Professions = 99.5% awesome

First, before all the incredibly cranky people twist around what I’m saying, allow me to be clear about this; I think that the new system of acquiring Profession recipes is 99.5% better than the old way. Okay? This ain’t a QQ. It’s a discussion. A musing. A rumination.

So when you read what I have to say, keep in mind… I’m talking about that teeny, tiny little 0.5% amount of annoyance.

So, if life is so rosy, what is there to be annoyed about?

Well, let’s recap.

In old WoW, for our Professions, speaking entirely in general terms, we knew going in that when we chose a Profession, we were going to have to level it up by making lame stuff that won’t sell. If we were lucky, we’d make stuff we could have Disenchanted, or we’d have one or two items we could make while leveling that would be in demand at the Auction House, or might be useful for a day or two.

For the most part, we knew going in that the recipes we learned from the trainer were crap.

At the uppermost levels of the Profession, the trainer would have some recipes that might be useful, especially if you weren’t a raider. And there might be some tasty stuff that cost a fortune in mats that only the person with the Profession could use, BoP.

And we knew that the bulk of our recipes from then on out came one of two ways; as a lucky BoP drop in an instance or raid, or as a random BoE drop that we’d probably have to pay a fortune for on the Auction House.

Yes, some always came from a particular mob you could go spend some time farming, but for the most part, if you wanted to really be a solid practitioner of your Profession, you had to drop a ton of gold, raid your ass off, or both.

This, of course, left non-raiders screwed.

How many people here, with a Profession you invested time and effort and money in, had to search in Trade chat for someone with the same Profession, just to get that enchant or crafted item or gem cut you really wanted to help your DPS or Heals or prepare for raiding?

How many people ended up having to go to the Official WoW Realm forums asking to be given a name to hunt down, looking for that rare person from raiding guilds that both knew the recipe and was willing to craft it?

I know I certainly did. Several times.

I always tipped very well, but the fact remains that I had to go find someone else who had a recipe I knew I would never have the chance to see.

Fast forward to now.

Almost all, if not all, recipes come from either the trainer, or from doing some soloable activity. It may take time, it may take a lot of time, especially for those with a random chance like Transmutes and Discoveries… but the only thing standing between a player and maxing his/her Profession and collection of viable recipes is time and individual effort. Not raiding progression, not random World Drop recipe chances in the AH.

Now, you can have your Profession, and be in a small comfortable guild of friends, and have that satisfaction that comes from being the person all your friends can go to for the enchants they want. Or the Blacksmithing items. Or the Gem cuts. Or the Potions or Elixirs. Or the Cloth. Or the Epic Guns and ammo. Or the leather gear.

Damn, that’s a satisfying feeling, isn’t it? To have a Profession, and be able to make what people want?

It’s freaking awesome.


But there is that 0.5% annoyance.

What could it possibly be?

Why, I’m glad you asked. I’ll be happy to tell you!

It is the lack of something to satisfy the Primal Collecting Urge.

I have a bit of the collecting bug. That means that, while I do enjoy the acquisition of something, I love the CHASE, the pursuit, the planning, the stalking, and the pounce on that item even more.

Not that kind of stalking. shhh.

I get an item, and I’ll enjoy the glow for a moment, bask in the warmth of a successful operation… then file it away and move on to the next pursuit.

With the current design of Professions, that Primal Collecting Urge is going partially unsatisfied.

The daily pursuit is still there. The leveling. The acquiring of items needed to do dailies or perform transmutes. Recipes to gather tokens to obtain.

But that small part of the chase, the rare as sin recipe drop, is mostly gone.

For small pet owners, we’re talking about knowing that, somewhere out there, is the Emerald Whelpling. And someday, someday you are going to plan out your hunt for that Emerald Whelping, and spend a number of days if necessary, but that baby will be yours. Oh yes, yes it will.

But not today. Today, you have other things to do. Busy with quests, or real life.

But in your heart, the Emerald Whelpling hunt is lurking… biding it’s time. Waiting for the day. ANTICIPATING the day.

If you’re not a collector, you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about.

Now, I DO NOT want to change things so that there is a single recipe that is the ‘best’ recipe for any purpose that relates to raiding or PvP, that comes from an exclusive style of content. I don’t want to see any rare recipes that drop from 25 man high end raids or really high Arena rating that you’ll end up trying to get crafted in the Trade channel.

What I’d like instead, are rare vanity drops from regular or difficult content, hard to acquire recipes… that do not have an effect on raiding capability, and also would not take the place of a regular raid item. Drops that you can solo. A hail mary drop, that you can actively plan on hunting ‘when you have time’.

There are so many things that could fill that category, of vanity drops.

Would you like to speculate on some possibilities? I know I would.

The rules would be simple. It can’t be something that would materially affect, in a positive way, raid progression or PvP victory. And it should if at all possible be something that would only benefit the one that picked it up. The Profession version of the small non-combat pet.

My idle imaginings include….

Engineering recipes for neat new mechanical pets. What in particular? Hehehe… one word. “Mechagodzilla”

Tailoring recipes for dyes. A dye you could create that, when applied to a piece of gear, tints that gear slightly towards one shade, or changes one part of the flare towards that color. It would allow you to tint your gear towards one unifying color scheme, to make mismatched pieces blend together better.

Another Tailoring possibility that already exists is a parachute you could use like a spell, and once used, you could scavenge it for cloth scraps the way Engineers could when using Targeting Dummies.

One last Tailoring idea from me… war banners. War banners in the style of Japanese Samurai frmo some of my favorite movies, that would be mounted on a pole rising from the character’s back, proudly displaying the tabard colors of the player’s guild waving over his head.

How about Enchanting, where you could create new vanity Wands… like a wand that had limited charges, but could turn someone into a Frog or a Bunny or another specific change. Not more costumes… real shapechange wands. Mess not with the affairs of wizards, dontch’a know. What, do you WANT to be turned into a frog? Of course, they could NOT be used on an enemy NPC, or when in Combat.

Another Enchanting possibility is quite simple… auras. Some enchants continue to sell well, even though their combat benefit is negligible, sinply because they have pretty glows.

So formalize it! Make Enchanting recipes that don’t have any real in game effect… they just provide neat glow effects, or sparklies, for weapon or gloves or helm or cloak, etc etc. Similar, I think, to the Embroidery concept, I’d think.

I’m just curious… am I the only one that feels this way? That even though it’s really darn awesome the way things are now… I wish thre was still the stupid rare drop chance waiting out there, somewhere. Keeping the anticipation alive.

Even if you don’t agree, let me know… use your imagination, what neat non-raid or PvP affecting craftable recipe drop would you love to see?=


19 thoughts on “Professions = 99.5% awesome

  1. I like the fact that in the expansion, the Swiftarrow shoulders and the ones sold by the Kirin Tor are exactly the same in stats but look different. I made a Swiftarrow set sans the shoulders, and I am much happier. There are a number of other “stat-equivalent” items in the game as well.

    For a lot of us, looks is just as important as stats… and with this I have a hope. I hope that someday a leatherworking pattern will drop that is equivalent in terms of stats to the ones acquired in the usual way… but will look different. And it will be also still be BoE. It may have a glow effect. It may be a bit more revealing, or have a bit more detail. In terms of raid viability, one can still craft and get the epic whose pattern is easier to obtain (with the consequence of looking like most everyone else)… or go the extra mile to get the other one. As you have mentioned, it can be applied to every profession. Imagine getting a +85 AP enchant to 2H weapons (like is currently available in-game), but with a pretty glow, and only needing one hard-to-find reagent than anyone can farm? Imagine a flask that not only gives you your raid bonuses, but also turns you into a Tuskarr for the raid, but whose recipe requires a search for a rare spawn? Or a set of blue armor that looks exactly like the old T-whatever epics for those who want to wear modern armor but misses their old glories?

    Like non-combat pets and mounts, the only difference will just be aesthetics. And the possibilities are endless.

    I can hope, and I hope that it is not in vain. Blizzard, after all, started doing that already.


  2. One last Tailoring idea from me… war banners. War banners in the style of Japanese Samurai frmo some of my favorite movies, that would be mounted on a pole rising from the character’s back, proudly displaying the tabard colors of the player’s guild waving over his head.


  3. Right on! My guild and I talk about it all the time on SoE. What about awesome dual prof mounts, like needing skinning and leather working to make an obomination/flesh golem to ride on top of….mining and JC to make a huge jeweled tiger mount, herbalism and alchemy get to ride on a treant etc etc.

    Blizz did help out quite a few of the more dead profs, like giving LWs the bracer enchants and things, but more would be awesome. Dyes would be huge… pets awesome as well…like a homonculi for each prof depending on what you craft…mini golems the same way. The other one that could happen is classes being able to make a whole rp set each, with the differnt recipe drops spread out, that had special attributes (think of midsummers gear dancing in flames)

    It would definitely ramp up the fun collection hunting, like fishing for all the rare pets and the dalaraan coin


  4. Hear hear! on the vanity recipe drop idea. How about drops to change a Hunter’s pet’s look or a druid’s form look? More than just the polar bear one they’re already talking about. I for one would kill to have my kitty form look like Har’koa.


  5. I, for one, was in glee when leveling up my Northrend leatherworking to find that the stuff I was leveling up with SOLD IN AH. I’m now only at 425, but I could make full sets of mail for use by people level 70+. I was like..wut? People want! Ok! I make! You buy!


  6. I love this idea !
    As a leatherworker, I only have one vanity recipe : the heavy leather ball. Tailors can craft RP clothes, I’m jalous… I’d love to be able do make funny saddles for the mounts or for pets. Something funny could be some kind of soft leather you use on your weapons, making them shinny because you removed all the rust.

    Or to keep the idea of the leather ball, I’d love to craft a basket or goal to throw it in, like some sort of Wow sport.

    Or maybe we could craft leather training dummies…

    Ohh yes I love this idea of new vanity recipes, that you will need a little bit of effort and time to get…


  7. I really like the idea of vanity drops. There is a lot to play with there. You could even combine that idea with the aim of revitalizing the old world by having location-based vanity drops. Say, a Gnomeregan Engineering minipet, or a Blackrock aura.

    Tangentially, I’ve also written about dyes over on my blog.


  8. Warbanners. Y’mean like in Arena or the Undercity phased event?

    My 0.5% is the Jewelcrafting dailies. I hate having to prioritise cuts, juggling between normal cuts, meta cuts, BoP cuts and trinkets, while fore-going the reasonable profit I could have made in Dragon’s Eyes (5-10k gold by now).


  9. I just want one tiny little thing. One or two recipes that I can learn from the Dragonscale Leatherworking trainer that make it worth it to actually have the freaking specialization in my profession. I remember back in the day, in classic WoW when I was leveling my leatherworking, thinking to, DRAGONscale stuff. That’s got me written all over it, I can’t wait until I can make some of that stuff!
    And I got the blue and the green and some of the black dragonscale set, and life was good, even though the scales were a random skin, and took quite a bit of farming. It was worth it to see someone looking for the Black Dragonscale Breastplate and know that I could make that!
    Then came BC and the Ebon Dragonscale whateveryoucallit set. I never even got around to making it for myself because my guild had Kara on farm and I got purples that were better before I got a chance to farm the mats. Now that’s not true for everyone, I know that, but still. I spent a good bunch of money on patterns I never used, and never will.
    Enter Wrath. I get my new patterns and start leveling up AGAIN.. and get to Dalaran. Oh hey, how convenient, there’s a Dragonscale Leatherworking trainer right here in the building with the regular one! Awesome! What’s he got?
    NOTHING. Not even something I can learn later.
    And on the pattern vendor outside? Nothing there that’s just for us Dragonscale leatherworkers either. Everybody gets to learn everything, once they farm out those furs or that leather and buy the patterns.
    So that’s all I ask for. A reason (besides the fact that I’m stubborn and won’t drop the profession because of all the effort it took me to get it to where it is) to keep Dragonscale Leatherworking around.


  10. JC should be able to make trinkets that do fun stuff – like the trinkets you get on the seasonal events – like turn you into a different race or whatever. That would be cool. Leatherworkers have the ability to make drums – let’s extend that and let them make actual musical instruments which play different tunes (and which you can see). How cool would a band of leatherworkers pulling out their banjos and bongos be?


  11. I have sort of lost the feel for the hunt…hence why I’ve been an achievement whore as of late.

    On the note of what I’d love to see…give something fun to us Alchemists! Maybe a craftable lab and a Mad Scientist’s outfit? Actually, that’d be pretty damn nifty…


  12. I definitely think there need to be more “fun” things to do with professions. Engineering used to be the go-to profession for that but… now it’s pretty much dead.

    On a related note, Blizzard can’t really *do* dyes in WoW at the moment. Simple example: let’s say you have your Dreamwalker Battlegear, but want it a nice red to match your socks.

    The predominant colour for the set is green which is (r, g, b) = (0, 1, 0). You use a red dye (1, 0, 0). You “colour” something by multiplying the colours together. (0, 1, 0) * (1, 0, 0) = (0, 0, 0) which is… black?!

    Dyes don’t work unless everything is greyscale by default; otherwise you end up with either almost no choice in dyes, or everything goes black.

    An alternative is to use HSL instead of RGB; but that requires every bit of gear being tagged with its primary colour. And that would still mess up anything with more than one colour on it, plus it would drive the system requirements for WoW up.

    The “proper” way of doing this is to make every piece of gear out of multiple layers of textures; each layer is greyscale, all with holes in them to show lower layers. You then colour each layer separately, and composite them together. Unfortunately, this will *also* drive up the system requirements, something Blizzard hasn’t exactly been keen on in the past.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’d LOVE dyes. But I don’t think it’s going to be feasible for a while.


  13. I’d love to be able to see, if nothing else, non-combat pets per profession. My blacksmithin’ DK would enjoy having a Forge Spirit following her. (Picture a miniature version of the Slags or the Unbound Firestorms from HoL.)


  14. Ok under the vanity heading I would love to see either Leather workers or Engineers be able to create items for our hunter pets. Nothing to change the combat aspect just something that makes your pet yours. We have armored mounts for varying type and non combat pet items but no love for those that do all the heavy work. Northrend is cold maybe tailors could craft some nice sweaters for our pets so they don’t get chilled. Also possibly saddle bags for our mounts not usable bags just something hanging back there. Most likely never see them but unique customizations would be nice but I’m sure the code would add to server lag etc. Oh well there is my 2 copper words don’t pay what they used to.


  15. I think a craftable BoP mount for all professions would be great. A paper airplane for Inscription… Some sort of crystal animal for JC… I’m having trouble comming up with the others but I think you get the idea. 🙂


  16. Ugh, for those getting this new post via a feedreader, I apologize for the missing “P” at the beginning of the title. That’s totally my fault and not BBB’s. He sent it to me from work and in the copying/pasting process, I somehow missed the P. Caught it immediately and fixed it, but apparently the dumb feedreader goes with the first version. Bleah!



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