Facepalm: The Return!

A week ago, I brought up what I thought was a cute story about silliness in game. And I asked you folks to offer your own stories of things that you have seen other players do, both the good AND the bad, since the expansion went live.

And you have had some great stories, both in the comments, and on your own blogs where appropriate. 🙂

Little did I realize at the time I wrote that, that I would shortly see a completely different type of asshat. One based not on the usual cluelessness and aggressive confrontational behavior; “You’re a noob!” “No, YOU are!”

No, an asshat that was able to be a complete tool without ever saying a single word.

You know, for the most part, I almost never encounter a true asshat in game. Oh, I know they are out there. I’ve met them, I’ve been guilded with them, I’ve read your stories about them, and I’ve seen the videos made by self-professed ninjas revelling in their antics at Warcraft movies.

But I just… I just don’t see them very much. Not in person. Rare as hen’s teeth, mostly.

But this guy…

This guy said nothing wrong… but his actions spoke volumes.

So, Cassie is fishing at a lake in Dragonblight. Windshadow had just scored the Blackened Dragonfin recipe, a nice piece of future tanking food goodness, and as I am a fish noob, Cassie graciously offered to go get me some fishies to cook. 🙂

After dutifully looking up drop locations for the Dragonfin Angelfish, Cassie went out to the lake where they were supposed to be found most often, there to fish, hey-mack-ol-a-derry-o.

Simple, yes?

Well, yes, except that this particular lake has upon it’s icy shores a plethora of ghostly fishermen, and elementals, and other things that go bump in the night. So it requires clearing the shoreline for a bit, then fishing, then clearing some more shoreline.

Now class, what happens when you are fishing and something spawns on top of you?

Why, you get to whip the bloody hell out of it with your fishing pole, of course.

I sympathize with Berise… I’d love to dual-wield them poles too.

So Cassie is standing there, at the shore, having cleared the area around her. And she is busy fishing for her bear, as a sweet wife should.

Just at a moment when I happen to be standing there, watching over her shoulder, she is actively fishing a Pool of Dragonfin Angelfish when an Alliance Druid in Seal form comes charging across the lake directly at her, bouncing in and out of the water. Directly at her, and at the Pool.

Now, she’s not exactly hiding. She is standing there, fishing. At the Pool. Standing bold as brass on the edge of the ice flow shoreline. The shoreline that she had to clear. You know, with little shells of bodies all around her?

And this Alliance Druid leaps in Seal form out of the lake, to stand right smack on top of her. And turns around, with his back towards her, moves about 1 foot closer to the Pool, blocking Cassie’s view of her bobber… and he casts into the Pool, too.

You know, you don’t only get the Angelfish from Pools. I want to be clear on that. This is not some super rare spawn that omigosh omigosh I gotta get it! No, not hardly. They can be fished out of the lake anywhere. You do NOT have to fight for Pools to get a chance at them.

So I watch, in astonishment, while this person seriously fights to fish from a Pool that someone else had to clear all the mobs for.

And of course, as Cassie tries to manuever her camera view so she can see her bobber again through the Druid… a mob respawns, and as Cassie is one foot further from the water edge… the elemental aggros on Cassie.

Who is wielding her fishing pole.

So Cassie turns and fights furiously, beating holy hannah out of the elemental. Sadly, her Vanish was at the moment on cooldown.

We can clearly see the Druid continue to fish the Pool, a couple casts, until the Pool disappears.

And then the Druid turns around, and watches as Cassie fights the elemental. At that point, the elemental still had over 5000 health remaining.

The Druid watched the fight, without interfering in any way, not saying anything, not moving, certainly not helping in any way whatsoever. No heals, no buff, no Moonfire on the elemental.

Just stood there, watching.

About when the elemental hit 2000 health, the Druid mounted up, and rode away.

Now, your opinion may certainly differ from mine. I won’t hold it agasint you at all. It’s just a game, after all, and you meet all kinds of folks in this crazy world.

But I thought then that it was a pathetic display of casual asshattedness… and looking back on it, I still think the person honestly was a total jackass.

Was it ninjaing?

No, it was a Pool out there for anyone to go after. If we played on a PvP server, it would have been a matter of course for any Horde running by to want to try to take Cassie out, and maybe grind in the victory a little by fishing out the pool.

It’s just fish, after all. And it’s not like Cassie was in mortal danger of dying from the elemental, either.

So, what’s the problem?

Well, let me put it this way…

There was an old slogan from a hilarious movie from the 80s… “Deeds Not Words.” I’ll let my older readers laugh if they remember the horribly cheesy motorcycles from that movie.

A better quote might be taken from the book Armor by John Steakley; “You are, what you do, when it counts.”

When out on your own, you ran across a simple situation. You saw a fishing pool, and someone fishing it. You could see the bodies around, clearly showing the person was not just out on a lark; she chose to fish there. And was there first. And had put forth some effort to fish. Had an actual line in the water.

And you, reveling in your anonymous power, granted you by the wonders of the internet, decided that what you wanted to do when faced with this situation, was to charge forward, interpose yourself between the player and the Pool to make it much harder for the person to see and click on their bobber, and fight her for the Pool.

Fight her for a couple fish.

And when a respawn interrupted the other person, you got the fish from the Pool that you fought her for… and then turned around, and watched for a bit to make it absolutely clear that you were in no hurry. No, you made it clear that you were happy to take a few moments to watch and enjoy. Perhaps, just perhaps, to underscore the point? 

For a couple fish? Does anyone really think that the point was to get a few fish? Does anyone truly feel that the fish were the prize to be treasured by this fellow?

Or was the true treasure the knowledge that, for just a few precious moments, you were able to make someone else’s playtime a little less fun?

So to the Alliance Druid named Dryde on Kael’thas (US) that reminded me oh so well of how crappy some folks playing this game can act… thanks. We appreciated your performance.

EDIT: I heard from Dryde, he wrote me an email and we talked things out a bit. He really seems like a pretty nice guy, and I don’t get any feeling at all that he is just some wandering asshat looking to make trouble for others. More, it seems to me like it might have been just a random moment where he did something a little selfish, and wasn’t really thinking anything in particular at the moment at all.

Maybe he was trying to follow a fishing route as fast as he could, was watching the fishing pool indicator on his mini-map, was fending off cats on his keyboard that wanted pettings, and a wife throwing rotten fruit at his head to get his attention, all at the same time, and… well, was a little distracted. Who knows?

Honestly, can anyone here say they’ve never done anything they didn’t regret later, or did something on automatic pilot where you were just going through the motions as fast as you can, distracted by real life and not paying attention to anyone else around you?

Heck, we’ve seen comments from folks ‘in the zone’ with the herbing and skinning and mining before, where you don’t realize what you’re doing until someone yells, “Hey!”

Well, seems to me it might have been mostly something like that. No harm, no blood, no broken bones, no foul. As I said before… on a PvP server, if it was a Hordie, and he had ganked Cassie while she was fishing and THEN fished out the node, nobody would have said boo. It’s not like it was a major corpse-camping excursion.

So do me a favor, folks, and remember; please don’t go and send hateful tells or harass this guy, okay? Please? For me?


34 thoughts on “Facepalm: The Return!

  1. An oops? Well this past week I was working on the Princess Trapped quest chain, I crossed path with a Draeni Shaman near the Circle of Inner Binding in Arathi. I like PvP, but I try to be fair about it, right? The Shaman had been fighting Rock Elementals, was not at full health and was very low on mana . . . so I gave her some time to refresh. While she putzed around with totems, I jumped into combat with the nearest elemental to while away a few seconds.

    I guess putzing with totems is what Shamans do to get ready for combat and she was unhappy that I snagged her mob. So I probably shouldn’t complain too much that while I was in combat, she started throwing spells at me until I was dead. We moved on. Sorry.

    Also over the weekend I had two completely contrasting experiences that were not at all unintentional. The first was complete dickishness and the second was unexpected nobility.

    I was doing South Sea Shakedown at Lost Rigger Cove, Tanaris. That was tough for me since I had just hit level 40 and about half the pirates I have to kill are levels 43-45 and pull in groups of two. Most of the time (unless both pirates were level 45), as a protection warrior, I could handle them. But they were long, close fights. I’m talking long enough that I would go through two or three cooldown cycles on Bloodrage and Disarm, i.e. the fights lasted a few minutes.

    It was also a PvP intensive evening. Which, like I say, I’m fine with. Only two things bugged me. One was the several level ?? that rode by, killed me in a couple blows and rode away. Why? What do they get out of it? But we’re all used to those asshats. What really ticked me off that night was a rogue that would stealth around the pirate compound, wait until I had been in combat with the pirates a minute or so, then backstab me. The first time . . . okay, whatever. Like I say, I’m okay with PvP. I even like it. Not the fight I’d prefer, but he was only three levels higher than me, stealthing into combat is what rogues do . . . so okay. It wasn’t even unwinnable once I remembered to intimidating shout away the pirates, drop a Concussive shot on the rogue and beat down. But that only worked once. And the pirates finished me off pretty easily once they unintimidated. Every time (at least five or six, I stopped keeping track) I lost precious minutes I spent fighting pirates for no quest credit (because of course, I didn’t end up killing them) my equipment suffered durability loss (because I was in PvE combat when I died), I burned through more buff food than I needed to, and I wasted time running between graveyard and corpse.

    So okay, the guy pwned me if he caught me at half life against mobs 3 or 4 levels above me. He proved it. But over and over? WTF? I tried avoiding him . . . changed up how long I waited before rezzing, rezzed and moved to a different part of the compound. Dude came after me every time. Eventually, all my armor was at yellow or red, I just rezzed at the gy and returned to Gadgetzan to repair, empty my bags and wait out rez sickness. While I was in the freakin city, I was killed twice by ?? characters. Again WTF? So you can kill someone more than 10 levels below you while he’s got rez sickness. Woo hoo. DFs.

    Then the next night working on Broken Alliances in Badlands, I had a completely opposite experience. I should have expected to get killed here by higher level Alliance characters, but at least three level ??s just rode right past me on their merry way. They actually have the same quest here too (Tremors in the Earth?), the mobs around the area are level 43-45 elites and the dragons we have to kill are level 50 (non-elite). Two of them. Even having gained a level since Lost Rigger Cove, I had no business being there. But I wanted the Warforged Chestplate, wanted to try my hand against the elites (couldn’t beat the level 45s) and I’d read on wowhead that it’s possible to pull the level 50s one at a time. When they spawn, though, they both aggro onto you and I certainly couldn’t beat two level 50s. So I run back to see if I can figure out how to pull them one at a time and arrive in time to see a level 46 Human Paladin killing the two bosses I had summoned. Hmph. I mean, I don’t blame him. He’s got the same quest and there they were so what was he supposed to do, right? But then I had to go get the appropriate crystals again, the random elite dragon mobs would no doubt respawn in the meantime and could have been level 45 instead of the level 43 I managed to beat to get at the obelisk.

    So I’m just standing there pondering my course of action and this Paladin motions me to follow him. Takes me back to the Obelisk, uses the crystals he spent the time gathering, resummons the black dragon bosses, lets me hit them first while they attack him, then helps me kill them. Totally classy.


  2. Yeah, accidents happen. I was doing the Kalu’ak daily yesterday where you gotta kidnap the wolvar pups, and it’s so easy to do in druid flight form… Don’t have to fight any of the aggro wolvars at all.

    Well, I was making my rounds, swooping in and out about as fast as the NPCs were rezzing in on my screen… and before I know it, I accidentally nabbed three pups in front of a priest who had his hands full with the mom. Embarrassed, I flew off, and told my wife, “Oh damn, I just ninja’d that guy’s pups.” 😦 And, rightfully, he called me on it. I told him it was an accident, but he didn’t seem to believe me.

    I did try to redeem myself though, at least. I caught back up with him and quickly took out two of the aggro wolvars he was fighting, so he had easy access to six more pups. No idea if he actually realized I was trying to make reparations.

    But anyhow, yeah, it happens.


  3. Yeah, Xtian commented the same thing earlier, Russ.

    It’s true you can… assuming it would take less time to swap weapons than it would just to take your frustrations out on the thing with your fishing pole.


  4. “… the elemental aggros on Cassie.

    Who is wielding her fishing pole.”

    Not to demean the rest of the story, but… you know that you can swap out weapons while in combat, right?


  5. Day 1 of WoLK release you can imagine the insane amounts of people trying deperately to get the starting quests done so they can move into other areas… there were 8 of us stood around the corpse of a dude in a cave that we need to kill.
    Patiently we are waiting our turn for the respawn when the sugegstion of group comes up…I’m game for the chance to get to compelte said quest kill this side of the century so agree. One guy (warrior) wanders over a few minutes after we’ve grouped up and are ready…. respawn…. warrior goes nuts and starts attacking mob… we’re like WTF!

    Could fate be crueller – he is flagged, and an alliance paladard wanders over and starts attacking HIM!

    /faceslap please!

    Many a ‘LOL’ and ‘FAIL’ go up throughout our group as he is getting his buttocks handed to him by the alliance ‘hero’… luckily we weren’t flagged so could mock with that safety net!

    Downside…. had to wait for another respawn… ah well, what goes around comes around!


  6. I’m a night elf druid on Earthen Ring (RP PVE) and I have a happy fishing story to add.

    I also managed to get my furry paws on the Blackened Dragonfin recipe. So I decide I need a couple of stacks of Angelfish for a little fish fry. I ride out to the same lake that Cassie was probably fishing at.

    I pick out a nice piece of shoreline, and clear it of current occupants. As I’m baiting my hook, I notice this blood elf male swimming around in the lake, killing elementals. I’m happy about that, the more he clears, the less likely one of the elementals will come after me.

    So he’s out there, bobbing in and out of the water, for about 15 minutes. I’m on the shore, killing the occasional nasty that spawns on top of me. It was all rather restful.

    Suddenly, he makes a beeline across the water, straight toward me, cutting through the path of my bobber. My inner self is sighing, “Oh brother, he’s decided to grief my fishing.” But he doesn’t.

    Instead he leaps from the water, sits down right at my feet, dripping on my boots he’s so close, and starts eating and drinking.

    At this point I notice he’s nearly dead. Poor boy, bit off more than he could chew down there in the depths? Well, even an evil blood elf needs a break once in awhile. I smile at him and nod. Yes, he’s safe with me — no nasty spawn will get him while he’s in such a vulnerable state.

    He finishes eating, gives me a hug, leaps onto his horse and rides away.


  7. While fishing in stormwind to raise my fishing skill another alliance druid (level 60) came in ugly seal form and floated and jumped ontop of my bobber so i couldn’t click on it. When confronted, didn’t answer at all. Did this 3 times and I hearthed out and fished in outland. What an asshat.


  8. I was on the other end… but … well in my opinion… not actually at faultI was doing the righty tighty, lefty loosy quest, and came to my last objective, and there was a priest sitting there drinking. So I go ahead and click the objective, mob spawns and I kill it.

    The priest proceeds to tell me how I’m a ‘rude bastard’ and shouldn’t have done that, because she spent 5 minutes clearing the area. Well in this particular quest you can click the objective to spawn the mob literally immediately after someone else kills the mob. I respond that I’m sorry, saw her drinking, and she can spawn the mob anytime, no harm done. I helped her take the mob down, and went on my way.

    I’ve never ninjaed a node, never go after quest objects that despawn after taking them if someone else was there first, but if you’ve cleared the area, and there’s no harm done by me doing my quest I’m not going to hesitate to do what I need to.

    Maybe the most polite thing to do would have been to ask to group, but really it’s not like this is a quest that takes a lot of effort. The mobs are weak, just a lot of running… And then again calling someone a rude bastard isn’t the most polite thing either.


  9. Saw this over at BRK, talking about taming the Spirit Beast:

    # Yvii on November 17th, 2008 11:39 pm

    So I just found him… and Another hunter decided it would be in his best interest to kill him for 50k experience, so he claims, instead of letting my 5 seconds left of channelling to finish and tame him.

    # duniness on November 17th, 2008 11:51 pm

    Do you remember that hunter’ name? You should absolutely call him/her out on that! That kind of jerk should be ostracized here on BRK, the O boards, TKASomething and everywhere else. There is no room for that kind of @$$ in the brotherhood of Hunters.

    # Yvii on November 17th, 2008 11:52 pm

    Overshot of executus

    Kind of says it all.

    reference post


  10. Hmm.. node ninjas. My friend was mining cobalt in Dragonblight and was clearing her way to a node when an Ally Dranei showed up, looked at her fight. And decided to ninja the node! While she was fighting! (she’s ally too). She /s him that it’s rude to ninja only to be responded with /slap and /rude. And so she was pretty angry. I happened to be beside her and decided to take a screen shot.

    I later contacted said ninja’s GM and told him of the incident. Said GM investigated and said in ninja’s defence that ninja did not see my gnome warrior wife. He did apologise but was sorta defending his guild member. I said that I’ll let it rest given that he was nice about it. But after he pressed his defence, I told him, do you want the screen shot? Problem solved. Screen shot shows that there’s no way he could NOT have seen her.. ditto his rude antics.

    The GM is a very gracious person and apologised profusely. The ninja however, well. He’s an asshat. So.. Heun of Dath’Remar. You’re an asshat. Now everyone knows.

    yes there’s karma.



  11. Laugh at night elves all you want, but we have the best way of dealing with this type of person, same faction too. Gather up a group of mobs, run back to the offending player and hit shadowmeld. Probably technically considered griefing, it works very well, especially when you are also being griefed.


  12. Having just recently gotten a new DVD drive for my computer I haven’t been playing in Northrend all that long, but it’s astonishing how much pure indifference and asshattery has surfaced on my PVP server. It’s not fishing related, but I do have a story.

    I was playing with my boyfriend (we’re both horde), waiting for him to finish up his last few quests in the Howling Fjord. He was trying to do A Carver and a Croaker at Scalawag Point – “trying” being the key word there. There was an undead asshat standing right next to the quest giver, and as soon as my boyfriend would turn in the quest and wait as the NPC “mesmerized” the frog, the rogue would kill the frog, making it impossible for the quest to finish completing. The rogue did this three times, his Belf Death Knight buddy /laughing every time. Repeated requests to please stop it and /scolding were ignored, so boyfriend gave up.

    Aside from that, it has surprised me how much sheer indifference there is in the gamer population all of a sudden. No one wants to help anyone out, and no one so much as acknowledges you when you help *them* out. It feels like everyone is in such a rush to hit 80 that they don’t even have the time for common courtesy.


  13. Can’t weapons be switched out during combat? Such that if something attacks you while you’ve got your pole, you can just pull out your daggers and go to town? Armor and jewelry can’t be switched, which means you cant swap your fishing hat and your helmet of awesomesauce, but I switch out my pole and other weapons all the time in combat.

    Not to deflate the point of the story. The guy’s a real asshat. But I highly recommend killing things with non-fishing weapons (at least until they let you TG dual wield poles).


  14. Mine is rp related. First I don’t assume that just because you plan an mmoRPG on an RP server that you rp. I get that for some crazy insane reason normal people play on rp servers. And I’ll even admit that I don’t rp all the time, except my spriest who is in love the dark side of healing. But I digress. Last night one of my good wow friends is getting married in game and gathered a bunch of us up together to witness. It was awesome with fireworks and snowballs provided to guests and a secret location we all had to be summoned to. Very peachy for all of us. That is until a jerk named Caids showed up and started running around naked while we are prepping, the groom sent his Guild Master a tell explaining the situation and asking if something could be done so the rp event could go on unhindered. At that time the guild leader comes to where we all are in Northrend, bringing 2 more people.

    The GL stands there doing nothing while they run around naked, hurl insults at us, throw down feasts and dueling in the middle of a wedding procession. One of us got a GM ticket responded to and they were all ported away of course the wedding was already over at this point.

    Its just this, why go out of your way to be an asshat? The entire guild is on my list of ppl to avoid at all costs list.
    *sighs* thanks for letting me vent


  15. Going along with the fishing stories I have one with a good ending.
    We all know how annoying it is when you are trying to catch Ironjaw or Old Crafty with drop rate being so low. So when it comes time to catch the one in the opposite factions city…well alot of ppl dont even bother.

    I play on Tanaris (PvE) and most ppl on our server choose it becasue they dont want to deal with the asshats that PvP realms tend to have. But as others have pointed out asshats can be anywhere.

    I was fishing in IF for Ironjaw (I am alliance) with a group of fellow alliance. There was a Blood Elf also trying to fish. Now the majority of us knew that this person wasnt harming anypne and was being polite and just fishing. Yet there was a gnome rogue who jsut couldnt resist.

    He began attackign the Belf and jumping on her bobber. The other alliance players tried asking him to stop with no luck. So a goup of us in my guild and couple of our allied guilds began to help her. A priest would MC her and the rest of us would buff and heal her then she would continue fishing till the rogue came back.

    Even with all of this support for the blood elf the rogue persisted for well over an hour. Just goes to show there are ppl out there who do not learn by example but there are also a large amount of ppl who want to play the game and be part of a comunity no matter the faction.


  16. Heres one that most ppl see in thier guild at some time or another…

    Last night, an officer in my guild recruited a lowbie out of SW who whipsered them asking to join the guild.
    The lowbie stated that he/she knew of our guild, and wanted to put this specific alt toon in it to check it out.
    My officer agreed, /ginvited and the new guildy was welcomed by 20+ WELCOME! ‘s
    the welcomes did not even stop being typed before this toon writes the following:

    NEWB: Hi! can i get promoted??
    Guild Officer: Well thats kind of demanding after just joining the guild
    NEWB: Yes it is. Now PROMOTE me!
    Guild Officer: Is this why you wanted to join our guild?
    NEWB: F$%@# YOU!

    Now, this meritted many lol’s from the guild.. we have all seen our share of ninjas…
    but this just seemed so… blatent.
    Not even an attempt to pretend like hes interested.
    His request screamed “I am here to steal from your Guild Bank”

    I dont know whats worse, a ninja who hides it, or a ninja who doesnt try to hide it…


  17. I had a druid do thiss to my druid in an STV wreckage pool once, he bounced p and down in bear form on the pool while his buddy fished it. Turns out, it was reportable as physical harassment…so I did. Who knows if anything was done but it felt good…lol


  18. I found myself wishing I was on a PvP server the other night. I was clearing a goldclover node and a tauren rode up and ninjaed it while I was fighting about five mobs right next to the node. Ten tauren will die for that in Wintergrasp.


  19. Oh snap – BBB put Dryde on blast! I’m gonna have to roll on Kael’thas just to spam this guy with hateful words 🙂

    Just kidding! … or i am?


  20. So it’s an off night back in BC days, no raids or friends to party with, so I pick up the fishing daily and then start making my circuit of highland mixed pools to get some crawdads and darters. I’m there, and some dude comes and does the same thing you just described. But these fish can only be spawned out of these pools. So, rather than saying something to my same faction buddy, I just fly off to the next pool. Being a druid gave me the advantage here with insta flight. He catches up, and keeps trying to get “my” pools.

    So I fly to the next lake, and he keeps catching up. Finally, he whispers me and makes an off comment about how Mr. Pinchy is pissing him off because he never drops. Not being able to resist myself at this point, I open up my bag, and get out my Magical Crawdad that you sometimes get when you catch Mr. Pinchy.

    HE FLIPS. Gets really angry about me fishing the pools when I already have the pet. Asking ME how I could be so inconsiderate. Then I tell him that I’ve caught Mr. Pinchy TWICE, and on the second time his first wish gave me the pet. Then I remind him that the fish here are the best raid food in the game for tanks and healers, and I need to stock up for this weeks raids. He asks how much it would take to make me stop fishing, and I end up with two stacks of Golden Fish Sticks, and two stacks of Spicy Crawdad. He already had them cooked. So I left him in peace.


  21. There’s a whole guild of them over here on Hydraxis.

    Now, you usually see the people and guilds getting realm first getting a lot of greif from other players, but trust me, these guys deserve it. Mr Tigerfeet has even had many conversations with their guild leader and officers about it, they’re asshats too.

    I was questing once, had to get people out of cages and there’s a troll guarding them. As soon as I engaged the troll one of their rogues popped out of stealth, freed the captive, then ran off and even /laughed at me. That’s just not rude, that’s malicious.

    Now, I’m also glad I was able to read your blog about that mining node. I did something similar with skinning. I was running around, focus narrowed to where the next body was (all mobs were dead) and I ran over to one and skinned. And it was only after I skinned that I realised it was just killed by an orc… who I’d seen skinning other things. I had TOTALLY just ninja’d his skin. Well crap, so I opened trade with him to give it back. He told me it was allright and let me keep it, but I still feel kinda bad. My only defense is I was in the ‘zone’ and not really operating on all cylinders.


  22. I agree with Javan, I would like to do the same. The only angling asshat award i’ve ever wanted to give out, was many month bach, I was fishing a pool of deviates and a tauren (flagged) surfaces right on my bobber. He kept up the torment for about 5 minutes deliberately moving to my bobber’s new location each time, when I didn’t give in and right click him (autoattacking a flagged enemy and flagging myself in the process) he got bored and left. (I believe I was on my hunter at the time, and autoattack at range, means autoshoot.)


  23. Ugh – I’m not a fan of asshattery in the game. It really does take away from it for the rest of us. But I suppose we know people are going to occasionally act this way and in order to keep enjoying the game we love, we should just move elsewhere. If the person continues to follow you etc. it may even come down to logging out. Creating conflict with the person will get you nowhere sadly. Best to change it up and do something else that you enjoy. Sucks that we have to change on our end, but I do what keeps me happy. I’ve run into people like this. After swearing out loud, I try TRY TRY to move on and do something else. It’s just frustrating that people can act that way.


  24. This reminds me of the type of behavior I saw an awful lot of, and made me wish that Blizzard allowed me to kill my own faction. Seems that an awful lot of the time when I fish in Orgrimmar, total doucebags will either A) Stand right in front of me or B) Stand right on top of my bobber.

    What compells this kind of behavior? It’s really irritating, and if you ask them politely to cease it usually gets me an “lol” response and they continue to amuse themselves at my expense.

    Stupid trolls.


  25. And see, this is a great reason to treat everyone you meet in Azeroth with just a little bit of a respect – because you never know who sits behind the screen for that other toon and when you might get called out on it.

    My wife had something similar happen to her while fishing, BBB. She asked the person to be considerate of others (although she was admittedly snippy over it due to being annoyed) and he responded with increased griefing – and support from a guildmate, so I went one better and just contacted his guild leader. I didn’t ask for punitive actions – I just asked him to request his guild member stop griefing my wife. The apologies started flowing in for about an hour.

    I’m sorely tempted to roll up a level 1 toon on Kael’thas just to let this disgrace to the druid community know what I think. ^_^


  26. I love, love, love, love how you call them out on it. Love, love, love….

    This is why I play on a PvP server.

    This is also why I won’t call a “leveling truce” at any time with Alliance.

    Red = Dead

    ….though I won’t drop you if you’re fighting a mob…. unless I need the mob….


  27. Ohhh, fishing stories! I have one for you. It didn’t happen in Northrend, so it didn’t come to mind when you first started talking about asshats in game. This was during the fishing event in STV one balmy Sunday afternoon. I thought I might give it a go, in hopes of getting more +fishing gear and upping my chances at a Mr. Pinchy. So I head over to STV and get ready to fish. People are crowding the tastyfish nodes like nobody’s business, but I expect that, they all want to win the fancy fishing pole, and I can respect that. But one guy got -really- inventive about making sure he got more fish than anyone else.

    I didn’t see him until after someone had won the contest, but people had been complaining the whole time about him. There was a Tauren shaman with water walking on, and he was on his mount. His enormous Kodo. He would park his Kodo on the front edge of the school, so you really had to work hard to find your bobber around him. And on the other side of said Tauren was his Undead buddy, also with water walking on, happily fishing on the open side of the school.


  28. If only he was horde, picking that fight would have been worth getting flagged. Common courtesy would have been less effort then what he did. Sorry cassie, but way to go killing the elementzl with your fishing pole


  29. Great story, Bx3. I had the opposite sort of story happen to me last night, which suggests that karma still lives.

    I brought my hunter into Dragonblight for the first time, and I know I’m a little overmatched (I just turned 71 a couple of days ago). So I’m running around the wolvar encampments looking for those cute little pups to take back to my BFFs the Kalu’ak. I’ve got one eye on the giant dragon-like guy stomping around the camp, another eye on the pups scampering around and still another eye on my pet wolf Molly, who’s fighting off a couple of wolvars.

    (Yeah, I know that’s three eyes. Just stick with me here.)

    So I’m filling the wolvars full of lead, scooping up pups and planning my escape route when I hit the magic 12 pups. Time to bolt. And then an alliance priest rolls up, points to one of the pups and says, “Are you going to take that?”

    I was stunned. Most asshats would have rolled in, taken the pup and beaten it the hell out of there and left me to my fate. All I could do was type out “Yours” and keep firing. The priest (I didn’t get her name) grabs the pup and melts down what’s left of the wolvars in about two shots.

    I leave. The priest leaves. All’s good.


  30. Another story of unfortunate truth.

    I see players like this too often on my little European server, mining nodes which you are already mining is a daily occurrence 😦 Same faction players refusing to contemplate grouping with each other, but instead, standing around a quest mobs spawn point hitting their instant casts. My girlfriend and I laugh often when I run into an area, 2/3 alliance players standing waiting for a quest spawn, I suggest “Group?” in /s, it’s like they all wake up and think, “Oh, that would be easier, wouldn’t it” group forms, time saved 🙂

    For my story of evil players with a touch of vengeance, I had a fun time with a pair of horde players in Howling Fjord last week, I play on a PvE server, I have no love for PvP servers anymore, so default is we all hug each other… This particular horde pair tagged a quest mob I had waited my turn for, and summoned, then proceeded to emote /laugh at me.. I was a sad sad bear. Right up until the point I saw them both two hours later with PvP on, I have never been very good at PvP, but I guess they were worse, I managed to kill both of them, but did feel terribly guilty after of course. My guild howled with laughter when I mentioned how bad I felt :p

    Thanks for the great blog bigbearbutt!


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