Grumpy Old Bear!

Look, okay, I know I turned forty recently.

But it’s just a number. I didn’t freaking transform into a different person.

Did I?

I swear I feel exactly the same as normal.

So…. why is it I keep running into these situations that make me wanna scream “Get off my lawn you little delinquent bastards!!!”

Case in point…

Last night, Nighthawque, our guilds most active healer for Heroics (at least during the times that I’m online) came on and wanted to run something.

The number of folks in the guild online at the moment?

Four. With three 80s available counting me and Night, and as a weeknight, it should come as no surprise that Nasirah wanted to, like, go to bed.

And Cassie was out of the picture watching Lipstick Jungle or something.

Night wanted to Healzors and get Emblems, and I could come tank… so we did the ever dreaded “Tank and Heals looking for three solid DPS for Heroic Gundrak, pst”

Why Heroic Gundrak?

I wanted a shot at the Gored Hide Legguards for my tank set, and if Cassie was on the run I’d of course pass for her… without her in the run, I could roll greed on them with a clear conscious.

I’ve done Gundrak on normal. Once. We kinda felt our way through, with Suvon’s guidance. But in Heroic, there is that extra bonus boss, and I wasn’t sure how to get to him. And I’d heard ugly things about the first Snake boss.

So here we were, not only wanting to go, but we were gonna be winging it. With an audience of three that will be asking themselves “Who the hell are these Sidhe Devils noobs, anyway?”

From asking on LFG, we got a Death Knight, a Hunter, and then the Death Knight knew another Hunter that could go.

And my crankiness, my inherent grumpiness that has apparently been augmented and boosted by the power of the mystical FOUR-OH kicked into gear.

The Death Knight? Cool. Nice and friendly on party chat.

The Death Knight’s Hunter friend? The same.

The third Hunter from LFG channel?

Set off my cranky switch instantly. INSTANTLY, I tell you!


When I posted my nice, long statement, using proper words and spelling, that a tank and healer were looking for three solid dps for Heroic Gundrak, his total response was one word; INVITE.

Not “Please invite me”, or “I can go”, or “Are you full, yet?”, or “Have an opening for a Hunter?”

Just “INVITE”.

Like he’s ordering me to invite him, “Invite me now, and you’re too far beneath my notice to waste an entire sentence or even a partial sentence on.”

Reading too much into a one word response? Oh hells yeah, but still… stuff like that, when you’re looking for members of a PuG, send little warning flares off into the sky in your peripheral vision… “Warning! May be rough skies ahead!”

Nothing to dwell on, but something to tell you to keep an eye out.

After getting invited, he never says another word in chat. Not a single word.

The other Hunter and the Death Knight are chatting away, very articulately and politely, but this one guy is just dead silent.

Okay, so maybe he’s the strong and silent type. Or shy.

We get there, we get summoned, we get lined up on the first trash pull prior to the Snake boss.


The trash pull is a mess of confusion, and I’m not sure what the heck is going on. I marked kill order, but it seems like stuff is going away from me and onto the other players and I can’t see why.

Second pull is exactly the same, a mess of confusion.

It’s almost like someone is ignoring my marks and targeting something else. Like what we used to see, when someone would target an unmarked opponent so they could rack sole DPS on that one mob the entire pull, and shine on the DPS charts.

You know, the old favorite of DPS chart lovers everywhere, the technique of letting the other DPS players focus on kill order like idiots, and having their numbers dip because they are pausing to change targets after each one dies, while you can fire away non-stop on just one mob. Usually the non-marked one so you know you have it all to yourself. Inflating those DPS numbers, making you look more valuable to the group.

Reading too much in after a couple disorganized trash pulls?

Well… yeah, but for the love of God, it’s been a long time since a simple trash pull on three freaking snakes just went bugshit on me. SOMETHING is going on.

I look at Snake boss, Night is telling me about a strategy he knows about pulling back to the arched entryway, having me tank him there while everyone else is up on the ramp forcing adds to come all the way past me in a little narrow channel, and some folks are moving up there, some are milling around, we are 5 seconds into talking about where to pull to, we aren’t up to mana yet, I am in caster form standing there in the arch asking “Is THIS where I’m supposed to stand?”…

And I get a raid warning that the boss is pulled and I get an aggro flash on my screen.


I’m standing there in my fruit of the looms, we’re still only 5 seconds in to talking about how to handle the Snake boss in Heroic so we all live, and that little cocksucker ran in, Misdirected and fired into the boss. Not a single word to anyone. 

In fact, when I had asked if everyone was ready before the trash pulls, he hadn’t responded then either.  Not a word. When I specifically called his name after the rest had said ready, he said “what”.

Like, what do you mean, what? Are. You. Ready? Is the question really THAT hard?

Anyway, okay. Situation is, the little prick pulled the boss before anyone else is ready at all, hell before the tank is even in Bear form. Nobody knows where they are supposed to be, the adds come rolling, I am in a narrow little doorway with no freaking visibility… we all frantically get to business, shifting and Challenging Roar and yadda yadda, and we took him down and only lost the Death Knight in the process.

And I ask, “Who pulled?”

I know who pulled. I want the answer.

Silence from the Huntard, And the Hunter friend of the Death Knight said “Not me.”

I said that’s what I thought, and told them that I was done. Party over, nice to see yah, buh bye. I do not play with that level of shit in the group.

The Death Knight and Hunter were very surprised that I would choose to quit rather than just boot the retard hunter asshat from inside the instance.

But it is actually very simple. We’ve talked about it before.

Once a boss is dead, you are saved to the instance.

Even if you remove someone from the group, they are still in the instance… and won’t get booted. They stay inside. And while there are five inside, another can’t come in.

I’ve read another blogger share a story of five hour camping of a Heroic Shattered Halls run, because he was booted from the group after clearing the whole thing and getting to the last boss, and the other four wanted to bring their buddy in for the last boss to try and get the Epic drop now that the hard stuff was done… and the person booted said “Nope, ain’t leaving until all trash has respawned. I fought it all the way, and I’m not leaving just because you want to boot me so your buddy can get the loot he didn’t earn in any way. Screw you guys.”

So, while I applaud the person that took a firm position and refused to stand silently aside while the four assclowns brought in their buddy and kicked him to the curb, it also works the other way… if you have someone that is just THAT bad, booting them from a run after a boss is dead on Heroic mode is a waste of time… if they are childish enough to camp it and not leave.

But there is a hope, a slim hope, if he’s the type that gets bored easy and I let him think he’d be wasting his time by camping because we all were leaving right away.

I remove him from the group, say in front of him that I quit and that I was gonna leave, it was over. Then I went outside fast to the summoning stone, and talk to Night about what we ought to do next. Try and find a fifth and hope the Huntard leaves the instance quick? Is the Huntard still there? Has he moved? 

And I watch as the Huntard follows me right out of the instance and runs on by.

Woot! My thanks to the short attention span generation!

Nighthawque says to me in ventrilo, “Omigod, there’s a Rogue on LFG channel, Gnomenstein, he’s awesome, he’s incredible, great person, I’ve run with him before, quick, invite him! Invite him!”

All right, all right already, keep your panties on, I’m inviting. I’m inviting.

Gnomenstein comes into the group, and I explain that we have already downed the Snake boss. Is that okay?

He says it is, he just wants the ring from the alst boss, so we summon him, we run in. It’s all good, we’re all inside.

So… I had a simply horrible start to Heroic Gundrak. Was it truly ALL that one Huntard? Was I right to be cranky, grumpy, and boot his ass after that surprise pull?

Well, let’s see. What was the rest of the run like?

Do the words “easy mode walk in the park fun frolic” impart anything of the experience?

It was challenging, as anything done for the first time in an unfamiliar group can be challenging.

But at no time after that did I EVER feel that the group was nuts or lost or out of control.

Even with the frantic hopping lunacy of the Frog boss, the run felt as though everyone was on the same plan, working well together, and kicking ass.

After the first boss, I was poised to be even MORE grumpy… and instead, at the end of the run, I didn’t want to quit. We chatted for a few minutes, laughed a bit, added each other to our friends lists, and said “I’ll see you again! Great job, everyone!”

So yeah….

Sometimes, even when you are afraid you are being overly critical or cranky about something, you SHOULD occasionally trust your instincts, even if you’re afraid you’re just being Mr Crabby.

Because after removing the Huntard from the group, every single possible thing about that group improved dramatically.

It was a Total Transformation!

And speaking of someone that could use a Total Transformation… man, that Huntard is on my Ignore list… I wish I could put him on a “cannot be seen in LFG tool, phased out” list.


28 thoughts on “Grumpy Old Bear!

  1. That story (with the exception of the end) is the nightmare of all PuG-gers. I’d say you totally made the right call. The only thing you did wrong was when he said “INVITE” you should have replied “Magic Word?”


  2. yeah i agree you are justified, but man yours post are really emphasizing some true huntards out there. I try my best to dispel those notions, but it seems there will always be those setting us hunters that “play well with others” far back. He seems to be pretty new based on guild history, so im sure he will learn just like all of us do. Glad at least the DKs hunter friend was good. If you ever need a non-huntard hunter look me up, im usually on.


  3. Sometimes, even when you are afraid you are being overly critical or cranky about something, you SHOULD occasionally trust your instincts, even if you’re afraid you’re just being Mr Crabby.

    This is definitely true, there are times when I wished I had listened to my instincts and not gone on some PUG runs. I believe some of the problem is that you’ll have people that have never ran instances before so really don’t know what they should be doing within an instance and of course you’ll always have some that don’t listen to directions. 🙂

    My main problem hasn’t been with a Hunter but a Locktard he’s a guildmate. Yes, I’ve had ran with some bad PUG’s but he’s right at the top of the list with them. I refuse to run with him anymore. He had a bad habit of being afk and not telling anyone. Heroic Gundrak was one of the first heroics I healed with my Holy Priest and I remember him going AFK at the snake boss. This was about the fourth time I’d been in there and I remember it was taking a long time to get the snake boss down, and our tank along with DPS was taking a lot more damage, very strange. Looking around I noticed he was once again AFK. it would have been nice if he had told someone before we started that fight. (He decided to tell us afterwards.) I will give guildmates a few chances but that was his third time he did that in an instance so I won’t run with that Lock anymore. I can understand that at times you have to take care of things in the real world but let people know. 🙂 I’m looking forward to eventually tanking GunDrak with my Druid (she’s still a lowbie only level 31, but already tanked five instances) and later serving as DPS with my Hunter.


  4. I’m agreeing with the Secret Agent Cat.

    Being a Hunter, I cringe when I see bad play like that.
    Heck, when i read about it, it makes me wanna cry.
    I’m glad you kicked his no good slacking rear out of your group.

    Although, I normally just say “invite?” too because seconds matter when It’s a group invite and you’re DPS.


  5. Doesn’t it auto-hearth you after a minute if you’re in an instance and not in that instances group? Isn’t that how ghetto hearthing works?


  6. Cranky, 40? You young whippersnapper, you. Wait til you hit 45! >.<

    And btw you were cranky before you hit forty mate. hehe! But that’s why we lurv u. ;-P

    I remember doing Sunken Temple with you (back in the day) when you abused Kortenharig’s pet. It was hilarious! Those moments make the game for me. Good times. /sigh

    Me & the Mrs love grouping with you. Your occasional crankiness has huge entertainment value! Of course we love your selfless side more, and you have lots of that. But we’re still a little bit scared of of your crankiness in case we screw up on a pull, or worse still your ‘silence’ while you figure out something calm and supportive to say. I doubt we’d ever pull like that guy did. We’d be too scared to.

    Anyway, INVITE! I’ll aggro everything with my DK. You know me. Not intentionally of course, just cos I’m crap in instances, and 45. Well that’s no excuse. =)

    Great post, as usual btw.


  7. I had my own adventure in Heroic Gundrak the other day. Normally I’m the tank, but I had recently specced my Paladin ret. I knew everyone but the tank, a Paladin, and he turned out to be a real gem. He wasn’t defense capped (423), with just under 21k health. I also play the game with my wife, and she was the healer. If he was halfway competant we’d be fine. He was not.

    When I tank, my wife only drinks before boss fights. She made it two pulls at best with this guy. He pulled on several occasions when she had little to no mana, forcing me to use the small mana pool avaible to me in an attempt to keep him alive. He finally left after he wiped us by pulling with her AFK (which was announced in chat before the pull), stating that he “didn’t have time or money,” the “priest needs to stack more MP5” and was going to Naxx.

    The end of a long story, was that I ended up tanking the rest of the instance, specced ret, succesfully tanking everything except the last boss, who would hit me for 10k a pop. Our Guild MT was more than happy to come in and help us 1 shot him. Man, is it nice to have competant tanks.



  8. Do you have any idea how old the hunter was? From what you describe, he had the e-social skills of my nine year old. And my nine year old is a great kid . . . he just doesn’t type very quickly so he ends up deleting his responses if the conversation moves on before he’s done. And he doesn’t always watch the chat queue when there’s stuff going on around him. And when a battle starts to get chaotic, which, for a nine year old the chaotic bar is set pretty low, he doesn’t always focus like an adult might hope.

    I guess what I’m saying is that, yeah, that’s pretty frustrating. Booting him from the group was probably the right thing to do for the success of the group. However, it might have been a pretty young kid. Being the parent of a young kid who plays the game, I kinda’ hope you treated him appropriately. With kid gloves, so to speak. Know what I mean?


  9. I’d have been very tempted to ignore him at the first tell. I get pretty easily grated at 1 word being used for what should have been an entire sentence. Even an “I’ll go” or “Invite please” would be fine. While I can understand the need to get your foot in the door quickly, it just says a great deal about your character. All in caps is a deal breaker. You’re yelling at me and we haven’t even said anything to each other? Nothing else need be said at that point.

    An interesting point on the instance thingy. I’d noted before that there were times where a player would retire early from the group, but the new member could not enter til they left. I always assumed it was a bug since it happened infrequently.


  10. A little late with my reply, but IMHO your completely justified. If a hunter MDs to a tank who is AFK or obviously not ready they deserve an immediate boot. If it was me I would have had the other hunter MD to him just to see how it feels, then I would have replaced him. And if your still in quest greens you don’t belong demanding an INVITE from anyone.

    When you started your story as everyone else talking and he remained silent I thought you were going to describe a problem I usually have with pug heroics. Thats the AFK Addict. Joins the group and doesnt say a word till we are handing out summons and then is constantly AFK/Autoshot on all trash up till a boss pull and then AFK 5 – 10 minutes on trash clears. The people that come in and want their loot to drop and just sit there while the rest of the team works for it.

    Thats why I love the new achievement system. It almost guarentees you’ll get a good player because players looking for achievements usually arent out just there to collect gear. If you advertise its an achievement run you can set your requirements high and if someone isnt performing, well you take your action from there. Although, it has worked against me. Someone was advertising that they needed a healer only for a CoS Timed event run so I joined and the top DPS was at 2200 and the other 2 were at 1100. Apparently the 2 fresh 80s recruited a really good DPS for the run and decided to label it a timed run hoping he would carry them. Well when we got there and the numbers were awful he left because he came for a timed run, not a “please carry me so i can roll on a drake” run.


  11. Slightly off topic, but a trick I was taught about that first snake boss (since he is the hardest boss there) is to tank him at the very top of the ramp in the beginning. First clear the trash, then have the group stay at the top of the ramp. Pull the bastard in kitty and sprint up to the top and go bear, Even with not exceptional dps you can usually kill him, or almost kill him before the first add reaches you. Makes the fight almost trivial. Every other time my healer would get zerged and it was really hard to get them off of him.


  12. How funny! I also ran with a huntard last night, since I’ve been back in the heroics helping some friends get rep. They’re a total breeze for most of us, but anyway we were one short so I pugged a random hunter because it wouldnt have mattered how bad they were – the rest of us were overgeared. Anyway, she spends most of the run just standing there doing nothing(!), her damage is like 1/3 of mine(!!) and on the final boss, not only does she roll need on the epic mail that noone else could use, she also rolls need on the dps trinket I specifically asked if I could take. Of course I felt ripped off, and I didnt say a word to her, except put her on my ignore list. Next time I pug a hunter I’ll be a lot more careful. Actually, no scratch that! I wont ever pug a hunter again. There are just way too many huntards in existence and way too many dpsers lurking in lfg – why take the chance, eh?


  13. I hear you BBB. Just hit 40 too and very little patience. I do play a HuntER, but the type that gets invited back to groups.

    BTW, your story made me think of my favorite MD cartoon:


  14. Ah, that sucks! I (like many/most people) try to avoid pugs at all costs. Doesn’t always spare you though – last night I had a guildie roll need (and win) on my epic bracers when we’d announced that we were running that particular instance because I was trying to get that drop. No discussion, no asking if it’s cool to roll, just “I’m needing that” and hits the button.

    Similar tactic to that snake boss is to clear trash through the next room and pull him to be tanked on one of the mounds in there. Lot more room to maneuver and actually see what’s going on. Basically the same method though, and WAY easier than taking him where he stands.

    Great post B^3!


  15. Jagg, I love that cartoon.

    Jack, you’ve got a great point about not being able to know what is really going on at the other end of the computer. I’ve recently read an extremely powerful comment about a child that had been trying his best playing in a group, and was just blasted by the group and roundly cussed out, and the poor kid was horriofied and in tears.

    The thing is, is while the silence and chat skills were not there, it didn’t rouse any condemnation from me. Not at all. It was noted in passing as a warning flag… but as I said, maybe the strong and silent type, maybe shy, maybe as someone else pointed out he really wanted to get his foot in the door quick, whatever.

    And when I got misdirected on and the boss was pulled early, sure Nighthawque got to enjoy my frothing swearing on vent, but all I did in game was grit my teeth and work furiously to grab everything and keep us alive.

    Afterwards, all I did was ask, “Who pulled?”

    There was no reply.

    And so I said I was leaving the group.

    At no point did I swear at the player, as far as my memory serves me. I was just determined that, three pulls into the instance, I wasn’t going any further with that Hunter in the group, especially when he still had nothing to say about the situation except “lol”.

    In hindsight, looking at his gear, almost all of it is quest rewards and heroic drops, showing a LOT of runs. So I feel fairly confident that he will not be lacking in more groups in the future, or will be overly traumatized by my removing him.


  16. Well… hindsight is 20/20… and elegently done on how you informed us on this guy… now if there was some way to be able to tell how a person was on all his/her alts and servers… like City of Heroes, we’d be set.

    As for justified… ummm… yeah, you’re the bear… you’re allowed to be cautious like that… everyone knows you don’t fuck with the bear!


  17. Jack brings in a massive point with the young kid idea. It is, in fact why I don’t let my son play wow. In my opinion, WoW is an acceptable game for him, and he actually has a Druid because he wanted to be able to turn into a bear like his dad can.

    But, shortly after I let him start playing I realized that the only way I’d let him play is if I was there to play with him at all times. I would not for any reason let him run instances and such, because while the game is appropriate, the people are not. I myself being 31, have been made to feel bad by other players. I’ve been able to look back on those after time and experience, and decide that “yeah, maybe I need to study my dps rotations for Cat”, or “maybe he was right, I had no right to be in Kara with that gear on, I better work on some heroics and study what I need for healing.”

    That’s how I found the blogs I read. But a kid may not take those lessons away from the situation that I was told “Copey, you aint rolling on SHIT because your DPS FUCKING SUCKS” Yes, I have been told that in the past. By somebody that could almost type a complete and correctly spelled sentence. After we downed a boss, and he was serious.

    I always try to remember this when I lead groups, and act as you did. Usually, if the healer isn’t geared enough to run a heroic that I personally have done several times, I’ll just normally state “Guys, I don’t think I’m up to tanking for this group.” Then I pass lead to who ever I think was the most responsible member (assuming it was a pug) and I’ll head out. It sucks, but I try to be nice and not “blame” anybody. Sometimes I’ll whisper the healer and mention that maybe this heroic is a bit to tough and suggest another that would be more appropriate. Constructive criticism in a kid friendly way is how I try to approach the game. Some times I fail, but I always try.


  18. I have never ever seen something like that before. As you know I was hunter for many years prior to seeing the light and NEVER in all the pugs I have run have I ever misdirected the tank (or seen anyone else do it) when he/she was obviously (Druid in caster form) not ready for it. That blatantly seemed like an attempt to wipe the group. The only thing worse would have been misdirecting to me.

    I am still a new healer but I have healed that on heroic before without problems and I knew for a fact you wouldn’t have a problem tanking it. Those first pulls and the first boss were the messiest I have seen in a long time. Anyway, the rest of the run was very smooth after that thanks to great dps who didn’t pull aggro or try tanking stuff by themselves.

    BTW after years living in the field with Rangers, SF, marine’s and the like there is nothing that will make my ears bleed anymore. I find that I have to be really careful with my language around regular folk.


  19. Great post, as they always are. Great comments, too.
    Samuel, I second that. I’ve been lucky enough to get into a guild that has several extremely good tanks (and is training a few more), and besides really good healing (which we also have), there’s nothing that makes a run go smoother. I ran five heroics yesterday with the same group of guildmates, and had not more than three wipes the entire time. We managed to do the gauntlet in Utgarde Pinnacle without wiping or even breathing hard, thanks to a well-geared tank who knew how to manage the boss, and one of the best healers I’ve ever grouped with.
    I’ve done a fair amount of PuGs, and I’ve been lucky enough to avoid most of the people like you described, but not all. I had the (actually quite skilled) tank quit in the middle of a heroic VH run, and tell me “this DPS $%@$ing sucks” when I asked him what was going on.

    -Adam (Allesa@Korialstrasz US)


  20. Something else that may have contributed to the hunter not talking in the group a lot – and I do see this quite often being on a European realm – is that English may not have been the hunter’s first language. I imagine it would be really intimidating trying to communicate in an unfamiliar language when the rest of the group is quite articulate.

    Doesn’t really excuse the other stuff though.

    I enjoy the blog and opinions Bear, keep ’em coming.


  21. I’ve had quite a few scenarios where the “silent one” was present and either was a horrible player or tried to ninja loot. While there should be some consideration toward people just being shy or just not really feeling like talking, there is some merit(sadly) to keeping an eye on those that refuse to speak in group chat.

    You had every right to respond the way you did, so don’t worry about it eh?


  22. Amusingly, I was an undergeared Kitty on Heroic Violet Hold last night…

    I was just about to go to bed when I saw a plea for a DPS… I asked whether my paltry 4000 AP was good enough for them and was invited – and explained that I’d not been in Violet Hold before…

    The group was great – we had Erekem and Zuramat as the bosses – wiped once on Zuramat as I’d not had the chance to read up on him and didn’t adjust my play accordinly when de-buffed.

    My DPS was just about 1000 – not really enough – but the group was great about it… After the wipe I volunteered to leave, but the group didn’t take me up on it.

    That’s the opposite side of the story, I think – and from a 40 year old “getting crankier by the week” Feral!

    Have fun,



  23. It’s got nothing to do with age, only an increasing inability to deal with stupidity of others. 🙂 I’ve been fantasizing about sitting on a porch with a loaded shotgun cursing ‘stupid kids these days’ for as long as I can remember – and I’m not yet 30.



  24. Amen, and amen BBB.

    Believe it or not, this very issue is just what my wife was talking about last night, when we were pugging a few DPS slots for Naxx. She has a theory: one can tell the caliber of personality–not player, personality–from the response in LFG. Just the word “invite” does not bode well. Another bad one is “invite” followed by a stream of stats. E-peen strokers need not apply. We’re a guild of nice folks, and I would rather wipe with good people, with puggers who want to have fun, than blaze through a raid with douches. Ultimately, this game is about fun. It’s not my job, Heaven forbid, and it’s not some form of athletics; therefore, I should not have to put up with douchebaggery and pay a monthly fee for the privilege.


  25. I was in an awful VoA 25 pug the other day. We only had about 15 minutes or so before WG switched. So it was rushed. Well when we finally got everyone in there it was a mess. We ended up wiping because we didn’t kill him before the enrage timer. Also, the RL didn’t bother giving out any vent info, so when things started to bad it was hard to fix it. During the first try I was about 11-12 on dps. I’m a bear spec so in kitty I can usually only pull about the same dps as I do in bear (around 1400). Some of the mages and rogues were about 800 on dps. Anyways, at one point the RL says that someone should brez a healer who went down. There were 3 other druids in the raid, but after about 30 seconds I saw that they weren’t doing it so I brezed him and then later innervated him. While still pulling my weight in dps. On the second attempt, we had less than 5 minutes to kill him before WG switched over, one of the tanks went to Dal to repair (why he couldn’t wait I dont know). Anyways, he wasn’t back yet and the RL said to pull. So I decided to go bear and tank when the MT got snatched because the OT wasn’t around. Well he did get back and the RL was yelling for me to stop tanking. He must have accepted the warlock summon like a second before the pull. Anyways, I notice that I was getting yelled at so I went kitty. Since I do roughly the same dps in bear tanking as I do in kitty, I figured that it wasn’t a big deal. The OT took over, I still dpsed. Needless to say we didn’t kill him, he reset at 3 minutes like we knew he would. At the end of it, after I quit the fail pug, a friend of mine hung around and told me later how the RL and others were bitching that the second attempt failed because of me. Should I have gone bear that time? Probably not, but it didn’t really hurt anything. If they want to blame me to help themselves sleep at night, then fine, but there was so much more that was wrong with that raid than a druid who went bear.


  26. I must say, this is one of the best blog posts I’ve ever read, because I can relate to it. Just…AGH. PUGs make me want to pull my hair out, but I run them anyway and sometimes they’re really not so bad. Sometimes I’ll find DPS/Healers that are just great at what they do and I tell them “You’re great at what you do.” and they’ll say “Thanks! You too!” or something along those lines and we’ll friendlist each other and just yay happy fun times! Other times though they’re stupid and frustrating and outright liars. I did a heroic Gundrak pug the other week, and I was perfectly fine with inviting anyone that could put out some damage. They didn’t have to be epic, they didn’t have to be great, I’d have settled for slightly below average even. I got a tell from a Death Knight “I can put out 2500 DPS. Invite me!” – Ok, this could be good. /invite.

    Yeah so we summon him and discover that he’s in all blues and incredibly dumb. Why dumb? Because he’s in blues, he has a low health pool, and he’s not the tank but he still would taunt (whatever the DK version of it’s called) trash mobs and die horribly. There was not a single large pull or boss fight that he didn’t die on. I should have kicked him. I just suffered through it though because for all my anger and rage and “Rwar Naissa SMASH!” I still feel bad about kicking people.


  27. TBH that sounds a lot like the Heroic Old Kingdom I ran last night, nab Hunter couldn’t survive 5 seconds of the first Insanity on final boss, although I do spare him some consideration as that boss is just insane (pardon the pun) anyway.


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