Twisted Nether – The Aftermath

First, I’d really like to thank everyone that was there, both the bloggers and the playas in the livechat typed channel, for all being so cool. It was a lot of fun.

It really was a lot of fun to speak for the first time live with Stop, Ego and Kestrel. I really enjoyed it.

I’ve chatted with Fim and Bre before, I already knew they are fun and cool.

Having Lady Jess, Bellwether, Matticus and Krizzlybear, among other bloggers, there in the typed chat was a blast too.

I would like to say that, as awesome as having a ton of folks chatting live and typing questions or just hanging out and chatting is, I personally found myself lacking focus, because I’d get drawn into the typed conversation and start unintentionally tuning out the voice conversation, and then I’d notice, try to focus in on what people were saying (horrified to be giving less than 100% of my attention to such esteemed folks) and find myself no longer having any idea what people were typing in chat 3 seconds later.

I’m just not able to multiplex conversations in my brain housing group, I guess. I apologize.

Ah, well. I am an old fart, after all.

Again, thank you, everyone who came out and took part. It was lots of fun.

And when the podcast recording comes out in a few days at Twisted Nether… good luck making any sense of that.

8 thoughts on “Twisted Nether – The Aftermath

  1. Hehe,

    Thank you again Bear for coming on the show, as always it was an absolute pleasure. I always love the live shows because we always have so much fun and you never know what is going to happen. I am so glad you have such a great time 😀



  2. You better believe I had a blast (and I think you accidentally omitted a certain orc up above), not only because of the stellar folks on the voice chat, but every bit as much because of the huge showing of interest and support from the WoW and blogging community.

    Can’t wait till we do it again! (AND I WILL NOT ALLOW ANY TECHNICAL GLITCHES AT MY END!)


  3. It was still fun! I found myself doing the same – I’d get carried away reading the chat and realise i hadnt the faintest idea what you guys had been talking about >_< At least I can catch up on (most of) the talking part when the podcast is released though! 🙂


  4. It was when you typed “old fart” that I started noticing the crack on the bear butt of your banner. Now my eyes can’t turn away! SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!??!

    *flails about*

    woke up at around 8 or 9am the next day. i mentioned this already at the tnb post, but if there is such a thing as podcast hangover, i was experiencing it. great times, bear!


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