Twisted Nether is holding a live event this Friday night!

As many of you might know, I’ve long enjoyed the Twisted Nether podcast, as well as the blogs that Fimlys and Breana run.

I was even on it once! I, um… I might have been doing other stuff at the time too, but I was still there… and almost coherent.

To be perfectly honest, it’s the only podcast I’ve ever been on where I enjoyed hearing the sound of my own voice… because it was so much fun to be on their show while I was, um, distracted. I think some of the crazy comes through just right. And Fimlys’ editing is very, very good. He made me sound almost intelligent. Almost.

Well, they’ve had these things before where they get a bunch of bloggers suckered into agreeing to be online at some ridiculously stupid hour, and have a live party chat all together… stream it… and host a chat room where folks can gather live, listen, and ask questions that might actually get answered.

If you make it through Fim, anyway. And we all know what a grouch that guy is.

They are holding another one of these shindigs, or clambakes, or whatever you call ’em again this weekend.

This Friday night/ Saturday morning, 12:30 PM Friday night or 00:30 Saturday morning depending on how you want to think of it, Eastern Standard Time.

It promises to be a great show, with none other than RATSHAG, omigod Ratters, that’s gonna be hilarious… it’s my understanding he’s gonna speak as Galertruby the entire show.

Kestrel from Kestrel’s Aerie to lend his class and fame to the proceedings (did you know Kestrel has been, like, featured EVERYWHERE lately? Gather up and ask him what his life is like now that people rush to open the door and ask for his autograph! I’m sure he’s still a personable, down to earth kinda guy. I bet the fame won’t change him at all. Wait, whataya mean I have to pay you to link to ya, Kestrel? Wait, what?

Queklain of Feathermoon (hey, that’s what he chose to call himself on his blog posts, if he doesn’t like it he can change it) of The Stoppable Force will be there, which I think will add some serious intellect to the show. Some erudition. Some power. Or maybe just attitude. Or, well… hey, he does something over there. He’s on my feedreader, there musta been something I liked about his blog.

And of course.. and this is gonna just add that over the top action you sports fans crave….

Vonya of The Egotistical Priest will be there as well. Large as life and THREE times as cranky!

You know, one of the very first blog posts I ever read by ANYONE years ago was written by Vonya.

I was reading some different internet stuff, and happened upon The Egotistical Priest, and her post, Entitlement.

What can I say? After reading that post, I was hooked. I wanted to applaud. It was brilliant.

And here she is, years and years later, still cranky! I mean, still awesome! I’ve known her through her blog for so long now, I almost feel like she’s the sister I never had… the one that you’d like to help by beating up her boyfriend when he acts the jerk, but who won’t let you because she’ll have more fun beating his ass herself, ya know?

Oh yeah, and those two peeps that started it all, Bre and Fim, are sure to be there as well. Whatever.

I kid! I kid! Gun Loving Dwarf Chick and Asleep at the WoW are both on my feedreader, of course. How could they not be?

So make sure that you follow that link way up at the top… oh hell, I’ll give it to you again here and get the details on where to be, how to interact, and what time and suchlike.

If you’re gonna be up late, stop by and say hi to those lunatics!

Only a crazy person would be up that late and not be playing WoW, in my opinion, but whatever….

Hmm, wait a minute. There is something there about a possible special guest.

Now who in the hell could that be, after the massive talent they already have lined up?

Must be a total unknown noob, if they don’t even bother saying his name.

Ah well, at least the rest of the talent they have lined up is 4 star!

I might just try and stay up late and login to the chat myself, and heckle ’em!

If so, I’ll see you there?


9 thoughts on “Twisted Nether is holding a live event this Friday night!

  1. Well, whatever you paid me, it wasn’t enough. Wait. Who paid whom??

    Tell ya what, my friend: When Bre told me today you’d been added to the agenda, I damn near quit right then and there!

    Kidding, of course: I let out a WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT that could be heard at least 3 timezones away! I am so looking forward to tomorrow night, and I promise not to be raiding, if you’ll do the same. *wink*


  2. Eh, I go by both. It’s not a very interesting story but basically it goes like this: Breana can’t pronounce ‘Queklain’, or spell it consistently, so I became Stop, because it’s an abbreviation of the AIM screenname I use in the BA chat.

    Told you it wasn’t interesting. 🙂


  3. *giggles* damn beer, I should have kept it to myself! grr, missed opportunity!

    @Stop. This is why you are a great guy. Helping those in need, especially concerning pronunciation needs. 😉


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