Epic 80 Class Quest Chain suggestions: Hunters!

One of the things I miss is something that was only partially implemented in the level 60 endgame; epic class quest chains.

Hunters enjoyed perhaps one of the most difficult and ultimately satisfying epic quest chains at level 60 with the quest for Rhok’delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers.

This bow was the ultimate expression of a level 60 Hunter’s individual skill. To get the quest itself, you required the Ancient Petrified Leaf to drop from Majordomo Executus in Molten Core, and to complete the quest you would need the Mature Black Dragon Sinew to drop for you from Onyxia.

You had to have both drops. And this was when you were raiding in 40 mans, and seriously competing for loot.

And on top of it, there was an Epic Quiver companion to Rhok’delar, the Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina.

If you had the Ancient Petrified Leaf drop for you, and you started the quest and went and talked to Vatrus the Ancient to turn in the first step… then and only then could you talk to Hastat the Ancient, who would give you the epic quest to get the epic quiver as well.


Why, by getting a 40 man raid together to take down Azuregos the World Boss Dragon in Azshara, and looting the Mature Blue Dragon Sinew when he dies.

And the quest for the bow would take you to down, mano a mano, FOUR different bosses that you could only take on solo, without your pet, and if you got healed during the fight it would reset. You HAD to complete the epic Hunter quest purely on your own merit.


Not all classes had this kind of joy, and I have long wondered, why the hell not?

But okay. We’re not 60 anymore, you say. We’re not even 70. The new cap is 80, and I’m sure 5 man groups are going out there soloing the entire thing now.

It’s past time for new Epic Class Quest Chains. For every class.

And I have my own personal suggestion for the new Hunter chain. But the reward for this one, unlike Rhok’delar, would SCALE (hehe) with your level, and thus could effectively be used in raids and the game forever, no matter what the level cap ever gets raised to.

Follow along with me, my friends.

I propose a quest chain that would start with Sholozar Basin, home of the Hunter’s perennial spokesman, Hemet Nesingwary.

You would have to find a drop that would start a quest, requiring you to talk to Hemet Nesingwary to discover what it is. The drop would come from a new mob in Sholozar, a 10 man raid boss that would be a terrifying Rhino with awesome lightning powers arcing in AoE, and that could do a charge ending in a massive knockback.

The drop from downing the Rhino would be a strange mechanical device found in the beast’s guts that seemed to power the electrical discharge and super-charged the Rhino’s knockback… but seemed to have been a replacement for a natural internal organ.

Hemet Nesingwary would tell you that this looks like a normal Rhino spleen, but one that had somehow been transformed into a mechanical spleen with vented ports and an inducted drivetrain. He would christen this new supercharged Rhino drive a “Hemie”.

He would send you on a quest to track the Rhino’s prior movements, and discover what it interacted with or ate that might have caused this strange transformation.

Your tracking would progress from mob to mob, as you had to kill various beasts searching for ones that would also have transformed inner guts to provide you with clues as to what kind of food was eaten near where they were transformed, what kind of water situation, what game was prevalent in the area, etc.

The search for the source would eventually lead you deep into a cavern below Mosslight Pillar, where you would discover that the Titan construct Gearmaster Mechazod had set up a secret operation devoted to reversing the Curse of Flesh from within the very heart of the largest concentration of life in Northrend; Sholazar Basin.

Within this dark heart under Mosslight Pillar you would find a new Super-Mechazod under construction, a huge raid boss that, much like the Death Star in Return of the Jedi, you would try and engage and destroy in a 10 man raid before it becomes fully operational… but you’d find that it’s defensive systems are already working just fine, thank you.

The Hunter loot drop quest item from taking down Super-Mechazod would be a strange framework with a mesh cage of fine wires and gems that seemed to pulse with an energy all it’s own.

Taking it back to Nesingwary, he would tell you that it looked like something that he might… just might be able to turn into a trap… a brand new kind of trap, never seen before. But it would need to be calibrated. So why not take it out into the wilderness of Sholazar, and try it out by trapping three specific different creatures to be found, and reporting back?

You would need to do a revamped version of the level 10 hunter quest, where you travel alone into the wilderness and trap and tame three different types of animals. But this time, the Ice Trap you are used to using would not work on them because you can only be prepared to use the new trap. You would set the new trap, and then use yourself as bait to lure them into the trap, and the activation duration of the trap would work much the same as your Tame Pet duration.

You would need to therefore tame each animal on your own, and I think it would be quite fair if healing from outside sources ‘interfered with the delicate matrix of the trap’. It would have to be something you could only do solo.

Each trapped pet you would have to bring back to Nesingwary, who would then dissect the animal and modify the trap.

When all this was complete, Nesginwary would present you with a Calibrated Super-Mechazod Trap that he would tell you is a special, one shot device that might let a Hunter do what had never been done before; create the most powerful, terrible killing machine ever imagined!

You would have to go through the Waygate of Sholazar Basin to the depths of Un’goro Crater, and lie in wait for one of the massive, terrifying Devilsaurs that loom out of the mists.

Using the Calibrated Trap from Super-Mechazod, you would trap the Devilsaur, and tame it (and yes, even non-51 point BM Hunters should be able to do this since it would be part of the Epic Hunter Class Quest chain and tied to the trap).

And the result? Your tamed Devilsaur would grow and transform, and you would have to keep channeling Mend Pet, and feed it a wide variety of foods, until ultimately the Calibrated Trap completed it’s work, and you are left with the ultimate reward for completing the Epic 80 Hunter Quest Chain; your very own MechaGodzilla!

MechaGodzilla, who would level with you, and would have it’s own powers unique to it the same as Spirit Beasts do… and who you would need to keep fed on the Mecha version of pet food… Handfuls of Cobalt Bolts.

AND, yes, it would be a Pet – Mechanical, who could be affected by the Gnomish Engineering Remote in PvP… but god help you if it doesn’t work, as I think it would be awesome to have it trigger a special Enrage overpower effect if you tried to control it, and failed. 

No… no, don’t say it… let me dream. Let me just… just for today… dream a little dream.

A dream of MechaGodzilla rampaging through a cleaned and purged Gnomeregan, destroying the city…. his Hunter by his side.


27 thoughts on “Epic 80 Class Quest Chain suggestions: Hunters!

  1. I might be thinking… just thinking, mind you, of an Epic Druid quest chain… but surely I would never presume to try to come up with ideas for Epic Class Quest Chains for other classes… that’s the job of OTHER people who love those classes… some of whom might have blogs? Hint hint?

    Oh c’mon, you telling me you love your class SO much you write a blog, but you don’t have ANY idea what you’d like to see for an Epic Class Quest Chain?


  2. Sometimes I would find it really funny if my water elemental could shapeshift into different beasts, but retain its water-elemental-ish skin.


    I could dream too, right?


  3. heh….Blizzard has had the makings for rogue specific quests since vanilla. Ravenholdt has been under utilized, and the quest lines that lead there just kind of stopped. The cries of joy from thousands of rogues would shatter Azeroth were it to be “finished”.

    I’ll have to think of some epic rogue quest lines.


  4. “Oh c’mon, you telling me you love your class SO much you write a blog, but you don’t have ANY idea what you’d like to see for an Epic Class Quest Chain?”

    I just had an awesome idea for a mage quest chain, and I made a post about it too. thanks for inspiration for today’s post!


  5. They don’t even mind to listen to countless numbers of people asking for a variation in skins for cat and bear form…and that’s deffinetly easier to accomplish. As i have seen it they are trying to make everything more accesible: you can just learn swift flight form at 71 now, and as of patch 3.0.8 you will be able to tran aquatic form also. That was a ncie and intrigueing quest. It’s good to make all more accesible, but that’s just doing everything plain common and ordinary.

    I’d love myself an epic quest chain…perhaps a seemingly endless one. (50-100 quests)..just so you don’t have to go fishing when you get bored ^_^



  6. Is BRK your weeds supplier ? Maybe this is the reason you came up with such a great hunter story and no druid idea.

    Well I’m not bothered. I play a hunter. 😀

    But what could be an epic quest for druids who are so different among themselve. I play a resto druid, would she be able to do the same quest than a fluffy bear ? Maybe this is the reason why you can’t find a nice idea for druid : you would need 4 : one for bears, one for cats, one for chickens and one for trees…

    … And stop trusting everything BRK gives you… He’s a dwarf… Trust him only with beer… (ask an elf for weeds…)


  7. This would be AWESOME!! I came to WoW too late for the 60 raiding stuff & never had a chance for the epic hunter quests. I’d love, love, love to do one at 80.
    Excellent ideas BBB, keep them coming!


  8. Nefernet… I do have an idea for an Epic Druid Quest Chain.

    And one of the requirements for me is that you DO have to use ALL normally available forms or roles to get you through it… without respeccing.

    It’s kind if fun to come up with them, trying to only use quest elements and encounters and mechanics that Blizzard themselves have implemented in game.

    I didn’t want to lead with Druids, because let’s be honest… With the Epic Flight Form quest chain and our own, special boss that even had it’s own potential mount that could only ever be seen if you had a druid in your party that could do the summons…

    Well, we got loving a hell of a lot more recently than anyone else.

    Now, Krizzlybear already posted his fun idea of a long chain on his Mage blog, Frost is the New Black. Maybe after there are some more great ideas, I’ll put mine up.

    Unless some other Druid blogger does it first. 🙂


  9. For Druids, the Epic Flight Form questline was pretty darn epic, in my mind. I was saddened when they made it effectively obsolete, although I’d have *hated* trying to get it done as a Druid after the expansion, so I understand. The same goes for the Paladin and Warlock epic mount quests.

    I’d say the epic Hunter quest could probably end with, or perhaps just feature, the Goretok Palehoof encounter in Heroic UP. The animal minibosses and the boss himself are very Hunter-y.

    Rogues could have an epic tale of intrigue that sends them to every corner of Azeroth finding, stealing, and killing their way through an assassination plot against a major in game figure, complete with betrayals by questgivers, and plenty of backstabbing. Obviously, it should begin in Ravenholdt, and end with some sort of very nifty trinket.

    Warriors would *have* to have something along the lines of a “300” encounter (overwhelming numbers of squishy enemies against you and your ragtag band), maybe just an outdoor event, or maybe it could happen in Heroic CoS, in the area outside Stratholme. Ends with a suitably epic weapon, of course.

    Warlocks could have a questline that ultimately results in the exchange of their soul (or perhaps to keep their soul) for some amazing artifact or power. Perhaps somehow revolving around Mal’Ganis in Heroic in Heroic CoS.

    Druids should probably have something that pushes them once more to skirt the fringes of the Emerald Dream. I’ll have to think about that 1 a bit.

    Paladins, I don’t know, but it seems most appropriate to involve Uther Lightbringer and Arthas himself. Heroic CoS again? Somehow redeeming 1 or the other, or both?

    Shamans need a trip to the spirit world, a long quest, that forces them to reconcile the elemental forces, or perhaps the spirits of their (or someone else’s) ancestors. Once again, need more time to think on it.

    Mages obviously will have something important to do in Heroic Nexus and Oculus, perhaps even Malygos himself.

    Death Knights could have a “Final Temptation”, where Arthas attempts to bring them back into the fold, revealing that he has used their apparent defection as a means to gain information on the plans of the Argent Crusade, the Horde, and the Alliance, and that he had planned it all along. Perhaps even reveal that they are a “Manchurian Candidate”, meant too assassinate or corrupt someone? Epic weapon for betraying everyone and getting away with it.

    Priests could have a questline that forces them to make choices that are “good” or “evil”, leading them towards rewards that suit the appropriate spec.


  10. Can it actually look like Godzilla instead of those goofy devilsaurs? And be big? And make the Godzilla noise? Then I’d get one. Did you ever watch Son of Godzilla? I have a feeling blizzard would make them look like that…

    But those giant praying mantises would be kickass pets!


  11. Yggdrasil is spot on, in that epic class-based quests could strengthen the lore. On that concept alone, I’d suggest class-based lore heavy quest chains throughout the leveling content, not just at the epic level.

    Hey, I can dream, too.


  12. Yggdrasil’s suggestions of various karma choice type quests are great. It could open up a whole area of.. roleplaying to the game. maybe title awards or glow effects depending on a persons karma level.. (yes, i’ve been playing fallout 3 too much lately.)

    I like the manchurian candidate suggestion it would really tie the whole DK class thread back into place. Throw in a few anonymous whispers for the creepy effect when you start the quest. Arthas reeling you back in slowly. Have the final steps of the quest be one leading you to Arthas and choice of a legendary weapon one good one bad, if you pick the good one, you and your party fight Arthas, if you pick the bad one, you and Arthas fight your party.

    For druids, since they have made the epic flight form quest no longer needed, It could be updated to lvl 80 for a new form/ability, engineers can make the motorcycle mount with a side car for a passenger, and anyone with enough gold can buy the vendor mobile (traveller tundra mammoth), I propose the druid epic ability to be able to snag comone in our claws while in flight form and carry them with us.

    I like BBB’s hunter epic quest idea.

    I think every class should have a class unique mount/weapon/ability that they can obtain through a lengthy quest chain.

    Mages, since they can summon water elementals could be able to summon a water elemental type mount.
    Warlocks, already have the demonic horse. (new – ridable infernals?)
    paladins have their chargers. (how about a winged horse ie. pegasus)
    DK’s have their horse and the skele griphon.
    Hunters perhaps could have the ability to tame any animal as a ridable mount, (flyable if it is a bird)
    I haven’t played a shaman enough to have any suggestions here except also ridable elementals perhaps air for flying, earth for riding.
    no ideas yet for priests or warriors.

    For rogues, perhaps a matched set of daggers that do insane damage, but have a chance to stun the rogue on a block/parry (come on.. they are OP as it is why make it that much more without something to balance it)

    DK’s need some really awesome looking weapons that fit the look/feel of a DK like their starter sword did.

    Feral druids.. We NEED different skins, the only visible difference between a lvl 20 cat and a lvl 80 cat is on the nameplate. Maybe have the markings change over time as they level or something. (for bear/cat/moonkin/trees) at least the moonkin weapon/offhand are visible

    OK, i know i long lost the continuity of the suggestions as I rambled.. long day at work.. industrial fatigue..


  13. I was thinking they should be even set up in a “choose your own adventure” style, where you are presented with choices of where you go for the next step, and perhaps even having dramatic repercussions as far as what the end result is.

    I was thinking further on the Warrior chain. Why not a questline that takes you into the future, standing at the final battle between Horde and Alliance? Your side is the losing side, and you are at Orgrimmar/Stormwind. Thrall/Varian Wrynn are exhausted/dying from the battle, as the city is in ruins about them, and you and your group are to fight off the waves of enemies that come bursting through the gates, until finally facing the enemy leader. Complete with some good cutscenes and dialogue! I guess the question is what would be the reason for such a task? I can foresee being sent to beseech Chromie or even Nozdormu to be sent, and the subsequent “quid pro quo”, but not why.


  14. @ Tesh- I’ve always thought that the scant questlines each class has were never enough. Most were too obscure and fringe, were neither very necessaary or particularly fun, and the reward rarely reflected the level of effort required to complete them. I think some new Azeroth-based, class-specific quest chains that take place every 10 levels are in order (because Blizz totally cares what I think). If nothing else, it gives class identity. I never felt more druid-y than when I did the epic flight questline, or the sea lion questline (although it was so very frustrating). Meanwhile, the totem questlines for Shamans is all they get. Warriors have a pretty decent amount of quests from the beginning to level 40, and they are actually really neat, though not particularly lore related.

    I don’t consider the class specific questlines that lead to Sunken Temple to be all that great, its effectively the same quest, just with different rewards for each class, and different crap to gather. Who goes all the way to ST and doesn’t do a full clear anyways?

    Also, BBB, I just thought of another possibility. A special bond ability with the pet you are using in the final quest, or at least when you turn it in. Something that increases both your power and that of the pet while you are using it or you could just apply it to a pet, but only 1 pet, in your stable/inventory. Mecha-Godzilla, however, is a noce reward also.


  15. Holy Crap…. loving these ideas. Playing a druid, I missed the epic flight quest… Why not bring that back but instead of just making it a different colored bird, make it some bad a$$ flying creature (griffon, roc, ect…) Make it bigger and then follow the previous suggestion that we can pick people up or (heaven forbid BRK ever saw this) let someone ride us!

    I also love the roleplaying aspect that they could do with quests, espcially the “choose your own adventure type!” It could be like the engineering quest that you can only do once per character and how you choose could effect your standing with certain factions with in the druiding community (kinda like Aldor/Scryer did) Would make the game more “real” for me instead of just going quest, turn in, quest, turn in….


  16. Awww… mention of the Hunter epic quest always induces a slight melancholy. I always so desperately wanted to do it, but real life always prevented me from committing to 40 man raiding (and its 3-4 night a week requirements). Consequently there was never a chance to get the leaf. And so no chance to get the quest. For me, any epic quest ought to rely upon the Hunter’s ability and not require a metric crapton of other people to get it done. Make it long, make it hard, but make it require no more than 5 people at any given time… give those hunters outside raiding guilds a chance to participate.

    I _still_ plan to do the old Rhok quest at some point, now that MC can be done with fewer people.

    Mechagodzilla? Nice… but even better were the quest to culminate in the ability to apply a mecha patch to any pet, and create your own choice of mecha-giant-pet. Instead of giant rampaging mecha-dino’s then we can have giant rampaging mecha-gorillas, and mecha-cats and mecha-slimes (that think they are mecha-crocs)!


  17. I would love to see some epic quests….something that I would love seeing is not just classes but race…like going back to thunder bluff and fighting beside cairne to get an actual totem weapon….they are all wielding it but we tauren never get to hav eone of our own. I cannot be the only one who when going Tauren had this awesome thought of us wielding the tree trunk sized maces…hell i thought that was where the tauren war stomp was going to be from.

    As a druid, I would love to see a quest where it requires 5 druids coming together- forming a coven/grove of druids who have to do quite a few quests together to finally reestablish the emerald dream to its proper state- each taking to their own forms to fight the evil alongside their brothers of the claw. In the end having it bestow a grove name under your guild name for flavor purposes to distinguish the druidic bond between the players in the epic quest chain.


  18. You know, Chaintrap you’re damn right.

    And I can see how it could be done!

    You have to go to Un’goro as before, and lie in wait and capture the famous Devilsaur… in fact, maybe add a spelcial named one that was even bigger than before, call it Thunder Lizard God, or something.

    But you’re not capturing this insane ultimate beast of destruction for yourself.

    Oh, no.

    No, you are capturing Nesingwary’s new pet. He has long sent other Hunters out to kill the big named game for him… how appropriate to have you sent out to get him the greatest Mecha-pet of all time?

    And when you complete your turn in at Nesginwary, two things happens.

    First, as has already been implemented with phased content, from then on when you see Nesginwary, he has the MechaGodzilla nearby.

    And second, he shakes the Calibrated Trap a bit, then hands it over to you, and says, “You know, I think it might have one charge left. Got any big game in mind… Big Game Hunter?”

    And you get the Calibrated Trap that you can use for your own pet of your choice to ‘mecha’ them, and the new title, “Big Game Hunter”.

    There… that’s a good finisher.


  19. Plainsrunner i love that idea.. With druids as flexible as they are. (I’ve heard of 10man kara all druid runs pre wotlk) Pulling together a grove (covens are usually for witches methinks) of druids attempting to bring balance back to the dream is a great idea. But, since druids are almost a faction to themselves (ie moonglade/cenarion circle) I would love to see a way of bringing cross faction druids together to bring true balance. how can you have balance if one half is missing?


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