First Asshat of the New Year!


Congratulations to Usalthegreat, level 74 unguilded blood elf death knight on the Kael’thas realm!

You are officially, the very first complete asshat and tool that I have encountered in the New Year!

I knew it wouldn’t take long!

Usalthegreat wins the prize by following the trail of bodies I let behind as I cleared Dun Argol in Grizzly Hills in preparation for looting the War Golem parts… and as I started opening a golem part, he ran up and started trying to get the same one I had already started on, despite there being many, MANY others in the area…

And when I succeeded in getting the part instead of him, he did the much admired /spit on me.

So, congrats!

Everyone, a big round of applause for Usal!





29 thoughts on “First Asshat of the New Year!

  1. Isn’t that like trying to be the first in line for lunch on a cruise ship?

    ooo I wonder if there will be a first Benevolent Benefactor of the new year!


  2. Must be something about that quest. I cleared the area only to have a pair of Alliance do the same to me. I /glare ‘d and /rude ‘d at them – they just went on gathering the parts.

    If I accidentally take someone else’s kill (or in this case, object), I at least have the courtesy to /sorry for it.


  3. Similar thing happened to me the other day, except in my case it was for politely refusing a duel (something I never accept as I suck). I just wish I could push a button and fry their computer when arseholes like this guy do things like that.


  4. That is asshat-o-holic, right there. Who honestly does that sort of thing?
    “I’m going to follow a trail a bodies to ninja golem parts, instead of finding my own which takes 10 seconds.”

    The stupidity of some people astounds me.

    Totally hilarious post though.


  5. Looks like an asshat to me, tho I’m not sure whether I’d report him/her for naming his/her char against naming policy or not…
    “Usal. The Great” vs. Titles are meant to be earned, not strapped into your name.


  6. A whole guild made my list yesterday. Usually I don’t have a problem but we were going to do the Ampitheater and they were in there. A couple of us jumped down to help but they said “get out” fine whatever we won’t help. Then my friend accidentally accepted the quest to start the first boss while some of us were AFK. They got all pissed off that we were doing a boss before they were done with their last boss. And made all these rude comments towards us.

    So finally they finish and we start our bosses with everyone there. Before the last boss they start helping another of their guildies start tying to interrupt us (funny after the lectures about “common courtesy” – not that I care if others do a boss in between ours but they made such a big deal I guess they were trying to teach us a lesson?) Then on top of that they start tagging and kill stealing the bosses we are fighting so we don’t get XP for them. At least you get the quest now.

    Oh Snap on Fenris you are on the asshat list.


  7. Holy crap, that took a heck of a lot longer than I expected…

    If you’re too lazy to be an asshat in life, then don’t do it in a game.


  8. *sigh* I bet he would plead with the overly used Alliance vs. Horde defense of asshatness. Frankly, seeing such actions have always left me uncomfortable. Would you ever actually spit on a person in real life? I doubt it.

    If you get a letter of apology from him, please let us know.


  9. That isn’t bad- at least it was just a quest:) Couple days ago I finally managed to get a group for heroic utgrade pinnacle- cleared the etire instance and the EPIC Red sword of Courage dropped- i freaked and of course needed on it, as I was the tank. Than some uber asshat RESTO SHAMAN bloody NEEDED againest me and won it- and than keeps goading me about how he sold it to a vendor for 20g. I don’t know if Gnomercy is full of asshats or if it was just enrangedrank but I was, and come to think of it, and am pissed off at him.


  10. Same problem with mining nodes, and am sure is common. But to watch the approach to a node, watch the mob aggro, while in combat ninja the node, then waltz away. My favorite Asshats. Courtesy, Is this a new concept?


  11. Well… blood elf… and death knight…

    I suppose we can take minor solice in the fact that /spit is the worst emote he could do to you…


  12. Happy New Year, BBB…or should I say, I hope the rest of the year is happier. I do love how you call ’em as you see ’em, though…and I sure can’t disagree on this call!


  13. sigh…/facepalm.

    I mean, I do get pretty rude when someone ninja loots a quest item/node/herb/what-have-you as I’m killing something else. I also get pretty virulent when someone tags mobs solely for the sake of preventing me from killing them/getting credit for killing them. Even then, to become a turd over someone looting what was clearly theirs escapes my logic.

    Its a crying shame that Death Knights as a class are generally populated by morons and asshats galore. No few of the people that play them are just as fun and cool as anybody could ask, but they have guilt by association with the morons and asshats, not unlike the bad rep associated with Hunters for so very long.


  14. Usalthegreat has completed the Brown Bag Feat [Be the first douche bag of the year]

    I just love when people trying to ninja stuff get pissed when you beat them to it. Happen to me with the Dalaran cooking quest to get the 6 wine glasses. I was waiting at the respawn spot (i picked only one because there was so many people trying to get them) and as soon as it respawns i began getting it. A second too late another moron comes over, tries clicking it only to see me get it. Lucky for me he was alliance and whispered me saying “WTF… you know I had that first” I love people who prove the theory of evolution!


  15. Hey I think I know this guy.

    I got the /spit in Icecrown herb-ing just a few days ago.

    I started gathering, in swooped another player to try to grab it, and when he didn’t get it he got rude.

    …gotta be the same guy.


  16. At least your first asshat of the new year was from the opposite faction. My first one was an Alliance character who tried to steal a cooking quest piece out from under me. When I succeeded she /shoo’d me, so I /bite her, lol. (I was in cat form so it makes a bit more sense.) Not quite as much of an ass as your experience, but still. There seems to be no end to the supply of jackasses in this world.


  17. There’s always a few on every server.

    I was trying to complete the Obsidian Dragonshrine chain in Dragonblight, and an 80 DK was training weapon skills on the named mob I needed. Meanwhile, 5 ganks later …


  18. Long time back my mage was farming silversage in Un’goro. He started picking one node, two seconds later another player on the same side arrives and starts picking, oblivious to my presence… until I finish looting. Then I start getting spam whispered with ‘ninja’. Didn’t take long before I had her on /ignore.

    Though if you want a counterbalancing asshat that completely got what was coming, shortly before last year ended I was playing my tauren DK and doing the Falcon Watch quests. Some alliance DK was killing the npcs there, though… major security flaws in that post. I wait around at the top of the tower for a questgiver to repop when he notices me, mounts, flies up and starts doing /taunt, /chicken, /spit, etc while dropping Death & Decay so the questgiver is likely to get into combat immediately. I’m bored enough I just /lol /giggle in reply… seriously, if you need to be 10+ levels above to attack a town you’re pretty pathetic… until one of the bat rider guards he aggrod on the way up knocks him off the tower and into the canyon next door. At which point I was truly ROFLMAO. I’d planned to try Death Gripping him in the same manner, but thank you bat rider guard!


  19. I always had to fight for fishing nodes. I once had both an alliance lock and a horde rogue swoop in and start fishing in my crawdad pool. There was no time for pvp, just furious casting.


  20. @Nexadveho: The great douchebag, that’s what.

    Sorry one of my classmates is being a dick, BBB. I can’t keep ’em all under control. 😉


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