Feral Fun in Karazhan!

I said before that I was going to go back into Karazhan, and I wasn’t kidding. 🙂

So this morning, Cassie and I were on and Graimerin/Falromord came on, and I remembered that I’d promised to go in with his level 71 Rogue Enchanter to try and get him a shot at the Mongoose recipe that Moroes can drop.

So, I badgered Cassie into getting off her level 65 Ret Pally she’s been loving/leveling, and onto her Rogue for a little Kara action.

My 80 Feral Big Bear, Cassie’s 80 Rogue (with the hybrid Combat Fist/Swords spec) and Fal’s level 71 Rogue Carack went on inside.

A Feral Druid and two Rogues against Moroes? Riiiight.

Well, in preparation, I suggested we take down Attumen first. I figured the trash and dual-Boss should give us some idea of the level disparity, either for or against.

Let me say there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the trash leading up to, and Attumen himself, are easily soloed by a Bear in my gear. It didn’t even take any actual dancing to get it done.

I went through probably 5 trash pulls before I even bothered to stop and shift to cast a heal on myself, and that was when I finally got below 50% after the four-pull.

The five pull went smooth as silk standing and Swiping as well. We finished the trash and were facing Attumen at the 8 minute mark.

Attumen and Midnight were quite easy, it just took a while because the Curse he throws down increases your chance to miss by bunches. So it is absolutely possible for a reasonably geared all-Heroic drop, crafted and Emblem Bear tank, no Naxx drops, to go clear Attumen solo every week for the chance at a Horsie mount.

Now on to Moroes.

The trash, both large pulls and singles, were easy mode as well. Even getting affected by the Drunk debuff, none of it is enough to bother you. Improved Leader of the Pack keeps you healed by enough to just keep going, and there is always plenty of opportunity to drink and cast heals to regain Health if you get concerned by being down to 75% Health after 3 or 4 pulls.

But Moroes himself… Moroes is another story.

When we lined up to face Moroes, we had two casters, and two hitters, Baroness Dorothea, Lady Berrybuck, Lord Robin and Lord Crispin.

The first time we attempted it, I figured we’d try and minimize the adds a teeny bit and then go all out on Moroes, so we’d be up against Garotte as little as possible.

So I marked the two ladies as kill targets, and said to switch to Moroes after that.

This was a very bad plan. Lord Robin is the Fury Warrior, and he has his Whirlwind attack that did a solid continuous amount of damage all around the group.

We successfully downed the two ladies quickly enough and switched to Moroes… but Cassie got Garotted fast, Lord Robin’s Whirlwind did enough to take down Carack and help Cassie on her way, and even though I tried to switch plans and did succeed in taking down Robin, Crispin was still there and had only just gone down when I got finished up.

My biggest mistake? 

Not leaving myself the possibility of breathing room.

It occured to me mid-fight that, if we’d killed all the damn trash, then every time Moroes Vanished I could have shifted and thrown down some heals.

But so long as an add is up in my face pounding me, that’s a highly risky manuever and causes enough pushback to make it doubtful I’d get both a long cast and an instant off in time.

So, the second attempt we lined up, I marked Lord Robin as first kill, and then the rest of the trash, and left Moroes for last.

And we did, all together, last long enough to take down all the trash with just Moroes left before Carack went down to Garotte.

After that, it was just a question of shifting and casting some self-heals when Moroes Vanished, waiting until I was very low (around 9000 Health, lol) before popping Survival Instincts and Frenzied Regeneration (which brought myself back up to full), and going to town and that old boy was dead, dead, dead.

So, lesson learned. It IS possible to take down Moroes, at least with a Bear and two DPS. No CC, no healers.

But it’s also true that a single healer of any kind would’ve made it an absolutely ridiculous no-brainer. Even a level 70 Healer.

Still…. fun!

Anybody successfully solo Bear tanked Moroes yet? Or found a technique you particularly enjoy?

31 thoughts on “Feral Fun in Karazhan!

  1. I know this is kind of old, was able to solo Moroes with ease, 40k hp, 40% dodge, 30k armor, How ever was I was wondering has anyone had any luck soloing R&J in the opera event… Kind of hard… haha.

    .-= Nasarul´s last blog ..Photos! =-.


  2. Update: Got Shade today. Not super hard with a revised strategy. I was using the wrong tool for the job! Went Boomkin, Resist Flask, Polar Chest, popped a +50 all resist pot right before the pull, another when the adds spawned.
    While I was able to heal myself a whole lot better not being feral for this fight, mana was a major problem. Ended up going with a wonky spec that took Intensity, Dreamstate and OF. No Eclipse, which was fine since Wrath chews up mana so bad. Was mostly hitting him with Moonfire and Starfire, occasionally Insect Swarm. Dropped Treants every time they were up, which was great because Shade targeted them a lot. Still, spent a lot of time meleeing and healing myself while waiting for Innervate.
    Soloing Chess, didn’t go so well. Working on that now.


  3. I am a bit late to this party! Was searching the web for info about other Bears soloing Kara.
    I have been trying it lately. Here is what I have found out.

    Attumen: Very easy.

    Maiden: Very Easy

    Moroes: Tricky.
    I found I have to burn down the healer asap, no surprise there. I rotate through survivability cooldowns, barkskin every time its up. Some times I can get a heal off when he vanishes, but some times he gets me in caster form, so I only try it if things are really dicey. Fight doesn’t last long enough to use SI twice, so I time it for when he comes back from a vanish. Still, he has killed me twice of the 6 times I have been there.

    Moroes trash: So fun! Grab two packs for added fun factor, and to clear faster.

    Trash to Opera: Very Easy.

    Opera: BBW: Can’t do it. Either running or feared nearly the whole time.
    Opera: R&J: Can’t do it. Can’t interrupt Juliet’s heals
    Opera: Oz: Brute Force
    Finally got Oz last night for the first time. Got them on the first attempt. Nothing complex, just cooldowns, swipes and Mauls for the most part.

    Curator: Easy
    I was surprised. Curator was actually really easy.

    Illihoof: Very Easy
    And SOO fun! Yeeess!

    Shade of Aran: Very hard.
    I didn’t even get close. Going back in a day or two. Since he is a caster, his nukes chew up a Bear pretty bad. And he uses Arcane, Frost and Fire. Planning on using a Flask of Chromatic Wonder (+35 all resist), popping a magic pot (+50 all resist for 3 minutes) right before the pull and one in the fight, and putting on one piece of Polar. When I soloed Skerram in AQ40, putting on more NR was the key. Thinking this will be similar.


  4. I myself play a feral druid in mostly naxx 10 gear some 1 piece of t8.5 t7.5 and 3 pieces of t7 and i have soloed attunmen several times, and maiden is pretty much a cake walk. although tonight i have spent a good hour to 2 hours trying everything to kill moroes. my strat was to root the ms war and pop bezerker and try to kill the holy pally/shadow priest as fast as i could. once all the adds were down keep demo roar up and pop out to heal when u can(during vanish) best i got was 30k out of 270k which is well beyond his enrage. although i believe glyphing into improved frenzied regen and survival instincts could put me over the top and be able to bring him down. theres my 2 cents


  5. I did this (Attumen) a few times now (and also Maiden) and all I can say is: it’s definitely possible for a feral to solo with decent ~Naxx25 gear (or equal). Only thing i found out is, what is essential for a soloing feral druid: passive healing! You can’t get enough of it! So, for your specc, you HAVE TO spend that 2 points for Nurturing Instinct. It counts towards your FR AND LotP as well, so it’s a great deal to keep yourself alive.

    tbh, I have more +heal stats as feral in tank gear than with full resto specc and some +spell items. This, some luck and about 33-40% dodge will keep your HP up a long time when fighting Attumen. Just make sure you pop every “oh sh*t!!”-button once the rider joins the fight, and then everytime your cd’s are ready. Once he merges with his mount he is piece of cake since you’re only getting like half the damage you were getting before.


  6. Hey BBB, I have been back to Kara at the weekend, with a raid team of 3 (Rogue, Shaman and Bear).

    Atumen went down very quickly. Moroes we took some time to get kill orders right, but he went down really quickly, only managing to dissappaer once. The shaman did a great job of dps and healing.

    We thought we would go see Maiden, but didn’t think we would manage it – she went down like a sack of spuds 😀

    On to Opera, we were confident that if it was Romeo and Juliet or Little Red Riding Hood we should be OK. We got the easy choice, Little Red Riding Hood.

    To cut a long story short, we managed to clear the whole of Kara in about 4 hours, just 3 of us! Each boss, we thought would be our last. Even Chess was possible, after a couple of attempts. At Netherspite I was suggesting we just pack up and go home, the Shaman made us stay and kept the fight going until somehow, we beat it down.

    It was truely epic fun and well worth it. We will be going back again this weekend to try and get the Mongoose enchant.


  7. BBB/Rhas;

    My self-confidence duly acknowledges the indirect massage afforded by you guys having not succeeded! It’ll be interesting to see what level of gear we will need to get him down solo – maybe not til t9?


  8. Cybelline, Rhas, the answer is, NO, BBB cannot solo Attumen/Midnight.

    Gave it a shot on Tuesday, could not do enough damage with the continual curse on me to make a difference. I couldn’t see a way with my current gear to solo it.

    With so much as a single DPS standing behind him and nailing him, it makes all the difference.

    So there! Confirmation that I ain’t all that uber, neither. It’s not just you.


  9. yeah i tried to solo attumen today too, no luck, with 2pc t7.5 + 2pc t7. 1st time got nowhere near winning, 2nd time the other guy in my raid group left the group and i got auto-hearthed back to dalaran.. just so you know, make sure whoever’s in your raid group will be around awhile, hehe.


  10. we used to use one tank for all of kara back in the day, there is a way to stand facing maroo’s that the garotte won’t ever hit you, i’ll try soloing it this way and get back with the results


  11. Now that some vanilla WoW raids are easily soloable by ferals… I wonder whether it’s a good idea to farm them for money. I soloed onyx the other day, it was just that easy. Netted around 80g in money and vendored drops. I’m going to try ZG today, 6 bosses and a chance at a mount. Apparently hakkar is really easy, just that boss similar to romeo and juliet, forgot the name. plus I get rep for the old rep achieves 🙂


  12. I’m really sorry to hear that, Cybelline!

    I will make a beeline for Attumen on Tuesday to find out whats up. And if I get my butt eaten doing it solo, I promise I’ll let you know!


  13. Woah! I mean…steady on there!

    I’ve been reading BBB’s blog for some time now and find it informative, funny and useful. With that in mind I decided to go and try to solo Nightmare/Attumen, since my gear is pretty much the same as BBB’s (2T7, a bit of crafted, darkmoon card, essence of gossamer, titanium earthguard ring, badge neck – you know the picture).

    And? Well, the best I managed was to get Attumen down to 110k HP – and that was with popping all known “keep me alive just a bit longer” buttons. Now, I make no claim to best the world’s best feral tank, but it’s my main and I know the class pretty well and, man, I got nowhere near taking him down.

    I note, incidentally that BBB didn’t say that he had solo’d the dude – merely that “there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the trash leading up to, and Attumen himself, are easily soloed by a Bear in my gear”. So, conclusion? Either I’m a way poorer player than I’d previously thought (entirely possible; but man, what a drag), or BBB was seriously underestimating the contributions being made by his other party members when he took him down. Incidentally, no poster in this reply section has said that they’ve managed to solo him as a feral.

    Finally, I’ve got 2 sets of tank gear – one specced for a balance of mitigation and stamina, and one full out +sta set. The difference between the 2 sets is about -3.5% dodge, -1k armour (I’m a Brit, so I’ll spell it any way I damn please) and +nearly 4k HP (all unbuffed stats). You might be interested to know that the “balanced” set was the one I was in when I got him down to 110k hp; in the all-out stamina set the best I did was 165k – quite a big difference, huh?

    So – BBB; please go try solo Nightmare/Attumen and let us know how you get on. For the sake of my ego; please fail 😉


  14. After reading Stealthfire’s post and going back to wowwiki’s list of Moroes’ abilities, I think Gouge is the one that got my shaman friend killed. We must’ve been unlucky, I don’t think I was bleeding from Garrote when Gouge hit me.


  15. A resto druid friend and I went in kara late one night and did everything up to opera. We probably would have been able to do that as well, but we kept falling asleep during the fight and wiped with Juilet at like 500 health.

    As far as strategy goes…it was pretty late, I honestly barely remember. For Moroes I think I killed the adds first, and made sure my resto friend was at max range so when I was gouged he would take minimal damage. With only two people you both get garroted pretty quickly, and garrote will break the gouge. I don’t remember what we did for blinds.


  16. If your rogues specced assassination, the garrote on them would be rendered irrelevant by Hunger for Blood. Moroes is one of the only places that’s come in super handy, but it is awfully nice.


  17. What did the rogues do while you were blinded? Evasion tank? Vanish? I’ve tried once to take down Moroes with my Enhancement Shaman friend, but he got torn apart as soon as I was blinded.

    We had a misadventure on Attumen, too. We realized we could waltz right past half the trash in the Stables without aggroing them, so we did. Then they came and joined the fight when I aggroed Midnight. So, one piece of advice to anyone soloing Attumen: don’t try to sneak past the trash.


  18. @Ellende
    ya thats one thing that got us is how to do chess with 2 people think while i’m a tree were going to give it a shot again

    as for heroic Seth love farming that one in feral been prowling past everything killing Ikiss and draging someone else with me for a small charge if they get the mount might as well make some cash off it 😛 already got the Raven lord myself i lucked out and got it when i did my Epic flight quest first shot


  19. Hey BBB, my feral set is slightly better than yours and my question is, do you think I could basically solo it along with taking my level 77 shadow priest, who is my enchanter, I really want to get the mongoose enchant for him, as he never reached 70 before WowLK, so i was never able to run Kara on him. I have 2 PC’s setup with 2 monitors, 2 keyboards and such. So i was wondering if you think it would be possible to solo with these 2 toons, with my S Priest just basically healing and my druid doing all the damage. I think all I would have to do is have my priest target my druid the whole time and that way all I would have to do is click my keys for healing.

    Oh yeah and they are on separate accounts, I actually have 2 accounts, my warrior was my first toon, so I power leveled my druid on a second account and when I rolled my priest I put him on my warriors account so i could power level him with my druid.


  20. My 2 fellow druid officers and I went to Kara this weekend and almost cleared the place! 1 is a tree, one is boomkin, and I am the bear. We had a total blast and almost cleared the place in a couple of hours (I think it can be done very fast, but we were too busy having fun). The run netted us a nice amount of coin as well, iirc we got about 150g in golddrops/vendortrash each and the sale of all the DE-d drops went up to about 700g as well. All proceeds went to guildbank of course.

    We only struggled on chess, although I hear it’s solo-able, so we will read up on that. Therefor we couldn’t get to Prince either. All other fights were really really easy 🙂


  21. BBB

    Have you tried to solo Anzu in heroic Sethekk yet for that mount? If you don’t have the mount yet, he is easier than you might think. You can stealth to the room (even past the first boss). When you are clearing his room, just make sure to save berserk for when you have 2 prophets in a group since they fear (or have a pvp trinket on). He hasn’t dropped my mount yet after 12 kills but it only takes about 10-15minutes to do solo. Heck you and Cassie can probably stealth to the room and get it done in 5 minutes.


  22. It is things like this that make me ever more glad I fell in love with this particular class. I myself have been farming Anzu for the mount for the past couple of weeks. Stealth in, clean the room, spank the birdie, get out of LoS when he goes to banish and self-heal. I have died a couple of times but most of the times it’s fairly easy. (At least in 25man T7 and with a mana potion and some decent food) Probably would be even easier if I specced back to Improved Leader of the Pack.

    There can never be too many druids in a raid! Last night we took on Naxx10 with the guild’s zoo: 2 teddies, 3 kitties, 3 trees and 3 owls, only one of them alts. We downed Spider and Construct wings before we ran out of time and had to call it a night. But I gotta tell you, it was even easier with this group than one with a more random composition. We even managed to break a couple of records on bosses, Gluth being one of them and the boss which initially worried us the most. We had two of the kitties take turns off tanking the zombies in bear form and switching after decimates to get the debuffs off. Not a single zombie got eaten and no one died during the fight.

    To be honest, I think the title “the Undying” would be within our reach if we did this again with enough time to clear the whole instance. Sure, we’re severely lacking in buffs but in return we get 10 battle resses, 10 innervates, a hell of a lot of AoE power and 10 characters each with a variety of other tricks at hand to save the day.

    I’m actually beginning to wonder if it would be possible to clear the 25man version with 25 druids. The biggest problem would obviously be Instructor Razuvius. Maybe if we had enough bear-able ferals, we could use them as “disposable” tanks, switching between them each time one dies. I have tanked him in bear form for a moment and there really is no way he could be tanked normally with the current gear. You can survive for some time, however. Maybe when Ulduar is finally released and we get new shinies… :).


  23. It’s a good measure of how hard MgT is that we recently went back and tried it for the mount, and still managed to wipe once despite having a party of 5 all of whom were over level 75.


  24. I’ve been able to solo Moroes and Attumen as a protection pally and there are a couple of posts about how I it on my blog. I’m not sure how possible it is as a bear though. =/


  25. did it a few nights ago with a Nax10/25 Feral tank and a prot pally
    went in to farm the mount and after Attumen we figured WTH lets keep going and see how far we make it
    the drops and cash in a 2 man attumen was more than enough to cover a few death repairs

    hour later we called it after droping opera event GG 2 Man OZ was a little tough
    i would link the armory but kinda stuck as tree atm


  26. No, Mongoose did not drop… in the future, I think dragging Carack and maybe a healer in with us, even a 70, would make it very, very easy. Cassie did tons of damage, but the issue was never really in doubt except for the actual Moroes encounter. And on that one, a healer to counteract Garotte and top us off, and someone to stand on top of moroes and eat Blinds would make all the difference.

    It’s eating the Blinds that was the biggest slowdown on DPS, and why having three of us I think made the biggest difference.


  27. Hey BBB, i tried this the other day with just me and a lvl 80 rogue. We managed Atumen, although I died in the last gasps of the fight. Moroes as you say was a lot harder and we didnt manage to clear Moroes friends before we both went down. We didnt have a second attempt as it just didn’t seem possible. Was nice to go back and see the old place though. I still miss it, great times there 🙂

    Oh, btw, I tried soloing the Coilfang instances again, as previously discussed, all 3 done, no problems, on normal anyway. Heroics, I have not been brave enough to try on my own.


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