PBeM post delayed til laters

I just wanted to let you folks, and Manny, know that there will be a PBeM post today, but it’s not going to be later… like, say, around 5 PM Central time.

I have to go shopping for presents for Alex now, but when I get back I’ll return to it.

See you later!


9 thoughts on “PBeM post delayed til laters

  1. Hey, no, your watch is fine…

    We’re dealing with some flight plan issues, and my car has massive repair work needed, and we’ve been working on different plans.

    I have a post written and saved, but it’s NOT finished, and I have played WoW to chill over stress the last day, rather than finish writing it.


    Hey! Anyone want to buy a shirt to help me figure out where to come up with $1000 three weeks before Christmas to have my cars’ Water Pump and Intake Manifold Gasket replaced?

    Yay, credit cards. damnit.


  2. No, that’s true… I’m very excited about the next part I need to write up, because it provides a wonderful opportunity to mess with you.


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