Tailoring is the worst profession for a dps caster class right now so I would recommend dropping that on your Shadow Priest if you are looking to drop something. The Lightweave Embridery is less DPS gain than the regular 23 Haste Enchant from Enchanting. It’s worse in lvl 77-80 blues and it scales even worse as you get better gear. When you start to get epics it is just absolutely terrible. Unless you absolutely must have a Flying Carpet (which is cool I know) there is no reason to be a tailor. Tailoring is an epic fail as a profession right now.


  12. Well, leatherworkers don’t even get drums anymore. The level 70 drums were changed to add “Cannot affect targets level 80 or higher” and I’m not aware of any drums in the works for 80 at the moment. They could add them later, but it doesn’t seem that way. Right now the only extra I see is the fur lining.

    What’s really confusing to me is this: http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=60583

    I’m guessing that was added as something nice to the leatherworkers so the mats weren’t so bad for adding it to yourself and anyone else that wanted the same 55sta/22ag would have to pay more ::shrug::

    It does seem woefully incomplete at the moment, but hopefully more will be added in the next content patch, whenever that is.


  13. Across my 5 70s, I have a slew of professions. I have been pushing hardest on my coking across all characters to start collecting the cooking awards recipes and build up a good stock of Northern Spices for raid food cooking. I’ve also concentrated on my inscription and enchanting precisely due to the ability to easily, systematically obtain extra recipes. I have completely neglected the tailoring since other than picking a specialization, there’s not a lot customizable there. Leatherworking is perhaps the most buffed — any competent leatherworking will be able to easily obtain a slew of recipes for themselves and their friends/guildies, including some very nice entry level resto/boomkin epics.


  14. Leatherworkers get Fur Lining for their wrists. I think there are versions for stam, AP, and spellpower.

    I know some people who had multiple max-level characters (at level 70, pre-Wrath) and had this complex ecosystem whereby one would gather for another would craft for another would gather for another … and so on … but that seems really complicated to me.

    In my mind, which has had the software engineering mantra of Keep It Simple, Stupid stamped onto it since day one of higher education, your Herbalist should be your Alchemist, your Skinner should be your Leatherworker, and so on.

    So, I’d pick up Alchemy on Windshadow if I were you 🙂 Mixology and the Alchemist’s Stones will be a lot of fun.


  15. Keep Herbalism and grab Inscription. Then you have the benefit of the self-heal from Lifeblood AND you have access to the best shoulder enchants in the game. And since shoulder enchants are generally buried on reputations, you save yourself a ton of rep farming.

    My new Druid is Inscription / Herbalism and I’m loving it (Lifeblood while Stealthed is truly hax).


  16. The big thing for leatherworkers is the fur linings that you can stick to your bracers. Possible bracer enchants include:

    60 resist in the school of your choice
    114 Attack Power
    67 Spell Power
    90 Stamina

    Easily the best stuff for bracers (the Enchanting version of Spell Power to bracers is a mere 30.)


  17. Oh sure Tigerfeet, that’s what Blizzard is trying to do… but as long as a profession has special rewards exclusive to the person that has it, there is going to remain the desire to find the best fit for your playstyle.

    Like I said, I want one that is both fun to me, and provides solid benefits.

    Engineering has been my favorite profession of all time, for it’s fun value. It actually feels creepy making money with Engineering, like the rules of the universe have inverted.

    But… I don’t need TWO Engineers. And since I love having engineering on my Hunter the most… I dropped it on Windshadow.

    It was a very tough call.

    What I frankly keep gritting my teeth over is how much I love Lifeblood from Herbalism as a solo artiste.

    I would prefer to have my two professions provide synergy. Tailor/Enchanter. Mining/Engineering. Herbalism/Alchemy. Skinning/Leatherworking.

    But I love Lifeblood. Nobody is making me take it or keep it, and in a raid it makes very little real difference to survivability if you’re the main tank. The healers got your back far better than Lifeblood ever will. For a melee DPS class it would be more advantageous in a raid, I think, since if Healer focus is on the tank, and you are done with your one potion, then you might be out of luck.

    No, I love it for soloing. It’s lots of fun, especially with Imp Leader of the Pack.

    I dunno… none of the other Professions are really leaping out at me.


  18. Perhaps you’re thinking too hard? Seems like another paradigm shift to me. No longer is one profession best for a certain class, they all have a little bit to offer for everyone. Blizzard is trying to stomp out min/maxing and make it so you can take whatever you like and still get some benefit from it.

    My druid has been leatherworking skinning since time out of mind. I’m not the kind of person that likes to switch professions. I’ll choose what I want to do at the beginning and stick with it. If I want something else, well, I’ll level an alt. Just pick something that works well with your playstyle, that’s all.


  19. The problem with having both Mining and Herbing is well made.

    However… I am leveling my Druid with Cassie. Cassie is an Herbalist.

    See where I’m going with this?

    This way, I can keep Lifeblood… I can help Herb when Cassie needs something… but when we are leveling together, if it’s Herbs she can track it and grab it, and if it’s Ore I can track it and mail it off to Windstar.

    So like I said… I don’t see it lasting past 80, but until then, I’ll be able to feed my Engineer’s cravings.

    So the Epic leg armors are sellable?

    But… what the hell do LW get for themselves that’s unique except Drums, then?


  20. Hi,

    I hope you won´t regret herbalism + miner. I hate that combination because of the damn inability to track both at the same time. So either you are constntly switching or looking for one exclusively.
    I would rather have gone with skinner + miner or skinner + herbalist.
    Skinner has the added bonus that crit scales, whereas the +500? health is static.

    And LW get special bracer-enchants too if I remember right. And Tailors cloak enchants.


  21. BBB the epic frosthide and icescale leg patches are not BOP. I’ve been making and selling them on the AH for a couple of days now. I think the text on the item is a little confusing, a lot of my guildies said the same thing until I pointed it out.

    There are a lot of new additions. The belt buckles for blacksmiths are awesome, I think it’s about time they got something like that. All the engineers I know are still excitedly telling everyone they can about their flexweave underlay.

    Professions look good atm 🙂 Oh and I love all the little shops in Dalaran and the way they all say hi to you when you walk in ^^

    River x


  22. Amen to that BBB!

    I’m trying to decide on professions for both my druid and my new death knight. I’m a bit of a min/maxer when it comes to professions, seems the theorycrafting guys are a little undecided on whats best for tanking at this stage. Im leaning towards Jewelcrafting because of the BoP gems you can make (you can equip up to 3) and *maybe* blacksmithing for extra sockets, or is it enchanting for ring enchants? Gah!


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