Idle fun ruminations on new quests

It’ll never happen. I don’t expect it to go anywhere. But I had a fun thought, and wanted to put it down for our commingled amusement.

Inscription is a profession nominally concerned with writing, documenting, and scribing the written word onto lasting parchment. Scribes are indeed so good at this that they have developed magical writing that can bring into being Scrolls and Trinkets of incredible power.

Scribes then, to me, are individuals that have studied the power of language and the written word to such an extent that they can weave magic from the power of intellectual concepts made solid.

The power of language on the written page.

Blizzard went to a great deal of effort in having there be many distinct languages in the World of Warcraft. Each race has their own native tongue, and each faction has a common tongue. Sadly, in the case of Humans and Orcs, your native tongue and your faction language are the same. That’s all you get to know. You got a rock.

By default, you speak your factions’ common tongue in public, but you can choose to change that so that you are speaking only in your native tongue (at least in anything other than General and Whispers).

As an example, if you were a Draenei, you could change from the default Common tongue to your native Draenei tongue by going to the Chat Bubble Icon as shown in the picture, mousing over the “language” option, and selecting another known language, in this case Draenei.


Once you’ve done that, any time you talk, it will be displayed as Draenei language… and anyone not a Draenei will simply not understand you, if you are doing /say, /yell, /guild or /party (I ahve yet to try it in /raid). General and Whisper are unaffected. 

I suggest that it would be awesome to take this incredible amount of language work that Blizzard has done, and allow the players to become true explorers into strange new societies and cultures.

Blizzard has Achievements for Exploring, and of course for Loremaster. There is already in place the idea that players can choose to go forth seeking knowledge of the land, or of esoteric information, and be rewarded for their efforts.

There is also a Profession that is all about the study and investigation of language, and promotes a mastery of language that can lead to creating works of lasting magic and power.

I think you can guess where I’m going with this.

I think that Scribes should be able to create a Tome that any player can use to start a massive Achievement style quest.

It would be a Tome of Language Discovery.

Much like the way the Darkmoon Card of Greatness can be any one of four different cards depending on what you choose, this Tome could be for any one Language that you choose. You would take the Tome, you would visit the Lexicon of Power (where else?), and you would select exactly which language you intended to research.

The Tome would be Unique, so you could not have more than one on your person or in your inventory. You are dedicating yourself to the study of just one new language.

And once you choose your language… you had your Tome set to that language, and had it on you… then just like Achievements, you would be tracked as to where you went with your Tome, and what little checkmarks towards discovering a new language you have accomplished.

Achievements can be done in any order, unlike quests. That is why I prefer the idea of a language discovery being tracked like an Achievement rather than a pre-determined quest chain. It gives the player ultimate creative control over how they do it.

I believe that you should have to make a pilgrimage to the capitol city of the race whose language you are trying to learn, or to a Loremaster of that race.

And much like a combination of the Elders seasonal event, and the Draenei starting zone quest Learning the Language, each one you visit will tell you a story, a story that you mostly will not understand, in the language you are trying to discover, and will also tell you where you can go to find two other wise people who are willing to tell you more.

The more people you speak with, the more the Tome helps guide you to understand their efforts to instruct you… and at the very end, the absolute 100% completion of all such Elders having been sought out and begged for wisdom, you will have learned that language. Permanently.

Like all other languages, you would always be able to understand it… and if you chose, you could select it as your display language and speak it.

I think that in terms of difficulty, there should be two levels, the Allied races, and the Opposing Faction races.

The Allied races should be pretty big tasks, but completely doable by someone that has a lot of patience and the ability to travel a lot. I think that lower level instances and common world locations are enough fun for wide trqaveleing and research.

I think that trying to learn the language of an Opposing Faction race, however, would be awesome… and should require some simply massive and epic exploring.

I think that in this case, understandably, finding members of the Opposing Faction that approve of your quest to learn more of them and their culture, and learn how to speak their tongue to better understand them and learn to work together, would take a LOT more effort. Incredibly massive effort.

Some of them of course would be in their Capitol City… and predictably those would be great places for ganking to take place.

The irony of massive faction raids taking place to try and reach an Elder who will help you learn their language is not lost on me.

Others would be in exile from their people, hiding away in remote and inaccessible areas not commonly visited. Think raids or heroic instances.

And still others, perhaps, no longer live, but could be reached by traveling through time to visit them… Black Morass, anyone?

I think it’s safe to say that, in my mind, being able to learn an Opposing Faction race’s language would be awesome… and the epic explring and work should reasonably take dedication and weeks if not a month of work.

Yes, I know that in PvP, people would spend a lot of time and effort for the unique opportunity to tell someone in /yell in a BG in the other guys’ language that they suck.

It’s PvP. Do you really think that being able to personally taunt the guy you just stomped would ruin the fun?

We already get all the asshats you could imagine in our own factions chat, so I fail to see how being able to see some Orc yelling in Dwarvish would be that much worse… and I can see lots of ways in which it would be amusing especially during an Orc invasion of Ironforge to kill the King.

And of course, the /ignore should still work just fine, so where is the downside?

Maybe have two Tomes, one for 500g for your own factions language and 1000g in mats for the Opposing Factions language. Make someone pay for it, spend tons of time on it, and once done, feel that they can use it and have fun… but not have it be unbalancing.

I love it. I think it’d be hilarious to be the Dwarf hunter that learned how to speak Orc to better understand the mind of their chosen enemy, the better to anticipate thier tactics and kill them.

For a long time US Marines, at least, were encouraged to study the Russian language, and to take up playing chess, among other methods of better understanding your enemy. This was back before we were all one big, happy peaceful world, of course. I think the idea is pretty consistent, whether you intend to hunt and kill them, or work with them to build a lasting peace.

What do you think? Would you enjoy annoying the hell out of your guildies by speaking Gnomish to them?

I can obviously see the new Title “Linguist” coming out of this, if you learn all your own factions languages.. but what Title would you give someone that learned ALL the various languages?

The Grand Communicator? Babelfish? Master translater?

There you go, my thought of the day. Now have fun, folks!

Name that Cat!

Hi All,

It’s Cassie and I need some help!  A month or two ago, my hunter, Cassendra, got in a mood to tame new pets (got the Sapphire Hive Queen, a rhino and a new kitty all in the same day) after having had the same companion since level 10 (a snow leopard from outside IF which was a very a long way for a NE hunter to have traveled for a companion).   I decided to tame one of the purple pride watcher cats from Winterspring and spent many an hour grinding him up those last 5 levels to 80.  He is now my hunter’s primary pet, but he is still shamefully named “Cat” 😦

I haven’t found the right name for him yet, so I’m hoping someone will have some good ideas.  It’s definitely a male kitty and I want something regal sounding since he was a protector of the cubs in Winterspring (nothing silly or goofy for him).  Since he’s got the purplish look to him, I’ve played around with different versions of regal or royal and just can’t settle on anything.  My other cat is named Snowpaw (ya know, cause he has white paws) 🙂

Here’s a pic for those not familiar with this particular cat.


So let’s hear your creative ideas!

I am so happy with the new PTR!


Why am I so bloody happy?

Is there some earth shattering revelation on the Druid front?

NO… well, yes, there are neat things about Druids there, but no…

NO, it’s for one simple reason…

Allow me to quote from MMO Champion

  • Thunderstomp is now a pet talent available to any Tenacity pet. Now your bears, crocs or ESPECIALLY CRABS can join in the AE tanking fun.


Seriously, yay.

I love Thunderstomp… it’s really fun sometimes just to play with the mechanic. And it’s neat for farming ore when there are mobs around, lots and lots of mobs. But I hate my gorilla. I just change that sucker out for my kitty the second I can, and I’ve even stopped using the gorilla at all, even while farming, simply because I have grown to be anti-gorilla.

I wonder if I’ll get PETA on my ass for the phrase ‘anti-gorilla’? Why not, everyone else is.

Now… now I can have a pet Bear to deliver the Thunderstomp, have fun with the mechanic, AND also love my pet!

That is going to be so much fun! I have never had a Bear pet that lasted long, simply because I love Moonclaw. But give him that super cool Thunderstomp, and I can see having fun with both all the time. ESPECIALLY being able to summon whichever one out of the stable from a distance that I want.

HmmmmMMMMmmmm… tasty.

Dual Spec? I agree with the Noob!

Forever a Noob posted an awesome rant yesterday. So I’m gonna tee off on it a bit.

Oh, and by the way, Cassieann loves the Forever a Noob blog. There are so few Rogue blogs, compared to the Hunter and Druid craziness out there. She loves the in-depth discussions on all the fights from a Rogue point of view, and even better, Dinaer highlighted a bunch of OTHER Rogue blogs too just a few days ago. So thank you for keeping up the awesome, Dinaer. And if you find some other Combat spec focused Rogue blogs, be sure and give them a shout out too.

Okay, okay, back to the topic.

Forever a Noob posted an awesome rant about Dual Spec Craziness.

Read it, please. You won’t be sorry, even if you totally disagree.

Okay, that’s long enough, get your butt back here. You can read his Rogue strategies on Gluth and Heigan later.

Dual Spec. It’s been talked about a LOT.

I’m sure at some point I talked about it here, and I’m feeling too lazy to wade through my archives to figure out what I said. Hopefully, I will totally contradict myself in this post, it’s fun when I go all nuts like that.

But let’s get into Dinaer’s post a bit.

He says he hates it. I don’t hate it. Not at all.

But I still feel I agree with him.

Confused yet? It’s in the implementation.

Lemme ‘splain.

Where we started.

Matticus posted an article a while back where he made some interesting points about how a Raid Leader/Guild Leader really needs to plan ahead for how their guild will handle loot distribution once things change and players start claiming to have two ‘main’ specs. He said that players came with one main spec to raid, and they will continue to have one main spec. But they will also be able to pick an off set that they can roll for.

Thats what we’re talking about here. In the past, it was not only acceptable but NORMAL for someone to choose a particular, favorite spec of their class, and specialize in being the best at it as possible. The Raid Leader knows what your main spec is, and plans a raid accordingly.

We’ve always had some folks that played multiple specs in the game, because the spec they used for raiding was not really suitable for anything BUT raiding. When loot would drop, they would naturally ask if they could roll on something for their off spec.

An example. In Legatum Ignavis we had a Prot Warrior main tank named Joppers, and he would play Prot in all the raids. When it came time to solo or PvP, he respecced on his own to Arms or Fury. So, naturally he would often want to roll on items that were not strictly ‘Prot’ drops in raids, for his off-spec fun. Everyone agreed, because of course that makes sense. There is more to life than raiding, why only get loot you can only ever use in a raid? But for fairness, the people in the raid that could use it for their main raiding spec got first chance to roll. Once nobody else needed it for a main spec, it was all his.

We also always had folks that played a class that could do more than one thing well in a raid, and at any given time we might have too many of a class, or not enough. Druids are a fine example of a class that can either show up to tank well, OR to heal, depending entirely on the spec and gear worn. And tanks are a spec that, once you have enough, you really don’t want another one. Having three tanks traditionally means you have two useful tanks and one melee DPS that is underperforming compared to the rest of the DPS.

I’ve seen many Druid commenters mention how they love having a Druid off tank because even in a tank spec, the Kitty DPS when a tank is not necessary makes them more useful than most other tank specs. Not even with other DPS, but still better than a Prot Warrior DPS.

That has somewhat remained true, although I’ve seen some Death Knight tank/DPS players that could argue very convincingly about who brings the better DPS in a tank spec.

Still, since a Druid tank might not be necessary in a raid, and there is usually a plethora of DPS, many Druids would gather Healer gear together for an offset, so if tanks are covered, they could go respec and still provide another vital service in a raid.

Changes since Dual Spec was announced.

Since Dual Spec was first announced, the number of folks that have taken gear drops for an ‘off set’ have skyrocketed, though.

It’s as though folks think that, if Dual Spec is built into the game, then they MUST use it. Even if they’ve never had any alternative spec before in their lives.

I’m getting the impression that players whose class is all built around DPS, players that have never before played PvP their entire time in game, will now have a ‘PvP spec’, simply because Blizzard added Dual Specs, and that means you are expected to take advantage of it. 

I can almost anticipate folks saying in Trade chat, “What’s your other spec? You don’t have one? If you don’t have a second spec, you’re not taking full advantage of your class and you’re a noob, noob.” 

The future, and the heart of cranky.

Much like Dinaer, I can see the day coming when a raid leader asks not “what spec are you”, but “what are your two specs, and how much DPS/Spellpower do you have in each”.

And if you can bring DPS, and only DPS… or Heals and only Heals… well, depending on the guild and the raid leader, it possibly leaves you SOL.

Let’s break the source of my crankiness down, shall we?

  • Druids can DPS, heal or tank.
  • Paladins can DPS, heal or tank.
  • Shaman can heal or DPS.
  • Warriors can DPS or tank.
  • Death Knights can DPS or tank.
  • Priests can DPS or heal.

Rogues, Mages, Warlocks, Hunters… they cannot heal. They are not main tanks.

Rogues can Evasion tank, of course, and Warlocks and Hunters have been known in some circumstances to have their pets tank stuff very well. I’m talking normal raid environments and class expectations, not awesome and original gameplay by someone taking their class to new heights of awesome, okay?

Rogues, Mages, Warlocks and Hunters provide DPS and other nice benefits to a raid, but they do not have the capability to switch to heals or tank in mid run if that is what is needed at the time.

This is not the problem. I love Hybrids. I really do. This is not a call to nerf Hybrids.

My problem is, Blizzard originally set it so that you were led to believe that you could either choose a class that did many things fairly well, or choose a class that did one thing extremely well.

I know that when I chose my class, the Druid, I knew up front that I could expect to be able to choose to do damage pretty good (ranged or melee), to cast some decent heals, and to take a lot of hits… but I’d never be as good of a tank as a Prot Warrior, never as good of a healer as a Holy Priest, never be as good of a melee DPS as a Rogue, and never as good of a ranged DPS caster as a Mage.

This has changed over time, but when I started, that’s the way it was. Those are the expectations that were set.

I also knew that Hunters and Warlocks were good ranged DPS… but they weren’t expected to be AS good at DPS as Mages and Rogues because they had the added benefit of a pet to help them out. Blizzard listed them as great SOLO classes. Why? They had a buddy to play with built right into the class, of course.

Over time, I believe that the lack of an easy and cheap way to change specs has led to the way Blizzard has worked more on balancing everyone to be more viable or equal in raiding. 

Now, personally, I think Blizzard has worked pretty hard to at least try and have each DPS, healer or tank spec, regardless of class, be fairly even. They certainly haven’t succeeded, but I think they are trying all the time.

Each one brings it’s own flavor, it’s own style, and despite the way the mechanics are starting to get so damn similar, each one has it’s own strengths and weaknesses.

So, sure, Hybrids have been allowed, in each of their specs, to creep up to be equal to those with only one strength, but it took a conscious decision to spend gold, gather gear, redo toolbars, and basically revamp your character every time you respec to fulfill the other roles. You have to take those extra steps of hearthing to a trainer, paying the money, putting your gear on, getting your macros and toolbars straight.

It’s not hard, but it takes a determined effort. You don’t do it on the fly in the middle of a raid without shutting the run down for 10 minutes.

It still felt unfair that you got to have one character at max level that was able to do whatever your heart desired while someone else got a rock, but at least you still had to work for it when you chose to change.

The crankiness?

If my Druid can now, all in one character, walk into a raid or instance and, within seconds, either be a main healer, main tank or equitable melee or ranged DPS, whatever the Raid Leader wants at the time, AND be as good at it as the other classes are in each role, and the Rogue or Mage can only be a DPS, a DPS or a DPS?


Why would a Raid Leader want a Rogue or Mage anymore? The Rogue and Mage bring nothing but DPS. 

Why are we supposed to want to bring the Rogue? Why are we supposed to want to bring the Mage?


But ARE they?

You tell me.

Apples to apples, pre-Naxx gear to Pre-Naxx gear, are Rogues and Mages more powerful DPS and more useful CC than any Hybrid class can be?

Well, from personal experience, I know that when I look at DPS scores, I see Hunters at the top, Retribution Paladins and Death Knights coming REAL close behind, and Rogues and Mages have to work their ass off to squeeze every last drop of utility out of their class to hang tough on their heels.

Excsue me, but thats just bullshit.

If Blizzard really are going to open the gates to Dual Spec without any negative side effects, in a raid, without a cooldown, with the only stipulation being that you not actually be in combat at that particular moment, which is what they are saying right now, then they need to return to the heart of the classes that aren’t Hybrids.

Read the descriptions on Blizzards’ own WoW website!

Let’s break this down;

From Blizzards own description of the classes;

Mages wield the elements of fire, frost, and the arcane to destroy or neutralize their enemies. They are a robed class that excels at dealing massive damage from afar, casting elemental bolts at a single target, or raining destruction down upon their enemies in a wide area of effect. Mages can also augment their allies’ spell-casting powers, summon food or drink to restore their friends, and even travel across the world in an instant by opening arcane portals to distant lands.  

Comments: Excellent primary ranged damage dealers  

Rogues are a lightly armored melee class capable of dealing massive damage to their enemies in a flurry of attacks. They are masters of stealth and assassination, passing by enemies unseen and striking from the shadows, then escaping from combat in the blink of an eye. Rogues can also craft poisons that damage or cripple their enemies, reducing their effectiveness in battle. Groups will find rogues valuable, for not only do they deal massive damage, but they can open locked doors or chests, and disarm hidden traps as well. 
Comments: Favorite among those who like to deal damage 

I know this is long, but by God I think it proves my main point here.

Blizzards’ whole design concept of Mage and Rogue was to say, okay, you have all these other options, these neat classes open to you. And they sound very, very cool. But, even though they can’t heal, or have a pet, or tank… if you want to be the most destructive ranged DPS or the deadliest melee DPS… you should pick a Mage or a Rogue.

That’s what they said!

Thus endeth my rant. So long as you had to pick a spec, and stick with it, having Blizzard claim they were trying to balance each class/spec to be roughly equivalent, and have you bring the player not the class, well it was just fine. It’s been tons of fun.

But, if you’re going to open up Dual Spec to have no cooldown and be usable in a raid instantly, the only stipulation being that you’re not in combat, then I see two choices;

Either let Rogues and Mages have a Tank or Heal spec that is on par with other Hybrid classes… OR freaking make them the absolute best there is at what they do, which is kill shit!

Personally, I don’t care which. Wild wool gathering here, maybe buff up one Rogue spec Talent Tree to really focus on maximizing Evasion tanking. That sounds like a ton of fun to me. Go for it. Maybe give Mages a Talent Tree that takes the rarely used Amplify Magic and Dampen Magic abilities, and transforms them into a style of group healing or mana regen, where so long as your fellow team members have your buff on them, then whatever damage you do to a target, then those team members get a percentage of Health or Mana back, depending on which buff you gave them. Make it a damage/group healing/mana support spec.

I don’t know. I just know that, the way it’s going… as much as I dearly want Dual Specs so my Shaman can be Elemental while I solo, and Restoration when I group, nice and fast and easy.. I think Rogues and Mages, and to some extent Hunters and Warlocks, are all getting hosed.

At least Hunters and Warlocks were told they were getting a pet, and weren’t expected to be DPS gods right up front.

Whew! I’m glad I got that out of my system. I now return you to your regularly scheduled time wasting activities. Have fun!

New asshat of the day – the selfish raid leader

This just blows my mind.

I mean, seriously.

I suppose it happens all the time, but somehow, I never expected to really encounter this level of blatant selfishness in a community of people that will remember a name.

Congratulations to Thien, of Azeroths Redemption, for winning the award this month as the most blatantly selfish prick I’ve recently seen. Way to represent a Guild there, idjit.

Check this out. This is hilarious.

Today is the server reset for raids, right?

So, today is a good day to pug VoA and OS, of course.

I saw a 25 man VoA advertised, volunteered on my Hunter, was invited right away.

Dirz of Essence of Grandeur was also in it, kinda funny since I’d JUST been chatting with him in Icecrown like 5 minutes previously. He’s good people. Remember when Cassie and I were pugging Karazhan, way back when? It was Essence of Grandeur and Dirz we ran with. Good times, good times.

So, cool, fun group already. A few people I know. Well, one anyway. Cassie would enjoy this!

They are discussing what they need. Already have tanks and healers covered, need at least 10 more DPS.

I ask if they’ll invite Cassieann then, a Rogue, for DPS.

They continue to invite others, and to advertise that they need DPS.

I try again. Dirz also mentions that they should invite Cassie. Silence, no reply, but continues to invite others, and to spam trade asking for more DPS.

I arrive in Wintergrasp. I finally see the Wintergrasp chat channel discussion.

It’s a discussion of how Thien has been advertising for more DPS… and how at least three other Rogues have all whispered asking for invites, and Thien is ignoring them completely. As the conversation goes on, Thien continues to spam looking for DPS.

Can anyone guess what class Thien happens to be?

That’s right, the selfish little prick is a Rogue, he is the Raid Leader, he’s controlling all invites, and he is making sure there isn’t a single other Rogue in the run to potentially compete with him in ANY way for any loot.

Now, what makes this hilarious is that a quick check on Armory shows he’s already got the Valorous Shoulders, Valorous Chest and Valorous Gloves. He still has the Gored Hide Leggings, though.

So of course he is locking out any other Rogue from the chance of running and potentially getting Gloves or Chest items… because he wants any Leggings drops all for himself. Never mind that if a Valorous Rogue-only Chest or Glove drops, it’s getting thrown out due to his selfishness.

He’d rather throw out gear than to have gear drop that he has to roll against someone else for.

Just… no, really. Would you want THAT mentality on YOUR raid? Would you REALLY?

I have expected, being the kind of person that I am, to run into this kind of behavior before.

Still, to have such an incredibly blatant example of someone that starts a raid for no other reason than to control the configuration of classes, so as to make absolutely sure that they, and only they, will get what they want if it drops?


This… this is how Mammoth mounts get ninjaed, ya know? Having someone out only for themselves in charge of your run. I’d never trust Thien with master looter, ever, even on a Hellfire Ramparts Death Knight pug, after seeing the lengths he’ll go to for control of loot. Because he clearly cares for only one thing. Himself.

Do you think Thien has no problem acting like that in this, the most obvious and public of venues, because he doesn’t think his guild would object to that kind of behavior? Do you think that he actually doesn’t recognize what is wrong with his behavior? Is it possible to act like that in a social game, after hitting level 80 and being in a the raiding scene for a while, and NOT know that there is a problem with it? 

Good lord, is it me? Am I out of line in thinking this kind of behavior is just… well, unbelieveable?

I swear, I feel like Lewis Black, looking at someone acting like this and shaking my head, dumbfounded by yet another selfish assclown.

Well, I’ll mention the incident to his guild leader, because I know that I, personally, as a guild leader would desperately want to know about that kind of thing if someone in my guild had done it.

But the thought I’m left with is that maybe it really is just me. Maybe I’m the only one that sees this kind of behavior, and thinks there is something seriously wrong with this fucknut. Maybe I’m going to whisper the GL of that guild, and get a “He did what? Dude, so what? Chill, it’s just pixels, lols” in reply.

I don’t know. I used to have higher expectations of my fellow players. These days, I’m just happy if they don’t start another ANAL something or other link spam competition in the Trade channel.

Of course, I left the raid immediately. Life is simply too short to waste it on asshats. Made me sad, I was looking forward to running with Dirz, but that’s life sometimes.

I’m sure they found a replacement for my DPS in about two seconds… and I’ll really go out on a limb and wager it wasn’t a Rogue. 🙂

One last thing. Cassie told me that, since Dan at WoW Insider linked to me today, I really shouldn’t get all ranty and pissy about something like this. What will all those potential new readers think?

Well, hopefully, if you came here and read this, what you’ll think is that I have zero tolerance for asshats. And if you also dislike asshats, you’ll feel at home, and welcome enough to pull up a comfy chair and stay a while.

And if, by chance, you ARE an asshat… then my hope is that you’ll go the hell away before I taunt you a second time.

A new Patch on the PTR, and craziness ensues

MMO Champion has, as usual, begun posting and updating a masterful collection of anything and everything new related to the 3.1 Patch that is on the PTR as of last night.

There is so much stuff there, that I just can’t really cover it all right now. The best I can tell you is to go to MMO Chapmion and see for yourself. It’s massive, and the undocumented changes MMO Champion is reporting finding are the real show at the moment.

I’m still in shock due to other things in the blog world (why is it that someone that is a roaring asshat, a hardcore arrogant egotistical little prick, that you wish would stop blogging, just goes on forever, while the nicest, most incredible, wonderful blogger in the whole world decides it’s time to stop writing to concentrate on family? Why, God? Why? I give to charity, I don’t kick puppies… give me a break, man.) but I did want to mention four things that just blindsided me in this one.

1) A massive amount of new non-combat pets is listed as being added. Oh how freaking awesome! And one is a puppy!

I have long, LONG maintained that the fact that there are many cat non-combat pets, but only one doggie model was a shameful aberration and an insult to dog lovers everywhere.

There should be a Pug, a Bulldog, a Doberman, a German Shepard, a Great Dane, a Poodle… even a Boston Terrier! Lots of dogs!

Yes, I know that new dog models is a lot more work than different kitty skins on teh same cat chassis… I dinnae care. Are you SERIOUSLY telling me that nobody at Blizzard has a dog and understands the bond between a person and their beloved pet?

Oh, and I’m a cat person, myself… but that does not mean I lack empathy for my doggie brothers and sisters.

2) An Aquatic  MANTA RAY MOUNT?!?! WTF!?

Okay, all I can say is… I brought it to you here FIRST, damnit!

That just came outta nowhere… please, let me have underwater PvP.

3) New monster models with pictures are up… and can I say, I sure hope THIS is tameable? Please?


Image courtesy of MMO Champion, of course.

4) The next round of crafted epics is revealed, at least in part… requiring Runed Orbs instead of Frozen Orbs. I guess it’s safe to say you’ll be getting those as BoP drops in Ulduar, eh? So Leatherworkers making some nice crafted epic boots and belts, everybody making SOMETHING.. and tons of new Glyphs. Lots of crafting goodies coming.

But hey… seriously… can my hunter tame that kitty? Huh? Please?

Oh wait, you wanted Druid breakdowns?

I think I’m going to wait a bit. I talked about most of it a bit already, and I’d like to see this stuff up for more than an evening before I make any statements.

It’s enough just to wade through all that and speculate, isn’t it?

Ratted out… I mean tagged for a meme

Naissa of Naissa’s Rage fame tagged me for this meme thingie about posting your sixth screenshot.

I personally purge my screenshots frequently. The only screenshots I tend to take are ones where I either want to preserve evidence of awesomeness or asshattery, or if I am taking pics for a possible blogpost someday.

In order to play it straight, posting this screenshot outs my big secret from a while back, the secret I never revealed. And I would’ve gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for that dang blogger!

A new sheriff in town

A new sheriff in town

This is a picture of my secret, unguilded alt. A deadly, badass Rogue dressed in complete matching “western sheriff” style, created out of my enthusiasm for that damn movie that took WoW by storm. I’m speaking of The Craft of War: Blind.

Of course, that was then…

and since I am revealing stuffs, I might as well show a more recent photo of her….

The new Sheriff... now with gatling guns!

The new Sheriff... now with gatling guns!

Don’t have the shoulders or trinket yet… I bought the Tier 7 chest, the caster Shaman shoulders and the caster Shaman mace first. But they’re coming, they’re coming. I think starting with an enchanted Pair of Swords is a nice start.

I am going to refrain from tagging anyone else to continue this particular meme. Life is simply too busy for me right now to try and figure out who has or has not been nailed just yet.

I would like to invite folks to post screenshots of their favorite new alt that they’re decking out in Bind to Account items… but I’m not going to call anyone out or anything.