BBB on the BRK Podcast (and Hunter loot)

Okay, yesterday, I alluded to BRK having a huge secret… and said it was the podcast.

That wasn’t entirely true.

Okay, it was a complete lie. A prevarication. It was pure BS.

See, BRK had shown me pictures of his new Core Hound BRK Hunter t-shirt when we were warming up for the podcast, he’s been teasing me about it in emails ALL FREAKING WEEK, and was totally stoked about the massive unmasking… telling me how nervous he was, how excited, what a huge secret it was…

So when I made the title of my post yesterday “BRK has a HUGE Secret”… it was to give him a coronary when he saw it. And when I teased you and made you scroll down to find out what the secret was… yep, more coronary.

Now, in BRK’s podcast, even with me on, his show is a Hunter show, and I was flattered that he offered to have me on as a guest. I tried to come prepared to talk Hunters. Mine dinged 79 last night, or this morning at 2:00 AM, thank you all very much… and so level 80 gear is a topic in the forefront of my mind.

Mostly, it’s a topic I want to get closed out so I can move on to worrying about Druid gear.

At the moment, I have every piece of Swiftarrow LW crafted gear worn except the Helm, I have the Engineering Goggles instead. They were better than the quested stuff I’d put together while leveling. But I know it’s not what you want, pre-Naxx.

So I asked BRK, via email, to give me a few suggestions as to what to plan for, as a Hunter Pre-Naxx. Especially for a Hunter that figures on not ever getting to see Naxx, since every other person in the guild seems to be a Hunter wanting to run Naxx. At least, that’s how it feels sometimes.

So, going back and forth a bit, what he suggested is the following list, which I am going to be kind enough to share with you…

Legs – Giantmaim Legguards – LW Crafted BoE
Bracers – Giantmaim Bracers – LW Crafted BoE
Back – Ice Striker’s Cloak – LW crafted BoE
Ring – Titanium Impact Band – JC crafted BoE – takes 4 Dragon Eyes to make (ouch).
Helm – Truesight Ice Blinders – Engineering crafted BoP
Ranged Weapon – Nesingwary 4000 – Engineering crafted BoE

Heroic Emblems
Chest – Heroes’ Cryptstalker Tunic – 80 Emblems
Hands – Heroes’ Cryptstalker Handguards – 60 Emblems
Neck – Pendant of the Outcast Hero – 25 Emblems
Trinket – Mirror of Truth – 40 Emblems

Shoulders – Spaulders of the Black Arrow – Ebon Blade Revered
One Handed Weapons (dual wield) – Fang of Truth – Wyrmrest Accord Honored

Ring – Jagged Ice Band – Quest Reward “Forging the Keystone” – Storm Peaks

Heroic Drops
Ring – Mobius Band – Heroic Culling of Stratholme – Chrono-Lord Epoch Drop
Trinket – Incisor Fragment – Heroic Drak-Tharon Keep (Griz Hills) – King Dred Drop
Waist – Sovereign’s Belt – King Ymiron in Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle
Hands – Handgrips of the Savage Emissary – Heroic Violet Hold (better than Heroes Crypt)
Helm – Plunderer’s Helm – – Dropped by Ingvar in Heroic Utgarde Keep
Ranged Weapon – Drake Mounted Crossbow – Dropped from Ingvar in Heroic Utgarde Keep

So while BRK was quite correct in the podcast on how important it is to be prepared for various circumstances, have gear to swap in and out… it is very nice to have some idea of what the first things to shoot for are, and where they can be found, pre-Naxx according to the BRK.

Since I don’t want to have to theorycraft Hunter loot AND Bear AND Cat loot, thank you very much, for just one class, can someone else please be the one to do the work?

You will, BRK? Thank you oh ever so much!

4 thoughts on “BBB on the BRK Podcast (and Hunter loot)

  1. BTW, the multiple options on some things were for non-Engineers, since Cassie is a Leatherworker and, as such, won’t get the goggles. She certainly will have the Nesingwary rifle should she wish it, however.


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