Heroic Pugging… Why me, Lord?

Spent quite some time this last weekend pugging a lot of Heroics.

I wanted to get in there and beat things up, and in our guild at the moment we just don’t have very many healers on and at 80 just yet.

So, what the heck. I hate pugs, I really can’t stand them… but sometimes you pull the handle on the machine, and three cherries pop up, and you meet someone really cool. It can happen.

Got stories about two Heroic PuGs for ya.

One of the Heroics on my list to do is Heroic Violet Hold. I’d done it on regular, and had a lot of fun. There was someone spamming trade channel, “LF tank, last boss of Heroic Violet Hold.”

Well, shoot! A single boss, dip my feet in Heroic VH waters… not too bad. I’m supposed to do something, but I have a half hour or so, so what the heck. 

 Violet Hold is an instance in Dalaran where waves of mobs come at you from portals, same as Caverns of Time: The Black Morass. Exactly the same as Black Morass. But without trash to clear first.

The major difference, of course, is that which bosses you get are random, it’s not always the same ones at Phase 6, 12 and 18 each time.

I’ve heard it’s pretty brutal on Heroic, and if you get the wrong combination of bosses, it can get nasty.

But, they say they only need a tank for the last boss. That’s not too bad.

It does surprise me, since I thought that once the waves began, you were pretty much on the go the whole time, no breaks. I didn’t realize that if you wiped at the last boss, you could pick it back up there. But what the heck, it would be nice to help some folks out, for some reason no one is answering their call for a tank… and they’ve been asking for awhile… so sure.

I come on inside… and there is one player I’ve seen around the server before, Racoon, a pretty nice guy. Ran into him while questing in Sholozar Basin, he pitched in and helped unasked on the last boss in the Frenzyheart/Oracle questline when Cassie needed it. Really went out of his way to be cool. Another time in Sholozar, I was doing the Titan ultimate weapon undead beatdown quest, and I’ve done it before and kicked it’s butt, but he happened to be there, and ready, and instead of taking the boss down himself and making he wait, totally unasked he dropped out of his Titan and invited me to group up so I’d get credit too. Yeah, nice guy. So I’ve got a good feel for the run. The rest of the folks in there were NOT guildies of his, but I’d heard of their guild, and the one Shaman guy I’d seen around and had always seemed cool. So hey, I lucked out!

The run gets started… and hey, wait a sec… the portal counter is at 1/18, and here comes the first wave of portal trash. We’re not in vent of course, and no one is talking… I figure I got suckered.

Sure enough, along comes wave 6/18, out comes a boss to fight… and when he dies, no loot or Emblems.

Boss at phase 12 comes out, no loot or Emblems. I’m tanking the whole thing, and no loot. But it’s fast, it’s fun, the group is doing well except for the Shadow Priest that can never seem to attack the mob I’m actually on and pulls aggro constantly, but that’s why Blizz gave us 20 yard Growls, right? And I’m getting nice, tasty rep from everything, so what the heck.

We get to phase, I dunno, 15 or 16, and all of a sudden my health is dropping like a rock. I pop everything, hold in there for a little while longer, but finally, boom, dead. I’m down. It lookwed to me like either the healer D/Ced or got stunned or something took him out. Maybe he got silenced?

I wait for a bit, and things are going frantic, it looks bad… but they might be able to kill this wave.

I made a very bad decision. There is no other druid for battle rez, so I release to the graveyard and try to run back in, figuring as soon as the current wave is over I’ll get back in and pick it up.

Nope. Once you release, apparently you can never get back in. But, if the wave is killed, a normal rez can be cast. So, I screwed up big time by releasing.

Some of the others asked me in whispers why I did that, and I tried to explain that I’d never ever wiped in Violet Hold before, I didn’t realize I wouldn’t be able to get back in at all. They were cool about it. The Shaman that was healing me apologised for letting me die, he got really sick feeling and went afk in the middle of the fight. Hey, that happens.

But as the conversations with normal human beings is going on, the Shadow Priest… that lovely, lovely Shadow Priest… unloads on me in whispers. Calls me noob and moron and idiot and stupid, tells me I suck as a tank, that I’m crap, that I am the stupidest player in the game, the worst tank on the server, on and on, and then gets into the four letter word category and keeps going.

I respond for a bit explaining what happened, being nice and calm, because I’m feeling charitable. The guy is clearly a compete turd. So I might as well be nice, what’s the point. 

Sure enough, I don’t react the way he wanted, so he exploded into some incoherent enraged frothy thing, then put me on ignore.


So folks leave the group, I leave the group and go about my business, tell Racoon that I’m sorry it went down like that…

And the Shaman comes back and invites me to group. With Racoon and some other new person. They want to try it again, sorry for going afk, he feels better now.

Okay, sure! I tell them that sounds fine, as long as that Shadow Priest ain’t in there, I had no interest in running with him after the vile crap he spewed.

I get dumped from group. No explanation.

Well, I think I can figure it out. The Shaman is in the same guild as the Shadow Priest, and I told the Shaman I won’t run with said Priest.

I whisper the Shaman and ask him what was up, and after being told he removed me since I wasn’t going to run with the Priest, I told him I’d make him a deal. He tells the Priest to stfu, and I’d tank it, ’cause I like the Shaman and Racoon. He says okay… but we ain’t doing Violet Hold. They want to do Heroic Azjol-Nerub, because it’s the daily, and they tried earlier and wiped on the last boss. So all the early bosses and trash are gone, but they want to go back in and try the last boss.

Well… nothing drops for me off that boss, but it’s Emblems and the daily Heroic, so why not? As long as the Priest keeps his ignorant retard 10 year old Eminem-wannabe mouth shut, it should be fine!

And it was. Fast in, clear a teeny trash mob, find everything else cleared, kill boss. Emblems, loot, yay!

And I drop that group like a hot potato, important lessons learned.

Cassie sat down and watched the last boss fight with me, and when I mentioned the Priest’s antics, she told me “I’ve seen that guild around the server, the ones that talk in trade chat always seem pretty immature.” 

Hmmm. Well, that’s too bad. Certainly didn’t improve their reputation with me any by having that idiot in their guild. And it wasn’t enhanced any further when, after I mentioned what the Priest had said to me was like, the other player in the guild just loled and told me that, yeah, he was a friend, and he was just like that. 

Umm, okay. Whatever.

I’d mention the Priest’s name, but to be honest, if I did that, someone would go look him up on the armory, and then find out the guild name, and I’d rather not sully an entire guilds’ reputation on this blog because of one asshat. Now, if it was the guild leader, that would be a different story. But hey, telling you that there are asshats in pugs… this is not news, am I right?

But there is a flip side to this. Let’s move on to Heroic PuG story number two.

I saw someone advertising for a Heroic Oculus run last night, again the daily, needing only the tank. I volunteered, and we went in.

And becasue I had never done Oculus before, I had to learn as I went, discussing marks, pulls, and working our way through.

We killed everything up to the last boss, but there were a few wipes along the way. And I felt bad about every single one of them.

It was a true pug, we had someone from Vendetta, someone from Illuminaughty, at the start no two folks were from the same guild.

But not one, single, solitary person was ever less than patient and understanding for my tanking mistakes. One player, Cravenheart, a Death Knight, took it upon himself to explain each fight in a calm fashion, and did a great job, but the whole darn run was a lot better than I had any right to expect, because everyone really was a mature, patient individual. No drama, no fights, no blame calling when something happened… just trying to get through it together.

Sadly, we wiped many, many times on the last boss, once even at 3%, but nobody actually threw a fit about it. We just kept plugging away at it until it got so bloody late a bunch of us HAD to leave to take care of dinner and family and what have you. A long, long, long run… and yet, even at the end… no bitterness, no name calling, no crankiness or bitching.

An amazing group. Truly.

I logged off, came back a few hours later… and had mail. From Cravenheart, of the Oculus pug.

Dude actually apologised in the mail for not having had us roll for the Dream Shards from disenchanted drops before we left the group, so he mailed me one.

I was mailed a Dream Shard from a guy in a PuG, because he thought it was the right way to handle it.

Sometimes… sometimes, you just want to take somebody like that Shadow Priest, put him face to face with the Death Knight, or anyone else from the second PuG, and scream at him, “Look! THIS is a person that’s a pleasure to run with! THIS is who I want to see again in a PuG! YOU are just a complete little immature sack of shit on my ignore list! And no, the problem is not the world around you is being unfair and not understanding you. We understand you just fine. You want us to look deeper… but there is no deeper. You’ve got no depths. It’s a shallow layer, and it’s asshat to the bone, baby.”

Well, I gotta say. Cassie watches these runs with me, and she said it for me… “I can’t wait until we can keep our runs entirely within the guild.”

Because as great as that second group was… it only takes one like the first to make me want to swear off PuGs forever.

24 thoughts on “Heroic Pugging… Why me, Lord?

  1. okay, I know I’m a little late on this, but, speaking of PUG’s and heroic VH…. I went in as a druid tank the other day. It wasn’t really a pug, as 2 of the dps were from my guild, but the last dps and healer were not. I’d never done heroic VH before, but I didn’t mind the reg so much. We got through exactly 2 portals before we wiped. yes. 2. and then a complete wipe. It started off bad, and I knew it wasn’t going to make it, but seriously. the 3rd dps was a shaman, and I personally love running with shaman dps’, but when the first portal master popped out and the shaman hit the boss before I did, I knew it wasn’t going to go over well. He’s screaming at me to hold the aggro… but with FFF on CD, growl not catching the portal master’s attention and no rage, what exactly was I supposed to do?

    my guild had an LOL moment a few seconds later when said shaman goes “are you even defence capped?”… um… well.. yes… I made sure to put my talent points in that, ty. The shaman finished off with a “you’re the worst tank ever, blah blah blah go read a tank forum” and put me on ignore. and good riddance! I’ll be happy to never run an instance with him again 🙂


  2. I PuG just about everything, Normals, Heroic, Raids… you name it! (I think that is it anyway… <.<) And yeah, people like the priest pop up every so often, but hey, I just remember, people are morons. I have had people tell me “omg u sukz u ned 2 lrn 2 heal me cause i rulz teh dps” then I just say “Well hey, if you are getting hit, maybe it is you who is doing something wrong, not me.”

    I have seen it all, Warriors using bows instead of getting up close and personal, Hunters meleeing and not using ranged. Tanks who turn out to be Restoration in tanking gear tanking Heroics and Shadow Priests brought in to heal but DPS all the same anyway. I have learned to deal with it, and keep in contact with the cool people. I have to make a mention of a DK named Jyssasa who was PuGing a 10 man Naxx run and needed that last healer.

    The run went ok, got bosses down, but the best thing about it is that he talked. He got to know people, he got to know me. He invited me to every single raid, heroic he was doing, and was just a pleasure to run things with. It saddened me when he moved to another server, cause I was proud to call him a friend, I knew him.

    PuGs can be amazing if you are lucky. It can be like “Oh hey, nice run guys. Cya! /leaveparty” or it can be like “Nice run guys, you up for another? You guys are awesome, mind if I keep in contact with you?” which I love.

    I keep PuGing, and I keep doing guild stuff, but PuGing things can be really great for you in the long run. People like Jyssana don’t come around very often, and it is a great thing when they do, it makes the game and my life more fun.


  3. I want to tell you about a PUG tank I went with, too. When I first went into Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle, I didn’t know the instance or the fights, and after soloing most of the content up to level 80, I had just painfully reconstructed my macros and my UI to be instance/raid ready. At the time also, I had been ill and my reflexes and hand-eye coordination was shot. None of these, of course, the PUG knew and I didn’t want to offer any excuses; I also remembered my performance in the final days of BC when I can go in any instance half asleep and chain trap for 5 minutes.

    Long story short the entire run was a fiasco. I was trigger happy and pulled before the tank, botched up my traps and didn’t know how to use my freezing arrow. The PUG tank was very upset and he had every right to be. I was behaving like Little Miss Huntard; it didn’t help that before the fight I mentioned that his current guild, to which I used to belong to and still have fond feelings for, used to be known for the skill of their hunters. I was embarrassed and knew that I cannot give any excuses now. I just had to accept that I need to prove myself… that I was, if not the best, at least competent in my class. At the very least, I determined not to act any more like a huntard and give a retort.

    Despite my poor performance during the early parts of the raid, he didn’t kick me and still patiently explained all the fights. After we killed the last boss (and despite still having not redeemed myself), the tank was still polite and cordial, though still clearly upset. But, there is a happy ending to this story—he actually gave me one more shot to redeem myself in Heroic Utgarde Keep IMMEDIATELY afterwards… where I did. We both now regularly PUG together and, I hope, finally shown him that what happened was just a fluke.

    Anybody else would have gone “KK, thx bye” and kicked me of the group, got another DPS (and there were plenty on General chat going LFG for UK), put me on ignore, put me on some blacklist… never given me another chance to show that I can learn, that I have what it takes, that I can be competent. But not this Holy Paladin… despite being really upset, this guy believed in redemption. How many times have I written off a poorly performing player after the first try? And I hated PUGs; but thanks to this paladin, I don’t fear them as much anymore.


  4. My latest, most mouth frothingly frustrating, pug attempts were for the infamous “For the Alliance!” achievement. I went on 7 (7!!!) failed attempts. Each was highly unorganized, with 2 or 3 other raid assists trying to give orders over the raid leader. And when we were told “group up here and wait” only half the raid would. If things didn’t move for 10 minutes people would leave. In at least one 2, I will assume, 15 yr old buddies decided to muddy up raid chat exchanging insults for half an hour and interjecting “Y’all know we are just playin right?”. I replied “yes, but it doesn’t make it less annoying”. Whatever. When we finally, finally get the whole thing organized and get moving….OH GOD! Path of Frost spam! I start lagging like a crazy thing. Any requests by anyone to please stop the spam results in more spamming. So we finally, finally get to Thrall or Cairne (and luckily my graphics card hasn’t exploded) and without a cohesive plan everyone Leeroy’s it. And dies.

    A few nights ago, and I had actually given up, I join another raid out of boredom and perhaps a glimmer of hope for my war bear (also because they were requesting only 78 and up, which queued the hope). We met up in Ratchet as per usual and as we gathered and waited it dawned on me something was different. It was taking a while for everyone to get there and yet people waited, nobody left, no bitching. The warlock brought enough shards to summon stragglers. The raid leader was giving orders and not ONLY were people following them, but nobody argued either. We took off for Thunder Bluff and when the call to regroup went up, people actually regrouped. The DKs even stopped spamming PoF when asked. Truly a miracle was happening. Sure enough we rushed to Cairne and BOOM, down he went. The next 3 leaders soon followed and I got my bear and a little faith in humanity. Amazing what a little patience and maturity accomplishes.


  5. I just wanted to mention a pug I was in a long while ago. It was on my fairly new level 70 Hunter and the instance was CoT: BM. I hadn’t done BM before, I had been avoiding it because I heard it was “harder” than other instances. But I was at the point of needing BM for my Kara key, so I had to go.

    I got invited to a truly pug group, no one from the same guild. I explained that I’d not been there before and they explained what I’d need to do (without the benifit of Vent). We one shot the instance, and quickly. So quickly that we did it again because no one wanted to leave the group and go about our normal PuG experiences.

    Not only was this the best PuG group I had ever been in, but it also got me invited into a raiding guild that was already heavy with hunters since the tank turned out to be the main of the person I was talking to the day before about applying to the guild.


  6. I’ve mostly been running with PuGs since dinging 80 (a week and a half after wrath went live), and generally I’ve had a good experience. Now, this is the exact opposite of my experience in TBC. Everytime I managed to PUG in TBC was terrible. It didn’t happen often because I play a hunter and people tended to assume I was a huntard (I’m guessing here, educated guess but a guess still).
    For some reason with wrath I’ve had good luck pugging and run with some really good groups. Part of it I think is that I was one of the earliest people on my server to ding 80. As a result most of the other 80s were fairly hardcore and fairly good. Now that I have some friends at 80 I’m hoping that my pugging days are numbered. I’d much rather run with my guild mates than with some random PUG, but we’ll see.


  7. I’ve been running with PuGs despite a great guild since Ive been playing, about a month after release of the game. Over time Ive noticed that PuGs have become jerks moreso as time wore on. Back in the old days it was very common to see a PuG for 15 man UBRS (which was difficult to run and took a bit of time). And no matter the wipes people were always trying. There was no emblems or badges back then, just sheer luck on the drops. And everyone was polite and no one complained. However, in TBC and now in WotLK I find that people have developed quite the elitist attiude, and I don’t have a lot of patience for it. I still run with PuGs because if I wanna get something done, Im gonna go do it, and honestly, Ive met some really really awesome people in them. However every now and again you meet that one JERK that really throws you for a loop… I just brush em off and move on to the next one. Best of luck to you in your runs.


  8. I’ve noticed that on my server over the last week the dungeons have changed. I’ve ran so many heroic Nex and HoL that I dream about them. For the last week, mobs have been spaced differently and last night in Nex, one mob of mana wraiths were completely absent. In H HoL, the stupid little spawns the boss spawns when he hits his anvil were either glitched or totally different. Normally when you “kill” them they go petrified and turn from red to gray. A few went gray but kept moving and beating on our mage. They did no damage but followed her everywhere. On Sunday, we couldn’t even beat Loken, someone the same group has killed without wipe 10+ times in heroic.

    Either Blizz is mixing things up a bit in the dungeons or some instability is happening. However, I have to say Culling of Strath and Violet Hold on heroic are my faves for boomkin AoE fun. I’m itching to get the zombiefest achievement with typhoon soon 🙂 We call it the street sweeper.

    Grats on running heroics! The epic tanking staff from the final boss in H Violet Hold (Staff of Trickery) has dropped three times now 😦 It sits in my bank unused for fear of the upcoming nerf.


  9. Hey BBB, thanks so much for the second PUG story, it really made me smile in the middle of a busy work day. It’s always such an uplifting experience when you get a great PUG group.

    Closest I’ve had to your first one was a PoM Pyro mage in a H-VH run who was trying to tell me that his spec was excellent for raids. I was running H-VH for no reason other than to pick up the spell hit trinket from the last boss, and after 22 runs without getting it, I was only joining groups if they would all pass the trinket to me if it dropped. This mage refused to claiming he needed it just as much (he was guildless, all 70 gear, PoM Pyro specced). I said whatever, dropped the group, and went along my merry way. Long story short, I now have a better trinket, he’s in my guild, and I’m the mage lead. He’s a lot cooler guy than I thought, but I have the authority to yell at him whenever I get bored, =P


  10. I pug a lot, and almost always have really good experiences with it. For some reason the level of tanking/healing in puggers is really high on my server (Scarlet Crusade). The pugs I run almost never wipe.

    This is something I’ve said a lot, but if you are looking for a higher ratio of mature players go to an RP server.


  11. Shame to see that there still are so many “bad minded” people across the wow servers these days. But then again it’s always a bonus when we meet the kind-hearted ones.

    Ok so the other day I got to lvl80 on my alt druid and did something that I never in a million years thought I would do. I stepped down from warlock Classleader and ditched the spambolts for a swiping sensation. And I love it.

    I can say that I’ve never tanked before till now, been resto all the way from 10-70 during TBC. So as a new tank I’m really trying my hardest to avoid pugging with people from guilds I don’t know. Our server is full of a lot of “I’m a tier7 25man know it all”, so these are the ones I’m trying to avoid. I want to keep my confidence and not lose it to the nearest tard that thinks he knows best.

    So my boyfriend and his best mate asks me to tank Violet Hold Heroic, I don’t hesitate at all and say yes, knowing my gear isn’t exactly good it was doable for VH. I’m not from the same guild as the two so I ask them to look for a dps and a healer from their guild as it was 2am server time and all the dps in my guild were saved.

    So we get our group of Me, My boyfriend the Ret Pala, His Best Mate the Fury Warrior, A Demo/Destro warlock and a Resto Druid. For my first Hc as a tank, as well as my first PuG it went extremely well cause I put all my trust in them to take it easy with me. There wasn’t a single drop for me but I was just happy to be in a group with people that gave me my first chance.


  12. Glad to hear you got such a good group in 2nd PuG. I’ve gone back to swearing off PuG’s only if I don’t know the healer, after a heroic OK where the pug healer insisted I wasn’t defense capped as being hit too hard, a conclusion he came to after the 4th pull in instance. What he apparently didn’t know/understand is the Spell Flingers in Heroic cast Shadow Bolts that hit for 15k, and obvious not much mitigation on my part as a bear tank.

    I went on to explain to him no i was crit immune (SotF 3/3), and began to pull next group where he promptly decided to stop healing and left the group, calling me a liar and horrible tank. Considering i’ve tanked all of Northrend heroics but Halls of Lightning (get that one down and have myself a nice Champion of Frozen Wastes title)


  13. I like PuGs, generally. Perhaps it’s the power I have as a pretty decent healer.

    But, I’ve learned. I don’t hang out with asshat pugs. If they’re bad, I leave. Gear isn’t so important to me I’ll ruin my own play time by working with them, and I don’t compromise to play with them.

    Like a mage who would only come back to the group if, next time, I rebirthed him instead of making him run back. Um. No, ha. Got a better warlock, thank you.


  14. Funnily enough, I’ve had the same experience in H Occ as you did. Im a tank and got called into a PuG for said heroic by a guildie. And it was exactly as you said it. A couple of wipes as we got up to the last boss. But can’t clear it, got late etc. Everyone left politely and happy. It’s not so bad.

    Then there’s the idiotic asshats who thinks the world revolves around them. 🙂


  15. **sigh**

    This is why I rarely get much “consecutive” practice tanking, I tank for PuGs, and after a while I just have to run back to the safety and comfort of my moonkin feathers. I know you need to bite the bullet sometimes to get it done, but sometimes that’s a pretty damn big bullet.

    OTOH, that rarest (semi-mytical perhaps) of occurences, the “good pug” is a thing of beauty, and one of the things keeping me in the game.


  16. I am really starting to get annoyed with pugs recently especially after having the Valorous dreamwalker leggings go to the guy who rolled an 8 vrs my 90. Thank you Noor for trying to speak up for me. Can’t wait for all guild runs.


  17. Hi BBB,

    I appreciated the story. Due to time constraints I don’t get to do a lot of instances atm, but I have probably had a 10:1 ratio with good to bad PUGs in the past on our server (Kael’thas). Maybe I’ve been lucky, but for the most part I have just encountered really kind nice people. I probably just have been lucky, though I really have been surprised by the (relatively) high caliber of people I have met. One of the reasons I keep playing WoW, I suppose.
    Anyways, hope you have a great start to the week.


  18. PuGs can be VERY annoying, and everything you said here holds water and rings true.

    Unfortunately for a guildless like me, there isn’t any real way around it. I have had one guild I enjoyed before it was destroyed by ass-hats, and haven’t really bothered to find another one really.

    When I can find a PuG that’s as enjoyable as the second one you had, I can say I have had a good day.
    If the other one happens, I just learn that people are people, and anonymity doesn’t help at all.

    If you do swear off of PuGs, then the Guildless will miss you. It’s people like you and that DK you met that make PuGs fun for me.


  19. I really can’t stand shadowpriest puggers. I used to be a shadowpriest too! (I’m disc now), but over and over I meet SPs that cannot control aggro, and also like to spew filth and blame everyone else. Even if they are on the right mob they don’t understand how much threat VE generates and how to control it.
    Good shadowpriests are a joy to have around. Whenever I meet a good one he goes on my friends list.


  20. I share your dislike of PUGs, and I have suffered the puerile abuse at the hands of some childish player sounding an awful lot like that Spriest.

    However, I can relate to your second story. While on the long and painful grind to get my Earthwarden, with all the pugging that entailed, I ended up in a mongrel group of 5 different guilds as you did. It was getting late but I needed to grab any group I could for the rep.

    Anyway, we were taking it easy as I was the only one who had done the instance before, so I was talking through the pulls and fights as we went. Right before the Warlord’s room one of our DPS says that her baby had woken up and that would it be OK if she went to feed her? Everyone was really awesome and sparked up fire to cook food for each other – one dude even got an enchant done form DE we had made.

    The poor mum comes back all flustered expecting to have been kicked and we’re all roasting marshmallows around the fire! We went and on and destroyed Kalithresh first time. That group actually made me feel better about folks IRL, not just PUGs.


  21. Its been a long time since I’ve been insulted by a pug, and as a tank i’ll generally be the first to boot people who cant play. Its no different from meeting people in real life though. The main thing is that in real life, you dont regularly form up associations with random people to accomplish some task together. My view on asshats is that there’s no changing them so I dont worry about it. As long as I dont descend to their level, I always feel just fine about the way I treat them.


  22. I really don’t like PuGs for that reason. One bad apple can ruin the bunch for me. I’ve had runs where it was like 3 of my guild members out of the 5 and yet, one of them can be retarded for no particular reason.

    And on a related note…immature players are everywhere. My husband owned two hordies (I think one was 80) in Outland last night and one was so mad he jumped on an alt to scream at him. Of course, my husband was really calm and just said something like “sounds like someone’s mad” which didn’t calm him any, but that’s all he said and the guy just lost it. It’s weird that being calm can drive them ballistic like that.


  23. Seems like the blog world is full of PuG stories today.

    Glad the 2nd one worked out, but in my 4 years of WoW running almost exlusively in PuGs… the 2nd type of PuG is more prominent. At least for me. 🙂


  24. PUG’s can be terrible sometimes, but I actually enjoy tanking for a lot of them. Heroic 5-mans are one of my favorite aspects of the game, and a lot of times I look at joining one as being a true challenge for my abilities as a tank. Yeah, I might be putting out more damage than two of the dps, or the healer may be undergeared in a normal circumstance, but it’s a chance to really feel “uber” in all of that gear you pick up raiding.

    Just a tip for the next time you try Heroic Occulus. The best set-up that I’ve seen involves 2 ruby, 2 amber, and 1 green drake. The damage multipliers from the jumps for the red drakes takes out the adds in seconds and make sure the amber drakes save time stops for the enrages (He emotes when he does). When he becomes immune and summons the orbs, just have everyone fly around him in a circle in the same direction. Easy profit!


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