The Sidhe Devils are looking for new members!

News flash, my friends!

We’re looking for new people who might like to join our guild… and who would fit in with our crazy playstyle.
We’ve never really looked for more people to join before, although we have extended a welcome invitation to folks that we’ve met in the game that are awesome.
Things have changed in the guild over the last few months, to the point where it’s become clear that we really do need to let folks know our doors are open to new players.
We have had great friends cut way back on playtime because of work, school or real life pressures, some folks that would like to play more are having massive computer issues, a very few that wanted to raid, and like right NOW, left the guild to go elsewhere, and still others have quit the game entirely in favor of real life friends and hobbies.
It happens, and it’s healthy that it happens. People change, priorities change, and that’s what a guild with the slogan “Real life comes first” is all about. While we absolutely miss all the wonderful friends who have moved on, though… we’re still here, playing, having fun, keeping it real. 
We have never sought out new players before, we don’t do recruitment, and that means we don’t have new players coming in. One or two, here and there, but over time we have lost a lot more friends than we are inviting in.
This is our way of trying to change that a little. What we are doing, is letting everyone that reads this blog know that Sidhe Devils on the Kael’thas (US) server, the guild that Cassie and I are Co-GMs of, is seeking new players to come join in on our fun.
Now that I’ve said that, let me get down to some frequently asked, or anticipated, questions and answers.

We do ask everyone, even those people who we personally ask to join us, to please fill out an application.  It’s a VERY short application that just asks you to read our charter, and then tell us what appeals to you about our guild. It’s there so we know that you really understand where we’re coming from, and also to give us some idea of who you are and where YOU’RE coming from. A getting to know you kind of thing.

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…. oh, sorry. Ahem.

Ideal Guild Members
We are specifically looking for people that are interested in making the Sidhe Devils your main community/guild to play in. We are looking for new friends to join us, friends that will be as committed to being part of our community as we will be in playing and spending our time with you.
We have had a lot of good folks join that play a main character on another server, and are just joining SD to touch base once in a while and say hello. That’s always been fine with us, but those folks aren’t actually members of the community. They are friends passing through and saying hello, but they are not shaping the guild with their actions and creating the shared history the guild has together. 

We are looking for folks that really, truly intend to make Sidhe Devils their new WoW hangout, and that aren’t joining just because they are fans of, or want to hang with, the BBB. Trust me, I ain’t that interesting or funny. 
We would like people to have higher level characters when they do decide to join us. Why? Well, we’ve found that starting a level 1 from scratch when everyone else in the guild is focused on playing in the 65-80 range can be really discouraging. It’s boring. You feel excluded. Chances are, you’ll maybe make it to 20 or 25, say “Screw this for a game of soldiers” and go back to your main.

We don’t require anyone be a high level character… it just really will work better for you, since everyone else has someone at least in the mid 60’s. 
On the other hand, if you are on another server, and you are thinking of transferring over to join us, we really ask that you don’t do it right away.

Instead, when you fill out an app, start a level 1 alt on the server first. If everything looks all right in your app, we’ll invite you in, and you can get to know folks in the guild for a little while and decide for yourself if the guild seems like a good fit for you. If it turns out that you like the guild and can see yourself having fun there, then hey, go ahead and transfer or make a Death Knight or keep to your alt and go for the long, cold, hard slog to 80 all the way from 1.  Whatever floats your boat.

But at least that way, if things don’t work out, you haven’t moved to Kael’thas and got stuck there.
About our totalitarian regime.

We say we put real life first. What we really mean is that your family comes first. If you are playing with your friends in the guild, and your children or spouse or pets need something, then by all means go do it, and we will be patient and understanding. Nobody gets booted because they asked to go afk for 20 minutes in the middle of a raid because their son needed them. It just doesn’t happen. Ever.
But that only works so long as everyone in the guild is mature and considerate of others.

It’s never happened yet, but we would certainly have a very different opinion if someone were to bail in the middle of a run without any warning at all because Lost was coming on. Because we would feel it was inconsiderate toward the other players not to warn them that you were planning on leaving soon. Our guildies aren’t afraid to say right up front, “Hey, I only have 30 more minutes to play, is that all right? I have a TV show I want to watch.” “Oh, sure, no problem.”
No, really, about our totalitarian regime.

We are not a good place for immature players. Everyone in the guild is a nice, mature, well-mannered individual.

You may doubt this. Others have. Please, don’t doubt it. I’m quite serious.

We don’t care how old someone is, but if you act immature then you will be called on it, and if you continue to act immature then eventually you will be asked to leave.

We’re not talking about being fun, spontaneous, or silly. Heck no. We’re talking about being immature.

To be clear, I define immaturity simply as “Interacting with other people without consideration or respect for their feelings.”

This rule applies to me, Cassie, and to everyone else, not only in our dealings with each other but also in how we interact with other people in the game.
We have had people in the past who, over time, have acted without consideration for the feelings of others in the guild. They were warned, and then they were removed. It is not personal, something that immature people never seem to understand. It’s about knowing who you want to play with, who you want to spend your time with… and who you don’t. And we don’t want to spend time with people that don’t respect the feelings of others.

If you would like to spend your game time with other players that can have fun and be goofy… but who are also mature, then this is the guild for you.

The lowdown on Raiding.
We are not a traditional raiding guild. We do NOT ever have mandatory raids that players MUST attend, and when we do post raids each week, we try and make the start and stop times appropriate for a worknight. We also try not to have raids all weekend because we know folks like to do stuff on the weekend out of the house too. Most of you that read this probably enjoy raiding a lot more each week than we schedule. Right now we only schedule 10 man raids for two nights a week, generally Thursday and Fridays. If that sounds pretty boring, I can totally understand. If it sounds like too much, remember again that attendance is never, ever mandatory. 

If we had enough active folks to schedule more raids, and know that a handful of players that DO love to raid would attend a bunch of them, and others that have very limited playtime would still get to attend however many they would want to without feeling pressured, we would totally be open to do that. 
We do love to run 5 man heroics and instances, we love to go on ten man raids a few times a week when possible, we love to do exploring and crafting and questing and just hanging out. World Events are often crazy times as folks try to complete all the achievements.
We are not looking for any particular class. We’re wide open. Frankly, we just want more active players to come join us. There is plenty of room for anyone and everyone of any class to come and have fun and be welcome.

That being said… yes, I do play a bear tank, and as the best geared tank we currently have, I tend to be one of the guaranteed tanks on every raid. I am totally open for that to change. I have a Hunter, I have an up and coming Shaman that will be a healer… if you are a tank and think you’d never get to raid in this guild, think again. The more the merrier. It DOES work best to have more than one character to play so you can be flexible when someone else wants to play a tank or healer or DPS, however. 
We’re social, but we ain’t lazy.

If you’re reading this, you’ve been reading this blog long enough to know that, no matter how social or casual this guild is… we strive to bring our “A” game when we play with our friends. We try and plan our gear upgrades, and we study and attempt to learn how to be the best we can be, within the limits of the content we take on. We take pride in learning from what we do, and working to improve ourselves. We know that we may never be the best geared player on the server… but that nothing prevents us from trying to be the most skilled that we can be. And we also know not to get too tightly wrapped up in the whole ‘best’ thing in the first place. It’s about being the best WE can be, not the best one in the raid.

You can be in the guild and never, ever join a raid, or even a five man run. We have folks that play for fun and the friendship we share, and just don’t want the stress of a group run, or have the time to commit to a set schedule. That’s fine with us, too. Heck, ask any parent of a new infant if they can set aside a solid block of time to raid, and I bet they’d laugh right in your face. Right before they passed out from lack of sleep.

But those of us that do raid, we show up prepared to do our best (on time, consumables, repaired, best crafted gear you can get, gems, enchants, etc) or face some good natured ribbing for it.

And yes, I’ve done it myself sometimes, you get called to raid the night before in a pug, things go bad, you burn through your pots and food, you run out of mats for buffs, your gear is destroyed, and you log out in a funk. The next day, you mess around on alts, then someone invites you to tank a heroic… and when you show up, you’re still all messed up from the night before. It happens. We understand, believe me. It’s all in fun.

But the underlying point of mentioning such examples all comes back to consideration and respect for each other. Many folks in the guild don’t get to run things very regularly. Because of this, a 5 man run can be a very special occasion for some guildies. So we want our group time to be as productive as possible for everyone. 

We never expect people in the guild to go it alone. We love to see people come up with a list of where good drops come from that would help them, and then we’ll help get the groups together to run those instances. We love to see folks that want gear upgrades from crafting… and most of us with multiple toons work hard to learn how to craft the recipes people really want. Most of us would gladly share the stuff we farm to help someone else get the gear they want, so they can bring the bang bang. It’s fun, and helps everyone out in the long run.

Because we are all one big, happy, dysfunctional mess guild. We all hang together.  

Still with me? Wow, you’re just a glutton for punishment, aren’t you?

How to Apply
If after all that, you are still interested in joining the Sidhe Devils guild, then check out our Application forum to read our guild charter and view the application instructions.

I really hope to hear from you!


27 thoughts on “The Sidhe Devils are looking for new members!

  1. Why’d you have to be Alliance? 😉 j/k
    You guys sound like a great guild, close to what my super small guild (5-6 atm) of family/friends are looking to find with not much luck so far -hope you find the kind of people you’re looking for! 🙂


  2. WTB affiliation switch for cash ability, Blizz. You sound like the perfect guild…but I think my 80 Tauren Hunter might not fit in so well in Darnassus, etc. 😦


  3. I have often thought that you guys sounded exactly like the type of guild I would like to be in. Adult mature friends, 2 nights/per week of raiding with other optional instances sounds perfect. I’m Horde. If I decide to switch teams and start over, I will be looking you up.


  4. How I wish I could apply 😦 . I’d rather have a nice fun guild over the ‘hardcore’ raiding ones anyday of the week but I work overnights so my time is limited in many ways…



  5. Wow. If it wasn’t for the 3 totally awesome friends I have on my current server, I would apply. Well, that and the fact that my characters are all Horde. I have a fourth friend who ran heroics with us for awhile, but he really wants to raid, and has sort of left us for a larger pool of friends…taking his heals with him. It’s very hard to find people of the same mentality and maturity level, who put friendship and having fun together first. But at least we have proven that two DKs and two hunters can have a great time on their own.


  6. “Heck, ask any parent of a new infant if they can set aside a solid block of time to raid, and I bet they’d laugh right in your face. Right before they passed out from lack of sleep.”

    I actually LOL at my desk. I totally understand this.

    Shame I am down under BBB. Otherwise I would have to come play.




  7. Don’t let the time zone stop you Kol and others if you are otherwise interested in checking it out. The Sidhe Devils has a bit of a dark side that plays off server time – not a huge number of people, but we get to ninja all the good ore nodes while everyone else is asleep.


  8. Man, BBB, I would so love to join up. Sidhe Devils is the exact kind of guild I’ve been trying to run over on A-N. It’s not easy. Honestly, if it weren’t for a few RL friends in Denarian and the fact that there’s no way in Hell I’m paying for 5 server transfers (no alt left behind!), I’d fill out an app.

    Best of luck to you and the rest of SD. It’s very hard to keep a casual guild in a game where everyone thinks they can be a top-tier raider.


  9. Gah, if I weren’t stuck on EU servers I’d certainly apply. 🙂 I basically went from an up to BT(pre-nerf) raiding lock to 30-minutes max on occasional night. Reason: A 7 week old marveloous baby girl.


  10. Now if this had been posted right toward the end of TBC i’d have jumped at the chance. Good luck in finding quality people BBB.


  11. BBB, if we were looking to change guilds, my resto druid and my hubby’s prot pally would be looking you up… your guild sounds similar to ours, it is our ‘home’ in WoW, we love the people in it, even when we have a bit of a stink… 🙂 I do hope you find the right people, though!


  12. Thank god, someone with a mature defentition of immature. I’m so sick of people thinking I’m immature just because I have a sense of humor and I’m a laidback person.
    This sounds like my salvation, as my ‘casual’ guild is starting to fizzle. Damn. And since most of my friends on Cairne play a horde DK alt now and again, I think I could manage it. W00t!


  13. I’m one of the “Casual” players in SD. When i worked off tour and played during the day, we STILL had several SD’s online, including some Aussie’s. Not everyone has an 8-5pm job.

    Help with Quests, and Pug’s with 1-2 fellow SD’s is still alot of fun. Somewhere in SD is a toon that has maxed out X or Y profession, so we never need to roam outside to find 99% of crafted goods. Nearly every day SD’s are hitting instances for fun, challenge, and loot. But Only if you want to. 🙂

    And yes, we DO have some humorous banter, and it sometimes gets hilarious. We aren’t the deadly serious type’s by and large, but most of us CAME from places that were. Don’t soldiers have “Battle Fatigue?”, Well, most of us had “Serious Raid Fatigue”. lol

    My Horde toons are sitting ignored right now, because THIS place is FUN!!! Someday I’ll resurrect them, and find a new home, but later, much much later.


  14. The last two days that I have been hanging with the Sidhe Devils have been great, everyone has been really nice and helpful 😀
    Can’t wait to hopefully get up there and start running the big boy instances!


  15. Maybe I might apply. I’ve got a nicely geared Elemental Shaman and a up-and-comming Feral Druid but hardly any prospecs for a guild. Sadly I have many friends that play and Ill have to convince them to apply as well.


  16. oh why oh why did you guys have to be alliance!!

    Your guild sounds pretty awesome, and like a ton of fun. If i had an alliance 80 I’d roll with ya, sadly there only be hordies on KT for me. You guys should make Horde alt guild, and experience the flip side, trust me we have just as many asshats, & epeen strokers. (maybe more)


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