A plea for blogging help!

EDIT: My apologies for not placing a link directly to the correct feed address in the post.


I will work on getting a nice radio button placed on the sidebar as well!


Basically, this is a plea for a few of my fellow bloggers to help me out with fixing my mistake.

I posted before that Feedburner no likey my upgraded WordPress 2.7 install, and the widget they have provided just doesn’t work anymore.

So, I had to change to the current self-provided RSS feed for feedreaders…

But this means that anyone that only ever got my posts via a Feedburner provided feed thinks that I’ve gone silent for over a month.

I still get folks, nearly every day, email me to let me know that they haven’t had any posts in their feedreader from me in a long time, and asking if I’m still blogging.

I figure that the number of folks that haven’t checked the site to see why I went silent probably outnumber the ones that mail in.

So, I humbly, most pathetically ask that, if possible, my fellow blogger friends please make a teeny, tiny mini-post just mentioning that Bear is a dumbass and has a broken Feed, and if they are still interested in getting my posts, folks need to please, pretty-please visit the site and subscribe to the new feed.

I honestly can’t think of any other way of getting the word out at this point… since the Feed is broken.

Word to the wise… never trust to third party free service providers to continue to provide free services. Not if you like to NOT mess up your fun.

Seriously, thank you very much in advance.

25 thoughts on “A plea for blogging help!

  1. I followed one of those links here but am frustrated. I did not see a link in this message for the new feed. I did not see anything that said RSS on that first page. Perhaps I am easily confused, but if you are trying to get people to subscribe, I suggest you make it easier/more visible for them. For this one time, large and blinking would be appropriate.


    P.S., isn’t software fun?


  2. Woot! Da BBB still lives!

    Thanks much to Anna for echoing BBB’s plea today so I came by to resubscribe!

    Missed ya BBB. Much reading to catch up on here as well.


  3. You now Bear, just for you.. Now don’t go around telling everyone that this Hunter is actually helping out a Druid.

    But I’ll be happy to pot up a simple little PSA with your new RSS feed. 🙂
    – Brig


  4. Yeah, Matt, we have tried everything short of rolling back the upgrade… which I won’t do. 2.7 is too nice.

    No, from our research it seems that there is a conflict between our chosen theme and the Feedburner plugin, Feedburner itself will ping back and get no response from us, even after redownloading and installing the plugin.

    The whole thing of trying to troubleshoot why a third party application has stopped working for us after an upgrade, and more importantly how this has totally cut off my ability to talk in any way with folks that were subscribed through them has pretty much killed any enthusiasm for Feedburner that I had. I’m just going to stick with my standard feed.

    And for those that aren’t familiar with Feedburner, I had a plugin on my blog that would tell Feedburner that I had a new post, send the post to them, and they would then send it on to subscribers. So it wouldn’t matter what service you used to read blogs, the issue was who was sending them to you.

    Some folks may have subscribed simply by entering my website address and circumvented Feedburner without even knowing it, since the Feed was always there… and you have turned out to be the only ones that kept the feed.

    Ah well.


  5. I second what Matticus says. Try re-installing it, because my Feedburner plugin worked just fine through me upgrading to WordPress 2.7. You might have to move your Feedburner account to Google as they’re moving there anyway.


  6. I faced a similar issue to what Matticus described. I have several websites. The one affected has been around for over three years. I have a few thousand readers that read my website via RSS feed. However after updating updating my I lost over half my RSS feed readers. I finally figured out what was wrong I was using the wrong Feedburner url. If you haven’t already I would send them an email. I actually received a response from someone on their staff. They might be able to assist you in resolving the issue.

    If I remember correctly in your WordPress admin panel their is a place where you have to update your RSS feed, but I think that’s only used if you are changing your feed. Also, Feedsmith is a FeedBurner addon that lets you redirect your feeds to Feedburner.

    I hope your issue is resolved soon. It can be frustrating when this occurs.


  7. I know it’s a stupid question to ask. But you’re sure you reactivated the WordPress Feedburner plugin right? Because I forgot to do that for about 3 months and lost a good chunk of readers last year. Try toasting it and reinstalling it again. I can’t think of any conceivable reason why the plugin would just break like that.


  8. Yeah, even though Feedburner has a long trustworthy history, when it comes to my site’s feed or any other site I make, I just leave the original feed as the source. The only conceivable reason I can think of to use feedburner is so you can display your feed count. There are certain .htaccess hacks you could put in place but honestly they’d be more trouble than they’re worth at this point.


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