An open letter to a Death Knoob

The following is an open letter to the pugging, tanking Death Knight of WoW.


You are playing a brand new class that is just chock full of excitement and fun.

You have a cool selection of powers and abilities. You can spec your class to be a melee DPS powerhouse, a fun and unique Ranged and Melee hybrid, or a simply awesome tank. You can race your mount at high speed over water, your taunt drags mobs to you like you were Skorpion in Mortal Combat, and you have a neat pet full of charm and personality… even if it does lack entirely in personal hygiene.

You rock, sir.

Or ma’am.

You rock.

Revel in it, enjoy it, blast your emo-goth-badassedness to the heavens. Go buy every album out there by Marilyn Manson, and have “Just as dead, twice as nasty” tattooed on your forearm around a picture of a skull with roses clenched in it’s teeth. Flaming roses, of course.

Ain’t no shame when you’re feeling no pain.

Soloing as a Death knight is flat out awesome, ain’t it?

But let’s stop for a moment, and discuss this whole ‘group’ thing, shall we?

This, my dear friend, is an intervention.

I have a message to share with you. This message is not just from me; I personally spoke to every single person on YOUR server, and asked them what they thought first. And they all agreed with me, this needs to be said.

“Just because your class wears Plate armor and has a tanking Talent spec, does NOT mean that you are ready to tank the instance!”

I’m sorry. I hate to be the one to crush your hopes and dreams. I really am.

I don’t like this any more than you do.

I know you are drunk on feelings of near godlike power, but it’s time to clear the cobwebs and grasp a moment of clarity.

You know all those jokes about Huntards?

Do you remember how we lamented, many a moon ago, about how the Hunter class is so powerful while leveling solo, that it does nothing to force a player to learn the intricate capabilities the class has to offer? Do you remember when we professed sadness that so many Hunters knew nothing of kiting or chain trapping, simply because they never needed to learn those skills to survive solo, and that when they did join a group, they became labeled Huntards because they did not understand aggro management or how to control mobs with chain trapping, or how
to work with a tank? Do you remember any of that?

Well, the day of the Huntard is just about done, because there is a new sheriff in town… and he’s called a Death Knoob.

The Death Knoob is billy badass incarnate. He is more than powerful, he is godlike. He solos 8 or more mobs his own level at once, and is still at 60% health at the end of the fight. He takes on foes that make normal classes scream in horror… or at least pop a buff food first.

But there’s more to being a Death Knoob than just vast tracts of lan… power.

The Death Knoob knows he’s powerful, knows he is billy badass… and also knows that Death Knights wear plate, and are a tanking class. Like Paladins, right? Paladins are great tanks, right? Right. So, like, Death Knights can tank, right? *I* can tank, right? 

And therein lies the birth of the Death Knoob.

**Being a tank requires more than just playing a Paladin, or a Druid, or a Warrior, or a Death Knight class.**

First, you have to be specced properly in your Talent Tree to survive.

Yes, yes I know you are wearing Plate armor. Yes, that is very impressive. Honest.

But let me help you understand a few of the basics.

A tank is someone that can do two things; piss off every mob around you SO BAD that they want to whack on you, and not your buddies. And, you have to be able to survive getting beat on.

Now, It’s great that you are wearing Plate. But armor only helps reduce… not remove, reduce… the physical damage you take from getting beat on. It doesn’t do squat against magic. And it doesn’t prevent a single one of those attacks from hitting you. In AD&D, the better your Armor Class, the harder it was for someone to hit you at all. That’s not how this works in WoW, my friend. DODGE and PARRY and BLOCK are how you prevent someone from hitting you at all… and Death Knoobs don’t carry Shields to Block with.

Yes, you are very powerful. Yes, each tree DOES have ways to improve your chances for survival. Frost is the one most aimed towards tanking, but I bet Blood or Unholy would work fine as well. But if you do not carefully choose the Talents in your tree to best maximize your survivability (in other words, taking Talents that get your health up, improve your Dodge or Parry, reduce magic or physical damage, or boost your armor or cause you to self-heal) then you are not being a tank; you’re being a squishie pretending to be a tank. A squishie in Plate, but a squishie nonetheless.

Let’s talk about that Plate, for a second.

Are you trying to talk your group into letting you tank, while you’re wearing your DPS gear? The gear you chose, a piece at a time, with an eye towards doing godlike damage?

How is it’s max armor? How’s it’s Defense Rating? Are there tons of Stamina dripping off those pieces? How about some Parry Rating? Or Agility for some of that tasty Dodge that keeps you from getting hit?

Or is it, perhaps, all Strength and Hit Rating and Expertise, and some, oh yeah, Stamina thrown in on top like a cookie.

That’s not tanking gear. That’s leveling gear. Ain’t the same, my friend. Ain’t the same.

You need to plan a talent spec optimized for tanking, and you need to have at least SOMETHING for gear to do the best you can to stay alive. High Health, Defense Rating, Agility, Parry, Dodge.

If you do not do these things, you may survive, yes. Yes, you probably will. You’re still billy badass, after all.

But the healer you are grouped with is having to seriously bust his butt to keep you alive. His focus is on you… and he has very little margin for error if you let some mobs get through. Or get stunned. Or Die. Or if someone else pulls aggro on any mob away from you.

And the harder the healer chain-casts, the brighter he glows on global threat meters, and the higher the chance that he WILL pull something away from you that will eat him, and cause yet another senseless wipe.

I know. I know. There, there. It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean it. It’s okay.

You get a good Talent spec, you build some decent crafted tanking Plate, it’ll be fine.

Well, maybe.

You see, spec and gear are only part of the problem, aren’t they?

Let’s say you CAN survive. You’ve specced pretty good, you’ve picked up the pieces you plan on using to tank, and gemmed or enchanted them appropriately. The healer will have some slack to ease off on healing you, and can pay attention to the party as a whole, spread the love around. Keep his head down, not attract quite so much attention from the mobs.

You **still** have to be prepared to piss off all the mobs. And keep them angry at YOU, all the time. We call it generating threat. And it takes more than doing straight DPS to piss a mob off right. You have to be able to generate more threat than the healers and casters and melee, and you have to have one target you dump most of it on, and apply some more to all the rest to keep their attention on you.


Because if you run in and piss just one guy off, and start beating on him real good to generate threat, but ignore all the others, your healer will start having to cast heals to save you… and if you haven’t done damage or caused threat to the rest of the mobs, they will ignore you and go kill your healer.

Likewise, if you are pounding on the Revenant, and the Hunter begins nailing holy hannah out of the Dingo that ate your baby, the Dingo is going to say “Oh, wait, WHAT?!?” and go charging after the Hunter.

It’s worse than bad. It’s embarrassing.

(My apologies to anyone named Hannah. And to dingoes. And to babies in general. Oh, and it’s a TV show reference. Bonus Bear points to the first person to name the show. Hint: It’s a show I loved. It’s off the air now. I own all the DVDs. I now return you to your previously scheduled rant.)

You **can** help prevent this. I will help you.

First, assume nothing.

Yes, you’re a high level player. Maybe you’ve never played a tank before you picked up your Death Knight, but by god you’ve raided a TON. That means nothing in a PUG. Assume the other people in the PUG bought their accounts on eBay just yesterday, and have never grouped before. If you are serious about tanking, than before you pull the very first mob, get it straight in the group who will mark targets, and what each will mean. Set a kill order, and stick to it. (Except in a furball. In that case, furball, free for all, scurry around, go to town, do your thing, pull them in, keep the healer alive, priority’s to survive.)

((sorry about that))

When you line up facing the mobs, you may have no idea what they will do, you may have never seen them before. Fine. Either look it up on, or GUESS. Maybe decide to take down any mob that looks or has a name that sounds like they might be casters FIRST. Whatever you like to use as a plan. But mark things.

Tell everyone that either you will pull, or a Hunter will Misdirect onto you, or whatever, but you should be first, and no one else should start doing any damage until you have successfully begun whacking everything at least a little bit. Let you build up that threat first. If the Healer can let you go for a bit, have them do so. No sense having them build up global aggro early if you can take it.

You can take it now, right?

Mark one target as the one everyone tries to kill first. That will be the target YOU try to apply the most aggro to out of the starting gate. Then set a few more marks for the second and third kill targets. No one should be dealing damage on a target that YOU are not focusing your main attention on. The other mobs should only ever be getting hit by YOU to keep them off the healer.

If you have been applying threat as best you can to ALL mobs, and focusing on the kill target, then once the first three kill targets are down and dead, whatever is left that you have been pounding on all alone should pretty much be free targets for anyone. If you’ve done it right, it’s doubtful someone will pull aggro away from you at that stage of the game.

It’s hard to do in a PUG, but at least ASK if everyone has a threat meter. You will not, with the default settings, be able to see if someone is killing the wrong target, but you WILL be able to see if someone is passing you in threat on your main target… and you can warn them. “STOP IT!” is always a good message to pass along. Another is “You pull it, you tank it”. Best to use that one if you feel you’re doing the best you can already, and have all your little duckies in a row, naturally.

Omen CAN let you see a lot more than just the threat on your main target. That’s a topic for the advanced class, however. Let’s try and get rid of this ‘Death Knoob’ BS first, shall we?

The most important advice I can give you, is to take tanking serious.

You want to be the tank? That’s fine. But take the role serious. Prepare yourself, get some gear, learn a Talent spec appropriate for the job, practise with your friends in threat rotations and managing multi-mob aggro, download a threat meter like Omen, and wipe that ‘billy badass’ shit out of your head.

Groups are a team effort. Each part of the team must do their job. The tank’s job is to keep everything, and I mean every bad guy you can, on top of you and off the healer. And have enough health, armor, and survivabilty talents and options to give your healer a fair shot at keeping you alive until the DPS kills all the mobs.

Your biggest fear should NOT be your standings on the DPS meters. Your biggest worry should be “Will I get CCed, stunned, immobilized or rooted on this fight, and lose aggro? Will I be able to apply threat to all my mobs and keep them on me, without anyone else pulling first?”

The Death Knoobs are out there. In force. And they seem dead set on blowing the Huntard reputation right out of the water in record time.

Don’t let that Death Knoob I screenshot be you. You’ve been warned.


36 thoughts on “An open letter to a Death Knoob

  1. It was Seinfeld, but Elaine was actually quoting from some Glenn Close movie set in Australia — Cry in the Dark or something like that.


  2. Sorry Kuh, Kerageth wins the points.

    I have no idea what it would have been in Seinfeld, but I was just having fun with the name of Seth Green’s band in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Dingo ate my baby”.


  3. I love Death Knights and I love this post. While tooling around on my Death Knoob I’ve been reading a lot of Stop from, they’ve been doing a TON of Death Knight related posts with a lot of great info!

    PS, B3, if you happen to be grouped with an Unholy DK anytime soon, tell them to set their ghoul on passive, target you, and cast Leap. It bounces off your head.

    Also, spell reflected Death Grip = hilarity.


  4. You just summed up just about every reason why I wanted to create a DK tanking blog (which I’m still in the process of putting together and gathering info). Before I created Sharvhan, I didn’t think DKs could tank simply because of the sheer amount of imbeciles I had the misfortune to group with. It seems as if every single tanking convention any of these DK players may have had has now been thrown out the window and they think that just because they do more DPS than a Prot warrior, pally, or bear tank, that they can tank just as well without a sensible tanking spec and defense-minded gear. It’s insane.

    Also, this post made my day. Thanks!


  5. Sorry to come in from the angle here guys, but the quote WAS originally from a movie from Australia called Evil Angels (a sly DK reference at that haha), with Meryl Streep as the person whose baby girl was supposedly taken by a dingo (native wild dog for those who are unaware) She ran out and in definately the worst attempt at an Australian accent on film shouted “a dingo took my baby”. Anyways after a terrible investigation she got charged, sentenced to life in jail, and then released. So Kuh was kinda on the right track – Buffy would have used it as a pop culture reference.

    Despite this, you managed to slag off DK’s, Hunters, babies, people named Hannah, people named Billy, e-bayers, and Australians. Death Knights are a whole 5 weeks old. You hit it on the head when you said many people are probably DPSers from way back who are able to level up a tank quickly without going through 80 levels – I know I am. Whilst I am still getting to grips with the whole tanking mindset, which would have been the same for you and all tanks as they first levelled up (if anyone knew what you were doing out of the box then I applaud them), its reasonable to think that DK’s are in the same boat and still learning.

    Anyone who doesn’t know how to spec or gear in ANY class is a noob, its not strictly a death knight only disease 🙂 But instead of patronising these people and still putting up with substandard PUGs, how about giving a quick run down of the most important things to take into account whilst tanking generally? I know its in there, but in language that even Death Knoobs as you put it will understand.


  6. It’s cool saint, you pretty much ahd to figure that it was a pop culture reference to something else when you saw it in Buffy… everything else was.

    Personally, I have never heard of the Meryl Streep movie… no, scratch that, I have vague rememberings of having heard of it, I never SAW it…

    when I first heard that Seth’s bands name in Buffy was ‘Dingo Ate my baby”, I about died laughing… because it instantly brought to mind Quigley Down Under.

    You can mock Americans trying to do Australian accents all day long, but I HEART Quigley Down Under.

    “I said I didn’t like them… I never said I didn’t know how to use ’em.”

    I was moderately afeared something like this would happen… I tried to narrow it down by mentioning it was from a tv show I loved that was out on DVDs… I have to wonder about Seinfeld now. I never watched Seinfeld.


  7. Hehe I knew there was a reason I kept coming by here that had nothing to do with hunters. You share my heartfelt fondness of Seth Green (and BTVS in general) and my heartfelt dislike of Death Knoobs! I’m off to share the Stoppable Force link with all the DK alts my guild has sprouted…


  8. Death Knights are the only class I ever played where I dont even need to learn the talents. I just hit the keyboard like Liberace on speed and *whoa* everything around me is dead…

    I wouldnt dare inflict this monstrosity on a PUG or any other group. Unless the other four were all Death Knights as well, in which case they deserve whats coming to them.


  9. There is a Meryl Streep movie called “Evil Angels” which is a movie based on a true life story of a family that went camping and a mother who claimed “a dingo ate my baby”. Y’know, for those movie buffs out there.

    Anyway, I thought I should add my two cents on Death Knoobs. Never let one tank for you that isn’t Deep Frost, or a Frost/Blood hybrid. After healing many an “Unholy tank” and “Deep Blood Tank” and being called a healing noob that needed to l2p (regardless of being a healer pug’d by the big raiding guilds on my server), I’ve given up on them. I only heal for *one* DK, and it’s a close friend. Done deal.


  10. Not three days had passed since Wrath’s release when I found myself saying to a friend, “mark my words: Death Noob will be the new Huntard.” And so it was. My mage alt, 55 at the time, had the unfortunate experience of running some of the later Classic instances with DK tanks. It did not go well.

    Saint: it’s not that they are still learning—of course they are, especially if they’ve never played a tanking class before. It’s that they don’t seem to CARE to learn. They don’t mark, they pull with Death Grip when they ought to save it, they use DPS rotations, and they don’t go all out to keep the healer alive. Keep in mind that all Death Knights MUST have another character of 55 or higher … and, in all likelihood, most of those are 70. So surely the vast majority have seen an instance run properly by a competent tank. Could they not make a token effort to do the same?

    Hopefully, those who are willing to learn will figure it out, and those who aren’t will shuffle back to their DPS roles.


  11. The phase “The Dingo ate my baby” actually comes from a very true story. Lindy Chamberlain famously said this when her 6month old daughter went missing on a camping trip near Aryes Rock in the Northern Territory in Australia. The full quote is and she repeated this on TV the soon after “Has anyone got a torch, a dingo has taken my baby”. The child’s body was never discovered. She was charged and convicted of murder and that conviction was later quashed and she was set free.

    Very famous story in Australia where I’m from.

    Back to Death Nubs. I have experienced this in the normal and heroic runs. Pulling threat off me, dpsing the wrong target initially, etc etc.


  12. Okay not wanting to be too pedantic or anything, and others have alluded to it, but the “dingo ate my baby” quote was captured by pop culture, but it was a real reference to a very tragic real life event. The buffy reference and all was an ironic reference to the movie (here called “evil angels”. in the US called something else), but it is kind of a pretty black part of Oz criminal justice history. One of the first Aussie examples of someone wrongfully imprisoned due to botched investigations and because she didn’t play well on camera (crime was in the early eighties and one of the first high publicity criminal trials here – and for a range of religious and personal reasons people didn’t take to her and therefore assumed her guilty).

    Anyway, just to point out that there is a double layer of irony – the “dingo ate my baby” comment was originally used as a shorthand argument that her defence was just ridiculous but ultimately it turned out to be the truth.

    That being said, I have a DK and I am a complete noob. Do not group with me because I do all of the things that 3B warns about and worse.


  13. Agreed with most about DKs and the fact it can be applied to every class that THINKS they know what they are doing. More to the game than dishing out DPS people!

    Oh and we can always just list ALL references to “Dingo Ate My Baby” one by one… I’ll add Tropic Thunder 😛


  14. Because I know that NO one will sleep well tonight until this crucial matter is settled, the US release of the Meryl Streep “dingo” film in question was titled “A Cry in the Dark.”


    ; )


  15. The Seinfeld reference is an episode where Elaine is trying to scare off someone at a party.

    It’s a new mom who won’t stop talking about her baby, so Elaine is like, “A dingo ate your baby?” in an Aussie accent.

    I had forgotten about the Buffy reference entirely. Thanks for the Meryl Streep correction – I get her and Glenn Close confused for some reason.


  16. Well, you forgot something really important. The DPS druid noob, who thinks he can tank without tanking talents. The feral who specs without Sotf, or Potp.

    I have not yet found a Deathknight tank on my server. But I have seen critable warriors, druids and Paladins try to tank heroics. 🙂


  17. Quick story. I respecced Boomkin yesterday for fun. I had collected decent gear from my other runs as a kitty or tank to make a decent moonkin. My group decided to run Halls of Lightning last night but the tank we knew was doing something else. Great, we’ll pug a tank. They are easy to find. I spam for a tank and 45 seconds later a guy goes “Lvl 80 DK tank LFG”. My first thought was why didn’t her respond to my advertisement but I opted to whisper him.

    “Sure, I’ll tank. I need a summons.” Bam…summons…begin HoL. While we’re getting our good buffs, I ask if he wants leader to mark. “Oh…okay. I’ve never marked before.” Ah crap! I tell him it’s mandatory he mark and end up getting leader back to mark for him and then explain what kill order is. Then I look at his health and it’s 15k with a Fort buff from our 80 priest. /cry I saw the frost aura but was baffled everything was low including his armor. My 73DK that is unholy has more HP and Armor. We were all ready though and our really is great so we gave it chance.

    First pulls went okay but he took a beating and the first lesser heal the priest did she drew aggro lol. After the first two double pulls healer was oom and our well geared rogue was a constant threat pull to the tank. On the 4 pull my wife trapped one, our rogue sapped another and we only fought two. No problem. Trap breaks..dead. The our DK put the grip on the sapped guy and of course it doesn’t break. He goes, “WTF!!” I type “DG won’t break sap.” “Oh… :(” So I moonfire and he’s dead.

    We get to the first boss with his two little adds. We sap one and start killing the other. DK dies. 2 more times we try and he dies each in no time. The bosses spinning attack of death chewed him apart in seconds. DK goes, “Maybe my gear isn’t good enough?”

    /sigh I’ve wasted 30mins so far with several pots and food buffs. I said, “Going to Moonglade to respec and grab tank gear. Summon me.” Before I leave he types, “Do you really think a level 79 is going to be better than me?” What! Incredulous! “Yah, I do. I have 10k more armor and 10k more health without buffs. You can either stay and do dps or leave and we’ll get another dps.”

    Needles to say we ran the rest of the instance and wiped only twice. Once my wife’s pet decided to play tag with a marked mob and run across the room chasing each other like they were in love. Stupid ape aggroed the whole room. I guess the last maintenance hasn’t fixed that problem yet. The other wipe was just lack of communication of where to run on last boss. However, after 70g spent on DK wipes and respeccing I wasn’t happy about HoL. I did get nice boomkin gear tho lol

    I love my DK but I think SOME of the players think like SOME pallys–that they are godlike and run around AOE fighting 8 or 9 guys. Like you said, dungeons are different and things hit harder (omg esp in HoL). The problem we had with our DK who obviously never tanked is that he didn’t know anything about his class or the classes he ran with. He should have known he can’t break sap with DG. Even after we told him he did it twice more 😦 When I tank I rely on my wife to trap and my rogue to sap for his 1.5min+ sap. Why fight 5 or 4 guys when I can deal with 2 or 3? I think it is people’s inexperience and arrogance that they can do the same thing in dungeons they do outside dungeons. I hope in time this will pass and there is a general lack of info on how to tank right now for DKs on the web. However, I spent a ton of time reading how to on mine to learn how to build threat the most efficient way. It’s the same way I did with this blog and my bear.

    I prefer a pragmatic and methodical style run to any instance. I hate people that don’t mark or look to see if the healer has mana before a pull.


  18. Mooriah-

    At least he admitted that maybe his gear wasn’t good enough, instead of blaming the healer. He may not have been as knowledgeable as you, but at least he was willing to relinquish the roll of tank with out throwing a hissy fit. Seems to me most people, even when you are being polite tend to not think the problem is them, and then get really pissed at you for insulting them. When I’m doing something resto spec, and I know my gear is good enough for that instance and the tank’s is not, I’ll just generally tell them “Sorry boys, I’m not a good enough healer for this group, you need to replace me.” Then I grin when I get 3 whispers that say “It’s not you it’s the tank”.

    I personally have never run with a DK tank, but have noticed that almost every time I DPS’d an instance with a pally tank they never mark. They just aoe stuff, and expect everybody to burn things down. That really annoys me.


  19. As a healer, I must commend you on this type of article.
    I’m not epic-geared, but have held my own in heroics at 70 (only stepped in Kara twice back in BC).
    Yet, in PuGs, I have had more than a fair share of problems with a DK “tank”. Luckily though, some of the worst ones I’ve tried to keep alive were sincere in acknowledging they still were learning the class and gearing up.
    Heck, once, I ran with one I had essentially “blacklisted” after soem miserably failues.
    I ran into him again a few days later since he came to the group as a DPS. When the original “tank” failed miserably, he had gear already in his bags and offered to try for one more boss run… and quickly came off my blacklist and did a phenomenal job tanking the rest of the instance!
    I know that sort of thing is rare, but it happens! Just keep speaking out, suggesting changes, and hoping that not all your words will fall on deaf ears.


  20. While I admit the class is new and easy to play, there really is no excuse not to read up on it. Elitist Jerks have a whole forum devoted to the DK and all of the class variations.

    Sure DPS is as easy as mashing buttons, the class is easy to play but difficult to master. Rune management, Disease management, Runic Power dump, and if you’re unholy, Pet management are all important if you want to play the class well.

    I find that DK tanks who have other tanking type characters to be better at DK tanking. They tend to have a better grasp of aggro management and what to do to keep the mobs on them and not running around killing people.

    — Cellere (formerly Feral Druid, now newly minted Unholy DPS Death Knight, Pinná of Blackhand)


  21. Heya. Just a heads-up: I’m honored people’re actually finding my guild useful, but I should note that I’m not a DK tank. Our raid’s good on tanks, so I’m actually a DPS DK. But hey, at least I can help DKs stop facerolling, start thinking about rotations, and maybe work their way over to Elitist Jerks so they can stop being Knoobs and start being Knights. 🙂


  22. I think its too late Queklain. The momentum is far stronger than you and your responsible playstyle could ever make up for. If your an unguilded DK, or you’ve just “switched mains”, make sure you get a spot quick or you’ll be SOL. I’m already so wary I will never PUG a DK for dps, and I’ll NEVER NEVER NEVER roll an instance with a pugged DK tank. Ever. At least not for the next 9 months.

    Just started my own dk, what a blast. Was tempted to call him Deathknoob (but didnt). I hope the name takes hold in the culture.


  23. Copey,

    I never admitted to knowing everything but the point is if you are spamming that you are a level 80 DK tank then you better know what it takes to tank a level 80 instance. I knew squat about bear tanking but I read up on it and I still know so very little–just enough to get me into trouble lol The idea is that one should make the effort to learn their class before they spam they can do something. He wasn’t happy about giving up tanking either but he wanted the possible plate since he was the only plate wearer. As soon as the ding of the achievement ended, he dropped group and left without a word.

    I’m not getting down on him for not being able to tank. That takes practice. Just please don’t pretend to be all powerful and knowledgeable if you aren’t and have never ran the instance. I don’t run in an engage a boss in a new instance without either looking him up on wowwiki or asking someone else in the group who may know.

    Know. Mark. Pull. Kill. Win.


  24. Last night we did Halls of Lightning with a DK Tank, a DK-Unholy (me), a Hunter, Rogue, and Resto Druid. At least 3 separate occasions the Hunter pulled aggro on the off-target before either Skull or X was dead. At the end of the last boss only the two DKs were standing. Hunter died really early in, and the Rogue contributed almost nothing on DPS – to the point that I’m not sure he wasn’t an NPC in disguise.

    DKs may be new and bad, but the Huntard name stands proud. They’re all still out there, and after years of playing they still suck harder than anything else.


  25. BBB,

    I was a bear all through BC and mostly lurked on your blog. Between you and Karthis I learned to tank. When wrath hit, I rolled a DK for fun but planned on keeping my bear. That didn’t happen. My bear is still level 71 and I tank heroics on my Unholy DK daily. I have seen many DKs, as well as other classes, sorely undergeared and under skilled to be running heroics want to come along. On the flip side, I have seen a few that give DK’s a good name and would like to beleive I am one of them.

    Many of your your insights you listed are dead on and reading the horror stories in the comments are all too familiar as well. I did a number of heroics as DPS before I was defense capped only to learn I had more defense than the tank did.

    All that said and done, you’re blog has inspired my own and I will shamelessly plug it here because I don’t want my new class to get a bad reputation.

    I’ll also suggest that the new acheivement feature is great for weeding out poor players. If your tank doesn’t have several dunegon or heroic acheviments you might want to look elsewhere.


  26. God, I love the internet. Ten different opinions about one thing

    A Cry In The Dark, was a film starring Meryl Streep about the real life disappearance of a baby in the Outback, and the mother being convicted of the murder. I believe (not seen it for years), in this, she said the phrase “A Dingo ate my baby”.

    Elaine from Seinfeld, as one of the she says to get away from someone, just says to someone “Maybe A Dingo Ate Your Baby”, then repeats it when asked again… This was a reference to the Meryl Streep performance. She’s also parodied other things in other episodes, such as taking painkillers and having a drink a party, and saying “Steeelllllllaaa” a lot (a reference to a Streetcar Named Desire).

    I didn’t know about the Buffy reference. It probably refers to the Meryl Streep performance, but perhaps the Seinfeld one, I don’t know whether it was after the Seinfeld performance…

    So no one answer there.


  27. Man, I’m just glad to see I thankfully don’t fall under the Death Knoob status (can’t tank, so I don’t pretend to even try, pure dps all the way :P).

    Love the article as it’s funny, and not just reduced to class bashing with little or no intelligent remarks.

    (Insert something regarding the dingo baby remarks here)


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