Ahhhh, I’ve been Tagged!

Well BBB has been tagged by Ratshag  who was tagged by One Among Many to dig back through the archives and figure out who the first blogger was that commented on one of his posts.  The chances of BBB digging through the archives (or maybe even knowing how to do so) were debatable, so I’m stepping in and doing this one for him.  🙂

The first couple posts that he did were commented on mostly by the friends who talked him in to this whole blog thing to begin with.  But on August 21, 2007, BBB wrote a post titled “Casual or Hardcore? Can’t we all just get along?” (a question we still seem to ask ourselves frequently)  and the first comment on that post was from a now very recognizable Resto Druid blogger.  Check it out:

  1. Phaelia says:
    Welcome to the Blogosphere, Big Butt (teehee)! I’m a fairly recent addition myself, writing a Restoration Druid blog at http://resto4life.blogspot.com. I’m really enjoying your articles so far so keep up the great work!!Phae

Phaelia and BBB have both come a long way in blogging in the last 16 months and she’s always been a great resource when he’s needed Resto information. Thanks Phae!

Now, it’s his turn to tag some other bloggers.  So here it is:


Big Red Kitty

4Haelz (Bellwether AKA Feralicious) 

Grai’s Gang

Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick 

Consider yourselves tagged!  Mwwuuuhahahhaa


4 thoughts on “Ahhhh, I’ve been Tagged!

  1. *dodge*
    Tangentially, BBB is a big reason why I bothered to make my own blog. It’s good to find encouraging folk out there in the wild world of internet idiocy. This place is a haven.


  2. Yay BBB! I heart Phaelia! Her math posts make my head spin…but for good reason…always good!

    much like the rest of people today you are subject (you and your mrs bear) to a snugglekins hug attack of awesomeness….but it will be random…i dont know when…i dont know how soon…but it will happen…




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