Bear Tanking Specs and Gear Pre-Naxx

I have worked the numbers again and again, and as far as I can see, it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other. We may have arrived at different weighting systems, but the end results are mostly the same.

So if you want a great ranked listing of Bear Tanking gear, go visit the Druid Leather page and the Druid Items pages of WoW Think Tank. It’s a solid resource. And I’m not so egotistical that I feel I have to reinvent the wheel on this. I wanted to make sure it was solid… and now I’m sure.

What I’m going to do is waste your time by giving you a base spec, and a couple stages of gearing, with an eye towards helping everyone still leveling to prepare for Naxx. 

So, prepping the feral Druid tank spec.

You know you’re going to HAVE to have a talent spec with 3/3 in Survival of the Fittest to be uncrittable in raids. Period. You know you’re going to HAVE to have 3/3 in Protector of the Pack, as well.

A decent all-in tank spec is something like this, but you don’t have to go all cookie cutter on me. Just make damn sure you have your max dodges, your max armors, and your uncrittable and PotP, ‘kay? If you like more fear duration reduction, fine. If you’d like to have more Energy return and Bear damage boost from Tiger’s Fury, by all means.

In fact, if you’d like to rework things to take 5/5 in Rend and Tear, that’s perfectly valid also. I’ve done some whack-a-mole target dummy action that shows a very decent threat and damage boost from Rend and Tear. I haven’t worried about it myself, because in the Heroics I’ve run threat generation has been the least of my concerns. But it IS a perfectly valid tanking spec choice. And a ton of your damage comes from Maul, now.

Hmm… maybe I better reiterate that.

A TON of your Damage and threat comes from Maul, now.

Shoot, I never really got into that, did I? And this post ain’t the time.

Let me just say in passing that, while Mangle does generate decent damage and threat, and Lacerate is nice, Maul blows them both out of the water for damage and threat. It is well worth being your rage dump when you’re tanking, and having the Maul glyph to have it strike two targets at once is a FANTASTIC return on your glyph investment, and DAMN WELL worth the effort of repositioning yourself and moving around to avoid having that extra attack hit a CC’ed target when you don’t want it to. 

A few points about some of these talents that may not be obvious. Kind of a round-up.

Natural Reaction is an awesome talent. +6% Dodge. And when you Dodge, you get extra Rage. And Bear tanks have three main goals when preparing to be tanks; high health, high armor, high Dodge. You want to Dodge a lot in the first place, and this gives you a ton of Rage for doing what you’re supposed to be doing anyway, like being given a cookie and a pat on the head for cleaning your den. Cave. I mean room.

Primal Fury gives you bonus Rage every time you crit. And Swipe hits all targets in front of you, and every single one of those targets affected by Swipe is considered a seperate attack, each has a chance to crit, and therefore you can gain multiple crits from one Swipe, each feeding you Rage. And what did we say was a main goal of Druid tanks? Dodging? And what is the most point effective way of gaining that? Did you say Agility? And what else does Agility boost? Why, is that Critical Strike chance? Why, I think it is!

Survival Instincts is another great talent. If you put the button to activate it right next to Frenzied Regeneration, and you have the Glyph of Frenzied Regeneration, what you end up with is a whale of a ‘oh shit’ button. If you are an Herbalist with Lifeblood on top of it, you’ve got a sweet little bit of self-heal action going on there. You pop Survival Instincts and it boosts your already large health even higher… and then you pop Frenzied Regeneration and it gives you a healthy HoT that is healing you based on that real high boosted max health you just got from Survival Instincts. And if you throwdown with Lifeblood on top of it, Lifeblood is boosted from the Glyph of Frenzied Regen while it’s active. Yes, yes, Lifeblood does count as a Healing Effect that gets boosted 20% by the glyph. And your healer, who is trying to keep you alive during whatever caused the ‘oh shit’ moment, is going to love that extra 20% also. If you’re healer is dead, and that’s why you’re panicking… it helps keep you alive. Believe me, I’ve used it to do just that several times, especially on Skirmisher pulls in Azjol-Nerub.

Anyway, so you’re leveling your bear tank. And you know how you’re going to spend your talent points. But you’re also leveling your Rogue or Priest or warlock, and you’d just like to know what you should look for in terms of gear, right?

Well, my advice is to start by crafting everything that is relatively inexpensive or getting what is available on the AH, and have it waiting for you.

A good list of crafted gear to have waiting for you at 78+ is;

Head: Eviscerator Facemask (BoE LW)
Shoulder: Trollwoven Spaulders (BoE LW)
Back: Durable Nerubhide Cape (BoE LW)
Chest: Polar Vest (BoE LW)
Wrist: Eviscerator Bindings (BoE LW)
Hand: Eviscerator Guantlets (BoE LW)
Waist: Trollwoven Girdle (BoE LW)
Feet: Polar Boots (BoE LW)

The mats really don’t cost that much, or can be farmed. Or just buy the pieces outright with some of the ridiculous gold you get from questing.

The Polar Vest is outstanding for a starting chestpiece. The mat cost is really not that high at all, it has a very high base armor value, it has tons of Stamina, and it has handy sockets for gems which I filled personally with a couple of Glinting Monarch Topaz and a single +24 Stamina gem. If you do not want to spend the money on the mats for the Polar Vest, I’m not going to argue with you. You have, as a free alternative, the opportunity to stealth solo into Utgarde Pinnacle and claim the quest reward chest piece, the Exotic Leather Tunic. It’s not quite as good when starting out as the Polar Vest, especially if you are playing with a Healer who is just starting out looking for gear with you. But, it WILL do the job.

For the hardcore, and after all, who doesn’t want to be the second greatest (Ali was the greatest, but you can aspire for number two) there are a few more items that you can have crafted for you, or can buy direct off the auction house.

Neck: Titanium Earthguard Chain (BoE JC)
Ring: Titanium Earthguard Ring (BoE JC)
Trinket: Darkmoon Card: Greatness (BoE Inscript)
Leggings: Chain Gang Legguards (BoE – AH World Drop)

The mat cost, **if** you can make your own Dragon’s Eyes, aren’t bad at all for the Titanium Earthguard Chain and Ring. Each one takes FOUR Dragon’s Eyes, and on my server at least they are currently selling for 370g each. So if you have to buy these mats, the Eyes themselves will set you back close to 1400g. Sadly, they are good enough that I’m going to go ahead and make them for myself… because I do, in fact, have a JC to make the Dragon’s Eyes. Your mileage, and the depth of your pockets, may vary. 

The Darkmoon Card: Greatness is just the best damn bear tanking trinket around. If you can make the cards yourself, go for it. I have been working my butt off to make this, and as of this writing I have the Ace through Seven… I just need that Eight to come up and one deck will be finished. I also have the start of a second deck for Cassie. If you have really, really deep pockets, the individual cards on my server sell for about 1200g – 1500g each. Have fun with your 10,000g+ trinket!

A word about the Inscription game, and buying Herbs to Mill to try and get Icy Pigments to craft Snowfall Ink. According to Warcraft Econ, in patch 3.0.8 there will be a new vendor in Dalaran named Jessica Sellers that will sell you 1 Snowfall Ink in exchange for 10 Ink of the Sea. This will drastically increase the number of Darkmoon Cards you can make from the same number of milled herbs. Warcraft Econ credits El’s Professions with giving him the heads up. Two great sites, go check them out! 

Okay, so that covers crafted gear, both easy and hard.

Next, there is one instance you need to run to get a must-have quest reward; Culling of Stratholme. Why? The instance itself is great fun, and for a quest reward you can choose the Handwraps of Preserved History.

Right now, the Handwraps are the best tanking gloves in the game for ferals. Sad, but true.

After the patch, they gonna be nerfed, but they’re still going to be very, very good. 


Screenshot of ‘after’ courtesy of MMO Champion.

Moving on…

If you have some solid neck, trinket and ring gear from level 70, you can feel pretty good pre-Patch in continuing to use them in Heroics. The trinkets and rings with high armor on them continue to benefit from the armor multiplier.

So, with the gear I listed above, and some solid level 70 rings, neck and trinkets, you are ready to tank Heroics.

Your very first decision?

What Tabard to equip for reputation.

I have personally chosen Wyrmrest Accord first. At Exalted with Wyrmrest, you get to have a nice Dragon mount to add to your collection (yeah, I know… when do Druids ever use a mount? I know, I know…) and you get to buy the Dragonfriend Bracers. These are pretty nice Bracers, and you can get them just by doing other stuff.

You have as an alternative the Kirin Tor, who at Revered have both Leggings and a Feral Tanking Weapon. The leggings are better than the Chain Gang from the AH, so that is a great choice, but the weapon… well, let’s just say there is a much better choice in Heroics, and wait a bit until we get there, okay? It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong, it’s just not what you COULD have.

The Argent Crusade has the head enchant you’re going to most likely want, the Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector at Revered. Since that’s about it, well… darn.

There is one other rep to get if you choose, and there is no Tabard for it. Inscription lets you make yourself some mighty powerful shoulder enchants, but if you ain’t an Inscriber, you’re going to need to think about doing Sons of Hodir. Lesser Inscription of the Pinnacle at Honored, which is the same as the old Aldor Exalted shoulder enchant, and Greater Inscription of the Pinnacle at Exalted

I’ll make you a deal… if you don’t grind the rep, and stick to an Exalted inscription from Aldor or Scryer, I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. It’ll be our bear tank secret.

There is, finally, Knights of the Ebon Blade. The rewards from this reputation just aren’t as good as stuff you can either craft, or get from somewhere else easily.

Okay, so you picked a Tabard, you’ve got starter gear for Heroics. You’re going to get Emblems of Heroism as you do the Heroics, so what do you want to plan to buy with them?

There are five tanking items you can purchase from the Emblems of Heroism that drop in Heroics and 10-man Naxxramus. They are what you should save up for, in order of importance;

Chained Military Gorget (25 EoH)
Valor Medal of the First War (40 EoH)
Chestguard of the Lost Vanquisher, which turns into Heroes’ Dreamwalker Raiments (80 EoH)
Gloves of the Lost Vanquisher, which turns into Heroes’ Dreamwalker Handgrips (60 EoH)
Savage Gladiator’s Dragonhide Helm (45 EoH)

If you are buying the Titanium Earthguard Chain, then I recommend placing the Chained Military Gorget either at the end of your Emblem purchasing list, or removing it altogether.

If you are getting the Darkmoon Card: Greatness, then I recommend your putting the Valor Medal at the third position after chest and gloves, because there is a stellar trinket as a Heroic Drop from Heroic Azjol-Nerub taht is, frankly, better (Essence of Gossamer) .

The chestpiece is outstanding. And, after the nerf to the Handwraps of Preserved History in the next patch, and the accompanying boost to armor value from leather gear, the Heroes’ Dreamwalker Handgrips are going to really shine. So adjust the list where your drop choices deem appropriate.

But the helm. The Savage Gladiator’s Dragonhide Helm is better than either of the two Heroic drops pre-Naxx that we would look for, the Shroud of Darkness or the Mask of the Watcher. Although the Mask of the Watcher, to me, is incredible even though it lacks so much Agility, because of the solid Expertise jump. So while you do Heroics, I’d try to get either of the Heroic helm drops… but if you just cannot get the random number generator to favor your getting a helm the straight way, by all means. Take excess Emblems and get yhe Savage Dragonhide.

And of course, if you’d rather PvP, well. Bring on the Hateful.

So… the Heroics. What to run to look for what from the Random Number Generator? 

Well, your first order of business should be running Heroic Utgarde Keep. Skarvald can drop the Bindings of the Tunneler, a great bracer until you get the Dragonfriend Bracers from Wyrmrest. But the big reward is, Ingvar can drop the Enraged Feral Staff, the best tanking weapon pre-Naxx. This is a big upgrade over Earthwarden, and should be your very first goal. Enchant it with Mongoose and call it a very, very good day.

After that, it’s time to specifically target Heroics for what you feel like taking on.

Heroic Drak’theron Keep has the Keystone Great-Ring to complement your crafted Titanium Earthstorm Ring.

Heroic Azjul-Nerub has the incredible trinket, the Essence of Gossamer. The Essence of Gossamer and the Valor Medal can be your two tanking trinkets of choice quite happily when strolling into Naxx.

Heroic Oculus has the Mask of the Watcher, a great helm. At this point you have the gear to tank Oculus successfully… but the helm drops from the last boss, and the fight has nothing to do with your gear or class. It’s a battle on dragonback, and it requires cunning, skill, and tight coordination. I’ll be honest. I went in there on Heroic, kicked it’s ass on the run, and when we got to the Dragon… no lie, we wiped about 30 times, with all sorts of different people coming in and out, reclearing trash, and taking a good two to three hours over the course of an evening. And we never did kill the bastard. So don’t expect to just waltz in with an overgeared group from a pug and knock it over. Killing the dragon is a solid accomplishment. We plan on running it several times on normal JUST to practise handling our dragons in combat properly.

Heroic Violet Hold has a slightly lower ranked helm, the Shroud of Darkness, but groups to run fast Violet Hold Heroics seem plentiful, it’s not ranked THAT much less, and in your gear and with a solid healer, Heroic Violet Hold is fun and fast and frantic. I pugged it on Saturday and had a blast. Far and away a better choice of a Helm in terms of accessibility.

Heroic Gundrak has a nice upgrade to the Chain Gang Leggings, the Gored Hide Legguards. Be polite with this drop, though. Unlike most leather drops, where what we want won’t be optimum for a Rogue and vice versa, this really is a great set of Rogue leg armor. PLease don’t declare it to be ‘Druid loot’.

The same goes for any leather, now that I think about it. 

So, there you go. Run all of those Heroics, stock up on all those items… and you’re pretty much set to walk into Naxx 10 man as a main tank and be confident that you’re going to be as well geared as you could reasonably expect.

There is a nice epic weapon drop in Heroic Violet Hold… the Staff of Trickery. When the upcoming patch removes armor multipliers from weapons, that will make the Staff of Trickery very, very nice. So if you’re running Heroic Violet Hold, by all means grab that staff and enjoy it. But right now, with weapon armor multipliers still in place… keep the Enraged Feral Staff, please.

If you check out Kalon’s lists for comparisons, you’ll see (of course) that the upcoming PvP gear will all be godlike for tanking bears. If you love PvP, by all means, pursue your PvP gear. It will be very nice.

Any items that just require Honor to purchase… be advised, those Stone Keepers Shards that you get from bosses killed while your faction controls Wintergrasp can be used to buy Honor. 30 Stone Keepers Shards can purchase 2000 Honor by getting a Wintergrasp Commendation.

Also, the Wintergrasp PvP gear that you can buy from Wintergrasp Marks of Honor after the next patch are also very, very nice. That seems to me to be much more interesting to pursue than the Arena gear, much more fun, so take a close look at what’s there. If you have tried Wintergasp and like it… yummy!

A list of all the items in the PTR from MMO Champion, and a quick rundown of those items we can use;

Titan-Forged Leather Helm of Triumph (Wintergrasp Mark of Honor x40)
Titan-Forged Boots of Triumph (Wintergasp Mark of Honor x15)

The boots aren’t quite as nice as Polar Boots, so that’s a ‘meh’ situation, but that helm is certainly the best pre-Naxx we’ll see, so I think doing Wintergrasp enough to buy the Helm sounds like a heck of a goal.

After you have your Pre-Naxx gear all lined up… well, a lot of it will get tossed from a drop in Naxx, so don’t cherish it too highly. Blizzard seems to have intentionally removed Expertise and Hit Rating from a lot of available gear, with the intent of keeping us looking for that next drop in a raid. They give us what we need to reach the next level. A lot fewer drops that are ‘best in class’ in super-early content that keep us from upgrading in raids forever.

But with the gear I’ve listed out here, feel content that you’ll be able to tank Heroics well as long as you work together with a good team.  You’ll find it easy to hit 27k+ in armor, 34k+ health and 32%+ Dodge, and with that kind of health you’ll be able to tank with an adequate cushion to keep pace with your healer… who, in a perfect world, is leveling and gearing up right beside you.

Once your healers are extremely well geared… it’s time to let the health drop in favor of more avoidance, more Agility and Hit Rating and Expertise. You can let those Polar Pieces go for other, more balanced items.

I hope this helps some of you to plan your gear, assuming you aren’t clearing Naxx 25 and beyond already.

Take care all, and Happy New Year!


22 thoughts on “Bear Tanking Specs and Gear Pre-Naxx

  1. I like your build, very similar to mine. The only issue I have with it is Primal Tenacity. I know, the 30% reduction while stunned makes the mitigation loss more bearable, but I don’t think that it’s necessary in the slightest. Stuns really don’t happen that often, and Fear is very rare, only one boss I can think of right now fears, and a well timed Berserk will negate that (considering the boss doesn’t get more than 2 or 3 fears out anyway, Berserking through one makes up for the 30% reduction and then some.) Sure, having both would be nice. But that’s not the point. Primal Tenacity is a fine talent, but definitely slanted for PvP. For raiding, I think the opportunity cost is too high. Brutal Impact, the final point in King of the Jungle, Rend and Tear, and perhaps even Feral Aggression (assuming no Fury Warrior, most tanks aren’t going to get this) would be a better use of points depending if you want more utility, damage/threat, or mitigation.

    In fact, if you’re still paranoid about the armor loss from Enrage, you shouldn’t have King of the Jungle in a pure tanking spec.


  2. Once again thanks BBB! My bear and I are BC babies(Redbowl/Draka), starting maybe 2-3 months before WotLK rumors started dropping. I hit 70, and then your blog gave me something to do in game! I was years behind everyone, way behind the instance curve(I can’t tell you how hard it was to find groups for that 5th Coilfang run), but you had me running heroics in no time. (Besides getting my earthwarden, as aforementioned.)

    Because of this, I was extremely pleased to see the set that you started with here is the basically the same setup I was already wearing. (Although I crafted my Trollwoven stuff after reading your article the other day.) When I hit 78, I was in full Eviscerator set. Made my Trollwoven fresh outta 80, and the Handwraps dropped last night on a CoS run that somebody had to beg me not to log off so I could tank it. I’m glad I did. I have been at a loss for weapon to work for, but now I know where to point my snarling maw next. (Using the Wild Witchdoctors Staff off Slad’ran in Gundrak right now. Nice weapon for a leveling bear with a 76 level requirement and 25-50% drop rate according to the armory.)

    A question of talent preference…I chose to skip King of the Jungle in favor of the less useful Naturalist in order to put enough points in Resto for Omen.(I didn’t realized how much I missed it till I finally got it back at 79) I can’t really see any other feral tree talents that can outweigh the value of Omen. Looking at my talent sheet, I realize now that I need to take one point from Naturalist and put it in KotJ, for the extra 3% damage. I guess I worked that one out mostly, although if you have a differing opinion, I’d be interested in hearing it. (You may not think you are an expert, but you sure know your shit.)(I use parenthesis’ much to often.)(That is all.)()


  3. Are mangled targets considered bleeding? Why would you want Rend and Tear in a tank spec unless mangle is considered a bleed?


  4. Sorry to post whore, but looking more closely at KotJ, I remember why I didn’t take it, to me, being able to sort of powershift(Nat Shapeshifter) for cheap and consistent damage from Naturalist outweighs the value of using Enrage with KotJ talented. Plus, I find that Enrage is best used right after a shift, to boost me to the high 20’s rage for a pull, or inbetween pulls to stop the rapid fire draining of rage. I wait for it to drop to 50-60, hit enrage, and I usually still have about the same rage come pulling them.


  5. Okay Dave, and Myze, good points and questions on specs.

    The fact is, I feel that my personal must have tank build is as follows, with 5 points left over for personal taste.

    Now, that’s because, as Dave says, I love that 1 point in Omen of Clarity. Not all fights are Rage-fests, some are one at a time trash clears where that extra Rage-free proc is quite handy. And I do play kitty solo, and I like it a ton. So I include Omen of Clarity asbeing in my person must have spec.

    A lot of folks disagree. And I can absolutely see someone not taking Omen of Clarity, because in most cases, yes you DO get tons and tons of Rage, so a Rage-free proc seems like a wasted point.

    But if you’re going to ask me my personal true spec of choice, that is the base, and the oher 5 points are free to put where you’d like.

    Now, I really, really like King of the Jungle for any feral that is going to solo a lot in Kitty, and it really does have a ton of benefit in Bear. With the increased health and Dodge we shoot for, and Protector of the Pack, the dropped armor value is easier to handle, kudos to Myze for mentioning it.

    I have toyed with reduced Fear duration, not because of damage taken but because I despise being out of control and having mobs threatening to run loose beating up my peeps.

    But with 5 points, I’d take 3/3 in King of the Jungle, and put the other two in Rend and Tear instead of Brutal Impact.

    See, with Improved Mangle you are putting a bleed effect on your opponent, and then Rend and Tear is making your Maul… that massive damage-dealing attack we now have come to love, do that much more damage.

    Brutal Impact is a hard choice to give up, because while it doesn’t actually stun most anything you fight, it is supposed to act as a spell interrupt… and a faster cooldown on an interrupt is sweet.

    But, as I run with a Rogue… I’ll personally pass up the Brutal Impact.

    See? Choices, choices. It can be a pain to settle on something, because you know someone somewhere is going to have THE answer for why you picked wrong.

    But in the end, is my final talent build (and don’t look at my armory right now, I’ve been testing different things on targeting dummies).

    It works for me.


  6. great article, I love it, and it was very helpful. Its not your guild’s progression; you blog is just a damn fine read every time. Without it, bear tanking would be a lof less fun. I also didnt know quite a bit of the information.

    Some of the pvp gear sacrifices a lot of damage for resilience and stamina/crit rating. I dont plan on using any of it for tanking, but that’s largely personal preference. Also, I spend all my time raiding on the druid, so there’s never a loot shortage. The jury is out on whether pvp gear is better or equivalent. Its a lot less clear cut now that resilience is a useless stat for pve. Since the gear has never left me short on core tanking stats (stam, armor, dodge), I’m looking more at pure damage now, and hit/expertise.

    I’ve had tons of fun with the glyph of maul, glyph of frenzied regen & lifeblood. I macro maul into alot of my attacks on infinite rage content (which all the time in raids). I cant think of a better glyph combo & profession bonus for tanking. And the healers love it when my health goes up to 56k. Everyone just breathes a sigh of relief.

    Our guild has raided most of the endgame now, and I can say druids are easily a tank of top choice 🙂 We have a massive advantage on novelty fights like Sapphiron, where you can wear full resist gear and be uncrittable. Our damage output seems consistently higher than other tank classes (though mangle is getting nerfed). And we tend to survive enrages or debuffs a lot better (maxxena, anub’r, 4h, gluth). And of course heroic patchwerk is made for druids.

    Looking forward to taking my darkmoon card for a spin tonight 🙂 Cost a fair bit to make/craft, but it should be recouperable.


  7. Hello fello Ferals,

    I’d like to share my current spec as I’ve found it not only works great for my primary role as a PVE tank but my kitty DPS is also quite formidable.

    Interesting Points:

    Master Shapeshifter – Really nice bear damage boost and cat form crit boost

    Shredding Attacks – I had missed not having this since going to lvl 80 as I rarely would use Shred anymore as the energy cost wasn’t very efficient. Now I’m finding myself using it again all the time and it really helps jack up the dps. Also nice if you have the heroic badge idol. I dropped Primal Precision to free up the two talent points for this. While the expertise was nice starting out as you gear up you should find a healthy amount of expertise on your gear.

    Predatory Instincts – I dropped my points from Infected Wounds to take these points. My cat form crits now hit that much harder and I’m really not loosing too much with the lack of infecting wounds especially as many mobs and bosses on Naxx are immune anyways.

    Rend and Tear – I like this talent as it helps Maul do even more damage provided you have Lacerate up on your target or targets. Ferocious Bite is pretty much a guaranteed crit and comes in handy on shorter fights where you can’t really get a good Rip going.

    Improved Mangle – I dropped this talent in favor of going for Master Shapeshifter. Honestly Mangle is up enough for me without the fast cooldown and I’m usually using Maul and Swipe a lot more than Mangle in bear form. In cat form I haven’t noticed much difference in Mangle being slightly more energy expensive, I’m using Shred a lot more now anyways when Mangle/Savage Roar/Rake are up.

    Imp LoTP – I know, I’ve dropped imp LoTP which kinda sucks but this freed up points to get Master Shapeshifter. I’ve noticed a difference when soloing world mobs in that I do need to occassionally stop now and heal myself up where as imp LoTP would pretty much do it before. In raids our healers are strong enough that I haven’t had any healers or anyone else even notice or say anything.

    For those of you looking to maintain your tank viability but jack up your kitty dps you might give this a shot. I regularly tank 25 man Naxx and have had no issues with this spec.



  8. I hadn’t looked at it that way…I think I’m going to respec and lose the Brutal Impact, and an extra point I tossed in Naturalist, and put them in Rend and Tear. I have the Glyph of Maul, so I’ll actually have a really to set a focus now – Lacerates on my first two targets so whenever my second maul hits the second target I can get that extra damage.

    Thanks for the insight!


  9. BBB, I’m not getting the reason for the 3 points in Intensity vs. having them in King of the Jungle. ???

    I use Enrage – FFF – Barkskin – Maul (cued up to hit as they arrive) as an opening. Glyph of Maul, Growl and Frenzied Regen.

    I’m only running 5 mans atm but haven’t had any situations yet where I wished I could have popped Enrage to get that instant 10 rage. If as Ara stated rage isn’t an issue in raids then I would think those points would be better spent in KOTJ.

    Those 3 points there and then the 5 left over for RNT is what I have as my spec.

    I had one point in Brutal Impact but dropped it at 80 for Omen as I too run with a rogue. 😀


  10. BBB, on your pre packaged item setup on wowhead, the Chain of Military Gorget is rated at 26.08 and the Amulet of Wills at 48.81.
    Which is really the better choice for tanking?


  11. Excellent post! I am a fairly casual player who had just been starting to tank parts of Kara with my guild when WotLK hit, and was a bit confused by the changes in gear from 3.0.2. I managed to hit 80 still in largely level 70 defense-heavy gear, then got blindsided when I tried heroics. The gear list I came up with for myself seems to match the lower end of the gear you link to, so it is a relief to know that I am barking up the right tree again. In my case I am taking a bit more agility at the expense of stamina since I am more interested in quests and dailies and would rather have all-around build, and that can do light tanking duty as well.

    One thing I was puzzled by tho, I am curious why so many specs take 5 points in Furor in order to reach Omen of Clarity. Why not just 3 points in Furor and then put 2 points into Improved Mark of the Wild? I rarely find myself shifting forms during combat, so it seems like spending 2 points for IMotW would pay off far more.


  12. Poot-
    I did exactly that. Its simply a matter of choice. For me, we don’t always have a druid to apply the buff so its a nice to have and I can shift a couple times if needed to get the instant 10 rage. For others that consistently have resto druids in their raids it may make more sense to put those 5 points in furor. I don’t think there’s a huge payoff one way over the other.


  13. Regarding the Darkmoon card cost; I jumped to the same conclusion when I read the patch notes. I was hoping to find that the Snowfall Ink cost 2-3 Ink of the Sea but based on the picture from El the cost will be 10 Ink of the Sea. While this will keep me from having to make a bunch of scrolls to use up my Ink of the Sea it will not substantially reduce the Darkmoon cost. At 10:1 it should only reduce the herb cost 10-15% It’s not insignificant but neither is it too drastic. In the end I expect the cost to buy a Darkmoon Nobles set will drop to ~9,000g instead of ~10,000g.


  14. Titanium Earthguard Ring is nice because of the stats, but it has def rate, i would wait a little instead of spending that much on the dragon eyes.
    Rings drop like crazy in Naxx.


  15. Hey, I have been a moonkin ever since Vanilla but thought it would be good to get my tank gear ready seeing as how my moonkin gear is best in slot by far. Just an hour ago I have tanked my first instance after buying all the gear on your list. However, it really just does not make sence to me. I have never been a tank nor have I ever looked at other classes. how am I supposed to keep all these mobs on me before the DPS steals them? swipe spam?

    I also realized that i have not trained in feral since lvl 60 and THERE IS NOT A SINGLE BUTTON ON MY BEAR ACTION BAR.

    Could someone post the way their bear action bar is layed out as well as a good way to tank regular 5m content.

    any tips would be appreciated but a full exact rotation would be AMAZING. ty in advance to anyone who comments and ty BBB for a great post.


  16. Hey BBB,

    Nice article. I feel that it is missing ONE THING however. (<thats being very sarcastic as you might learn very soon)

    I was a Moonkin with full, best in slot, epics and pretty much have been ever since the start of the game. When I reaalized that i was doing Naxx 25m only for more badges and looked at how many badges I had and it was OVER 200, I decided, why not try to pick up a tank set. I got all the gear you listed and some more, was even able to buy some stuff with badges.

    However, not until I got into H UK, did I realize when I switched into bear form that THERE WERE NO HOT KEYS SET UP.

    I thought back to when I was an itsy bitsy druid and remembered that I didn’t even train for bear form until about level 30 and even when I did get it never once used it. Also, I had never even trained in feral abilities.

    Anyway, after I trained in all the abilities, and (tried to) lay out my action bar…..I realized that however good a caster I played, this is a WHOLE new ball game.

    What I’m asking for is this. How is your action bar in bear from laid out? Also, after completing H UK with some difficulty, as well as a lot of swipe spam, what if your exact rotation for pulling a mob of about 4 in a 5 man heroic instance.

    Luckly, I really hope it’s not just that because that will force me to go back to my epic boomkin. Somehow, I find wrath spam more appealing than Swipe Spam.

    Please, any help would be great on how to lay out my action bar as well as a good rotation to follow.

    Thanks in advance,

    Beefiest, Haumarush


  17. Great blog. Was looking for a decent guide, and found it here 😀
    Are SO gonna farm wintergrasp for that helmet. Great value – and very easy to get.

    Not sure about ur build, tho. What do you think of this? Love the Brutal Impact talent for spellaborting. Also, dont find that extra 10 expertise worth it.

    Keep on writing, and I’ll keep on reading.


  18. Hi!
    I’m just wondering… Once I dinged 80 I respecced to modify my build and I opted out of Omen and went for a full feral spec. 0/71/0
    Is that stupid? I didnt do any mathematical stuff before making my decisions but I just didn’t think the points in resto were necessary any more. I tank heroic 5 mans and 10/25 mans so it can’t be THAT bad to be missing those points out, but with so many people dipping down to get that omen it seems like I might be missing something… Is there something I’m not getting?


  19. what if your exact rotation for pulling a mob of about 4 in a 5 man heroic instance.

    Faerie Fire on second kill target.
    Growl on first kill target.
    Swipe (all obviously :-D)
    Mangle first target

    After that I can pretty much just spam mangle/maul/swipe/growl on the first target and nothing runs away. It doesn’t take much to hold mobs unless they are the ones being attacked so focusing on the current kill target with mangle/maul/growl and swiping should be enough to hold them all once you have them in front of you.


  20. I’m a little late to this party but it’s worth noting a new weapon courtesy of the Argent Tournament — the Silvery Sylan Staff (or the horde equivalent, Staff of Feral Furies). This costs only 25 Champion’s Seals and can be picked up pretty quickly (especially considering you’re given 10 seals when you hit the Champion rank for the first time and can accumulate 5 per day (as of 3.1.2) — and, best part for me, no need to grind out dungeons and keep your fingers crossed for the right piece of loot from a boss. Just something to keep in mind for anyone just hitting 80 and looking for a sweet tanking weapon.


  21. I tried to read most of the comments so i dont know if anyone has said this, but for all of you who are considering bear tanking and saying that rend and tear isnt required, trying to say it politely as possible, you’re wrong. it is a must have, for one simple reason. It opens up Primal gore. Critting lacerates are a boon to threat. To not take that you are severely nerfing your threat output because lacerate is a staple of any single target tanking encounter.


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