I'm up they see me I'm down!

My fellow Marines know what the title refers to. ūüôā

It’s applicable to the night I had, though. In more ways than one.

It was mostly a big upper of a night. I have mentioned that I’m feeling the Shaman groove thang, and I went at it full bore.

I started off the evening at level 58, Enhancement specced, with 264 Leatherworking and 360 Skinning.

I first polished off my Leatherworking to 300 using my bank full of saved mats I’ve been too lazy to craft with for the last year. I’ve just been skinning and cramming the stuff in the bank for a loooong time.

Hey, there is room in dat dere bank now!

Once my LW was up to par,¬†it was time to wave farewell to scenic Azeroth… GOOD RIDDANCE!

God, I’m sick of leveling in the old world. Flying mounts in Azeroth to speed up leveling alts, NOW.

Hey, you added Bind on Account items… how about a Bind on Account flying mount, and let us use them in Azeroth? PLEASE?!?

Or do you really want no more new healers coming down the pipeline?

All I can say is, I hope and pray a new Hero class is coming, and that it’s a healer class.

Anyway, hello, sunny outlands! Home of the Fel Reaver that will stomp your poor old Shammy butt flat in about 3 seconds…

I wandered around, I did some quests, I dinged 59…

And said “To hell with this, fortune favors the bold” and went to the vendor, sold every piece of gear I had, went to the AH, bought all Intellect/Spellpower/Crit/MP5 gear, and then went and respecced to Elemental.

Yes, I did it at 59, not 60.

Did I study a spec?

Oh, hell no. I just cherry picked stuff that sounded spell damage-y, threw my gear on, went through my Spellbook and rearranged stuff on my bar purely by reading such uninformative things as.. GASP!.. the tooltips…

And went back into Outlands with a smile on my face determined to try something new.

My starting setup was to have Flametongue Weapon and Water Shield up at all times, have two Totems as my “always drop if I’m fighting more than two seconds” totems, Totem of Wrath for Spellpower and Crit and of course the Mana Totem.

For rotation, I had the Lightning Bolt for pulls, throw down one or two of them, have Flame Shock for a small up front hit and DoT for most pulls once they got in range, Frost Shock for up front fast damage or finishing move, and Earth Shock for spellcasting sleazebags. 

Anyway, so I’m powering through the pulls, having fun, getting two or three extra on me and handling it most of the time, but the adds really push back the heals, and I miss Maelstrom Weapons’ insta-cast heal. But it’s fun, it really is. I think I’m getting the hang of it.

I quest a bit, I ding 60… it’s pie in the sky time, because now I have Thunderstorm. And a fast mount, of course… but THUNDERSTORM!!!

I go train everything, hook up at the AH for more upgrades, and hit Outlands again.

Oh wow… Thunderstorm is FUN!

I was just having a blast… pulling a mob, rolling around it and getting to where I wanted, and then popping Thunderstorm to knock the mob off like a billiard ball. It was hilarious.

“Fel Orc off the cliff… swoosh! Two points!”

I was truly enjoying it.

Having lots of simple fun, enjoying the game, taking my mind off recent troubles… riding that emotional high from learning, doing, and succeeding…

And then I got that quest.

If you play Alliance, you know the one.

Fel Spirits.

You are given an Anchorite Relic, and told to go and kill some Fel Orcs, and the Relic would summon forth their spirits, and then you kill them all over again for revenge. Really nice, spiritually moving and uplifting. Bleagh.

And the mechanic for this quest is you have to pop the Relic, which lasts 5 minutes… and then drag the orc within range of it, so a blue beam hits the orc… when the orc dies, it’s soul is sucked TO the relic, and that is where the spirit spawns, and then it runs to you to fight all over again.

This area is fairly small, the mobs are tightly packed, the relic will only activate if you are pretty damn close to the orc spawn points, and the orcs chain pull… which is lots of fun if you are fighting two orcs, and when you kill one the damn thing’s spirit comes back to continue double teaming you.

It’s potentially a fun quest, because it is challenging. Setting your Relic in position, controlling the pulls, only allowing one mob to die at a time to control the adds, etc. It can be fun and give you a fine sense of accomplishment for keeping your cool under pressure, unless you pick a spot to solo pull where you won’t have to ever worry about adds. There are one or two spots like that I’ve seen folks use before.

The problem arises in the Relic mechanic.

Your Relic is tied to you. And it pulls the spirit from any orc that dies next to your Relic… as long as your Relic is the closest.

The Relic lasts for 5 minutes, so you can’t just cancel and move. But it does make this an area that was famous in the heyday of Outlands and BC for asshats to go, wait for you to drop your Relic, pull two or even three mobs… and then they would run up and drop theirs CLOSER to the mobs than yours was, and THEY would get the tag on the spirits by standing and AoEing on their Relic when the spirits spawned there.

So, things to be aware of. But that’s all a long time in the past.

The biggest problem with the area is how few mobs there are if you get more than three people doing the quest. But the mobs respawn really fast, and having to place your Relic usually means that if someone has started in one area, you can setup in another and not inconvenience anyone else.

So, I had the quest, I was well aware of the history and setup of the area… but I was looking forward to orc juggling with Thunderstorm!

I get to the area, and first thing I see is a Death Knight has already set his Relic right at the outermost edge of the zone, in the middle of the ramp up, where it is as far from orc spawn points on the rocks as possible and still be in the zone where the Relic will activate.

It occurs to me that is a fairly cowardly place to put it, it shows little faith in a players ability to handle adds, but hey, he’s a Death Knight. He’s probably still trying to adapt to a new playstyle. Even though he does have a lot more health¬†than I do. No lie, Death Knights easily sport 4900 health at the same level as me, and I have about 3200.

But, like I said.

Cluck, cluck ,cluck, not my concern.

To be on the safe side, I figure I’ll go all the way around the entire area, and come at it from the exact opposite side, over near the mountain.

That way, he has that entire side to pull to his Relic, and¬†I can pull mobs on the other side near the mountain without¬†ever coming anywhere near each other. It’s the polite thing to do, you need ten spirits to complete the quest, and that gets to be a pain after a while.

I come in on my side, set my Relic, make my first double pull, since the pair closest to me are standing real close together, and start juggling.

It’s exciting, it’s frantic, it’s just what¬†I hoped. It’s fun. And I’ve got a good measure on Thunderstorm, it knocks them back far enough for me to finish one off and get a dot on the other before melee again, without aggroing an extra mob.

I finish off my two, thanks to Water Shield and Mana Totem I’m still fine for go juice, I throw down a Healing Wave, go to pull my next target…

And the Death Knight runs through the middle of the entire camp, a long, long run, passing by at least 5 other mobs that were closer to him in the rocks, to pull the mob I had targeted. 

And then he pulls a couple of the others closest to my Relic, and drags them ALL THE WAY BACK to the other side of the camp, where he proceeds to take them down. And then he moves on back to the other ones that were close to him in the first place.

The little cocksucker ran across the camp for no other reason than to pull the mobs that I was going to hit, when he had PLENTY on his side of the camp.

I’m just¬†incredulous.

Are you serious? What the…

I whisper him. I almost never feed trolls, but I’m annoyed, and¬†I am also curious to know what he’s got to say. Usually if someone does something that annoys me for a second, like grabs an ore node I’m actually standing on mining, it can be explained away as someone flying really fast, diving down and hitting “mine” before they noticed I was there. A mistake, that’s all. Easily explained away.

But with this, this totally up front in your face blatant asshattery, I just have to ask… so I do. I HAVE to know what he’ll say. They ALWAYS have something to say, it’s no fun if they ignore the person they just screwed. They have to have a¬†smartass reply. In the movie rolling¬†inside their head, where they were just totally badass and shoved something in someone else’s face,¬†they have that Terminator “I’ll be back” line all queued up and they really want an excuse to use it. But it’s best to use it when someone feeds you a straight line, so you can throw that smartass remark back for the little grinding touch.¬†

What could he possibly say? Does he have an imaginative spin on it? Or does he have some choice 13 year old expletive deleteds? What?

So I do it. I ask. “Why did you¬†run all the way over here to pull those mobs?”

He whispers back, “Too bad.”

That’s it? “Too bad“? That’s the best he can come up with?

Whatever, that’s just lame. I was hoping for something with some pizzazz. Maybe a “This camp ain’t big enough for the both of us, pard. Best be¬†on the next Griffon out of town or it’s your ass.”

Nope. No style, no wit. Just a dick.

I reply “Nicely done”, because yes I am sarcastic by nature and he was a prick. But¬†I don’t see the need to swear at him. Just a little gentle dig to annoy him with my lack of a response,¬†a quick add to the ignore list, and then on to wait for a respawn on my side.

I wait for a few minutes, a couple respawn near me, I get them on me, I’m getting them down… and our pal the¬†Death Knight runs over to me, drops his Relic between mine and the mobs, and finishes them off before I can drag them so they are closer to my Relic than his. Both spirits go to his Relic.

The worthless little sack of shit just intentionally waited until I fought them both down, and then dropped his Relic to take the spirits!

Now, don’t forget, we are the only two people out here. There is no competition for these pulls. I even went way out of my way to give him a TON of free space.

He just did it, all of it, to be a prick.

He then proceeded to show that, yes, Death Knights are a LITTLE overpowered, by pulling all the rest of the mobs in the entire camp, and hitting them with that chain Plague of theirs.

So, like, apparently he needed 20 spirits for his quest?

Well, anyway. Congratulations, Lieden, Death Knight on Kael’thas. You are¬†a pathetic, unimaginative, cowardly little asshole.¬†

You’re not even worth the term ‘asshat’. Asshat kind of has style. You have no style. You’re just a dick.

I’ve called people out on this blog before.¬†It’s not something I have any intention of making a habit. At all. In fact, I seriously doubt any good can ever come of it, because people have the potential to change, but the words on this blog can remain forever, long after the person has grown up and moved on and actually stopped being a dick.¬†

But this guy… Lieden… he won the game.

If his purpose was to get a rise out of someone, and he certainly managed to make it clear to me¬†that being a dick was his first priority… well, he won.

I hope that someone points this blog post out to you, Lieden. I hope you read it, and realize that yes, you can cherish knowing that you did get to me. You absolutely did affect my emotions, and your being a dick, coming from totally out of nowhere in left field, killed that great feeling I had all night.

I’m only human, and as much as¬†I would¬†have loved at the time to just let it roll right off my back and continue to have fun, somehow encountering you, and being reminded of the presence of complete dicks in the game¬†just wiped away that good feeling.

I’m not a robot, and¬†I can’t just decide to be happy. ¬†I could fake it, but where is the point in that?

I was having fun, then I wasn’t.

And it wasn’t you, so much as the knowledge that I’m playing a game that has you in it. You’re nothing. You’re¬†a pimple on the ass of an elephant,¬†worthless and of no consequence whatsoever.

But knowing that every time I log in, I’m sharing the same game… and knowing that your REAL toon could¬†be anyone. That’s what crushed my mood for that moment.

Lieden, you managed to go out of your way… WAY out of your way to be a dick.

And you know what? It’s so incredibly childish I can’t believe it, but why the heck not. I’ve had a hell of a bad few weeks, and I will certainly feel better if I tee off on someone that oh so richly deserves it.

So I am returning the favor, by going out of my way here on my blog to make sure that every friend I have that reads this blog knows it. And knows your name, Lieden. 

I am even going to add a “Hall of Shame of Kael’thas” section to the side of my blog, reserved for those assholes that pull something like you did, for no reason at all. And if your name is the only one to reside there… well, so what? That would be a good thing.

But in the future, on your shiny new Death Knight, I truly hope that you make the mistake of asking one of my friends here for an invite to a guild, or for an instance run, or simply to craft something for you, and are denied.

Because there is one harsh truth in this world, asshole.

You are what you do when you think nobody is watching.

Maybe you’re in a guild where you are watched, you’re raiding and can’t act like who you REALLY are or you’ll¬†lose your spot in the raid or the guild, or no longer get to go on runs.¬†From how you acted, yeah, I can see your sole motivation for acting polite in a guild as stemming from¬†selfishness over raid spots and loot.

But here you are on your brand new unguilded Death Knight alt, and you feel free to cut loose and be yourself, nobody knows who you are, nobody is watching, you can let your dark nasty true inner assclown all out and shit on someone else, with no consequences at all.


Well, that’s who you really are. The other stuff you do is a lie, the mask you wear to get what you want in a social game.

Lieden is who you really are. And who you really are sucks ass.

You’re not misunderstood. You’re just another asshole.

And broadcasting that fact to the world has restored the smile to my face. Petty, childish, vindictive… ah, screw it.


47 thoughts on “I'm up they see me I'm down!

  1. Something asshatery like that happened to me once. I was playing my DK, questing ever-so-nicely in Hellfire. There is this one quest where you use a staff to make an elite weak to kill. Well, there were 2 hunters waiting for him to respawn, so I say “Hey, you guys doing this quest?” and no answer. “Wanna group up so we don’t fight for it?” again, no answer. “… hello, you there?” still no answer, and as soon at the mob spawned *BAM* they get it right away and move on, without a word.

    This really ruined my leveling time. I was really enjoying my DK up until that point. After that, I waited for it to respawn, killed it, logged out. Can’t remember the last time I logged onto the character. It is amazing how people act online. I bet if it were real life, I would get an answer, but because it was the internet it seems people like to be assholes. I don’t get it.

    When leveling my Resto druid in Northrend, I never tagged other peoples mobs, never stole their quest items. Though this one time in Whispering Gorge I think it is called in Howling Fjord, you had to blow up these mines and ore would come out and you had to collect a certain amount. Well, I was killing the mob that was guarding it and I saw this Warrior watching me. I killed the mob and blew up the ore. She moved on in and started looting the ores! I said “Hey, I worked for these!” and she responded “Too bad” just like Lieden. It happened another 2 times. So I just needed one more quest item, and I saw the warrior blowing up the ore. I come on in and take one and just said “Thank you!” and she whispered me “Grow up”.

    Totally made my day… (logged out and played Diablo 2 <.<)


  2. Best response to that would have been to let him kill all of the orcs, then just as the spirits spawn hit Thunderclap so that you tag them all.

    Not that I’ve spent an hour following a ninja around pre-tagging his mobs. No. Never. Of course not.


  3. @ Stupid Mage – I’ve done the same thing on the pup quest. I, as a rogue, generally run in and sap and then gather up the pups. A gnome warlock dashed in ahead of me while I was stealthed and snagged up the pups I’d been preparing to collect. No problem, he’s Alliance and probably didn’t see me stealthed there, though how he’d not notice the whirly I’ve-just-been-sapped thing over the Den Mother’s head, I don’t know. Then he pointed and laughed. THAT ticked me off. I gathered up the last three pups I needed and then followed the ‘lock around for a little while throwing off Fan of Knives every time he went to gather up pups, Vanishing if I drew aggro. Add me to the list of jerks, I guess.


  4. I did something similar in vengeance once in WotLK, and I felt so bad about it.
    There’s a quest, in Grizzly Hills if I remember correctly, where you have to collect guano. You tag mobs high in the air, they come down, take a dump that you have to right-click, then attack you. A warlock comes along (why is it always warlocks when I play my mage?) and picks up the item from the mob I had just tagged. I probably wasn’t in a good day, so I took it pretty bad and waited for him to tag a mob to reciprocate. After that, he whispers to me saying why did I do that, that was his mob. Of coruse, my reply being that he did just before and that was just once for him, once for me. As a matter of fact, it was probably a mistake from his part in the first place, and I probably acted as a jerk from his point of view.

    The oscar for biggest douche in the game can probably be given to a horde player on the EU-French pvp server Ner’Zhul. The guy has a shadow priest in vanilla WoW, that he parked all day on one of the shelves in Blackrock Mountain. Everytime an alliance player would run on the chain to go to BRD or MC, he would mind-control him and throw him in the lava. As he was standing in a very hard to reach spot, it was not that easy to go kill him and be rid of him.


  5. That quest in HFP _is_ tricky – it’s hard not to steal other people’s orcs and/or spirits. The same thing happened to me when running my second toon (a lock) through there. A DK was already there when I rode up, and did not respond when I asked if he wanted to party up to do the quest. So I set down my totem and started work on my kills, only to have him whine at me that I had ninja’d one of his spirits. Tough luck bud.

    He then proceeded to try everything he could to interrupt my completion of the quest – pulling stuff (even without his totem out) so that I couldn’t, grabbing my spirits when they spawned and generally being an asshat. Sweet then to see him ride off towards HH and get flattened by a fel reaver as I was doing some kills around the Forgotten Armory.


  6. So far the most common form of jerktitude that I’ve encountered is at the Kalu’ak puppy quest. People will be killing the Den Mothers and the jerk will run in and grab the pups. I’ve seen a variety of people from both sides do it to each other and even same faction. Thankfully the pup respawn pretty fast but it’s quite frustrating to clear the area only to have somebody else loot the pups.

    I’ll admit that a couple times I became vindictive to the person that did it to me. But I didn’t steal their pups, I didn’t give them the satisfaction of trying to race them to the pups, I Thunderstomped and Volleyed the pups. Evil, I know. Add me to the list.


  7. I’ve played over 450 levels in WoW now and can honestly say I’ve never deliberately done something to annoy someone who didn’t already do something to me first. I play on pve realms and if I see a herb or ore node that a player of either side seems to be trying to work towards I don’t steal it. I wait and see if that’s their target. If they’re on my side I whisper to see if that’s what they are after. It’s not difficult for me to be polite and patient. It’s not difficult for me to arrive at an area where I need to pick up an item or kill a named mob and see another player there and either wait for them or whisper them with a request to team up and avoid waiting on spawn times. It’s not even difficult for me to take a refusal to such a polite request and wait. They were there first, they killed the stuff around, they deserve the chance to kill the final mob and go before I get my turn.

    Have I been screwed over? Of course. Does it make me bitter? You bet it does. Has it changed my behaviour? No, because I believe it’s more important to keep my own sense of self respect than it is to become like the kind of arsehole that pulls that kind of stunt. Have I made mistakes and grabbed something from a stealthed druid or rogue that I didn’t even know was there? Yes, and I apologised when I got an annoyed whisper (though I wouldn’t have if it was rude, mistakes happen after all). It’s amazing how a simple apology can be very effective in not getting the reputation of being an arrogant dick.

    There’s a famous phrase, “Do as you would be done by, and be done by as you did.” It’s a simple phrase and for my money if everyone in WoW followed it then it would be a far better place. It doesn’t matter how old someone is physically, it’s the attitude they have to others that defines whether they are immature or not, and stealing nodes, item spawns or mobs from someone of your own faction who has worked their way towards it is immature behaviour. Taking obvious pleasure from doing it is just plain sad.


  8. Yeah, today I had several encounters, each different from the other. I enjoy both Horde and Alliance, though admittedly I have far more characters on Horde and one at level 70 (I don’t have WotLK yet) because my family plays Horde. Anyways, I was happily levelling my 61 Undead Mage in Outlands – being a college student, I rarely play WoW, so it’s a huge thing for me to have a second toon beyond level 60 – and I was torn between amusment and frustation at the sheer number of DKs in Hellfire.

    One thing I noticed on my server, a normal server but an unique one because whereas Alliance usually outnumbers Horde two to one, on this particular one, Alliance outnumbers Horde more than three to one! Thank goodness it’s not a PVP server – I’d be constantly ganked! Anyways, as I was saying, I noticed on my server that the opposite fraction DKs (not other classes, only DKs) are nice. The same fraction DKs? Quite the opposite.

    I was doing a Horde-specific quest where I need to kill a named mob, grab a key, and shut down the gate (demon camp), and I was fighting through the mobs. I’m Fire spec, and it takes me three seconds to cast a fireball. A DK (Horde, naturally) nearby, obviously on the same quest, was fighting through the mobs at the same time, though I made sure to stay at some distance from her so we won’t compete for mobs. I targeted a guy and began up my fireball. The DK watched me, and then exactly as I unleashed my fireball, the DK death coiled the mob to her! As a result, she tagged it just a spilt-second before my fireball hit it. I groaned, but took it as an accident and turned around to attaack another mob – and that mob attacked me! The DK had gone off to the named quest mob! I whispered her, “Hey, why are your mob attacking me?” She replied, “You’re the one who attacked my mob!”

    Ugh, are she serious? I replied that it was an accident because I had already casted my fireball when she tagged it, and I backed off – no reason to let that mob try to kill me. No reply, nautrally.

    Quite a few Horde DKs have stolen my kills on my 61 Mage and 70 Hunter (when farming armor to pre-start my Mage for Outlands. Hehe), so I’ve grown accustomed to it, and I normally ignore it, though it still annoyed me because I wasted up mana trying to save myself from that fight (a clothie against two legionaries when already low on mana? Not fun) – luckily, I managed to escape.

    Then I did another Horde quest, where we had to kill Fel Orcs, collect their blood, boil them in a cursed cauldon (when you do that, be careful: evil, bad-tempered scrabs scamper out. Sometimes you can get away before you aggro the scrabs). The mobs near that cauldon respawn at an insane rate, and to make matters worse, the mobs are usually warlocks with skeleton minions. Well, I saw a level 59 DK (typically other players wait until 60 or 61 before doing that quest) clearing the mobs around the cauldon. He seemed to be in charge of things, so I waited for him before I boiled the blood – no fair setting the scrabs on him. However, after we both retreated, FOUR mobs respawned on him – and three passbys aggroed! I immediately tossed a blizzard and flame strike in an attempt to help him out.. and ended up having to run for my life. However, he did manage to escape. Later he asked me if I could remove the curse (a nasty 15 minute curse that lowers healing effects and stats) and I replied with a cheery “Sure!” He was quite polite, thanked me.

    Five minutes later, he asked if he could join my guild! He said I left a good impression because I was willing to help out random strangers. My, my. It was a pleasant surprise that there are some nice DKs after all! I invited him on one condition – “Don’t cause trouble.” He replied, “Oh, that’s not my style.”

    It’s really interesting how different people you could meet in a mere time period of ten minutes. In ten minutes, I went from grumpy and cursing all the DKs to chatting pleasantly with one. Perhaps you should convert to Horde after all? ;D I kid, I kid. ūüôā


  9. “He whispers back, ‘Too bad.'”

    I think this kind of sums up why that guy was actually a dick, and not some careless numbnut that made a mistake and didn’t care.


  10. Also sometimes you find some nice people, I was in Outland on my 60 Hunter (flagged from doing the pvp quests) working to a mine node. Last 2 mobs a 80 Horde DK runs in and starts mining. Crap I finish the two mobs and figure I am dead anyway so I keep on attacking mobs while keeping a eye on him, when I notice he’s jumping up and down by the node (that is still there) I run over and /bow and mine the rest of the node (getting my lvl up) /thank him and continue on my way.

    But I have also met the jerks out there. Seems that the DK swarm just brought them out again en mass.


  11. Hey bear, I got a story for ya.

    So I’m doing my Sons of Hodir dailies and there is a quest in there where you summon a Worg spirit and it runs around erratically until it finds a mob that you must kill. Anyway, it gets pretty annoying tracking your worg especially if there are 10 other people there with their worgs running around including that the worm spawns in the area are fairly frequent.

    Anyway, theres a Huntard there of the opposite faction following random worgs around and tagging them before the people doing the quests can tag there own. And I watch him run around tagging mobs that aren’t his, hes not doing the quests, hes just being a dick. Now I’m standing there with several other people from both sides and no one is doing anything about it. They just summon another worg and continue to quest.

    So I finally had enough, I was PvP spec from doing arena earliers so I go in for the kill. Knock him down pretty quickly and get /applause & /cheer from both sides. I take my /bow and continue on with my own quests. I just wonder why out of all the people there nobody did anything until I took matters into my own hands. He had to have been outnumbered at least 3-1 if you don’t count the other Alliance toons he was obviously pissing off.


  12. 3B, admit it- you have been calling out asshats on kael’thas pretty regularly while denying that you do- just admit it, get your badge and weapon and start channeling Eastwood;) Oh and add Erangedrank to your ASSHAT list cause that shithead resto shammy ninja’d the RED SWORD OF COURAGE from me in HUP;)


  13. Kupuka, I’m sure I have done *something* that legitimately ticked someone off in game. However, its never been intentional. Accidents *do* happen, sometimes I’m not particularly aware of what others are doing. What BBB is describing is *not* accidental, and no, by and large most people *can* manage to play a video game without being asshats.

    There is no excuse for being intentionally rude or disrespectful to another person, no excuse for tagging mobs, resources, or quest items just to deny them to others, and no excuse to not type in a reply admitting that you may have crossed the line, and apologizing when it is appropriate. Another player should not *have* to be forced to group with another player on a solo quest simply to stroke that other player’s ego. What is being described is pure bullying, and justifying it with a “can’t beat ’em, join ’em” mentality. The examples you presented are frustrating, sure, but the difference is those people *usually* do their business and move on, and if you go to another area, they don’t *usually* follow just to prevent you from killing mobs.

    “Dude, its just a game” is a fine excuse for when you lose at arenas or battlegrounds, or you can’t get through a dungeon because, god bless ’em, your group is incompetent. Its good to repeat that mantra when the loot you wanted doesn’t drop, or someone else wins it. It does not make it okay to treat others like crap for your own amusement. World of Warcraft *is* just a game, but the people behind the other characters are flesh and blood people who would also like to have fun, most of whom will not appreciate the childish antics presented.

    Finally, perhaps I missed something, but I never read anything in BBB’s statement that equated you to being a child or childish (or anyone else’s, for that matter), just that he admitted to being childish with his rant. That is, unless, you *are* the player of Lieden, which I assume to not be the case.


  14. @Kupuka

    There’s a significant difference from:
    Horde ganking mobs from Alliance (and vice versa), especially on a PvP server – sure, it may be annoying / rude, but you’re opposing factions, and it’s built into the game. If they wanted us to all sit together and sing songs while holding hands, there would be a way for Horde and Alliance to actually interact.
    Horde ganking engaged Alliance toons (and vice versa), especially on a PvP server – same as above
    Going after that same one mob for a quest and losing the race against someone else – Sometimes, you just don’t want to be the nice guy and wait another 5-10 minutes, or whatever, because Blizz decided to make the quest require a unique mob that isn’t aplenty.

    And purposely going out of your way to steal someone else’s quest mobs simply to be an ass when there are more than enough to go around.

    I’ve ganked flagged Horde at times, and I’ve been ganked by Horde at times when I was flagged. Sure, it irked me when I got caught off guard, but that’s my mistake for not paying more attention. And I’ve also lost out on quest mobs because someone else got to it first – but I’ve also accidentally tagged a mob someone else was about to engage when there were plenty and simply apologized and moved on, because there’s the difference between competing for the same mob and being vindictive and childish to someone who has done you no wrong.

    This guy Lieden is an asshole, plain and simple. There’s no defense for the behavior outside of “I wanted to piss this shaman off so I did.” And, as a result, turnabout is fair play. I hope he reaps what he’s sown.


  15. I feel very fortunate that I have not run into any asshats on this level. Taking a node that you were at is definitely asshatery but BBB’s situation and others that people have written about border on in-game harassment.

    @Kupuka – I think there is a huge difference between using your class skills to quest faster, and using them to be an asshat. And it probably does speak to your character that you don’t see anything wrong with say, sneaking as a rogue/druid to grab a bush, while some prot-warrior or holy priest is slowly but surely killing mobs with the CLEAR intention of going to grab that bush. There are those who see nothing wrong with this and think you just used your class’ abilities, whereas others will see it as a clear ‘ninja’-ing of the bush from someone who was working towards it, and you just used your class abilities to do it faster/more ‘elegantly’. No one is saying you have to be a martyr and wait for everyone in the whole damn zone to finish their quest.

    It’s all about the damn golden rule people!


  16. @Kupuka

    I think its just common courtesy. Yeah, i’m pretty sure that bbb has very rarely been an asshat to any one, just from reading his blog. I’m pretty sure i’m not an asshat, i can count on one or two fingers the things I did that were not nice. And i realized they weren’t nice and I felt bad about it, and i made sure i never did it again. But people like that DK? It’s just a string of asshat behavior.

    Anyway speaking of asshats, had one on sunday (or two really). New heathglen is a tough spot in dragonblight, tons of mobs, huge area, lots of quests there. Its not unusual to have a bunch of people working there at the same time. Well i’m doing my thing far away from anyone, and then along comes two people of my faction, running by, with all their mobs entrained. They run right through me, don’t stop, my AOE ticks the mobs, and now i have 10 in my face. I got through 8-9, then died. Here’s the thing. I was clearing to go into a building, there are a ton of mobs in my path. I was at the building door, and the named mob i needed was inside. They ran through me, killed my mob, and sat and watched me die due to their mobs. And this happened twice. Eventually they left and I got the bloody quests done. But stuff like that literally kills the game. I quit EQ back in the day due to some supreme asshats, looks like WoW is going that way.

    What we need to do as a community is to call out these guys and definately petition the GM when we see repeated bad behavior. I didn’t bother with this because it was a minor thing, but maybe i should have.


  17. It’s funny how you can asume that i don`t help or do things for ppl on my own faction just because i somewhat took advantage of my class skills when i lvled up. Or you asume i’m 13ish, or that i haven’t been playing since 4 years ago.
    I’m just pointing out that some of the things we complained about are the things that we sometimes do.
    I got tired of seing bubbled paladins taking my quest items, not to mention the consecrate, mages arcane exploding my mobs, and i keep puting a lot of examples but they are not the case.
    It’s as simple as requesting a party.
    If you are after the thousand of vyrkuls you have to kill in a place where theres a thousand of players, or just one, you group invite them.
    They are asholes when they don`t agree.
    Sometimes you have only one mob left and you get a group inv and you stay and kill the other player’s 10 because you can, because you are a big bear.
    Or you are runing or flying and you see a nearly dead player and you toss them some heals. Because you can, because you are a druid and that’s what you do.
    I’m not trying to redeem the image of a bad player that you created on the comments i made about the infinite things you can do to steal a mob from someone.
    And i also remember what it was to go to that island and try to get the mana berries and the keys and killing everything that you need without someone stealing your mobs. Because you all surely sat there and wait for all the people to finish their quests.
    I really can’t believe that you never took advantage of ANY of your class skills to quest faster against the interests of other players. Call me a pesimist, or cynic, but i just don’t believe that in 80 lvls of your mains and 60something lvls of your alts you never done anything on porpouse that pissed other players.

    I know that when you are questing, mining or herbing, other people taking advantage of your gameplay can piss you off.
    And i know that b^3 is a good guy that this things, or ppl talking shit about his guildmates can piss him off.

    Next time, when a player with double your armor, hp and probably double your AoE is killing your mobs, toss a group invite.
    When he refuses make a post.


  18. Hehe.. hey, I knew when I posted it this was a big QQ from me.

    It was indulgent and childish and whiny of me to do so.

    But you know, somehow I’m okay with that. I can take being called a childish QQer. It’s a fair cop. I know people get treated worse than this in the game all the time. As far as drama goes, this is nothing.

    I know for a fact of one guild on my server that fell apart because of one incredibly immature asshat that rotted it from within with sexist, unwanted attention towards other female players in the guild, and childish offensive behavior towards other members in general. That guild was one of the ones I looked at as one of the very best, filled with some of the very nicest folks in the game… and the officers were great folks. Just, the best. Seriously, on my short list of the best guilds of Kael’thas, and a place I have in the past wholeheartedly recommended friends go to apply if they were looking for a raiding guild. No, I’m not talking about any guild I have ever been a member of in the past. Let’s make that clear.

    Anyway, that guild just recently fell apart, because of this one player who treated a lot of the other members like crap… but not in public. No, he did it mostly in whispers, and secret little attacks just like World of Matticus talked about in his recent post about assholes. It reached a head for them when other immature members kinda took sides with him, made a lot of regulars uncomfortable, and split things up because he is a very, very accomplished liar. I’ve talked about him before, long time readers would be unsurprised to hear he was causing this kind of trouble again.

    Now, THAT is drama. What happened to me? Piddly stuff. A brief fart on a windy day.

    But, sometimes it really does feel very good to take the bad energy that is making me unhappy, and by venting here, transform it into a source of positive amusement.

    Oh, and as a point of note… no, no I’d have to say that I don’t tag other people’s mobs. Not unless the other person makes it all about trying to screw me. Then I’ll play with him for a little while. I did that back and forth with a Orc Death Knight yesterday, collecting the 30 Blimp parts. I was killing mobs to get to a part, and after I pulled the last one, he ran in while I was fighting and grabbed it, /loled at me, and moved off after the next one.

    I didn’t QQ, I laughed and said “Game on”, and spent 5 minutes competing with him to see who could reach parts first, who could sucker the other one into aggroing mobs to slip past and get parts, and generally rampaging around killing birds. It was fun. We both seemed to be enjoying it and getting into it, and I’d have to say it was a draw who suckered who the most. And either of us could split whenever we wanted, the whole zone on that side has hundreds of the parts lying around. It was just some fun faction vs faction “Oh yeah? Take this!” going on.

    See, I’d have to say that what you describe, Kupuka, is in fact asshattery. And not taking part in it isn’t worth an achievement. It’s just what decent people do. Have consideration for other players unless blatantly provoked.

    If you see it differently… well, that reflects on you, not me.


  19. As an over 40 adult – I completely understand where you are coming from here.

    A. I don’t have time for this nonsense
    B. People that go out of their way to annoy/irritate others – I have zero tolerance – sorry Lieden but I’ll actually remember your name from this.

    This is right up there with folks who block Flight paths with large mounts, folks that mine the node I’m fighting next to – sorry Kupuka but I must be a righteous player as well. I will never, intentionally annoy , quest jump, npc jump anyone. It’s just common courtesy

    Anyway – there are players all over the place who are polite and go out of their way to help others – clearly Lieden – you behave as I would expect an immature, spoiled 14 year old would. Cya on Kael Thas


  20. Hehe i have some little storys of my own….

    I personally dont play alliance, because um… i just dont. I am at lvl 66 Druid atm, and yesterday , i was doing this quest in Nargrand were i needed to get 20 idols or somthing and kill this non elite boss. Easy right? no… I go into the large hut were the boss is, he only has 5k hp, but there are 3 add arond his, still easy form me. I prowl un behind him, pop a pounce , and desstroy the boss, then i go into bear form to finish off the mobs. As i kill the first on a death and decay comes up under me, and im like wtf? and here come this lvl 67 undead DK, he comes up and DESTROYS ME. yes litterly, i did not have much hp left, and he ganked me. I was pissed. So i run back to my body To find my dead mobs and not being able to loot the boss for his head…. I was really mad. So i heal up, and go into cat form for track huminoids so i could find him and gank the noob. And there he his on my map. I prowl up the hill and find him killing a lvl 66 Elite thing, probly for a quest. Then i lol, because i walked up to him, he had 2k hp left, i had 7400, in cat form, and i pounced him, and destryed him in 2 hits with magle, and the elite he was killing has 200 hp left when i killed him, i was rofl right then , cuz he almost had his quest done, i finshed off the eiltie and gladly jumped off to a quest giver 50 feet away, i took his quest, were i had to fly around Nargrand on his glowing blue dragon theing, get done, and get a free 8k exp =P. So i go back to finish my quest i was doing earlyer. I go into the The room were the boss was agiain, prowling, and there he his. The Dk is fighting the same mob he owned me at. LOL! So once again, rape him with a pounce and a few magle, take the boss kill and take his head. Gladly i go outside the large hut and sit there for a sec, enjoying the land scape, while prowling of cource, and there again, is the dk, he spawns right out side the large hut, ges on his mount and runs away, cuz as soon as i saw him, i went out of prowl, just to scare him, and it worked. I did not see him again. So right after that i go down the hill to thee lage i was next to and start killing mobs for the rest of the idols i needed. I finish off 2 mobs in bear form, then i see the death grip hit me and i get pulled to A DIFFERENT DK, and lvl 66 gnoome one with about 7400 hp if he was full. But he was down a bit, and this was the most amazing ally fight i have ever had with some one. He was a blood spec, and im feral. I has at about 2/3 hp and he was at about 3/4 hp, and now we start waking at each other. I turn into cat form to spam damage, and he gets me down to half hp, then i go bear, and he keeps healing himself witch was very anoying. I poped barskin and Survial of the Fittest for that extra hp. I laserate him, and magle him for the bleeds, and we both were going down alot of hap. I though i was going to lose, when i killed him, with 300 hp left. It was the most amazing fight i have had, in world pvp before. just though i had to tell some one about that, because, i though it was a good story. Love your blog bear!


  21. I recently rolled a DK since I got a little bored of my ret. And I been on both ends of the spectrum. Last week, I got a quest in zangarmarsh to kill an ogre boss. The boss spawns in one of 3 locations. When I get to one location, I see a another pally just down him. I wait for the mob at the same spot and I see a DK and mage pair just running around between the 3 spots looking for the boss. I try sending an invite since 3 of us can cover all 3 spots and I get a ‘they’re already teamed’ message. I assume since they get a similar message, they’ll be smart enough to team me, but no, i get nothing. Next time the mage passes me on her mount, I ask in vicinity for an invite, again just silence. I send a whisper to the other DK asking for an invite, again silence. At this point, I guess that these guys want to be douches. So I mount up as well, and start running between same three areas. I get a team invite for underbog and the team is kind enought to wait couple of mins for me to finish the quest. At one point both me and the lock see the boss. She throws DoTs and I throw icy touch to tag him. Fortunately, my icy lands first and as boss is at 10%, I get a team invite from lock, but cant join since I am teamed. My pet kills the boss before I can do anything and I go back to the horde camp to turn quest in. I get a “go die in a fire” message from both. I reply “wtf? i send invites to you all the time. asked in vic and whispers and got ingnored. serves you idiots right for being douches”. They blantly refuse that I sent any invites or whispers and when I offer to take a screenshot and post it, they add me to ignore. You just cant win against idiots.


  22. @kupuka

    I think we would all agree that there may have been a time where we tagged a mob that was nearby to prevent another player from grabbing it before we could. I think what is important in this particular case that seems to be getting glossed over by you is that BBB moved quite far away yet the DK in question consciously ran across the camp, past the other (closer) available mobs to steal them.

    The argument that everyone is making is that this is above and beyond the simply tagging nearby mobs for use and going out of one’s way to deliberately impede the progress of another player (from their own faction no less), and in fact make their game time less fun.

    If you think purposely ruining one of your own faction’s players fun is acceptable, I am glad that I do not reside on the same server as you.


  23. It made me smile to read this little story. Yesterday I did the same quest with my wife (oomkin and shadowpriest). My wife is always a bit nervous “not to do the wrong thing” and I was not used to the squishynes of a Owl after 59 easy lvls of being feral. We did the quest carefully but out of the blue an alliance deathknight appeared and whacked those puny orc. We are alliance too but he killed those orcs so that the spirits would attack us! In the final wave we faced 4 spirits and 1 orc which were barely defeated. I made a /rude gesture to the DK and we left the place because we had killed more than enough spirits. But when we did two other quests, the same DK appeared on his horse and trained quite a few mobs on us! Luckily he was dumb as hell because he never succeded in getting us into combat with the new enemies.


  24. I’ve never gone and intentionally ganked something from my own faction or the opposite faction. If I don’t want it done to me, why should I do it to someone else? Besides, since the “mobs respawn so fast” for the most part, I can wait a minute or two then finish my quest. I hate having my mining node stolen while I fight something and I refuse to be that kind of jerk and make someone else mad over 3 or 4 ore. Besides, now that I went balance, I drop flight form, toss out my treants, mine and then fly off ūüėõ I love those little guys.


  25. If my main were on your server, I’d camp the little dick until he went upstairs, cried to his mommy, and canceled his account. Bollocks. Those players make me want to cancel my account. Good thing I have very good friends who put me back in a better mood. And cheers for calling him out. If he pulls the name change, let us know.


  26. I have to say this is similar to another post you had, about some bad mannered player on your server. They exist. They’re out there. Not much you can do about it except go away and come back in a bit.


  27. @Kupuka – There are, as a matter of fact, some people who try to be nice to other players. Remember that time BBB posted about that hunter who gave him the ore from the node he was about to mine? Have you ever done that? Maybe I’m out of the ordinary, but usually, if I accidentally give someone else a hard time, I’ll apologize. There’s another side to this game than trying to get everything ahead of everyone else – if it weren’t for the social aspect, I wouldn’t be playing anymore. And if I’m going to be in a community, I want to contribute. I’d rather it be a better place for my being there, not a worse one.

    (And, I’d say that it varies from server to server, but speaking as Alliance-Azgalor, the horde are usually more mature than the Alliance are. But that’s a matter of opinion.)


  28. @Kupuka

    Seriously? Everybody does it? That is an excellent retort. Being Horde, I’m ashamed to be associated with self-serving players such as yourself. Luckily, on my server, people like you mostly play as Alliance.

    “You are what you do when you think nobody is watching.” Think about it. The level of anonymity that the web allows does NOT mean that it’s okay to be an ass, and Karma is a bitch.


  29. We are getting lots of the same asshattery on our server. I usually prefer the old /rude /spit followed by a pst of Fu. I allways find it amazing that the punks never reply. Griefing those players doesnt seem to bother GMs either LOL. I thought better of the Horde but I guess there must be lots of traitor rerolls since the WOTLK.
    PS: Get the hell out of our BGs you “I cant kill Alliance cause I were one” asshats! Rant off lol.


  30. Stobnor, you never loot a quest item, a plant or a mine while someone was killing the mob right nex to it? you never moonfire, not a single time, that questmob because the rogue, warrior or paladin was running towards it? i mean, it’s 80 lvls and you never done any of this things? you should get an achievement and a title “the fairplayer”…
    I mean, an don’t know if i’m to used to horde, but don’t start thowing stones here.


  31. Kupuka, I hope your kidding.
    This guy not only intentionally ran across all the mobs near him to pull everything near BBB but then dropped his collector to screw BBB out of quest credit.

    BBB, I am alot like you. I give people their space when questing so we dont fight over mobs (with the exception of the cave oils of course).
    This kind of crap would piss me off as well.
    I dont know if its the new breed of MMO player or what, but it seems that the ass hats are more common now than they were 4 years ago, or even in other MMO’s.


  32. BBB, I hear ya. I recently went through HFP with my little druid (who is SO much fun!), and the DKs out there…so many idiots like the one you described. One DK stole a named quest mob from me when I was nice enough to wait for him to clear trash since I could stealth by. He then declines my invite and tags and kills the mob. I tried to get any kind of answer out of him since I reacted kinda like you did, but all I got was an ignore. Nice. I guess the arrival of the hero class allows idiots that aren’t patient enough to level from 1 into the higher reaches faster than usual.

    @ Kupuka, I’m sure BBB will respond, but I don’t think this is QQ in any way. Maybe a little, but it’s completely justified. This guy was going out of his way to be an a-hole. He probably had finished the quest but just felt like killing the rest to be mean. It’s cathartic to write down stuff that miffs you anyway. You can’t tell me that’s never happened to you. Sure, the mobs respawn, and we all know it’s a game, but we all play it to enjoy it. When people go out of their way to ruin it like Lieden did, it’s upsetting. He wasn’t just tapping mobs; if that’s what you think happened, you didn’t read the story. When you don’t have a flying mount, it’s a huge inconvenience to go elsewhere to quest.


  33. Kupuka,

    It’s not “a player taps your mobs…”, it’s “a player from the same faction goes out of their way to be annoying by tapping your mobs…”

    Yes, it is a game, with mobs that re-spawn… But the behaviour B^3 cites is a good example of someone who gets their fun by disrupting that of others… If they were the opposing faction then there’s no problem with it – a little PvP fun and both parties can feel like they “got something out of it”… With the same faction there’s nothing other than whispers and ignores…

    Oh, and don’t forget, B^3 is the “right side of four oh” now… He’s entitled to be in training for the “Grumpy Old Man” achievement – as am I!

    Have fun,



  34. /cheer

    Actions have consequences.

    It’s just a game though, right? True, but as an MMO that little toon is an extension of you and your personality. Unless you’re an RPer like me and we’re just a whole other kind of crazy.

    The point is exactly as BBB states. He went out of his way to be a dick. What does that say for the idiot behind the keyboard? Who gets their kicks form actively ruining someone else’s fun? That saddens and angers me in equal measure, it really does. You say it’s just a game, I say is this really where modern culture is at?

    Actions have consequences. Nothing is done with impunity.


  35. That’s a lot of qq that i read in this blog. Among the really useful information (i have your expertise and hit post in my quicklaunch :P)
    When shamans knock any class out of outlands, is not a bug, but a player taps your mobs and they are pathetic, unimaginative, cowardly little asshole(s).
    They are mobs, they respawn, relax it’s a game.
    And btw, why aliance? why????


  36. Sorry to hear about a jerk like that. We had someone like that on our server. He was apparently so bad that it motivated some people to reroll to the other side (pvp server) and gank him every time they saw him. It got so bad for him that he eventually server transferred. Karma can be a real bitch hehe.


  37. I LOL’d , good story and I agree with you on Ele Shammies being great fun. I have mine at 60 and am looking to replace my healy Priest with Healy Shaman. I’m having more fun levelling this character than the Priest for sure. Shame that the Death Nubs pulled that kind of thing on you.


  38. I’m kind of jealous. I’m sure we all have our own Liedens on our respective servers… and I understand that you’re completely pissed/frustrated/want to strangle the little twerp… but it must feel very fulfilling to be able to smush him to bits in your blog.


  39. Nice one BBB. These cretinous little shits are exactly the kind of people who ruin the game for all concerned. You just know that in the real world they are the kind of people who would crap themselves rather than act like the ignorant little fuckwits they are. The internet gives them the chance to act like dickheads with the protective anonymity that is the only time they can ever dare to treat other people in that way. I think this says it all internetdickwad. Naming and shaming is the best way of spreading the word about this type of person, though unfortunately with the name change facility it means they can hide if their reputation gets too bad. Still at least it costs them.


  40. If I was on your server, I’d be corpse camping that little dick until he cancelled his account, I’d make it my personal business to make his gaming life a misery. What a soulless spiteful little tossbag. It really brings me down when people act like that, there’s absolutely no need for it – and it does spoil your perception of the game knowing that your characters are breathing the same air as dicks like that.

    Bravo for calling him out and making him known to a lot of people


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