Quick Updates

Hi All,

BBB asked that I post some quick updates because the unthinkable has finally happened to him at work.  No, they didn’t start filtering the internet to block gaming websites and blogs.  No, instead they SHUT DOWN the internet!  Yes, that’s right, he has NO access to the internet at all. /cry  They used to have web-based company email, so it wasn’t an issue.  But apparently, they decided to change that and now everyone has working Lotus Notes accounts that are not web-based.  So as soon as the email was changed, they removed the internet option from most people’s computers. 

Starting tomorrow, BBB is going to try to pre-schedule some blog posts the night before or write something in notepad and send it to me during the day for posting.  But in the meantime, he wanted everyone to know why it’s been so quiet around here, and also why it will take extra time to process your emails since he’ll have to wait until he gets home at night to check.  Unfortunately it has to wait until evening since he leaves for work at 4:45am and isn’t up to doing email processing before work.  🙂

I’ve been horribly, terribly sick since last Friday (all those germs that kindergarteners have and bring home finally caught up with me).  Luckily this is not an audio blog since I have no voice today at all.  Ugh!  But we still managed to get some game time in over the weekend since I didn’t feel like leaving the house or moving from where I was sitting at the moment. 

We’ve both been working on professions and secondary stuff a bit each day, so that’s taken away from our leveling a bit.  Last night, on our mains, we finished our joint questing of the Howling Fjord and are around 35% of the way toward 73.  We did every single quest in HF, except one that appears to still be bugged.  So next we’ll be heading to Dragonblight.  We already have the flight point, so we just need to head there and start picking up quests.  

BBB hit 450 herbalism on his main last night and is quite excited to have the final version of lifeblood.  I got mine last week and have to say it’s quite handy to have, especially since I’m still 2 alchemy points away from being able to make the new healing pots.  He’s been working on engineering, has his mining maxed, has jewelcrafting at about 390 and is doing the daily to be able to buy more recipes, and also the cooking daily to buy recipes and spices on both his main and hunter (main buys recipes, hunter buys spices for each of us).  I’ve got my alchemy at 403, herbalism maxed, cooking at 422, fishing at 410, and also do the cooking daily.

BBB has also been playing his hunter when we aren’t playing our mains together.  His hunter hit 72 and did some respeccing to maximize solo questing/DPS, instead of the raid spec that he’s had.  He’s swapping back and forth between quests in Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra since he’ll need exalted with the Valiance Expedition to buy the motorcycle pattern.  He’ll need to finish both zones eventually, but is having fun switching off.  My alt hit 68 in Nagrand about the middle of the weekend and quickly abandoned the rest of the zone, took the boat to Borean Tundra and settled in to do quests in an unfamiliar zone, all by myself.  As of last night, I’m about 50% toward 71 right now and having a ball.  Overall, I’m not liking Borean quite as much as Fjord, but at least I’m not doing the same quests again so soon after doing them on my main.

Ok, I think that’s all the game updates for now.  Just a quick reminder that the deadline for the Child’s Play Raffle entry is this Friday, so if you haven’t checked it out, you can visit the main page for more details from the right sidebar of the blog. 




12 thoughts on “Quick Updates

  1. Funny, the same day you posted this, my internet at worked blocked this site! 😦

    Oh well, I still read you at home.. hehe

    keep up the great posts!


  2. BBBI feel for ya. I work at a community college and it would suck if I couldn’t use the internet. And Cassieann I feel for you too – just remember students are students – even the ones who are old enough to know better (adults), still don’t wash their hands, coughing all over the place without covering their mouth or using a hanky, still bringing terrible germs into the place…. Been sick for over 2 weeks because of it : ) Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here.


  3. As an update… I’m not ignorant, I COULD bypass the lockout and access the internet. In fact, I did the morning it went live just so I could check my mail quick and respond to stuff I had left hanging until I got in.

    I just figure, if they don’t want folks to use the internet, then I won’t use the internet. It’s not a problem, as far as I’m concerned. Most of my research takes place at night anyway.

    It is annoying that I am now totally cut off from checking yahoo mail until I get home, however. That bites.


  4. Lotus notes isn’t bad….but then again, I work for the company that owns Lotus so i get the latest version….it’s got some neat stuff 🙂


  5. Ouch – Lotus Notes – they does not like you guys at work, I bet the Gun and Cat lovin Dwarf told ’em to do that,
    You have my sympathy,


  6. I agree with Lushious that going to Borean Tundra is better as far as XP goes but again, it’s what you want to experience. At the moment, Az is 4 bars from 76 and still working on Dragonblight quests (and has some left over group quests from fjord and tundra). The initial tundra quests will net you huge amounts of xp for little effort since they are essentially the same as the fjord ‘welcome to northrend, here’s some easy xp’ quests. When I finished fjord and went to tundra, I probably went up 1/2 a level in xp in about 2-3 hours. In comparison, my dragonblight quests are taking longer with much more running around, etc. Also, as far as rep goes, I think rep is much harder when the quests are basically useless as far as xp/gear. I just hit revered with vanguard last night after the fjord and tundra and most of dragonblight but I think it would feel much more like a grind if I had to go back when I was much higher. It’d be like going back to do netherstorm quests for aldor/scryer rep (which incidentally I probably will for enchantment reasons). Just my 2 cents as well.


  7. My condolences! Oh, man. I could not even begin to imagine being at work without internet access. Maybe it is time for BBB to find a new job? 😀

    Just kidding.

    As a daily visitor the site, I look forward to when BBB can get to posting again. It’s making *my* work days drag a little longer without him.

    In terms of questing, instead of hitting up Dragonblight immediately, consider Bornea Tundra as your next stop. Since both of you are level 72-73, the quests will be easier and, on account of that, will progress quicker. You’ll still be pulling 20k XP per quest, which will not increase dramatically in Dragonblight. Factor in the huge amount of quests there (in excess of 120), and you’ve got a excellent field of XP to reap.

    My adventure to 80 had me in Howling Fjord, Bornea Tundra, Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills, and then I dinged 80 in Zul’Drak. I now have the other half of Northrend to farm quests for, though this time I’ll be snagging buckets of gold, rather than buckets of XP.

    Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


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