Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I wish you all a wonderful day today, wherever you may be!

Whether you be enjoying a day off, are at work, or are traveling with the wild winds, I hope things go smoother than you expect, and that you are happier than you deserve. 🙂

You can rest assured that, while I am indeed not at work today, I will in fact be hard at work cleaning the entire house, since an invasion of all of Cassie’s family will be coming over to celebrate Thanksgiving this evening.

Now, since this IS a blog that tangentially is supposed to be related to World of Warcraft, and since my Hunter gleefully dinged 73 last night, I thought a Hunter inspired addition would be cute.

And when you talk about hunters and inspiration, who does everyone think of first?

Did you say Mania? That’s right! Wait, um, no, that’s not the answer you folks were supposed to give… okay, a little coaching here..

*whisper whisper*

Okay, everyone ready this time?


“And when you talk about hunters and inspiration, who does everyone think of first?”

Pike! That’s right!

Hey! Grrr! Yes, yes, Pike is incredibly awesome, yes I know.

Damn it, we’re going to try this again, and I better not hear any shouts for Pookie, either!

Come on now. If B^3 is going to mess with someone, who is the first Hunter you think of?

Ahhh, there we go. Now you’ve got it!

So Big Red Kitty, in honor of your recent T-shirt sales, your unhealthy pet obsessions, and your occasional ultra-rare habit of e-peen gloating, this T-shirt idea is just for you!



8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  1. Well as an European player ( I’m from belgium ) we don’t really celebrate thanksgiving day. 🙂 Tough i want to wish you all a happy thanksgiving !

    Earthen Ring (EU)


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