Sabotaged from within!

Damn, this made my night. It’s just too good to keep to myself, too.

The names and screenshots are withheld to protect the innocent… ’cause somebody is gonna get smacked by the end of this.

I love getting mail from readers. I do.

I try and reply to everyone that emails me, but if you don’t hear from me, you can pretty much assume your question stumped me, and I decided to wait until I had time to research it. Which, well… means you may never hear from me, because I have a research list as long as my… okay, no, I won’t go there. Except by implication.

Anyway, I always open my email as soon as I get it, and if there is a question, I try to figure out if I can answer it in short form, medium or long form.

Short is, I know the answer, and can immediately reply. Medium is, I may not remember off the top of my head, but I know where the answer can be found, and it should just be a case of grabbing the right link, opening a blank reply email, and juxtaposing the two.

Long form? I have no idea what your answer is, and while I know where to find out… developing the answer will take time and, probably, maths. Boo. Welcome to the glacier of my pending email.

By the way, my favorite question from emails?

“Is it true that I am uncrittable now if I have 3/3 Talent points invested in Survival of the Fittest? I don’t need Defense Rating anymore? Really?”

I love that question. How wonderful to get a question I can actually answer.

Because it literally takes little time to answer, and I can feel helpful by doing so.

“Yes, yes you are. So long as the mob is no more than three levels higher than you, you cannot suffer from critical strikes by that foe. And Survival of the Fittest is in effect no matter what form you are in, so your cat form doesn’t get crit, either. You do NOT need Defense Rating, at all, in order to be uncrittable. Defense Rating is still valuable for Dodge, of course, do not avoid it, but it is not as valuable on a point for point basis as Agility or Dodge Rating for your tanking. Thank you for reading!”

So we come to the email I get last night.

I am playing my Druid (for a change, ding 75!) and flip out to check my mail… and I’ve got an email from a very excited reader, who opened their Character Info panel, and found brand new analysis tools added to the game!

On the right hand side of the info panel, he had a new ranking category… TankPoints. And a rating. And at the bottom he had an option ‘Open TankPoints calculator’.

Selecting that option opened a brand new window in the game filled with slider bars that lets you increase or decrease stats to see how it would affect your Dodge and Parry and Block and Armor, tons of options, live displays of how the changes would affect all of your tanking stats, all sorts of amazing things for Tanking viability analysis based on proposed stat changes.

Almost like a tanking version of RatingBuster, built right into the game! A version where, instead of just comparing two items, you could control JUST what changes you would see live, if you were looking at Wowhead item stats on another monitor, or browsing AtlasLoot for example.

Damn, the dude was seriously excited. Blizz just slipped this massive change right under the radar, and he was the first to notice!

I took a look at the supplied screenshots.

And I was impressed. Looked like a pretty powerful built-in utility, lots of customization options, certainly appeared very handy for playing around with tanking thoughts in game if you weren’t using Rawr or RatingBuster. Even if you do use them, I can still see how having that available would be quite handy. Sometimes RatingBuster’s trim and smooth interface isn’t enough when you have a sack full of gear from Quests, and you’d like to see exactly how each item would affect your Dire Bear form tanking viability. And by how much. And what if I add the same enchant my existing gear has to the new one? What if I changed gems or added an Eternal Belt Buckle with a 24 Stam gem to that? Hey, instead of loading Rawr i can find out right now in the game by changing the sliders to reflect how my gear would change if such-and-such an enchant was added! Or a new gem!

Yes, I could definitely see where this new TankPoints thing looked pretty cool. I got more excited at getting my hands on it as I thought about it.

Only one small problem, of course.

TankPoints isn’t a new suite of tools built into WoW by Blizzard that nobody noticed before.

TankPoints is an addon. An addon available for download from Curse. Recently updated, too.

I established this fact by going to Yahoo, and entering “TankPoints” into the search field.

Top result?

The TankPoints addon download link from Curse.

So, yeah, my detective powers will go untested on this one. I’m not even providing you with a link.

I felt so bad for the guy.

I mean, how smoking awesome is it to find something in game that you’ve never seen anyone else ever mention before? Especially right after maintenance day?

Maybe you’re the first!

And then, to find out that someone that uses your computer must have downloaded and installed this new Addon, and never told you…

And you just emailed this blogger dude all about it…

Who talked about it on his blog, ’cause he’s a jerk….

Yeah. Someone deserves a smack upside the head.

Heck, I’m not sorry.

For one thing, if you can’t laugh about stuff like this, then you need to relax a bit. I think it’s great.

I can SO see myself doing this EXACT same thing, only to find out Cassie was checking an addon out she saw Phaelia or BRK recommend on their blog. Except, thankfully, we use totally different computers.

For another thing, I’d never heard of TankPoints before, and thanks to his email I carried my happy butt on over to Curse, downloaded it and played around with it last night.

I like it. Pretty damn professional.

It’s not a one stop braindead shop, it’s a smart, well designed and valuable tool, just like Rawr and RatingBuster. Nothing can replace your own judgment… well, I guess Rawr comes close… but I love having more tools that reduce how often I refer to a damn calculator when looking at upgrades or possible purchases in game.

Oh, and the ‘somebody else installed an addon on my computer’ thing?

I have to wonder how often that kind of thing happens.

After all, multiple accounts can log in using the same computer. It’s not even a question of account sharing, it’s just computer sharing. And I gotta figure there are lots of households where several teens play WoW, sharing the same computer. Playing in shifts, or something. Or a couple shares the same computer, or whatever the case may be.

And if one person, playing on one account, installs an addon into the interface/addons folder of the WoW installation on a computer, doesn’t that affect all other accounts that would log in using that same computer?

I certainly think so.

Makes me wonder how horrible it would be to get your Bongos or other super sweet custom UI JUST right… and have your little brother install a different addon that hosed it all up.

Hmm… also makes my mind wander in the direction of practical joke addon installs… like popup windows in game… hmmm……

Hmm… an addon where, if your class is a Hunter for example, and you log in, fly out, engage a mob with your pet, and target that mob, as soon as you activate Steady Shot, a large window pops up in the middle of the display, asking “Are you really sure you want to do that? It seems awfully violent. [Yes/No]”


“Are you really sure you want to kill something? How about a nice cup of tea instead? [Yes/No]” Some nice question that has two sentences, each of which asks a question with a different answer. “Wait, do I hit yes ’cause hell yeah I want to kill something, or no because I don’t want a damn cup of tea? ARRRGGHHHH!!!!!!”

Damn, the possibilities for practical joke addons are endless. How did we miss this category?

12 thoughts on “Sabotaged from within!

  1. Ok.

    I’m the guy.

    And to make things much, MUCH worse…


    … **I** downloaded the addon and then promptly forgot about it. I could lie and say it was my little brother, but we would all know the truth, somewhere, deep within out souls. Of course, I also don’t read if I don’t have to, so I didn’t notice WHERE the addon would show up in-game.


    Anyone got a silver-plated bullet? I only need one…


  2. I can feel the guys pain. I share a computer with my wife and I use addons, lots of them. The wife? Eh, not so much. I’ll install a new addon to try for a day or two, find out it doesn’t work the way I would like and trash it, next thing you know she gets all kinds of mad because she thought it was cool. Or I’ll find a great new addon and it overwrites something she understands and then she freaks out because she dosen’t have her old addon anymore.

    The strangest thing is that sometimes she’ll see me using a cool addon and she wants to try it out, but for some reason it won’t work for her. One night I spent 30 minutes logging her in, not finding the addon she wanted to use, logging out, verifiying the addon was checked in the addon menu, logging back in to find no addon. It is a vicious loop.


  3. TankPoints, ey? Downloading this very minute! Might give my brain a rest when I try and use RatingBuster’s info to determine tanking stats and what I should prioritise.

    I would SO install one of those joke addons. Set it up for my wife’s Warlock so when she casts a curse, brings up a message “You are too nice to do that. Here, use Lifebloom instead”.


  4. Just a thing about PC sharing…

    It had used to be the case that if you downloaded an addon onto your machine, it would be ON by default for all characters on your account AND for all players using your machine. However, all of your individual in-game settings would be character-unique.

    Nowadays, most player specific info is stored server-side, like key-bindings etc and i think this includes addon settings.
    All addons installed now…are automatically ON for all the characterss on your account, but not for other accounts..slight difference. In game settings still remain character unique.


  5. All the addons I have used go across accounts on the computer. I install addon on my Husbands and my computer all the time. Mosty he loves it. I do try and remember to warn him about it. But I do forget. He has gotten use to just going to his addon options and clicking off ones he doesn’t know or use. Which works for us both.


  6. if you have not heard of tankPoints, you may not have heard of Pawn. It is completely customizable stat weighting so that you can assign a value to every piece of gear you see.


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