This Bear wishes you get well!

Some of you may know the wonderful, irrepressible Shrinn. Here is a recent photo;


Shrinn is a truly wonderful person, a great person, a loving, friendly, funny and sometimes silly but always wonderful lady.

Well, lately Shrinn has been suffering a great deal from headaches, migraines, very bad pain in her head.

taz_x-ray1It’s been so bad that the doctors have been poking and prodding her and running tests. And they don’t think things are all okay, but they don’t know what exactly is the cause.

I can’t imagine how stressful it must be to have a bunch of quacks running endless tests, and then saying “We’ll let you know what we figure out in a few weeks. If we remember to tell you.”

Okay, it might not be that bad, but she is still waiting, not so very patiently, to find out wassup.

Now, this is pretty bad. Constant pain piled high with added uncertainty are enough all by themselves to make you feel sad and depressed, aren’t they?

But it gets worse!

You see, a while ago, Shrinn’s computer died! It sat back and gave her a big, fat raspberry!


Oh yes, yes it did!

And so, Shrinn has been suffering this pain, and at the same time, she no longer has a way to escape into the wonderful world of WoW… unless she borrows Graimerin’s computer.

And he has it set up all wierd and goofy, and it drives her nuts, and makes her head hurt worse. So she ain’t been doing that.

tazheartsNow, they are going to get a new computer soon, tax season and tax refunds are almost upon us… and Grai loves Shrinn very, very much and has promised, PROMISED that her new computer is going to be a screaming monster that will blast through WoW like a tornado.

He was muttering words like Quads, and pentiums, and gigs and stuff like that… I am a poor man myself, and have an ancient and lumbering behemoth I’ve been upgrading bit by bit for over 6 years now, so it all sounds like black magic to me.

It does my heart good to know Grai is going to carry on the tradition of husbands whose wives get the massive screaming PC upgrade for WoW and leave us with the dregs, though. It gives us something to grump about as we sit in the digital sports bar in Stormwind’s old town on vent and drink Dwarven Ale.

Anyway, this isn’t a plea for you to send them money.

What I hope for is that everyone would just stop for a moment today, and each of you in your own way offer up your own thoughts or prayers that Shrinn may learn from the tests that there is nothing serious going on here, that in fact it’s just something silly, and that everything will work out just fine.

I know it may seem silly and strange to a lot of folks… but sometimes, when you’re in a bad place, and feeling stressed out and down…

Just knowing that there are people who really do care, and who wish you the best, can help to remind you that you’re not all alone.

And if you’d like to, please take the time to visit Shrinn’s blog and say hi, I’m sure she would love to hear from you.

God bless you Shrinn, from the home of Bear, Cassieann, Alex, and three cute but annoying cats. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Get better soon!



14 thoughts on “This Bear wishes you get well!

  1. Thank you for the heads up… and while it may seem a small thing, I bet she will appreciate all kinds of little notes from people who care, just because. =)


  2. /cheer for friends!

    Shrinn sounds wonderful. Thank you for introducing us. *hugs Shrinn* Take care of yourself and know that you make people smile.


  3. OMG!!!!!!! I am an E-Celeb now!

    Wow! B & Cassie, you guys are amazing! What a sweet & wonderful & incredible post. I am most humbled by all the kind things you have said. *blushing*

    No worries all, Grai & I go to the doctor on Friday to find out more about what’s up with me!

    Again, thank you so very much!


  4. Shrinn will be in my wife and my prayers. I know it must be rough for you right now. My wife went through a similar situation (though it was her back) where we had no clue why she was in so much pain. It took doctors over 3 years to find the problem. Though the problem is fixed, she still has annoying pains every once in awhile. Here is to you Shrinn…. stay strong, keep faith, and trust God for He is good.


  5. I don’t know you but *bearhugs* Shrinn. I had a close friend once who had a diagnosed chronic headache. That stuff’s not fun 😦 I’ll be praying for you that everything turns out OK.


  6. My better half has the better computer a screamin Quad core/Ati combo while I haz the 3 year old clunker. Of corse she’s the better player so I guess it’s only fair.


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