Play a level in their class!

As you all know, I’ve been a tank on my main now for quite a while.

It wasn’t always this way, I played kitty-mode for all of Pre-BC, until the time came to go into a guild that did 40 man raids, and I found that my contribution to the team was considered more valuable as a healer.

Or, to be blunt, “We don’t need any worthless ferals or balance in our raid. Durid is 4 healz if Durid is 4 raid.”

At the time, I’d had 60 levels of feral, and enjoyed every minute of it… but the guild I’d played in was ultra-teeny. Having 4 other players around the same level as myself to do a 5 man run just didn’t happen. 

What that meant was I just didn’t KNOW what any other classes strengths or weaknesses were in comparison to mine.

I was told feral was no good in a raid compared to other DPS classes.

True or not, I had no way of knowing.

Nowadays you have umpteen billion news and opinion and theorycrafting sites where players share their opinions ad nauseuam about who is better than who, who does what better, who is where on DPS or heals or whatever the heck for each class and each spec. What spec of Rogue does the msot PvE Raid DPS?

I don’t even PLAY a Rogue and I know that Mutilate builds got a huge buff for PvE raiding, and overtook Combat as “the” raid spec.

Who is better DPS for raiding, Survival or BM as a Hunter? I only know because I read the opinions and analysis of others online, not because I have firsthand knowledge.


Because to know these things, you need to have a common baseline for comparison. You need to have certain gear standards, to say X Hunter with spec and gear should compare favorably to X Rogue with spec and gear. Different gear, but obtainable from the same level of progression, to keep it even. Who does more DPS? How to know if you don’t have them all yourself and geared well enough to find out?

At the time, as I almost never saw 5 mans in Pre-BC as Feral, my gear was not at the same level as the other players when I joined a raiding guild.

So I could not tell, apples to apples, if a feral cat Druid could DPS favorably when compared to a Rogue, or a Hunter, or whatever. I had no basis for comparison. When we went into UBRS, my feral kitty was in greens and a handful of blues, while the rest were in high blues and purples.

So I just accepted the prevailing wisdom, and said with my usual “What the hell, I’ll try anything once for the experience” attitude, that I’d spec heals.

For the first time ever I looked up healing gear choices, studied this whole “Plus Healing” stat thing, and read up on specs and stats and what to gear towards.

I still remember the surprise I felt when I had been working towards my gear for about a week, running some 5 mans in the guild, LBRS, UBRS, that kind of thing, and when I announced my +Heal amount, I was actually higher than other long-established raid healers.


Because again, the available information on the internet to help a player understand the ‘min/max’ of playing and gearing a character just wasn’t really out there. So most players went by word of mouth in game, and in personal guild website forums. Or assumed that a blue in a gear slot was an upgrade because, well, it’s a blue.

Most players knew what they knew through personal experience. And went to Thottbot for gear searches as the only option. That or Allakhazam. /shudder.

It was playing a class and spec and gearing based mostly on the school of “What some guy said in a bar that one time”.

Oh god, even worse, “What some guy said in Trade chat that one time.”

What a strange time.

Anyway, I healed for a while, I hoped I was pretty good at it, but when BC came out I went Feral again for the duration.

The biggest difference, really, wasn’t how the class changed.

The difference was really one of information.

I had played long enough to have formed a huge assortment of bookmarks to WoW related news and information, and where to research and HOW to research on my own.

Personal experience drove what questions I wanted to ask, and having had that time to look for answers had given me the tools to find things out.

I have, since the time I have been aware of the vast community of resources available to help learn how to play and how to gear, gotten much better at how I approach gearing and speccing my own characters.

But my knowledge and appreciation for what each player goes through is still limited by either reading stories on websites, or by having played the class myself.

And I now know I do not properly appreciate what Healers go through as much as I should, because I have never really played one before. Not since before Burning Crusade… and the game has really changed for Healers since then.

I’ve got a DPS Hunter and DPS Shadow Priest to have two different perspectives on ranged DPS issues, both mana and non-mana related, and for understanding of the issues surrounding pet management when the fur starts flying in a raid. I have my Feral Druid for an in-depth understanding of the issues a Melee DPS faces in positioning and mobility, and of course a LOT of experience in knowing what kind of juggling act a tank can find himself in when rage run low and mobs run wild or players top aggro charts and pull off you for whatever reason.

But a healer… a healer is just something I have not played now in, what? Almost two years?

So, cut to last night.

I am a level 61 Elemental specced Shaman. I have some quests to do in Blood Furnace, and I ask if anybody in the guild wants to do a run in there. I’ll heal.

And Nighthawque, a former feral druid turned Resto Druid since hitting 80, says he’ll throw on his tank gear, still as resto spec, and go.

He had played all of WotLK as feral, he’d tanked at 80 in some of the instances, but he switched to resto and has found he loves the healing.

He was a great feral, and now he’s a great healer. We drag his ass everywhere.

So, okay… a resto specced level 80 in tanking gear in Blood Furnace, an instance run 19 levels below him. With a ranged DPS/Healer hybrid in Spellpower gear.

Not a bad combo, right? Seems reasonable, you Swipe ’em, I’ll keep you alive.

I learned a very valuable lesson in there.

Healers on their blogs just never share stories about the kind of crap they face in runs. It’s truly horrifying.

My first spot of fun was having the Technicians Silence me every time Night pulled them… because they apparently have some kind of Silence thingie if you get too close. And Night took some solid damage from standing on their timed Mines. Okay, gotta stand back out of range. But I can’t stand back there and hang out, because I need to drop my totems where they’ll do Night the most good. Okay, so run in, drop totems, run back to proper range. Okay, this is learning. This is what learning looks like. This is good.

 Then every time Night aggroed a spellcaster further in, if I dared to throw down a DPS or heal, it seemed I got a Debuff that increased my cast time by 50%…. and when your big heal spell has a 3 second cast time, that SUCKS. Okay, so prepare in advance just like old school… chain cast, and if Night doesn’t need the heal RIGHT when it’s ready to go off, move to break my own cast without losing Mana and start casting again. Always have a pre-emptive heal ready to pop.

Then we got to the last third, with those huge buffed Felguards the Warlocks carry around.

Those things wipe aggro and go after whoever the hell they want, as long as it ain’t the tank. I can’t remember the actual mechanic, if they go after #2 on aggro list or what, but with only two of us in the instance, Night would aggro one, and it would spend the rest of the fight charging me and STAYING on me every 1.5 seconds thereafter. Night would pull it off, it would charge me again, back, forth, a freaking tennis match.

And it gets real fun when you have a 3 second cast time and you are getting charged and knocked down EVERY 1.5 seconds.

Oh, that’s not so bad when you have Lesser Healing Wave with a 1.5 second cast time. I started using that, of course, and just eating the charges… until you get to the pulls with TWO Felguards, and they are tag teaming you every .75 seconds.

I have to say, not having an insta-heal, a DoT, or anything other than long cast time heals when getting continuously bum rushed by two Felguards gave me a MASSIVE appreciation for what happens on the other end of the healer’s screen when the tank is tanking… and the mob mechanics don’t give a shit.

Aggor from tank? Who cares? We don’t want the tank to keep control of the mobs, that would be BORING. Adding random charges to kill squishie casters is exciting!

I’m not the kind of person who EVER does this, but I have heard plenty of times the cry from tanks in PuGs, “Why didn’t the healer heal X? if you hadn’t LET them die we wouldn’t have wiped.”

Recently, the most recriminations I’ve heard are when pugging 25 man VoA, but it’s not exactly a rare occurance to hear that anywhere.

After seeing just a little of the crap Healers have to deal with last night, the way Blizzard has events set so it just doesn’t matter what the tank does, the healer is taking one in the shorts anyhow, I have to say, I think every player should take the time to play every archtype at least a few times in a group environment at end game

I’m serious. I think the lessons to be learned from having to be sole heals for a 5 man group in an instance, to be melee DPS, to be ranged DPS or have a pet or be the tank for a group is something everyone should do.

If nothing else, maybe some of these pugs I’ve gone on would be less… judgmental when the brown gooey substance hits the spinning metal blades.

Cause lesson learned… you can be doing your best, and sometimes… shit happens. You deal with it, and get rezzed if things don’t work out.

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  1. It’s nice to see I’m not the only one thinking in this way. I started off as a NE rouge being a total n00b and doing most of those bad things you can do during a fight, because I didn’t know better. Then my friends changed server, and side, and because I felt I had spent enough time looking for healers I decided to play one. That certanly was an eye opener for me, seeing the healers perspective. That’s when I decided everyone should try all roles to get an idea for how it works (but I still didn’t know ANYTHING about threat until I started doing research on tanking).
    Partly for that reason and partly for wanting to get another challenge I started to lvl a prot warrior. He’s still only lvl 37 but I’ve got some tanking done and now with dual spec I’m healing, tanking and dpsing with my druid.
    After healing heroics and raids for 3 months you could think I shold know the fights but going there as a feral is a totally different game.

    Thanks for a nice blog



  2. I love healing on my Resto Druid. Someone said above that “Healers just take the blame for wipes, though it isn’t their fault.”, that is totally true, I used to be that person. Now, that I know I am a great healer and I enjoy healing and I know the mechanics better, I never take the blame until it is actually my fault.

    I am also right now gearing up for tanking (Using your blog which is awesome BTW) and it is going to help me in the long run dealing with healers. I have healed every heroic you can think of, so I will know if it is the healers fault, or DPS’s (Which it usually is in my experience). Playing a different role sure does make you see the game differently, and you appreciate the work that each role does. Healing is hard, but dealing with people blaming you for wipes that you couldn’t prevent is harder.

    Healers stand up for yourselves!


  3. I’ve been fortunate that through all of WotLK I’ve been a powerhouse of a tank that I never really suffer when healers get messed with but leveling my shaman and DK through instances I’ve already done has been a great learning experience.

    I can’t count how many cases, such as when my DK tank gets polymorphed by the mage boss in Nexus or my Shaman gets spat on by the second boss of AN, I say “Wait, they DO that!?”

    Good times. 🙂


  4. I’ve always been an advocate of playing one of every character type – Tank, Healer, DPS.
    Nothing puts everything into perspective as seeing it from the other side(s). I didn’t level every class to 70 but did get at least one of every category to 70 in BC (Bear, Resto, BM, Ret, Prot, Fire, Frost). Often catch myself going, “Wow, that was cool, I don’t know if I could have Healed/Tanked that.”


  5. I play a healadin as my main currently.
    I have a mage and a warrior.
    I totally agree BBB that until you have walked a mile in another roles boots you can’t know how your actions or inactions are affecting them.
    Having played a tank I understand threat and mitigation.
    Having played a mage I understand threat on a whole different level and love to ride that life and death line of pulling aggro.
    By far the biggest challange I have played is healing.
    You have to watch everyone in the raid. You have to watch the MOBs.
    You have to watch what the MOBS are casting.
    You have to constantly weigh if now is the time to use your Oh crap ability’s.
    And everyone hates you when they die because they didn’t step out of the damn fire.
    Just because we can heal doesn’t mean you don’t have to move.
    We are trying to conserve mana too you know.


  6. I love that when I run as a druid healer, some of the tanks didn’t understand why I keep 2 or 3 hots on them all of the time. One tank in particular runs with his wife priest who just spams flash heal and greater every now and again if he gets hit too hard. It sucks having to explain a pre-cautionary druid healer versus a reactionary priest healer to some people. When we grouped and I played moonkin and the priest would get silenced, she’d scream over teamspeak for me to QUICK QUICK heal her hubby. Okie, great. I have to drop form and oh wait he’s down to 5% health? I need healing touch but since I’m specced balance so that’ll take a full 3 seconds to cast. Oh the tank is dead and it’s my fault as a very off-healer that he died? Oh, okay I can see that 😦 Now that I tend to run as a healer for everything, things are better in that department 😛

    I 100% agree people need to play other classes and builds and run at least one instance on that toon. I think tanks especially need to be aware of what each class and build can and cannot do so he/she isn’t surprised or can plan accordingly.


  7. Ah… the BF Felguards. I have a love hate relationship with those guys… my Holy Paladin really didn’t get bothered by them (uninterruptible heals + plate + shield + immunity)… my Resto Druid hated them with a passion (difficult to heal spike damage, weak as hell armor).

    And now you might have a smidge of an idea why Paladins complained SO MUCH about Heroic Magister’s Terrace back in the day. It doesn’t matter how good your tank or DPS is… when 5 people take a good chunk of spike damage, you’re just screwed.


  8. I totally can empathize with this post after re-speccing my own druid alt over to Resto for leveling through BC content in an Outland full of Death Knights. I’ve gained a great appreciation for the effort that healers go through, and I’ve found that being able to heal a group through level appropriate content without having any deaths is just as gratifying for me as tanking such content and never losing aggro.

    In case you ever heal or ranged DPS Blood Furnace again – in my experience, the Felguard Annihilator’s charge has a minimum range. They seem to behave according to their threat meters toward all targets within that range. Now I’ve never run with just two people, but I have with 4 and 5, and when we all stay close they all stay on the tank.


  9. Now, if something gives insight to playing a tank, it’s playing a healer alt. Seriously.

    My main is lvl 80 prot warrior. My alt is atm 72 Resto shaman, played resto since lvl 47. Leveled about 3/4 in instances after that. All those instances, all those dungeons… gives a lot of insight to what is good tanking, from healer’s perspective. As a side-effect it also makes one build a friendlist of good dps and tanks because you don’t want to group with bad players *g*

    I love healing almost as much as I love tanking.(Never found dps that interesting.)


  10. I’m real lucky to have a group of IRL buddies I game with and we all just sorta’ trust that we’re giving our best effort, so what’s to complain about? I levelled up a prot tank for grins (and to get my son a death knight) and you are so right. You understand so much better why your party members do what they do if you try to do it yourself.

    So I never complain when the tank loses aggro or the mage pulls the boss . . . they never complain about my healing. Even when I screw up.

    But you know, if you ever want to feel appreciated as healer, hit the bgs. Everybody loves you. When I’ve taken my kitty druid into a battleground, I’ve actually been told I should l2heal. More than once. No one ever throws an l2dps at my tree.


  11. Leyola has healed her share of heroics without much problems. I’m actually quite proud of the fact that she gets more positive comments than negative ones. Sometimes, as a few commenters have already stated, it’s simply about understanding mob mechanics and knowing how to maneuver through them, rather than knowing how to do your role. You may have a bajillion spellpower, but it means squat if you keep standing in the fire (super simple example, I know, but still holds true regardless)



  12. I don’t often comment, but your situation is similar enough to mine that I think it deserves a mention. I leveled my shammy as an alt to my Mage – started out Enhance, flipped to Elemental around 60, and then 70-80 went back and forth between Resto and Elemental. A lot of the lower instances I did heal while not Resto, but in Wrath I ended up racking up respec fees of about 1000g just going Resto for instances, then back to Elemental for questing. Why? It was less about “Can I heal as offspec?” and more “Do I want to..?” For me, it was worth it. Riptide, mentioned by Theejoker, is *great* when you need to move or have a longer cast time. Faster healing waves are always fun, and let’s not forget all the situational talents like Nature’s Swiftness->(Healing Wave/Chain Heal). Even if you’re a great healer already and don’t ever make mistakes (something I’ll never reach :-D), the added talents certainly make your life easier, even when things are going perfectly. I don’t expect you to go back and forth like a ping pong ball as I did, but consider (when you’re doing instances like these) that you’re playing on hard healing mode, even if it’s doable.

    My second point is about instances and healing in general. Also having a Feral alt who’s tanked up through early BC, I can say that once you’ve been through an instance as both a healer and a tank – you know EVERYTHING that the mobs do in there. All their little tricks and nasty moves. For example, those Felguards: as a tank, I’m sure you know you need to pick them up whenever they go charging into the group. As a healer, if you stand near the tank they won’t do the charge (it’s been awhile, but I believe this is true). The first time through an instance you may not understand why they’re eating your face, but the second time you’ll know to save a Wind Shock for that 10 second cast time big kablamo spell, and the third time you may even be anticipating party damage and precasting chain heals, while dropping your totems to the place you know the mobs will be tanked. In summary, it gets easier!


  13. My priest is currently 78 and disc spec and I love it. I pug nearly everything I do on her and bad pugs I find really enjoyable most of the time. Why? Usually because its a challenge to heal. People don’t move out of bad stuff dps splits targets so the tank losses aggro. Tanks don’t LoS so the caster in the back has his sites set firmly on me. Its funny because usually there is atleast one other decent player in the group who instantly realizes that I as a healer know what I’m doing and usually that player will complain about how bad some of the other players are. I just smile because bad pugs make me a better healer. Makes you learn how to prioritize your heals while keeping your reflexes sharp and lets you get used to keeping yourself alive when you are getting beat on.

    A good group even with random things like aggro drops or silences are boring to heal.

    Anyway I totally agree with spending time on other classes to better understand them. This is partially why I play atleast one of every class. The other is that I like variety. What makes me sad though is that I can’t heal any of the lower dungeons like blood furnace or ramparts because my lowest healing class is my 70 druid 😦


  14. I’m loving my level 64 resto druid and the Outlands instances but I’m kinda scared to get her to endgame and start healing that kinda stuff. Maybe it’s just cause I PuG basically everything and thus the content is harder to me than it is to other people, but I’ve seen billions of wipes and I’ve seen Patchwerk25 hit like a freakin’ truck… kinda scary, I think I’ll stay pewpew for now >.>


  15. I think my favorite current level 80 5-man kick in the… anyway… has got to be Azjol-Nerub. Not only do you get the lovely skirmishers with a non-tauntable, non-predictable, go-after-whoever-is-least-convenient charge and EAT FACE… but then you know… we get the lovely disorienting web hat.

    A week or so ago I was helping a guild tank get the tanking trinket from the first boss there. A trinket I drool after for my alt. I hate the instance, but hey… guildies need help, right? I get a skirmisher to the face and my whole group is trying to take care of it–it’s almost burned down. And they get webbed. Each one of them. So we wipe. Not because I died, not because they died from the trash afterward. There was a heroic effort by the elemental shaman in our group to off-heal while I ran my little butt back to my corpse. But it was the second pull in the event that did it. It’s the freaking Blizz trifecta.

    What I really, as a healer, want to ask Blizzard… is that they claimed that with WotLK they were going to make healing fun. Did that mean they were going to do more things to make life difficult so we weren’t just standing back popping a small heal on things?


  16. Bear, when I write a guide for healing, it will always include something along the lines of “this mob silences, make sure you range yourself” or “you need to stand here until he starts to whirlwind, or he’ll charge you in the face and you’ll die.” It’s just never occurred to me to share “stories” about them past a healing guide, as I expect this kind of thing to happen. 😛


  17. I raid healed as a Holy Priest in BC, I am now back as Holy at level 80 for Wrath and still getting back into it. For some reason it’s taken me a little time to adjust to the new Holy spec but we’re starting to see success in Heroics. I off-healed with my Shaman in a group with me (currently elemental for levelling) and 4 DPS death knights. We went through ramparts with only two wipes, it certainly was interesting to get a different view on healing from doing something with a different class. I love my Shaman but it is interesting to me to look at the different tools that each class is equipped with when looking at one role within a group.


  18. I’ve noticed lately that several healers that I’ve pugged with seem to have been abused and have accepted this fact… I pugged Ramps on my death knight… with a pali tank and priest healer. We wiped twice because the entire instance bugged and every peice of trash in the place was in one single file line after our tank… it was quite humerous really… we wiped and moved on. But the healer was consistantly downing her/him self (female bloodelf, so who know what gender the real person was) because of his/her crappy healing.

    It’s not the first time I’ve noticed this trend with healers. Worried that their healing is not at all good if they don’t have everyone topped off before the fight ends, and have full mana. Nevermind we pulled 3 groups accidently and nobody died.

    Have you noticed a sort of low healing self esteem in pugs or even guild?


  19. Bell… as a player of another class that may go to a healer’s blog looking for tips for a healer alt I am unfamiliar with…

    For me, it’s tips on what to expect, and how to prepare for and counter such things to help me to feel more confident that I won’t wipe the run, that I often hope to find on blogs.


  20. As soon as you said “Healers on their blogs just never share stories about the kind of crap they face in runs. It’s truly horrifying.” I was about to protest. We do all the time! And then I saw what you were talking about.

    Not bad players. Not tank aggro issues. Not healing spell nerfs. Not rotation or cooldown management.

    Silences. Charge Mechanics. Distance issues. Split awareness. Cast-time lengthening.

    Then I thought…wow. I’ve always just taken that to be “how it is” and worked around it. When a mob silences, I wear my trink that gives me a heal to cast even though silenced. If I can get charged, I try to position myself close enough to the mob to prevent its charge. I’ve had mobs I have to stand next to so they don’t charge and then run out if they whirlwind, then do it all over again.

    I just took that as part of my job. Just like how a tank needs to hold aggro and a dps needs to CC and/or kill. I really, honestly, have never thought of it as a trial. I suppose I can see it on the outside looking in (tanking is fugging hard to me), but it’s never occurred to me to complain because, well…”that’s how it is.”

    I appreciate the sympathy, however. 😀


  21. Aww, we appreciate the healing love! As a shammy main, I’m just not enjoying healing in Wrath the way I did in BC. In BC, I raid healed as a holy priest, then as a holy pally and finally as a resto shaman. My shaman felt like a healing powerhouse. I love so many of the new mechanics… well, except that punt thing that Blizz seems to love so much, but some fights, like the what’s-his-name-lightning boss in heroic Oculus and Loken in heroic HoL, almost seem designed for classes with instant heals or hots. My only instant heal is riptide, which is mana-inefficient and on a cd, and all the running around and breaking off in mid-cast makes for far more frantic boss fights. Meanwhile, the dps say things like, “This fight is so easy!” Hehe… I recently specc’d my shammy elemental, pulled out my 42 druid, bought the bind-on-account shoulders and staff, and decided to level her to 80 instead. 😉


  22. It’s very true that most people don’t appreciate the kind of commitment (and crap) a healer has to endure sometimes. Thanks for understanding. 😀


  23. Great post. I play a resto shammy as my main and healing is tough sometimes. I especially remember a certain boss in HoL that was really hard to heal thru, I believe it was loken with his lightning nova and shockwave which deals damage based upon how far away you are.

    If you switched to resto you would have riptide; a instant cast heal plus heal over time spell. That would have helped alot and honestly I wouldn’t heal a run without it.


  24. Yay bear!!

    If it is any consolation, it does get easier, but you are right – there are just some mechanics that are just really tough and even at max level you have to figure out special tricks to be able to cope with it. I am glad you are having fun learning a new side of the game. For me, BF and Ramps were instances where I questioned whether I was actually going to be able to do the healer thing properly. My first time in a pug in Ramps we just couldn’t down the last boss and everyone was blaming me and I felt like I was totally crap. Then one of the DPS whispered me and told me that I was doing fine, gave me some pointers and straight out told the pug tank to stop complaining about the healer when he wouldn’t move out of the damn fire. We managed to get it right after that.


  25. Being a good healer and getting through tight spots mostly through skill is really quite satisfying, even if only one other person in your PuG understands exactly how well you managed your timing, positioning and cooldowns (like being the only healing class in a H CoS pug, the first time you’ve done the instance, and successfully keeping everyone alive through Meathook). And the occasional “nice heals” comment is almost worth the crap you sometimes put up with.

    If you want a ‘fun’ experience, take your elemental shaman through Auchenai Crypts with a dual-wielding Death Knight tank who’s only ever played DPS.


  26. Excellent, excellent post, 3B! I’m a heal-priest main, hunter and feral alt, not maxed level, and never raided more than a PuG kara a few times. (Just too casual a player). I chose those alts for the very reason you described here. Got them to above 40, do Pugs primarily, as my guild is small and I am not in-game on a regular schedule. Still, the experience of seeing the same instances from all three sides (Blood Furnace, I have run about 50 times!) goves me a proper appreciation for what the tanks DO when I’m standing back “Tossing Sparkles” as someone called it. Never got the brain for proper tanking, but playing one even for a few levels made me understand just how tough it can be, and why things went bad sometimes.
    I wish Blizzard would allow a test-character or any level up to your main that got no XP and wore quest-level greens, just so that players could experiement with this type of thing if Real Life prevents leveling alts. They made bind-on-Account items that level-up with you now, what about a bind-on-account character that could switch classes and specs, but never earn XP above your highest level? That. Would. Rock.


  27. Healers the much needed under apreciated… I’m holy priest and while my guild is awsome, I have often felt the wrath of pug when I *gasp* focus heals on the tank and the huntard dies when he pulls agro… *you never heal me* QQ QQ *drop group*



  28. Healing is a whole nother game practically. Went Resto about 2 weeks ago so that our little guild could run heroics.. and OMG!

    Healing Heroic Culling with 1100 sp is not good times. Tanking has it’s challenges, but man, healing is just rough.


  29. It was one of the joys i had late stage in Kara when I first joined Sidhe Devils. Healing it instead of tanking it, yeah i knew the fights cold but from a whole different vantage point. I was a smidge over geared but will never forget the sounds on vent when I got rushed by the usher and lived threw it. I still ponder taking Grai back down the holy path especially with the changes to the judgement system. Honestly cant agree more that to fill out your gamming experience grab a different view it can be awesome.


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